Best wood planter boxes reviews

Hey, Plant lover! Do you wish to have a planter box for your garden and don’t know what the best planter boxes are? Don’t worry; I will help you out.

If you are a garden lover, you will never want to miss the chance of decorating. Then Planter boxes are evident for you. 

Planter boxes feature vast ways of decorating. The boxes come in various designs to enhance the surroundings of a garden, and you will love the experience of it.

For a better experience, you must have One of the best planter boxes. 

How about picking one of these planter boxes? Let’s give you a bit of detail about choosing the best one for you.

Comparison of Top Rated Planter Boxes

ImageNameSizeStorageAmazon Price
Keter Easy Grow 31.7 Gallon Raised Garden Bed44.9-inch Width 19.4-inch Depth 29.8-inch Height31.7 Gallon
Classic Home and Garden 72 Whiskey Barrel15-inch Length 15-inch Width 10.25 inch Height4.75 Gallon
1 Pcs Wood Planter Box Rectangle Whitewashed Wooden Rectangular Planter17.3-inch Length 3.9-inch Width 3.9-inch Height-
Best Value Cedar Raised Garden Bed Planter48-inch Length 48-inch Width 7-inch Height-
CedarCraft Elevated Cedar Planter49-inch Length 23-inch Width 30-inch Height-
Best Value Cedar Raised Garden Bed Planter96-inch Length 24-inch Width 10.5-inch Height-
Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed48-inch Length 24-inch Width 30-inch Height-
Adams Manufacturing 9303-60-3700 36-Inch36-inch Length 15.5-inch Width 34-inch Height-
Giantex Raised Garden Bed Kit49.5-inch Length 25-inch Width 30-inch Height-
Plant Holder – Planter Container Box for Garden14.75-inch Length 14.75-inch Width 13.75 inch Height-

Top 10 Best Planter Boxes Reviews 2020

Let’s discover the top 10 best planter boxes reviews and pick the right one for our home or garden. Please read till the end to know the buying process and FAQ’s we’ve done for you.

Key Features

  • Simply assemble
  • Easy to convert
  • Easy to read water measurement
  • Perfect Water draining system

The Keter Elevated Garden accesses the larger space for harvesting. It features the best polypropylene resin in a popular rattan pattern body of 31.7-gallon room capacity. 

The planter box can hold for harvesting vegetables, a variety of plants or flowers. The box provides access to plant anything according to your environment

The water gauge reading feature makes it pleasant for the gardeners. You can easily read the gauging system to know when to water your plants.

The water reservoir system of this box prevents root decay and over-watering.  

The draining system allows you to remove excess water manually with the drainage plug, and it makes this planter suitable for both inside and outside. 

The planter box is suitable for elderly people. It eliminates the bend overexposure and makes the handy use of gardening.

It’s easy to convert from outside and inside.  Call it a piece of cake. 

Anyway, this planter bed is grandiose and durable to use for many seasons. Give it a shot of buying.

What We Like

  • Makes watering easy
  • Easy draining system
  • Leakage free
  • Saves space for gardening
  • Escapes the grubber

What We Don't

  • Cracking flaw
  • Plastic build

Key Features

  • Lightweight

  • High-density resin

  • Drainage holes for outdoor use

  • Pewter colored bands

The Whiskey Barrel features an innovative UV protected resin finish that protects color from fading. You will love the brown color of it.

The classic whiskey barrel designs a Distressed Oak optimization with antique bell metal-colored bands. The finished design impacts a stylish look.

It has a lovely outlook for outdoor usage. It is lightweight to carry outdoors and dust resistant. 

Long-lasting durability features high-density resin. It prevents dust, rotten pressure, etc. It offers to survive in harsh climates and storms.

The Whiskey Barrel keeps the company of 4.75-gallon capacity. Flowers are suitable to plant in this regional space.

The Barrel has no pressure of water leaking. It offers efficient drainage holes to spread out excessive water.

However, the Whiskey barrel comes in three sizes- 9”, 15” and 20.5” versions. The 15” model is available in the Home version. You can have a look if you don’t want to miss this size.

Take the initiative to buy it if you are a flower lover.

What We Like

  • UV protected resin

  • Easy to shift

  • Featuring cool outlook

  • Attractive design

  • Durable


What We Don't

  • Cheap plastic built

Key Features

  • Dappled brown color

  • Perfect size for mini plants

  • Windows shaped box

  • Best wood planter boxes

The Rustic Rectangular Wooden Planter box comes with window box design having a matched removable inner plastic box. 

The plastic liner inside the box is transparent. The Wooden Box doesn’t feature any drain holes. In case the plastic liner prevents the box from water leaking.

These Rectangular Wooden Planter boxes come in natural old pine wood. It comes in dusty dappled brown color in a distressed white finish. 

The Wooden planter is the perfect size for sappy and mini plant arrangement. The Wooden Planter Box shapes for holding succulents, mini florals, mason jars, candles, etc. You can arrange different plants varying the heights.

Moreover, the Wooden Planter Box can be used for natured home decorating, wedding shower, woodland wedding accents, etc. 

If you want a nature-inspired home, you can use this Rustic Wooden Box to décor. The Wooden Box offers you to imagine widely.

What We Like

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to assemble

  • Storing accessories

  • Sturdiness

  • Great centerpiece

What We Don't

  • Color fading

  • Stink

Key Features

  • Square shape

  • Expand the size

  • Robust wood

  • Insect and rot-resistant

The Cedar Raised Garden Bed Planter allows you to yield a beautiful garden within a minimal range. No-fuss to rush for planting.

The Raised Garden Bed is comfortable to manage, plant seeds, and harvest. It is organic and safe to grow plants, herbs, and fruits in it.

Greenes Fench provides an interlocking joint mechanism in the planter box. It is easy to assemble in no time. 

The Raised Garden Bed is built within durable ½” thick borders and 4-side routed corner area so that the frame can be stacked or expanded smoothly. The configuration lets you create a perfect setup according to your free imagination.

The thick borders of the box secure a long-lasting and durable frame. This Item is one of the best vegetable planters to grow vegetables and fruits.

The Cedar Raised Garden Bed features a minimized glittering space that offers the space for your plants to grow and breathe pretty well. Ten cubic feet soil requires to plant seeds.

The Cedar is rot-resistant, and insects prevented. It means no harm to your garden. You will not fail your expectations with this planter bed.

Along with its amazing features, it comes at a rather good price-point. However, this is designed for DIY projects. If you’re just starting out, this is something where you get great value for very little money.

What We Like

  • Easy to carry

  • Chemical-free

  • Insect and rot-resistant

  • Lightweight

  • Safe for fruits and vegetables

  • Best wood for planter boxes

What We Don't

  • The joints might loose

  • Flimsy wood

Key Features

  • Comfortable gardening

  • Space

  • Good height

  • Easy assemble

  • Durable

CedarCraft Elevated Cedar Planters are worthy to set in patios, backyard gardening, and balconies. The spacing of the box is quite fruitful for harvesting vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc.

The CedarCraft Planters are naturally rotted and insect resistant. The box is best for outdoor usage as well as indoor too.

It is easy to assemble quickly. The planter box requires no tools for joining.

The box is made of a hundred percent cedar. SFI certified wood mentioned for production.

You can plant whatever you want. The height of the CedarCraft planter box prevents from back and knee strain. It is suitable for older people.

The elevated design of this planter box refrains from rabbits, grasshoppers, pets, and other garden pets, that could be harmful to the plants.

If you have back pain, you can try out this elegant style of the planter box.

The DeWalt DW872 has a fantastic blade with a blade guard that protects your hands. It is probably the best metal cutting saw on the market available. It has a rather steep price, but for what you’re paying, it certainly makes up in durability.

What We Like

  • Quick assemble

  • No tools required

  • Gift worthy

  • Sturdiness

  • Well manufactured

  • Mainly vegetable Planter Box

What We Don't

  • Chances of falling apart

Key Features

  • Rot and insect resistant

  • Expandable

  • Less expensive 

  • Cumbersome space

Greenes Fence Cedar Raised planter comes in a suitable setup. The planter box allows you to set in an open-bottom frame of your garden.

The planter box provides you the perfect room that you need for your vegetables, flowers, or herbs to grow and breathe the wind. 14.5 cubic feet soil requires to plant seeds.

The boarders, corners are thinner enough to support the thriving garden. It is easy to set up and place anywhere in the garden quickly. 

The thick borders of the box secure a long-lasting and durable frame.

The Greenes Fence Cedar bed can be connected or expanded to more frames that feature for space in the garden. It allows you to yield a beautiful garden.

The untreated cedar based bed is naturally rotted and insect resistant.

The planter bed is never equipped with chemicals that keep the bed organic free and safe to harvest vegetables and flowers.

The Cedar Raised Bed is built with 1/2” durable thick boards, and 4-way mounted corner posts allow to stack or straightforward expansion. It will enable you to configure the planter box as you desire.

What We Like

  • Quick assemble

  • Portable

  • Solid construction

  • Cumbersome space

  • Chemical-free

What We Don't

  • Loose joints

Key Features

  • Drainage holes

  • 4-foot long bed

  • Ergonomic design

  • Spacious

The Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed is a nearly 4 foot long built bed that prevents the seeds from garden pets, rabbits, and grasshoppers.

The height of this planter bed ensures the vegetables, flowers, and herbs to breathe the wind and grow healthy.

The Raised Garden Bed mentions Cedar wood protection that means it is rot resistant and insect free. It can last longer with dust and rust-resistant. 

It features drainage holes that prevent plants from overwatering and allow excess water to drain out. The drainage holes let the soil fresh.

The bed adds serene beauty in your garden. It is perfect for placing in patio, backyard, deck, and balcony or the terrace. 

The Raised Garden Bed stands 30inches tall, which makes it struggle free for those who need to bend or lean over while gardening.

What We Like

  • Easy to assemble

  • Portable free

  • Versatile design

  • Limitation of excess labor

  • No tools required to assemble

What We Don't

  • Chances of getting moldy

Key Features

  • Removable legs

  • Strong

  • High-quality plastic

  • Lightweight

  • Easy Carrying

The Adam Deluxe Garden Planters presents you with a lightweight planter that can be moved from outside or inside. It adds amusing color in the deck or patio area.

The planter requires 1.25 cubic foot soil for the seeds to grow.

The 36inch tall featured planter box eases to your back and knees. Elderly people can garden without bending down or leaning over.

The planter box is functional, with four removable legs. The legs are strong and sturdy to hold up to 150 pounds. You can assemble it; however, you wish.

The Deluxe garden planter is perfect for vegetables, flowers, and herbs. It has shelf storage that uses for additional flowers or garden tools. A removable quality also comes in it alongside the legs.

The bed equips a drainage plug that allows excess water to drain out. It has no chances of leaking. 

The Deluxe Planter is constructed of durable resin that senses the garden planter will not peel, rust or rot. The UV inhibitor in the resin refrains color from fading and shade to stay bright in the daylight.

What We Like

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to carry

  • Quick assemble

  • Extra storage

  • Simple cleaning

  • Garden planter boxes

What We Don't

  • Shiny plastic

Key Features

  • Spacious

  • High build quality

  • Outdoor and indoor usage

  • Durable

The Giantex Raised Garden Bed manufactures natural Cedar wood. The quality of Cedar wood is no chemical mixtures that presumable to a friendly planter bed and docile to the human body.

The planter bed can add beauty to your house. It is portable to place in patios, deck, balconies, or the garden. It is beautiful, and manual functions included.

The Giantex Raised bed is built with prodigious thick and solid cedar wood that ensures long-lasting durability in harsh weather conditions. It is strong and durable enough to hold the weight of the garden and tools.

The planter bed is simple to assemble—only a few simple steps required to join the legs and hardware.

The Gaintex bed is resistant free. It prevents dust, rust and dent and UV protection keeps it sturdy in the sunlight.

The planter bed eliminates bending while gardening by its 18.5” legs. And in this height, it is deep enough to produce nutritious plants for healthy growth.

What We Like

  • Removable features

  • Fast assemble

  • Portable free

  • Prevents from garden insects

  • Quick shipping

What We Don't

  • Faint wood quality

Key Features

  • Clear maintenance

  • Durable design

  • Tidy décor

  • Easy assembling

The Plant Holder Box presents a large square-shaped box. A conventional lattice pattern design crafts around the flanks of the box. It enhances the look of the planter.

The square shape planter box will allow you to grow plants, vegetables, flowers, or herbs effectively much faster and healthy with ample space.

The Planter Container Box will give you a personal touch to your living house. It can place both in and out. It decors an elegant look in the front of the house.

This stylish plant holder is maintenance-free. No-fuss for water accumulating. The t-shape frame drains water out of the box, alongside delivers oxygen to the plants.

The Planter Container Box is made of polypropylene. The sturdy walls come in a white finish that adds a gradient look to the garden or outdoors.

The planter box is a simple setup. It requires no tools, no assembling.

The Planter Container is a lightweight box. You can carry it anywhere in your house or garden.

What We Like

  • No assembling system

  • Lightweight

  • Adds amusing look to the place

  • Portable

  • Stylish outfit

What We Don't

  • Cheap and shoddy

How to Choose The Best Planter Boxes: Buyer's Guide

To buy the best planter box for you, we will provide you some buying guide below. It will help you a lot to make the right choice for your planter box. 

Go further reading in this buying guide to know more about the planter box and what materials and elements should be used in its production.

 Let’s hop in for some buying guide. 


Proper Size

The prime thing to investigate in a planter box is the size of it. A planter box comes in versatile sizes. One may choose a size measuring on what plant they want.

A right planter box requires a reasonable size that fits either in or out. And the right size means to hold a healthy amount of soil for seeds and anticipated room for seeds to grow and breathe.

Point to be noted that the measurement and style of planter depend on your garden and what type of plants you are looking for. The excellent measure will bring new life to the surroundings of the garden.

Anyway, you need to know about the shape, size alongside the depth of the box. Make sure to know about the plant also that you will yield in a planter box.

Therefore, the size matters when it questions of portability. Know your location that fits your purpose.



In order to have a planter box, you should choose the one to stay fresh and attractive for a lengthy period. In case, design is the prime landmark to look for and planter boxes look tremendous wherever they are placed.

Planter box presents various designs alongside sizes. The ones that are made of wooden structures lasts long and stay rough outside in harsh weather. 

The metal or plastic build planter boxes look pretty marvelous inside of the house.

If you experience backache pain or knee pain problems but you love to plant as well, then give a thumbs up to a garden bed which is constructed of such user friendly designs.

More than that, look for the options that lets you easily manage your herbs, vegetables, plants without bending or putting risk to your joints.

Build Material

If you go through our review above, you will notice that most of the planter box meets two variables. Planter boxes are made from wood and metal, and they are tranquil to float around where you fantasize. 

Planters made from Wood are honeycombed, and it sports better drainage functionality. Moreover, it resists better from the natural elements than the metal, which may rust in a short period. 

The wood planters are not great for planting inside directly. Instead of it, it is better to look for a plastic material to put inside. 

Refraining from water accumulating, you can go for metal or plastic build planter boxes. It lasts longer than wood. Downgrade to consider that the metal body may rust over time if there is no plug for water draining. 

As illustrated above, you are highly recommended to use the one made from metal and cedar wood if you plan to surface the planter box outside. They can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The metal bodies absorb too much heat. You’ll have to look out for a better metal body and keep an eye on the soil that doesn’t try out fully.

The metal and wood builds are costly. On the contrary, plastic planters are less cost-effective. 

Plastic planters can bring you efficient colors for indoor heritage, but they are not suitable for harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, the plastics are not best suited for more substantial plants.


Easy Assembling

An easy assembling provides you a simple setup. A gardener’s prime need is a planter box that is easy to assemble. Make sure to buy only that garden planter which allows an easy and quick assembling. 

The one that are quick to assemble is pretty supportive to port from one place to another. And that model should require only the basic hardware to enroll it.

If the garden bed is engraved and composed by a simple outlook, then it means your garden bed is easy and handy to assemble. 


Drainage System

A proper drainage function is essential for gardeners. Most planters have a drain system or do not have. You must look for it before you buy it.

Most planters have drainage systems functioned. A drainage hole is a common one. 

A few planter beds have solid bottoms marked for draining water, where you have to drill to make a hole. Either way, look for another way that must have a system to exit the water.

Before you buy and fill it up with soil, check your container for drainage holes. When you figure it out, cover the hole with a piece of window screen or coffee filter that allows access water to drain without losing soil.



A planter box can change your surrounding and enhance the beauty of your garden. It is good to buy one.

In case, a well-furnished planter box requires a handsome price. Look for the planter box that fits your budget. 

The price usually varies according to the volumes of garden bed. Moreover, the materials, assembling function of planter box also puts a major importance in pricing.

Go through our mentioned reviews and buy a nice looking planter box considering your affordable budget.


  1. What is the best wood to use for planter boxes?
  2. Answer: Cedar is considered as the best wood to use for planter boxes as it is a durable wood that resists cracking, and it is cool even on hot days, which needs for rooting plants.

    1. How does one keep his window box from rotting?

    Answer:  One has to apply a peat-based potting mixture consists of ingredients such as vermiculite, sand, etc. which are a handful for draining well and keep plants from drying out too quickly.

    1. How long do wooden planters last?

    Answer: Any sort of wood will get rotten after a certain period, though there are types of woods that are more durable depending on the climate, such as Cedar wood.

    1. How do you treat wood for the planter box?

    Answer: Treating wood for a planter box, it needs setting apart the pressure-treated wood by lining the inside of a bed with heavy plastic to prevent leaching chemicals from the wood into the soil and keep avoidance from the wood.


Finally, these are a few of the best planter boxes considered above. The best thing to mention about these planters is handy maintenance and low cost of assembling. These boxes are best in looks and durability.

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