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8 Best Router Plate | Reviews And Buying Guide

The industry of woodwork always wants to add some limelight in their work by adding various types of designs and mechanisms. All the way to work, the safety matters the most while woodworking.

You must buy a high-quality router table alongside the best router plate. These router plates will give you better control over the saw and stability while working on a workpiece.

If you wish to own an inevitable router kit, the router plater will be one of the best options to consider. There are so many alternatives in the market.

To ease your effort, we’ve come to recommend the top 10 router plates of 2020. These are the best router plates we’ve acknowledged so far.

These router plates are known to fit most of the standard router table. You can also get the experience of the best router lift plate to apt the router lift.

The 8 Best Router Plate Reviewed

01. KREG Molded Router Table Insert Plate, Top Pick Review

Product Features:

  • Phenolic plate
  • Easy router mounting
  • Three-level-loc rings
  • Heavy torque
  • Accepts large routers

You might want to own a long-lasting and sturdy router plater that offers heavy torque while working with Triton routers or Bosch.

The KREG Router plate comes in a robust design of a flat mounting surface to provide your need.

The KREG PRS4038 is a phenolic router plate that won’t sage and comes with 3/8 inch thickness to offer an excellent surface for any router to harvest accurate and elegant cuts that you will require. The plate can perform substantial torque from the router kit.

The router plate comes with three Level-Loc reducing rings that provide opening sizes of 1 inch, 1-3/16 inch, and 2-5/8 inch. 

A ring wrench is also included there to lock the plate securely on the surface while you work.

Moreover, it provides a removable brass starting pin and allows you to change the opening according to your surroundings.

The KREG router table plate insert is a heavy-duty router plate that can larger routers than itself, accommodating sizes 9-1/4 inch and 11-3/4 inch.

For easy router mounting, there are alignment marks of undrilled and pre-drilled holes on this plate. It is designed for different routers, including Triton routers.


  • Sturdiness
  • Durable to stay rough
  • Offers right size to accept large routers
  • The phenolic plate that prevents sagging
  • Produces heavy torque


  • You need to buy the levelers separately

02. KREG PRS1036 Molded Router Plate for Porter-Cable Routers Review

KREG PRS1036 Molded Router Plate for Porter-Cable Routers Review

Product Features:

  • Phenolic plate
  • Available for porter-cable routers
  • Three levelers
  • Accommodate larger routers
  • Three-hole PC style

If you are thinking of going wild with a router table insert plate that harnesses a heavy torque, you might not want to miss the mighty KREG PRS1036.

The router plate insert can produce heavy torque by working with the Triton router or the Bosch. This is a sturdy plate that can perform with high durability.

The KREG Router comes in a rock-solid shape with the flat mounting surface.

KREG Molded Router Insert Plate is a phenolic router plate with 3/8 inch thickness to provide you the accurate cuts alongside a perfect surface without sagging. You can go for heavy torque by this router kit.

The router base plate provides three Level-loc reducing rings of opening sizes, 1 inch, 1-3/16 inch and 2-5/8 inch. Here is a wrench lock also included with a plate to keep the plate surface secure.

The setup allows you to swap insert rings for different sizes simply.

Moreover, it is designed to accommodate larger routers more efficiently. It can support 9-1/4 inch and 11-3/4 inch sizes.

The router plate insert has pre drilled mounting holes to mount several routers, including Triton and Porter-Cable routers. 

The 3-hole plate for PC 690/890 will equip those same routers from Porter-Cable as well as Bosch 1617 series and DeWalt 616/618 series.

Anyway, it provides a removable brass staring pin along with detailed instructions of the plate to install.


  • Comprehensive plate
  • The phenolic plate that doesn’t sag
  • Designed to fit larger routers
  • Provides 3/8 inch thickness
  • Three Level-loc reducing rings


  • The three levelers don’t come with the box. You have to buy those separately.

03. POWERTEC 71022 6-1/2-Inch Universal Router Plate Review

POWERTEC 71022 6-1/2-Inch Universal Router Plate Review

Product Features:

  • Universal router plate
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • 6-1/2- inch plate
  • Versatile usages
  • Router centering pin

This POWERTEC Router Plate is made of super thick 5/16 inch clear acrylic. It means it will provide a long time performance without sagging a bit.

The clear acrylic build allows you to see the routing process while working to enhance precision. It will give you optimal work visibility.

The ergonomic grip of the plater adds more stability for cutting elegant cuts. It is usable for edge routing, template routing, shaping and grooving works. Also for straight and curved edges.

The plate is optimized with tested pre-drilled mounting holes. There are multiple adjustable screws to accommodate router template guide variations.

The center of the plate measures a size of 1-3/16 inches. The 6-1/2 inch plate comes with a router centering pin which is also added for the accurate alignment that helps you to center the collet of the router.

POWERTEC 71022 allows you to use Portable Cable style Guide bushings for enhancing precision. It also serves as a suitable replacement plate or premium upgrade to your current router.

The POWERTEC is called Universal Plater for its versatile usage. It accommodates the following models- Porter-Cable, Bosch, Craftsman, DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Ryobi, and so more.


  • The acrylic build prevents sagging
  • Accepts larger router
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Multiple screws set up with the product
  • It can pierce all type of wood


  • Lack of durability

04. Kreg Precision Router Table Insert Plate (Pre-drilled Triton) Review

Kreg Precision Router Table Insert Plate (Pre-drilled Triton) Review

Product Features:

  • Easy mounting
  • Three Level-loc
  • Phenolic design
  • 4-hole plate
  • Non-sagging

The KREG Precision plate is the mode of compression-molded phenolic material that will prevent the plate from sagging under the pressure of the most massive routers.

The plate comes in the dimensions of 3/8 inch x 9-1/4 inch x 11-3/4 inch. It is designed to fit most of the base routers.

Featuring Level-loc rings, this plate maximizes its design by three Level-loc Reducing rings, including 25mm, 30mm, and 67 mm in sizes. They can be installed in seconds and securely locked in place every time.

You can change the setup by merely allowing you to quickly swap inserts rings for different bit sizes, including a removable brass starting pin.

It has pre-drilled holes for easy router mounting. The 4-hole designed plate for Triton will support those same routers, including popular PC7518, with some minor changes to enlarge the mounting hole.


  • Value for money
  • Stable
  • Durable for a long period
  • Sturdiness available
  • Easy to assemble


  • It may flex

05. Rousseau 3509 Deluxe Router Base Plate Review

Rousseau 3509 Deluxe Router Base Plate Review | Best Router Plate

Product Features:

  • Removable rings
  • Leveling system
  • Three different rings
  • Accepts standard template guides
  • Fits router bits

Rousseau makes our list because of its versatility. It can be your best insert plate with its versatility. You will be able to use it for heavy routers and a piece of free-hand equipment.

Rousseau 3509 is built with a thermoset phenolic plate. It offers removable glass-reinforced polycarbonate rings in different sizes.

The plate provides separate rings for use with a variety of bit diameters. These separate rings create a 4inch perfect opening to get it fitted on the baseplate.

Moreover, it has three more opening sizes to provide versatility, shaping in 1-1/4 inch, 2-5/8 inch, and 3-7/8 inch that makes sure of versatile usage.

Talking of free-hand routing, the plate features a shoulder pin, which is an inch tall to make sure of additional safety.

The Deluxe platter also comes with four snuggers in the edges for supporting the plate if it doesn’t become compatible with the plate. The four Snuggers will not be a clincher on the table rather than they will hold to the plate to ensure the positioning. 


  • Shoulder pin to enhance free-hand routing
  • Four corner snuggers
  • It can handle heavy routers
  • Three different insert rings
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


  • Not secured tool
  • The top is slippery

06. Bosch Adapter Router Plate, 2610938414 Model Review

Bosch Adapter Router Plate, 2610938414 Model Review | Best Router Plate

Product Features:

  • Aluminum body
  • First various Bosch Parts
  • O.E.M authorized part

The Bosch Adapter Plate is one of the best router table plates if you are searching for something reliable, sturdy, and durable. This product will just do great for your job.

The high good quality build material of this plate ensures that it will work amazingly according to your wishes for the heavy duties of routing. 

The build quality says that this plate won’t tear apart or sag during its continuous work. It will live up to its high performance.

The product comes in bearing model number, 2610938414. It will fit various models from Bosch Parts.

There are mentioned pre-drilled mounting holes for adjusting it to the router according to measurements.

A good thing to mention, it has a mark for rotation, which will help the amateurs to learn the craftwork.


  • Anodized coating
  • More accessories in the package
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting
  • Never flex
  • Marked rotation


  • Too costly

07. Guide Bushing Router Plate, Best Review

Guide Bushing Router Plate, Best Review

Product Features:

  • Knurled collar
  • Almost fits all routers
  • Ensure maximum performance
  • Survives for an extended period

The Guide Bushing is a router plate for cutting dovetail design with a jig. It uses its sharpness in designing a piece of furniture, woodworks, and lettering also.

There is a tube below the plate. You can use the tube to mount it to the top of the router.

The exterior part of the tube stays against the template. It keeps distance from the template.

This Guide Router Plate features a knurled collar, which keeps the plate in its place. You can work in peace this way and it offers you full safety.

Moreover, it features only the base plate. The base plate is strong and solid. It will give you a proper designs in any surface.

This router plate tends to fit most of the routers. You can install it easily. Take time if it doesn’t fit. 


  • Solid base plate
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Stays in place
  • Accurate shapes


  • Lacks of color accuracy

08. Bench Dog Aluminum Router C Review

Bench Dog Aluminum Router C, Select This Review | Best Router Plate

Product Features:

  • Four different mounting hole
  • Accepts large routers
  • Aluminum build material
  • Survives for an extended period

The Bench Dog C is part of Bench Dog’s router plate series. It represents the best flat router plate with versatile collaborations.

The installation is so easy to set. You can easily lift your plate from the table and set it again.

The plate is ¼ inch thick and made of aluminum material. Aluminum makes the blade steady for heat resistance.

It measures 8-1/4 inch x 11-3/4 inch adequate size of the plate opening. You can fit them in your custom router table as well.

The plate comes with four different mounting holes around the center. You won’t need any drill to make holes.

There are extra ring sizes available, but they don’t come along with the product. The C plate accepts the larger rings in size.

The Bench Dog can perform along with many routers, including Milwaukee 5625-20, Porter Cable 7518/7519/7538/7539, Triton TRA001/MOF001 and many more.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Able to work for a long time
  • Sturdiness
  • Value for money
  • Versatile functionality


  • Additional rings need to be bought separately

Buying Guide

As you’ve come to this part of the article, certainly you’ve completed our review part. Now let’s instruct you to our buying guide. It will ensure you clear out the problems and provide you the right way to buy a router plate.

The build material

The predominant factor to notice is the build material. Because it will keep the router plate alive.

Two types of router plates are available- Metal and Aluminum. The router plate varies from one router to another. Sometimes a specific plate type is required in the router.

The metal frame tends to stay longer and perform quite well in all kinds of conditions. It is dust-resistant and hassle-free. 

The aluminum build keeps the blade fresh and steady. It can absorb the heat of the router and keep the plate fresh.

For a long period of hard work, you can go for a metal body. The metal plate has chances of better survival than the aluminum.

Work Type

To keep up the sustainable control and safety, the professionals and newcomers employ wood router base plates.

The router insert plate is affordable and enables you to do your work with ease rather than spending a hundred dollars or more on a lift to keep your workpiece firmly attached to the router table.

 The router plates come in a wide range of sizes, which offers a variety of usage and works. You can have yours by knowing the needs.


The features of a router plate vary highly from one to another. A few are made of aluminum, whereas the others are made of metal and high-quality plastic.

The one that can make up with heavy routers is the best router plate. And it has to have various rings for different sizes of openings.

A shoulder pin would be very helpful if it comes with the router plate. It ensures easier handwork like miters, molding and styles.

The most important feature to know is that your router table plate should be ultimately associated with your table, in case the workpieces won’t fall.

Moreover, an allen wrench can keep the router plate locked into one place.

Safety factors

If you have a router, the router plate will ensure a safer experience of routing. But the router is a significant concern instead of the router table insert. Let’s help you with a few helpful safety majors.

  • Make sure the router is in a healthy condition before you turn it on.
  • Before using, don’t keep your router in opposition to your workpiece.
  • Confirm the router bits are in good condition and securely installed.
  • Stay in a safe distance from your workpiece and bits.
  • Don’t forget to wear eye and ear protection.
  • Remember to wear something that is not loose and avoid jewelry.
  • Don’t keep the router running when it is not in use.
  • Unplug the router when you’re changing instruments

Maintenance factors

The router table insert plates don’t require heavy maintenance. You can keep your router in a premium condition if you follow a bit of maintenance.


  • Put the router, router table and router plate away from dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Remove the obstacles from the table.
  • Remember to clean the table along with others regularly.
  • Make sure all instruments are in excellent working condition.
  • Replace new plates if the old ones are broken or folded.

The installation

The router plates we mentioned above, all plates have center holes and mounting holes in the top surface.

Every router and router plate comes with an installation guide. You should look for the manuals while you are buying one of them.

Anyway, if you have a router, check out its settings and the required mount holes. In that case, you will be able to find an exact match of the router plate.

The efficiency of the plate

The right plate for your router will provide you the best output. For the right insert, it will become easy to carry your work with ease and fast.

You will have to face difficulties to power a handheld router unless you have the right plate. Choose the plates with proper thickness. It will give sharpness to your work.

You have to make sure that the router plate is easy to install and remove from the router. So that you can change the router plate if it becomes dull.

Keep it clean and dry regularly. Oil the mechanisms. Then it will be firmly sharp in its place.

The budget issue

It is significant to know the features which you need for your work. Then think of a budget according to your needs.

Suppose you have bought the best router plate from the market, but you noticed that it doesn’t fulfill your needs. Then the whole budget will be in vain.

Be sure to know the features and specifications that your router can work. Then make your decision.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a router table lift?

Answer: A router lift is a router table mounting place joined with a portage that holds on the router.

Can a plunge router be used in a table?

Answer: Surely, a plunger router can be used in a table. Though safety is an issue, it might vary based on the type of machine used for the Router lift.

Will any router plate fit any router?

Answer: There is a specific router plate for a different router. Because all routers vary in sizes, but a few routers offer versatile usage and productivity.

How do you mount a router plate in the router?

Answer: Check out the center and mounting holes of a router. This will get you to the setup. And look for router manuals.


There are numerous router plates in the trade only if you are stuck to work on inventive carving wood projects at the time we advise you to undergo our instruction to select the best router table insert plate. When you complete the review and buying guide, you will find yourself in a suitable place for buying a router plate. I hope the above-mentioned reviews and buying guide helped you to clear your complications.

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