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10 Best Radial Arm Saw Blade | Our Honest Reviews And Guide

Radial arm saw is an old generation saw for powering through the wood. It hasn’t gotten old yet. The saw is still rocking on the wood floor by many professional woodworkers. 

However, if you feel that the saw is getting into the wood, it is not the correct saw blade you are using for this saw. 

To stay on the line, you are going to need the best radial arm saw blade. A radial arm saw safety measures in its blade. Implying a wrong blade may cause you tremendous harm.

So, as there are many options to choose, the question is which one should you buy? For better safety issue and correct information of usage, we are providing you with a list of top 10 radial arm saw blade and joined by a buying guide.

The 10 Best Radial Arm Saw Blade Reviewed

Here in the article, we have reviewed several of radial arm saw blades; hopefully, this article will provide you with the correct information.

01. DEWALT 10-Inch Miter/Table Saw Blades Review

Product Features:

The DEWALT Radial Arm Saw Blade leaps up in the store bearing model number DW3106P5, which comes in a combination pack of containing a DW3106 10-Inch blade with 60-tooth on the body for crosscutting and a DW3103 32-tooth blade for general purposes.

This radial arm saw blade is perfect for multiple jobs surrounding miter saw and slide miter saw jobs done along with softwood, hardwood, plywood and even chipboard also.

The DEWALT Saw Blade is also enlisted on best 10-inch radial arm saw blades, alongside this saw is one of the market dominating 10 inches saw blades for table saws.

The slim-kerf blades of this combo pack provide quick cuts and even edge cuts with perfect smoothness. And besides the cutting, this saw can fit around 5 or 8 inches arbors in size.

Alongside other facilities, this heavy-duty saw is made with tough tungsten carbide material to stay sharp and durable for a long time, and it helps to maintain the true edge.

To reduce vibration, this saw is a computer-balanced plate that improves better accuracy and finishes in cutting.

The DEWALT Radial Arm Saw Blade packs a lot of features alongside heavy-duty performance. Take a look if you have the right price.



02. Oshlun LG-M01 Miter and Portable Saw Guide Review

Product Features:

The Oshlun LG-M01 Radial Arm Blade Saw is here to provide you various choices for you to work with your saw, it doesn’t matter if you have a miter, sliding computer miter, chop and portable saws. 

This saw blade can fit itself around 7-1/4, 8, 8-1/4, and 12-inch saw sizes.

The latest 2nd Generation Laser Guide from Oshlun is the best to let your machine transform intro precision cutting machine. 

Its new recessed laser design is layered on the blade to protect the laser whenever it goes to hit material in deep cuts.

The saw blade is made with a thinner design to fit respectively many saw according to various arbor size between 5 and 8 inches. It provides a more brighter and accurate cut within the laser line.

The saw blade manufacturers made it hassle-free to make easier install, and it is quite fast and easy. Moreover, it is simply replaceable with the laser unit.

The Oshlun Laser Guide can show you where the blade will process and cut. Besides, there is a centrifugal switch that works on activating the switch automatically.

This radial arm saw blade includes an extra set of LR44 batteries to power the blade.



03. Diablo D1050X Combination Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

The Freud Saw Blade Manufacturers designed Diablo D1050X 10-inch with a combination of 50 teeth to provide premium crosscutting and ripping results of wood and woodblocks.

The Freud D1050X blade five teeth in each set that is divided by a large gullet. This large gullet provides a removal space, which helps in ripping and also the teeth provides a smaller bit size while it is required to do crosscutting.

This radial arm saw blade has multiple purposes of doing and efficiently saves your time as it is made with 0.98-inch thin kerf to give you maximum control over the blade. Moreover, this maximizes both accuracy and efficiency in your work.

Additionally, the blade is engineered by laser-cut stabilizer to reduce noise and vibration, so that it can be cool while working and keep your working environment hassle-free. Besides, this configuration reduces friction and warping while running to enhance long cutting time.

Anyway, it features laser-cut heat expansion slots, which allow expansion in the blade due to heat buildup and to keep its cut true and straight in line.

To refrain from heat and corrosion, the blade is layered with Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating that provides resistance. 



04. Makita A-93681 10-Inch Tooth Miter Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

Here is Makita 10-inch blade that popped up on our list of best radial arm saw blade along with 80-tooth on the body.

This radial arm saw blade comes Micro Polished as it perfect for miter saw. It is made with Micro-Grain Carbide Teeth that can go maximum up to 600 grit for an excellent and mirror finish.

For providing true essential cuts, this miter saw blade is made with fully hardened and expertly hand tensioned steel plates. It will efficiently save your effort and time.

This arm saw blade features ultra-thin kerf of 0.91 inches for super-fast cutting efficiency, followed by 5-degree hook angle and 0.71-inch thickness of the plate.

It is perfect saw blade for hardwood, softwood and plywood and it does perfect fine crosscutting.



05. Freud 10 Inch x 24 Tooth Thin kerf Rip Blade Review

Product Features:

The Freud Saw Blades are the best one to feature ultra-thin kerf and high build quality. This Freud LU87R010 features a 10-inch blade diameter with 24 teeth on the surface.

It comes in the flat grind with arbor size of 5/8 inches, it means to fits saws with this arbor sizes.

This radial arm saw blade is built with Premium TiCo HI-Density Carbide Ripping blend which allows to blade to run in maximum capacity and provides improved density, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and hardness.

The Freud 10 inch comes with the ultra-thin kerf of 0.94 inches and 20-degree positive hook angles to allow faster cutting rate and reduced vibration.

As an amazing feature, the blade is built with Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating to withstand rough conditions and reduces friction and refrains the blade from heat buildup.

Moreover, the coating prevents the blade from binding while going for large volume cutting applications and reduces blade warp.



06. Concord Blades WCB0538T018HP 5-3/8-Inch Teeth Review

Product Features:

The Concord WCB0538T018HP is constructed with pro-quality build material of construction grade steel blade. Besides, it offers precision sharp titanium carbide tips for better sharpness and cutting.

It features a 1.8mm thin kerf to make the smooth finish on your workpiece and a lower 15-degree hook angle to improve the surface quality and the required speed.

This radial arm saw blade sizes a 5-3/8-inch blade diameter than fit on many saws, including miter saws, hand saws and chop saws. It can run around 11,000 RPM speed.

This Concord Saw blade has 18 teeth premium hardened teeth on the body to provide maximum and smooth cutting.

Additionally, you can use it for floor cutting, accordingly laminates, solid wood and engineered wood flooring, softwood as well as hardwood for general purposes.



07. Oshlun SBW-100060N 10-Inch Tooth Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

The best radial arm saw blade reviews enlisted an Oshlun SBW-100060N as another best saw blade by our professionals.

The Oshlun SBW Saw Blade hails among other saws blades as 10-inch negative hook saw blade and pops up with 60 teeth on the blade surface.

This blade fits in 5/8-inch arbors of sliding miter and radial arm saws and has anti-vibration slots to reduce friction and sound.

Another lubricating feature, this blade is built with Professional Grade C-4 Carbide for an extended period of durability and stability while sawing through large and small wood blocks.

This radial arm saw blade comes along thin kerf in its cutting manual for cutting woods with speed.



08. Freud 9-Inch 54 Teeth Thin Crosscut Blade Review

Product Features:

The Freud LU88R009 comes in a 9-inch range blade that features 54 teeth on the edges along with ATB Grind.

Unlike the other saw blades, this 9” radial arm saw blade provides super-fast cutting efficiency by 0.90-inch ultra-thin kerf.

On the material section, you get Premium TiCo HI-Density Carbide Crosscutting to have the maximum performance and prolonged durability under the hood.

The Freud 9-Inch Thin Kerf Fine Finish Crosscut Saw Blade delivers smooth, fast, efficient crosscuts in hardwood and softwoods and large wood bricks. 

Thanks to the Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating that reduces friction to refrain the blade form heating, and allows for spinning freely with smoother and powerful cuts.

Boasting a lot of features make this blade as the best radial arm saw blade to be on the market. Besides all the features, it pops up positive hook angles to provide a smoother cut and allow for faster cutting skill.



09. Oshlun SBW-0805060 8-1/2-Inch Tooth Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

The Oshlun SBW-0805060 stores itself with an 8-1/2-inch body surface, and it is designed for sliding miter and radial arm saws to cut all kinds of softwood, plywood and hardwood.

This radial arm saw blade features precision ground micro grain c-4 carbide to make the blade long-lasting and stay sharp for a long time.

Further in cutting skill, it is layered with thin kerf for cutting in fast speed and a negative hook angle to keep in the place for ensured safety.

This saw blade is featured anti-vibration slots to reduce friction and vibration-free running speed.

For instance, you get 60 teeth on the blade body that allows you to cut groovy edges and sharp cuts in straight lines.

This saw blade can fit 5/8 inch arbors of sliding miter saws and radial arm saws.



10. Freud 12-Inch 72 tooth Miter Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

The Freud LU91R012 measures a 12-inch blade diameter with 72 tooth ATB Grind to give you a real cutting experience of all time.

This saw blade is the best radial arm saw blade among other radial arm saw blades with its ultra-thin kerf of 0.90 inches and 5-degree negative hook angle to keep the blade sharp and stay firm in its place.

Furthermore, this radial arm saw blade is manufactured with Premium TiCo HI-Density Carbide Crosscutting Blend for prolonged durability and the maximum output of cutting performance.

Additionally, this saw blade fits 1-inch arbor size of sliding compound miter saw blade and negative hook angles minimize your efforts for better quality control.

For long-lasting protection, the blade is coupled with a perma-shield non-stick coating to reduce friction and blade to stay in the place and protects it from corrosion and building upon the surface.



Buying Guide

Is it still stressful for you to buy the best radial arm saw blade? Are you still filled up confusions rolling inside your head? Well, we can understand how it feels. We have provided you with a review part above, and now here we are magnifying things with a buying guide for clarifying you with correct information. Let’s drag you through it.

Brand Value

This point concerns everyone as a brand has its value among the woodworkers. All the professional always looks for the brand value, like how much it offers and its cost.

The brand value remarks the value of its tools, so you may want to look for this feature while you are on shopping a radial arm saw blade.


Features vary from one blade to another. The features may depend on your preferences, whether you require much or not specifications for your work.

A radial arm saw blade boasts a lot of features, look for what you need in completing your work. Every saw blade has built with different specs that are valued by different professionals.

Blade Length

Blade length measures the best cutting in the woodwork, and a radial arm saw blade is the best one for doing crosscutting and making width edges of the wood.

You may have already figured that the saw blades have so many length options varying one brand from another.

The best 10-inch radial arm saw blades are the perfect one for your all kind of woodworking with your saw. Whether you are going for a large wood cutting or a small one, the 10 inches saw blade would live up to your expectations.

Quality and Durability

The quality and durability let you know how long the blade will be providing you services. The stronger the blade is, the longer will work.

The saw blades that are built with Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating seems to stay longer and keep extended sharpness than any other ordinary saw blades.

Moreover, look for thin kerf, anti-vibration slots, hook angles which can keep the blade in its and place and provide smoother cuts.


The price that concerns all with packed features. This point is to be noted that you may not want to buy something that is out of your range.

A radial arm saw may be costly, having premium features. Check out your price range and fix a budget with what you require in your saw blade.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

01. Is a radial arm saw blade worth of buying?

Answer: Yes, it is worth buying. If you want a saw blade under a budget price and extended durability, then a radial arm saw blade is the perfect one.

02. What are the benefits of purchasing a radial arm saw blade?

Answer: Well, there are plenty of benefits if you want to consider. A radial arm saw blade features ultra-thin kerf, long blade sizes, build material.

03. Which is the best radial arm saw blade to find out in the market?

Answer: The DEWALT 10-Inch Miter/Table Saw Blades is the best saw blade according to our professionals, you may have a look at it.

04. Which one is better? A radial arm saw, or table saw?

Answer: Both saws have the similar functionality of cutting wood, but there are differences. A table saw is designed for making ideal ripping, cutting a plank of wood in lengthwise, while a radial arm saw is better for cutting width edges of the wood and especially crosscutting.


A radial arm saw blades offer the most versatile cutting ability in your job site. Moreover, it can fit most of the woodworking saws that are compatible with this saw blade, like compound miter saws, miter saws, sliding miter saws, table saws and many more

Furthermore, a radial arm saw is famous among the woodworkers along the radial arm saw blades. It is ideal for major works. I hope after going through our review part and buying guide, we have been able to cut off your time and ease your effort to have the best radial arm saw blade that fulfils your needs.

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