Best Metal Cutting Saw

Cutting through steel is no child’s play. But the best metal cutting saw can make it seem like so. The real difference lies in the blade. 


But it’s not just about the blade. You must take other factors and catalysts into consideration, such as motor power, torque, and RPM.


There are many other factors as well, about which we will talk about later. Ultimately it all comes to subjective criteria and what might be the best for the user themselves. We’ve tried many chop saws, and these are the ones we found best.

Comparison of Top Rated Metal Cutting Saw

ImageNameRPM HPAmazon Price
Slugger by FEIN MCCS14 Metal Cutting Saw, 14" Blade Diameter13004
PORTER-CABLE PCE700 15 Amp Chop Saw, 14"3800-
M18 Fuel Metal Cutting Circular Saw (Bare Tool)"3900-
Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 Multi Purpose Cutting Chop Saw, 14-Inch1450-
DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872)"13004
DEWALT Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, 10 Amp, 5-Inch (DWM120K)--
Makita HS0600 10-1/4" Circular Saw300-
Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 15-Inch Steel Cutting Chop Saw18002.4
DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop Saw - Old Model"40005.5
Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9-Inch Steel Cutting Circular Saw"2700-

Top 10 Best Saw for Cutting Metal Reviews 2020

Without further delay, let’s stick to the point and go to the deep under the best metal chop saw reviews.
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Key Features

  • 3 Horsepower engine
  • High torque motor
  • Low speed
  • 2200 watt motor
  • 1300 RPM
  • Cuts from 0 to 45 degrees
  • 14-inches Blade diameter
  • Included blade changing tool and eye protection
  • Weighs 54 pounds
  • Length 25 inches
  • Made from solid metal

Jancy Slugger MCCS14 has a high torque and adequate speed. It has a 2200 watt motor, which is very powerful and durable.


It can cut from 0 to 45 degrees. It also has an automatic safety guard for your protection.

It can cut steel, wood, and aluminum, and basically any kind of heavy stuff without a hustle. The beautiful base makes for a durable body. 


The Slugger 14-inches saw uses a metal cutting blade that doesn’t produce any heat, and keeps the machine cool. It is one of the best metal cutting saws in the market right now.

What We Like

  • Good packaging
  • Precise cutting
  • Small form factor
  • Solid build
  • Base is thick
  • Best tool to cut metal

What We Don't

  • Overpriced
  • No burr-free cuts

Key Features

  • Quick-release material clamp
  • Replaceable brushes
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 3,800 RPM/15 Amp motor
  • Cutting fence with miter adjustment
  • Spark deflector
  • 4 horsepower engine
  • Weighs 32 pounds
  • Needs 120 volts

If you’re looking for power, Porter Cable PCE700 has it all. Along with an excellent 3,800 RPM motor, it has a 14-inch blade. Replaceable brushes keep it durable.


This saw has a cutting fence with miter adjustment, meaning you can go up to 45-degree angles. It has a heavy steel base that holds it together.

It also has amazing features, such as a spark deflector. It keeps you safe and makes cutting precise.


This product can cut through the competition. It is a versatile product that’ll satisfy your hunger for perfection. The Porter-Cable PCE700 is outstanding equipment, offering you value for money and durability.

What We Like

  • Good customer service
  • Easily affordable
  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Versatile fence

What We Don't

  • The rarity of replacement parts
  • Bad shipping quality

Key Features

  • Brushless
  • 3900 RPM motor
  • No wearable components
  • M18 Red lithium batteries
  • Integrated hang hook
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Runs on batteries
  • Available in one color

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Metal-Cutting Circular Saw is a unique tool. It has a brushless motor, and the RPM can go up to 3900.

It has Milwaukee’s usual design, but with some ergonomic changes that change the dynamic of the saw. It delivers fast cuts with long tool life.

This machine features a Redline plus intelligence, an advanced power tool system.


Even though you have to pay a little extra, you should know that an extra 50 dollars can go a long way in the long run. From this tool, you get a longer runtime. Milwaukee has created a gripping formula with the M18, and you can expect all the good things from this saw.

What We Like

  • Cuts effortlessly
  • No debris
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Good price point

What We Don't

  • Replacement parts are rare

Key Features

  • 1800-watt/15-Amp motor
  • 1450 RPM
  • Produces no heat
  • Instant finish
  • No coolant is required
  • Fast action swivel clamp
  • 0-45 degree enabling
  • Hi-torque gearbox
  • Multipurpose blade, cuts steel, aluminum, wood and plastics with one blade
  • Weighs 46 pounds
  • Length 14 inches
  • Available in one color

Evolution Rage 2 is a versatile model of saw machinery. It can cut metal, wood, and plastic, even though it’s designed to be a metal cutting saw. But for its versatility, it doesn’t trade off quality.

The Evolution Rage 2 has 1450 RPM motor. It has a 14-inch multipurpose blade. Having a rather different design, the versatility comes into play.

It creates a workable finish while producing zero heat. No coolant is required for this saw. It also has a hi-torque gearbox, increasing durability.


Along with its amazing features, it comes at a rather good price-point. However, this is designed for DIY projects. If you’re just starting out, this is something where you get great value for very little money.

What We Like

  • Good value for money
  • Efficient
  • Cuts accurately
  • Little debris
  • Solid build
  • Best 14 inch metal cutting blade

What We Don't

  • Blade gets misaligned

Key Features

  • Amps: 15 AC/DC amps
  • 4 horsepower engine
  • 1300 RPM
  • Included spindle lock
  • Included quick lock
  • Wheel arbor is 1 inch
  • Wheel diameter is 14 inches
  • Length 21 inches
  • Weighs 47 pounds
  • Included 14-inch carbide-tipped blade
  • Extra wrench and vertical clamp
  • Easily accessible brush

DeWalt DW872 is an elite saw in the marketplace. It has the best features available, making it obsolete.


It has an RPM of 1300. The slow speed keeps the saw cool, cutting with teeth. It creates less spark, as well.

DeWalt has a flexible fence system called the Quick-Fence system. Sliding and angle adjustments are easier to use, thanks to its locking mechanism. It has a solid build quality. Among other features, it has a vertical clamp.


The DeWalt DW872 has a fantastic blade with a blade guard that protects your hands. It is probably the best metal cutting saw on the market available. It has a rather steep price, but for what you’re paying, it certainly makes up in durability.

What We Like

  • Long blade life
  • Highly repairable
  • Good price point
  • Generates no sparks
  • Amazing cutting capability
  • Improved features

What We Don't

  • Bad packaging

Key Features

  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • 10 Amp motor
  • 120 Volts needed
  • 5-inch deep cut capacity
  • Serviceable steel shroud
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Integrated hang hook
  • Variable speed dial can be used to slow or fasten the torque
  • Band saw style
  • Available in one color
  • Included LED sight light

DEWALT DWM120K is a versatile tool. Among other things, it has an ergonomic grip system and an integrated hanging hook. The little details of this machine will amaze you.

Designed to withstand a lot of pressure, this power saw has a 10 amp motor. It has a variable-speed dial that lets you easily slide between speed controls.

It has an included LED light to see the cutting sight properly. Other features include an integrated hang hook and a repairable steel shroud.


The blade makes accurate cuts and is replaceable. DeWalt DWM120K can take a lot of abuse in the job site, and its little details can make your working experience a lot easier.

What We Like

  • Cuts all sorts of metal
  • Safer than most grinders
  • Fast, smooth cuts
  • Doesn’t produce much heat
  • Maintains blade speed
  • Built-in LED lights help see the work

What We Don't

  • Replacement parts are rare

Key Features

  • Circular saw
  • 15 Amp/300 RPM engine
  • Weighs 15.2 pounds
  • Auxiliary front handles
  • Large cutting capacity
  • 1900 Watts
  • Needs 120 volts
  • Carbide-tipped saw blade framing
  • Included rip fence, wrench and wrench holder

The Makita HS0600 Circular saw is a strong metal cutting saw. With an extensive cutting and bevel capacity, it can cut 4 times more material with one pass.  


It has precision gearing for efficiency and proper power distribution. It includes an adjustable top guide for accuracy, and upper and front handle easy control.

HS0600 is a complete powerhouse with a 15 amp engine. The blades can be easily replaced incase they get damaged. Magnesium blade case and guard, with aluminum, making it very durable.

Makita has created a lightweight yet powerful machine. If you’re a person who likes to crank things up in the workplace, then this machine is perfect for you.

What We Like

  • Good cutting depth
  • Powerful
  • Reasonable size
  • Easy to operate
  • Accurate cuts
  • Strong blade
  • Best metal cutting circular saw

What We Don't

  • Base is thin

Key Features

  • Cuts metal with minimal heat
  • No coolant needed
  • 1800 watt required
  • 15 Amp high torque motor
  • Heavy aluminum frame
  • Includes a 14″ Mild Steel Cutting blade
  • 120 volts needed
  • 2.4 horsepower engine
  • Includes Hex Wrench, Safety Goggles, and Ear Plugs
  • Weighs 55 pounds

The EVOSAW380 is quite heavy, due to its cast-iron material.


It has one of the best fences in the market, among other saws. The elongated chip tray catches metal chips, keeping your workplace clean.


The Evolution EVOSAW380 boxes some built-in safety measures, such as the chip shield and the trigger lock. It also has a separate steel blade. The blades can be changed easily

If you’re looking for a saw with a metal cutting, saw capacity, then no need to look further. The Evolution EVOSAW380, with its 15-inch blade, can cut large steel effortlessly. It is heavy-duty and can be a solid choice.

It is one of the best metal cutting tools by the real time users of this model. You may grab it for a long-time service.

What We Like

  • Great customer service
  • Cuts perfectly
  • Efficient timing
  • Well designed
  • Well built cast base

What We Don't

  • Manufacturing defect 

Key Features

  • 15 Amp/5.5 Horsepower motor
  • Quick blade change system
  • 45-degree adjustable fence
  • Quick-Lock vise
  • Weighs 39 pounds
  • Length 21 inches
  • 4000 RPM
  • 14-inch wheel

DEWALT D28715 is an easygoing metal cutting saw. With a 14-Inch chop saw and a 15 amp motor, it is capable of making tough cuts. It has an ergonomic design, so you don’t have to put too much physical pressure.


It has a powerhouse of 5.5 horsepower and 4,000 rpm, from which you can expect square and accurate cuts.

This DeWalt chop saw has an ergonomically accurate D-shaped handle that increases your hand comfort and lessens fatigue. All these increase work efficiency as well.


Such features make a fantastic addition to your collection. Spark guard lets you avoid sparks, keeping your body, and work surface clean. Overall, the DeWalt D28715 will save your precious time and money, while giving you amazing finish and results.

Real customers recommend this dewalt saw as a best saw to cut metal.

What We Like

  • Good for heavy use
  • Blades are easy to switch
  • Long-lasting
  • Ergonomic
  • Good price point
  • Adequate horsepower

What We Don't

  • The base is a thin metal
  • Faulty design

Key Features

  • Bevel tilt from 0-45
  • Doesn’t produce heat
  • Doesn’t need coolant
  • 1750 watt/15 amp motor
  • 2700 RPM
  • 1-Inch blade arbor
  • Weighs 31 pounds
  • Available in one color
  • 9-inch steel circular saw

Evolution EVOSAW230 is one of those machines that can handle things from small DIY projects to massive industrial work. Are you looking for a power saw to settle in for a long time? This is it.


It has an impressive 15 amp motor and 2700 rpm. But it doesn’t just deliver power. It packs in versatility and design. It produces precise, burr-free cuts

The EVOSAW230 is built to withstand difficult industrial situations. It’s lightweight, weighing only 20 pounds. It’s sturdy and produces minimal heat.

Its compactness makes it one of the best options on the market today. It’s sturdy and heavy, yet can be carried anywhere. The switchable wood blade will let you use it for even more projects.
In my view, it is one of the best tool for cutting metal that lasts long with best services.

What We Like

  • Powerful
  • Edges come out clean
  • Good for money
  • Few sparks
  • No grit
  • Lightweight
  • Metal cutting circular saw

What We Don't

  • Teeth break off

How to Choose Best Saw for Cutting Metal: Buyer's Guide

While buying a metal cutting saw or a best metal chop saw, you should first study a little bit about the parts that go into the making of one. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a professional worker, knowing never hurts. And once you learn about the parts, you can better evaluate the machine itself, and choose the best saw for cutting metal for yourself.


Here’s a buyer’s guide to evaluating the parts of a metal cutting saw.


Blade Quality:

In a metal cutting saw, the thing you’re going to make the most use of is the blade. There are excellent metal chopping saws; then, there are saws with unique blades. Not all blades are made the same. A good blade cuts through all sorts of metal effortlessly. Sharp blades cut through steel like butter.


Two types of blade are usually available for cutting metal. Cold saw blade and abrasive saw blade.


Abrasive blades produce sparks and create heat after cutting. Whereas a cold cut metal saw blade provides little to no heat while cutting. It also leaves the metal cool enough for you to touch.


Cold saw blades have a metallic toothed blade, instead of an abrasive one. They also cut metal faster and with little effort. An abrasive blade cannot be repaired. A cold saw blade can be sharpened and reused for years.


Both saws cut the metal by creating a circular motion onto the metal and shape it into size.


Cold saws have lower blade speed compared to an abrasive blade. They create less heat and bear lesser teeth damage.


High-quality blades are made from carbide material. Low-quality blades suffer from teeth loss and wear out easily. 


To spin the blade of your saw, you need a powerful motor. The more powerful, the better. A 15 amp motor is considered enough power for a chop saw, but lesser-powered motors also work fine. 4 horsepower is considered very good in a chop saw engine. A combination of 4HP and a 15 amp motor is considered best.


Look for a saw with a powerful motor, but low speed. This is because low speed creates less spark and maintains safety.


If your saw does not have enough, the blade could break, or you could fall into an accident.


Vise Assembly

A strong vise is very important, and its importance cannot be overlooked. A vise assembly locks the tool in your required place so that you don’t lose control. Some metal cutting saws have a quick-lock/release vise system. Choose a saw with a proper vise feature because you will need them to lock the metal in place.



You need to look out for the fence in your metal chopping saw. A good fence system is needed to make accurate angled cuts. And if you can’t make effective cuts, there’s no point in cutting metal. Look for a good fencing system that can be used to project accurate angles.


Spark Deflectors

While cutting metal, it will create sparks. And you need to cover your eyes, as well as the surface you work in. The spark deflector is needed to deflect sparks away from surrounding people and objects. 

Make sure your metal chopping saw has an adjustable spark deflector. If it doesn’t, install one. Safety is above everything.


Safety Features

Safety features are something to look for in a good metal cutting saw. They’re not much, but they go a long way while working. It usually features a blade guard or an eye-protective plate. Remember to use these things while working.



Size is very important while buying any machine; the same goes for a saw. Because the size isn’t up to your comfort level, then you won’t be able to work peacefully, nor get the results you seek. Plus, a bigger size usually means more price. So check your budget, and also look for your preferred size. 



You don’t want a machine that breaks after 2 days of use. You need to make sure it is durable. A long-lasting machine will curve your working experience and make you a better craftsman. And durability also means lesser investments over a long time. So check with other people, and invest in a durable metal cutting saw.


  1. What saw is best for cutting metal?
    Ans. The answer may not be so simple, but in a sentence, a circular motion saw is best for cutting or chopping metal. You can use these saws to cut ⅜ inches thick metal with precision and ease.
  2. Can stainless steel be cut with a hacksaw?
    Ans. Yes. A hacksaw is a multipurpose saw that can cut a variety of materials, including steel, wood, and plastic. It is very useful around the house.
  3. Is stainless steel hard to cut?
    Ans. Yes. Stainless steel is an extremely hard material, making it rather hard to cut. In fact, it’s so hard; it can very easily dull your blade.
  4. How to cut stainless steel
    Ans. In order to cut stainless steel, the saw blade should have lower speed, and the pressure should be right on the spot for a long period.
  5. Do you need a special drill bit for metal?
    Ans. Regular drill bits can’t cut through steel, and it requires a heavy-duty drill bit. There are two types of drill bits for metalwork, titanium, and cobalt.


Finding a good metal cutting saw is not easy. There are many factors that fall into the game. It is also hard to choose from the vast array of choices that are available in the market. 

Online can be a tricky place to buy things from. Especially if it’s something you have little knowledge about. 

Nonetheless, hopefully, now you have some ideas about the online marketplace. After the knowledge provided by us above, you should be able to choose the best saw for cutting metal for yourself.

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