Looking for a portable table saw? We know how important is the table saw for a carpenter or woodworking folks.

But it isn’t enough to have just a bulky table saw. Because they are hard to move from one place to another.  

Sometimes your job is mobile like a truck driver. For your versatile projects in various places, you have to move with your tools. So, it is essential to have portable machines, and here comes our team to help you.

To find you the best rated portable table saw, our experts had picked five of the top saws from the market by searching for days. They already have made reviews on them by researching, and today I am here to tell you about those portable table saws.

Then, without further due let’s get started our 5 best portable table saw reviews in this year.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Portable Table Saws​

ImageProduct Name Rip CapacitySpeed of MotorCheck Amazon
Craftsman Table Saw25-inch5000-rpm
Bosch Table Saw25-inch3650-rpm
DEWALT DWE749132-inch4800-rpm
SKILSAW SPT70WT25-inch5300-rpm
Bosch Saw GTS103118-inch5000-rpm

5 Best Portable Table Saw Reviews

Since 1927 Craftsman have been in the tools making business. Over the course they have introduces us with some of the best saws in the market. In our portable table saw reviews, their 10-inch table saw model 28461 had taken a position.

It is one of the best budget saws you can find on the market today. This portable saw is offering a dynamic low-price range with some magnificent features. We have listed down some of the core features of this table saw.

25×17-inches wide working table is the main selling point of this tiny beast. And if you are looking for the portable table saw featuring large rip capacity then craftsman evolv 28461 could get your priority.

The saw doesn’t feature just the wide room for the workpiece; it also does this with the amazingly low price with some additional features.

To find the best portable table saws ain’t an easy task to do if you aren’t a professional. But our saw experts’ picking can help you to make a decision

Most of the time long pieces of the wood are heavy. And for supporting that heavyweight along with the saw itself the producers released it with a stand.

You can handle most of the regular wood cutting task on the Craftsman Evolv 28461. Thanks to its 15-amp motor.

The 10-inch Craftsman table saw features an easy to adjust miter gauge for accurate and easy miter cuts.

And when it comes to talking about the safety features of the 28461, it will definitely amaze you. It comes with an advanced guarding system which covers the blade to protect the hands. Not only that, the table saw but also has an anti-kickback facility.

Go through our whole review; you will find, it has the same ample space like the pricy saws like DEWALT, and SKILSAW have.

So, if you are a DIYer and looking for the perfect DIY portable table saw then you can definitely have this one.


  1. The Craftsman Evolv has a 15-amp powerful motor to serve the dynamic power for cutting the wood.
  2. You will get 25×17-inches ample space on the table for work.
  3. It can cut safely, thanks to its specialized mount fence.
  4. Flip on/off button of this portable saw lets you get a natural control over it.
  5. Pinion and rack attached on the saw can control the height of the blade.


  1. Brand: RIDGID
  2. Weight: 50.4-pounds
  3. Model: 28461
  4. Color: Grey
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. Amperage: 15-amp
  7. Dimension: 26.9×19.8×12.9-inches

What We Like

  1. The Craftsman 28461 table saw is powerful, and affordable.
  2. The particular Craftsman Evolv 10-inch table saw is best for a beginner.
  3. It is so light.

What We Dislike

  1. This portable saw is not stable enough with the extensive workpiece.

With 1-inch more ripping space than the Craftsman 28461’s table saw table, the Bosch made its spot on the second on our list.

As always in our reviews, we are putting down the pricy high-end product at the second.

This isn’t the saw for the DIYer because of its price range.

However, if you can manage the cost, you can use this professional table saw for your home-based work.

But, we are recommending this portable table saw to the people who have a busy schedule with a whole lot of place changing.

For easy transportation the table saw comes with a conventional stand which can carry it. And to do so the stand features a couple of wheels on it.

The BOSCH 4100-09 has a 4.0-hp motor to take care of heavy woodworking. This powerful motor can produce 3650-rpm to cut down any hard or soft wooden piece.

The BOSCH 10-inch table saw has 25-inch wide ripping capacity along with some stunning features like table extension, rip fence, elevation wheels on the stand, smart guard, stable surface, miter gauge and so on. So, it could be the best choice for professional contractors as their table saw which can be moved.

Additionally, this is the best portable table saw because it has a square lock rip fence for accuracy. And it also helps the users to handle the workpiece in one hand.

Attached riving knife and anti-kickback pawls provide the essential safety from getting the kick back.  


  1. The 3650-rpm speed of the saw blade is enough to cut the hard and soft wood, plywood, melamine, and other materials.
  2. The BOSCH 4100-09 features a ripping capacity of 25-inch which is enough to handle the medium size workpiece.
  3. Sub-base of this portable table saw features a handle for easy transportation.
  4. It has one directional bevel for helping the accurate cut.
  5. For the dust removal, the BOSCH 4100-09 has a dust collection port.


  1. Brand: Bosch
  2. Weight: 124.2-pounds
  3. Model: 4100-09
  4. Color: Blue
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. Voltage: 120-volts
  7. Horsepower: 4-hp
  8. Dimension: 39×29.8×21-inches

What We Like

  1. It has a powerful motor.
  2. The arbor on this particular table saw has a lock system to provide extra safety.
  3. Rip fence has a square lock.

What We Dislike

  1. The working table is not so big to handle the large workpiece.

In this portable table saw reviews, we have been attempting to find an overall best saw which has a reasonable price with great features.

During our findings, we have encountered the DEWALT DWE7491 RS portable saw. After gone deep to its features, we have elected this saw. 

The DEWALT made this unique saw has rip capacity of 28-inch. It is the highest of all our reviewed saws. Even the ripping capacity of the DEWALT is larger than the top-class saw from the Bosch.

If you look closely to this particular portable saw, you would immediately notice its various features which are not less impressive than the BOSCH 4100-09 table saw.

Some of the key features of the DEWALT DWE7491 table saw are even more impressive than the other saws we have on our list.

This best job site portable table saw has 32 ½-inch rip capacity that’s mean it can easily take care of the large wood easily. And the unique material support is always there to help you for getting narrower rip cuts.

Unlike other portable table saw available on the market, DEWALT DWE7491RS features a telescoping fence rail. And by flipping over this rip fence you can get narrow rip cut easily.

The saw  is able to make 3 ¼-inch deep cut at 90-degree and 2 ¼-inch deep at 45-degree.

DEWALT has a unique fence system, large rip capacity, 15-amp motor and, you will find a convenient 2-inch dust collector with it.

In a word, it is the saw made for taking the heavy workload.

So, if you are a carpenter or you have a shop, and it has many tasks to complete, you can choose the DEWALT DWE7491 RS.


  1. The DEWALT comes with a 10-inch blade with 24-teeth to cut the wood.
  2. To handle the large wooden plank the DEWALT has 28-inch rip capacity.
  3. To serve the tremendous rotating speed the table saw comes with the 15-amp motor.
  4. You can easily kick out the dust by its 2.5-inch dust port.
  5. For providing you the precise cut, the DEWALT DWE7491RS has a unique modular system named site-pro.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Weight: 110-pounds
  3. Model: DWE7491RS
  4. Color: Yellow + Black + Silver
  5. Power Source: Corded Electric
  6. Voltage: 120-volts
  7. Dimension:31×24.5×31-inches

What We Like

  1. It can cut fast and accurately.
  2. The portable table saw comes with an easy to open packaging.
  3. You can do any home base work with this particular DEWALT made a portable table saw.

What We Dislike

  1. There can be a problem with the fence locking system sometimes.

SKILSAW is one of the legends who has come with some of the advanced saws in the market.

Today we have selected the Skilsaw SPT70WT portable table saw to review. You will find a large serial of the saws in the mid-price-range, but most of them are bogus.

Still, SKILSAW has managed to provide quality features with their SPT70WT-01 table saw. This modern table saw is the marvel of the portable saws, because it is slick with just 49-pounds weight. If you are looking for the just table saw which is compact, then this is the best lightweight table saw you can have now.

The engineers don’t only make it as a portable saw, they have included the features which prove it one of the best.

The SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 has some advanced features which pulled it to our lists like the intensive power of the motor, unique worm drive, ample space of the table, and many more.

The saw has a decent 25-inch rip capacity. So it can handle most of the regular wood piece easily. But where other table saws can tilt their blade to make angle cut there SPT70WT-01 10-In portable table saw is limited to make just 3-½-inch deep cut at 90-degree.

And its Self-aligning rip fence helps the users to get true .cut

If you look closely to its body, then you will notice that it is just like the DEWALT without the dust collector and has a weaker motor.

However, if you can manage a middle-range budget, you can pick this portable table saw instead of holding the Craftsman Evolv table saw. Because at this price range, you don’t get any other lightest table saw.  


  1. The SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 is weighing just under 50-pounds, which makes it easy to transport.
  2. It features a brass made worm drive to maximize the torque.
  3. SKILSAW made model SPT70WT-01 has a 0.5-hp motor to handle the cutting job.
  4. You can make up to 25-inch rip cut with this particular portable saw.
  5. For a precise cutting action, it has a particular rip fence which can align itself.


  1. Brand: SKILSAW
  2. Weight: 49-pounds
  3. Model: SPT70WT-01
  4. Color: Steel + Gray
  5. Power Source:
  6. Voltage: 120-volts
  7. Dimension: 19.9×23.4×13.4-inches

What We Like

  1. Ergonomic rubber grip on the handle makes it easy to transport.
  2. The worm drive is made from the brass.
  3. The saw comes with an enough powerful motor to handle the cutting operation.

What We Dislike

  1. The attached electric cord is not too long.

At last, our team of experts has picked BOSCH GTS1031 portable table saw.

If you are looking for a portable table saw without a stand, this could be the saw of your choice. Bosch has released this model GTS1031 table saw without a stand.

This slick saw can be carried using just one hand, and that unique feature makes it a portable table saw to consider. For easy moving the Bosch table saw GTS1031 has comes with a rubber gripped handle.

If you think that this particular saw has just the portable feature and on the other side it is dull, then the futuristic features can prove you wrong.

The engineer attached a steel shell to this particular saw to make it durable and sturdy enough to take down the hard task.

And when it comes talking about its motor, it will definitely astonish you again. The unique GTS1031 model has a powerful motor that can produce 5000-rpm.

So, it can finish up the hard task in a blink of the eye.

The saw also has a Square lock rip fence for providing accurate rip cut. Smart guard of this portable table saw comes with a riving knife and anti-kickback pawls system to prevent kickback.

But the rip capacity of the Bosch table saw GTS 1031 is just 18-inch. And it is less than most of the saws in this list.

However, it is not as bad it seems. If you have some regular piece of wood to cut, the saw will have no boner to handle this.

And I think it is the best portable table saw under 400 which have these many features.


  1. The Bosch GTS1031 has a rubber grip attached the handle to make the portability easy.
  2. All steel body construction of this particular portable saw makes it sturdy and durable.
  3. Self-aligning rip fence of the GTS1031 portable saw allows the clear and accurate cut.
  4. The powerful motor can rotate the saw blade into 5000-rpm for kicking the great cutting experience.
  5. It is possible to make eighteen-inch rip cut with the Bosch made the GTS1031 electric saw.


  1. Brand: Bosch
  2. Weight: 64.8-
  3. pounds
  4. Model: GTS1031
  5. Color: Blue
  6. Power Source: corded electric
  7. Voltage: 127-volts
  8. Horsepower: 2.28-hp
  9. Dimension: 26×24.815.5-inches

What We Like

  1. It can control the shaky situation.
  2. The portable saw has a smart guard.
  3. This particular table saw has a movable tabletop.

What We Dislike

  1. The dust collector can’t collect a significant amount of dust.

Portable Table Saw Buyer's Guide

Before you go purchasing the table saw, you have to consider some important facts. Otherwise, your purchase will not be so great, and it could be a waste of money.

Our experts are telling you to keep eye some of the facts while buying a portable table saw. The points are listed right below.


When you are thinking about a portable saw, your main focus has to be on the mobility.

You may find some of the best table saws on the market but keep in mind that all of them are not portable. Some companies are advertising their saws as the portable, but that can be false.

At first, to find a portable-saw look whether it has a stand or not. And find the wheels to roll the saws with the stand.

Alternatively, you can find some slick table saws with lightweight that come with a handle for carrying. Well, if you don’t want to remember this messy information you can pick any one portable table saw from our reviews.

But before you have to follow these portable table saw buyers’ guide.


When you decide to buy a saw, you want to purchase it for a long time.

A robust material can make your tools long lasting. So, during the purchasing look for a sturdy material made saw machine.

You can find various table saws made from different elements in the market. And they all are no the same.

From our expert’s research, we have come to know that the steel, iron and the aluminum are the best material to make a portable saw.

However, a steel and iron made saw is more massive than the aluminum made portable saw, but we haven’t found any good table saw made from aluminum alloy. And we could not list in our portable table saw reviews so far.

So, try to pick up the steel made portable saw, steel is lighter than the iron.

And try to avoid the plastic. Though plastic is lighter, it can not handle tough task.  


Can you tell us what is the heart of a saw?

Wait, I know the answer. And it is the motor which runs the blade to cut the wood.

So, try to pick up the saw which has a powerful motor to serve on your purposes. A motor with slow rotating speed won’t be able to cut your workpiece gently.

From our research, it is clear to us that you should look for 3000-6000-rpm of speed in a motor to make a clear and smooth cut on your wood slab.

and most top rated portable table saw features the same range of motor.

Space of the Table

Space of the Table: Table saw table is another crucial part to consider during purchasing a portable table saw. On the table, you place your wood and cut it with the saw blade.

So, if you have a large piece of wood to cut, you need enough space to place it down on the table. Otherwise, you can’t be able to make a precise cut on the slab.

Again, if you just need to cut a little piece of workpiece, you don’t need a large table. And this will cost you some extra money. 

And we will recommend you to pick up  suitable table according to your demand.


Now we have down to the main part. 

Choose your portable table saw keeping the budget on your mind. There you can find various kinds of saws on the market covering diverse budget range.

So at first, fix your budget and pick the one that can serve your cutting purpose.


Q: What is the best-rated portable saw?

A: We have listed down some of the top-rated portable saw in our review, you can get an idea of them. If you want to see more top-rated tools you can go to our other articles on Review Infinite.

Q: What is Rip capacity of a portable table saw?

A: The distance between the saw blade and the maximum fences capacity of the travel distance is determined the rip capacity of a table saw. You can see 28 to 50-inches rip capacity on different table saws.

Q:  What is a dado head?

A: The tool made from two circular saws which have the same diameter is called the dado. Usually, dado used for cutting the grooves.

Q:  Is it possible to change the blade of a portable saw?

A: Yes, most of the table saw companies allow the changes of the table saw blade. You can easily change the blade of a table saw anytime you want to.

Q: What’s portable table saw used for?

A: A portable table saw is a typical table saw which can be moved easily and you can use this portable table saw to cut the wood.

Closing Word

Before picking up any of the portable table saws, don’t forget to follow the portable table saw buying guide.

If I have missed any which could make a place into the list, let me know in the comment section. And to get other saw reviews please visit Review Infinite.  

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