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5 Best Router Motor | Reviews And Buying Guide

When I was at 11, my father started the woodworking business and it was not running well. The router motor he bought did not support and did not last longer than 2 months. 

When he talked to his friends and researched about the router motor for a while, he got to know about other fantastic router motors on the market. He took me with him and bought the router motors for the saw mill. Guess what? Our business boomed and is still running great. 

The best router motor brought bliss in our lives. So, I got inspiration and interest to learn about router motors in depth. Are you looking for one? You have come to the right place.

We have listed the top 5 best router motors. The list is dependent on a few factors based on present days woodworking tasks. They are-

  • Power
  • Work efficiency
  • Affordability 
  • Speed 

The variation of the router motor is vast. Shape versatility, intricate designs- everything makes the engine worthy of woodworks.

It is slightly tough to find the best one. No worries! We are here to help you in this case.

The 5 Best Router Motor Review

Here in the article, we have reviewed several of the best router motor according to our research. Hopefully, you find the article helpful.

01. PORTER-CABLE Router Motor Review

Product Features:

  • It is a high-powered motor
  • It has 3-1/4 HP peak  
  • This router has five different speeds 
  • It features sealed-ball system
  • It includes 1/2 inch collet

PORTER-CABLE Router has a high-powered speed and this router generates five speeds. What is the reason for having different speeds in one router motor? Different speeds can cut different types of woods. So, the work efficiency increases.

The five speeds it features- 10,000, 13,000, 16,000, 19,000 and 21,000 RPM. You can fix it with 7500 series and the model is 75361. When you decide to buy a router motor, you must have some futuristic thoughts. This router can provide long-term service. 

It has sealed ball construction thus, the router is protected with this feature. Along with this, the router motor has a 1/2 inch collet. 

The collet is replaceable with other models(Model 7518). Hence, PORTER-CABLE has an extended range of cutting precision.  


  • Durable 
  • Cuts the woods quickly
  • Provides protection 
  • Eligible to work with different models


  • Expensive 

02. Bora Portamate P254 Router Motor Review

Product Features:

  • This router has 3 ¼ HP motor 
  • The speed ranges from 10000 to 22000 RPM
  • It has 4 ¼” diameter motor
  • It is 15 Amps and 120 Volt
  • The router motor has two offset wrenches 

Bora Portamate PM-P254 is one of the best router motors and it has modern features and high power. This has a super impressive range of features. And the range of speed starts from 10,000RPM and ends at 22,000RPM.

Precision NSK bears the fully shielded deep groove providing smooth work. Also, the long-term durability has attracted buyers. 

The run out is at a minimal range which is negligible. On top of that, the motor is 4 ¼ inches with versatile lifts. But you have to buy them separately as they are not included.

This router motor provides a win-win service with two collets. One is 1/2 inch and another is 1/4 inch. 

The slow start of Bora Portamate prevents accidents. Sudden surges of power can harm the user.


  • Slow surges
  • Cuts woods with precision
  • Smooth operation 
  • Extended life
  • Negligible run out


  • Noisy (one customer claimed)

03. DEWALT DW618M Maximum Router Motor Review

Product Features:

  • It has variable speed motor
  • The motor is 2-¼ Hp
  • It has 12.0 Amp
  • The speed ranges from 8000 to 24000 RPM
  • It has single-wrench

DEWALTDW618M is a router motor of 2-1/4 hp with 12.0 Amp variable and this speed motor runs smoothly. 

The user does not face problems working with hardwoods since this router can provide variable speed with proper control. Precisely, the motor has a speed range between 8,000 to 24,000 rpm.

DW618M provides safety for users and does not have sudden surges. The most crucial safety factor is dust ingestion as this feature protects the user from long term diseases. For instance, lung cancer. Also, the machine can provide service efficiently.

The adjustment of this router motor is durable and deep. It has a spindle lock button that made the router motor single-wrenched. 

It is a dedicated router motor for heavy-duty and the precision of this machine is apparent. The die-cast base of aluminum with motor housing provides extended durability. And this router motor is affordable within 200USD.


  • Nickel-plated 
  • Deep adjustment
  • Slow start
  • Durable 


  • Missing parts

04. PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Router Motor Review

Product Features:

  • It has high-powered motor
  • 3-¼ HP peak
  • It generates five different speeds
  • The router is O.E.M authorized
  • Fits with PORTER CABLE 

PORTER-CABLE is a fantastic motor and the high powered motor has five different speeds.They are 10000, 13,000, 16,000, 19,000 and 21,000 RPM and these different speeds expand the use of the router motor. 

The consistent speed of this router is 3-1/4HP and It is comfortable to use—no pain in hand. Then, the durability is protected with fixed ball construction. Thus, the machine does not get collapsed in accidents.

This O.E.M authorized motor can work with PORTER CABLE which is an extra benefit for the users. And the OEM number of the part is 42999.


  • Consistent speed
  • Five different speeds
  • Durable 
  • Usage with PORTER CABLE


  • Run out

05. Mophorn Water Cooled Spindle Motor Review

Product Features:

  • The size of the motor is 80×200 mm
  • The runout is less than 0.005mm
  • It has water cooling system
  • The spindle motors are imported
  • Speed range is 8000-24000 RPM

Mophorn Water Cooled Spindle Motor has more speed than other router motors. The speed per minute is 8000-24000.

The measurement of this motor is 80mm in diameter and router motor length is 200mm. I want to let you know that it has 2.2KW power. 

To provide excellent service, the voltage range is 220V-250V. Lastly, the frequency is 400Hz, which is perfect for the woodwork. The spindle motor is imported from Germany. It works three times more efficiently and is useful than other router motors.

The dimension of the router motor is 39 x 19 x 17 cm and the water system in the machine makes it more relaxed. Now, this collet is ER20 and has different sizes and they are- 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 12.7mm. Another point is-run out. The runout is less than 0.0005 mm.


  • Excellent speeds
  • Durable 
  • Smooth cuts
  • Three times more useful


  • A little bit noisy

How To Choose The Best Router Motor: Buying Guide

We advise you to read the buying guide and the quality of the router motor depends on budget and usage. Router motors are available in palm-size to the larger ones. 

You can check the factors below. These will simplify to finalize the decision.

Size With Essential Features

Different sizes are available in the market and outers have palm-size or large sizes. Think about your requirements and look for it.

Small-sized routers are eligible to do household works. They are comfortable to fit in a packet, so you can take them anywhere.

  • Fatigue

However, these palm-sized routers can not help in industrial works. Then, you need the full-sized routers.Well, the routers must not cause pain in hands hence, hey should be at ease with the palms. 

  • Cleaning Features

The best router motors need to have dust cleaning properties. A rusty router cannot work fully efficient.

  • Health Hazard

Dust from the woods is highly carcinogenic and it is not only harmful to health but also sinister in the long run.

Adjustable Features

The router has to be adjustable and it can perform intricate works. For that, it has to be adjustable. On the other hand, you may find adjustable routers expensive. But trust me, they are worth the price as you can work on a broader range than before.

Corded Router

Corded router and cordless router both have pros and cons. The routers with cords are less travel-friendly and cordless is easy to pack and take wherever you need. It requires batteries to function. Hence, limited usage of the machine.


Speed variation can bring blessings in your work. Different ranges of speeds allow the router to work in different objectives.

Starting Of The Router

If the router is not providing full speed at the beginning, do not take it as a negative feature. A slow start can save users from accidents and keep the kids out of their reach. 

Heat Production

Heat production has to be average from a router machine as excess heat production can cause accidents. Also, short circuits can cause dangerous accidents. Do not buy cheap router motors as mostly cheap router motors are the result of weak raw materials.


When you have different projects in hand, you cannot sit back and expect the work will be done without your effort. So buying the best router motor is a must.

Look at our router motor list to find the best one. You can try to find it in other sources, as well. But our list consists of supersaturated top router motors. 

You can get the top router motor from this list. From expensive to affordable router motors, everything is here. The buyers can find variation in our list and invite your friends to see the list,as well.

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