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It is easy to transport various types of tools from one place to another using a mobile base. The mobile bases are not only able to transport bulky machinery, but also it can move your house’s heavy furniture pieces like safes, almirah, cabinets etc.

Actually, the mobile base is able to transport all kind of heavy machinery and furniture which have flat rectangular or square bottom surface. 

Power tool which doesn’t come with a carrying option needs a mobile base. It is kind of essential if you need to change your job site frequently. 

There you can find an array type of mobile bases for transporting different tools as table saw, jointer, planer, bandsaw, etc. If you just have one from any of these tools, you should go for a base which I suitable for it. Otherwise, if you want to use the base for multitasking, you need to choose the universal one.

In this article, I have listed down 10 of the best mobile bases available on the market which cover the best mobile base for table saw and best mobile base for bandsaw.

I have gone through an intense research program to make this list. I have considered their price, built quality, compatibility before selecting them so that you can get most out of it. I have added a buying guide also which will help you to select the right one.

Quick Summary: Best Mobile Bases for Table Saws & Band Saws

ImageProduct Name Number of Caster WheelsCapacityCheck Price
HTC200 mobile base2500-pounds
BORA Portamate PM-25002650-pounds
Shop Fox D466621200-pounds
Bora Portamate PM-350021500-pounds
HTC 3000 mobile base2700-pounds
Jet - JMB-Umb 7081182600-pounds
DEWALT DW73501220-pounds
Shop Fox D2057A 4700-pounds
DELTA 50-3451300-pounds
SawStop MB-PCS-IND41000-pounds

Best Mobile Bases for Table Saws & Band Saws- Review 2019

Key Features:

  • Comes with a slick profile. Just weighing 2-pounds.  
  • Is able to carry about 500-pounds.
  • Compatible with all small to big machines. 
  • Featuring pre-drilled holes which are placed after each 1-inch.   
  • HTC2000 mobile base has four wheels.
  • Rails are made of sturdy steel.
  • Rail Kit (Additional): 2×12-inches and 2×18-inches.

If you are looking for an adjustable mobile base which is strong enough to carry all of your various types of bulky machines, the HTC2000 mobile base can be your best choice.

This particular HTC mobile base has a capacity of carrying 500-pounds easily. So, whether it is your woodworking tool or masonry equipment as far as its weight down to 500-pounds, the HTC2000 mobile machine base will carry it out.

HTC2000 adjustable mobile base comes with some pre-drilled holes on its body. And by using these holes you can transform it square measuring 12×12-inches up to 36×36-inches. It is also possible to make rectangular to carry rectangular shape machines. To do so you can expand HTC2000 universal mobile base up to 20×52-inches.

You don’t have to be worried if you got even a larger machine. Because you can use the HTC K1218 Extension rail kit with this to extend its surface area. And it is the perfect HTC2000 mobile base part.

Just having a strong frame is not enough for a mobile base to carry that much huge weight, it also needs some strong wheels to slide down the weight. So, it has 4 round shape wheels on its every corner. And two of the wheels have lever lock which can be operated by the leg.

What We Like

  1. Universal mobile base.
  2. Featuring a foot lever lock system.
  3. Can carry decent wight.

What We Dislike

  1. The pedals are made from plastic.

Key Features:

  • Featuring low -profile design.
  • Has 650-pounds of load capacity. 
  • It is a universal mobile base and can carry most of the stationary tools and machines.  
  • The wheels of the Portamate PM-2500 mobile base has a steel lever lock which can be managed by foot.  
  • And the wheel has non-marring ball bearings.
  • Pre-drilled holes are sitting at a distance of 1-inch from each other.
  • Good for carrying various types of saws, planer, and jointer.

People who are looking for a mobile base for heavy saw, band saw or other bulky machines, they can take a glance of Bora Portamate PM-2500. This Portamate mobile base comes with a very low profile design and is able to carry massive weight. So, don’t go with its look. Actually, it is one of the heavy-duty mobile bases you can find on the market right now.

Bora Portamate PM-2500 is able to pull 650-pounds on top of it. It is not a tiny number for a mobile base. And as it can carry the most type of machines easily, it is a universal mobile base.

As mentioned before, the wheels of the mobile base need to be strong because of the weight they carry. And Portamate doesn’t compromise their wheels also. They have attached four wheels on each side of Bora Portamate PM-2500. 

And unlike other best mobile bases for table saw and bandsaw it has lever lock made from steel. So, it is stronger than the plastic made locks on the other mobile bases. For smooth sliding, the wheels of this heavy-duty mobile base have non-marring ball bearing.

By using the pre-drilled holes on the sidebar you can adjust the  Portamate PM-2500 heavy-duty universal mobile base into various dimensions. It is not a problem to take down the dimension at 12×12-inches and you can also raise it up to 36×36-inch square or 20×52-inch rectangular.

What We Like

  1. Comes with a strong lock system.
  2. The lock can be controlled by using legs. 
  3. Universal mobile base.

What We Dislike

  1. Cannot carry more than 20×52-inch size machine.

Key Features:

  • Shop Fox D4666 has a load capacity of 1200-pounds. 
  • Made from heavy-duty metal.
  • Contains a mass of 37-pounds.
  • They used industrial-grade casters on this specific Shop Fox mobile base which are made of steel and have sealed ball bearings. 
  • The size of the mobile base is manageable from 19×19-inches to 29.5×29.5-inches.
  • To provide proper grip on the wheel, it has rubber padding.
  • 2 casters and 2 fixed wheels.
  • For fast-moving and stopping it carries quick tip-toe levers.

People who work with bulky machines which are more than 1000-pounds, they definitely need the hulk to uprise their machines. As it is not a comic, Hulk is unavailable. In this situation, they can try Shop Fox D4666 mobile base.

This is an adjustable mobile base and can be used for carrying an array type of massive machines. It is not a big deal for it to carry from 14×14-inches to 36×36-inch square machines. And the base can be converted easily up to 22×54-inches rectangular.

To slide this massive machines this specific mobile base has heavy-duty 3-inch diameter wheels and casters. So, the base is perfect for use in the industrial area.

For holding the massive weight on the slippery floor you need a perfect lock system. And other mentioned mobile bases for bandsaw and table saw above has that lock. They have multiple locks on them. But this Shop Fox table saw mobile base has just one and it is pretty decent. It is actually a toe flip lock which can be controlled easily by using just toe.

As the sliding wheels, it is equipped with steel and rubber made wheels. And all 4 of the wheels have sealed ball bearing system. 

Then what is the summary you get from this Shop Fox mobile base review? The simple answer is; it is sturdy, featuring strong wheels and it can be adjusted.

What We Like

  1. Can carry massive weight.
  2. Casters are made from rubber and steel.
  3. It is very sturdy.

What We Dislike

  1. Has only one lock on its casters. 

Key Features:

  • Portamate PM-3500 is able to carry 1500-pounds.
  • It is weighing 41-pounds. 
  • A universal mobile base which can be used to carry different types of machines. 
  • Lever lock system for easy going and stopping. 
  • Have 3-inch diameter wheels and casters. 
  • Featuring slick design.
  • It also features an optional rail kit.

If you are looking for a professional-grade mobile base for carrying your massive weighing machines, Portamate PM-3500 can be your best choice. With its 1500-pounds carrying capacity, it won’t let you down anytime.

This adjustable mobile base will let you carry almost any kind of bulky machines like table saw, band saw, planer and so on. To do so it is capable of adjusting its body measuring from 18.25×23.5-inches to 28×33.5-inches. And that’s not it, with the help of an additional kit you can extend the base up to 33.5×44-inches. Actually, it is a marvelous capacity of a floating base. 

PM-3500 mobile base isn’t just claiming the power I have mentioned above. If you look closely at its built quality, you will agree with them also. It is constructed by 100% tubular steel, extreme corner sockets.

As the weight sits on the wheels, it has oversized 2 caster wheels and 2 normal wheels. And they are able to slide the massive weight easily without damaging themselves. These wheels also have rubber surface to provide extra grip on the wheels so that it can roll on the floor easily.  

You will also find two orange-colored stainless steel locks on top of the locks. Those help the mobile base to hold the ground so that it cannot move even a bit. And that’s how you will be able to hold the position of your machines in a place for a while and use it for work.

What We Like

  1. Can carry up to unbelievable 1500-pounds weight.
  2. Lightweight 
  3. Rubberized wheel.

What We Dislike

  1. Welded corner pieces.

Key Features:

  • Able to carry 700-pounds.
  • Weighing 19.2-pounds.
  • It can be changed 
  • An adjustable base which helps it to fit with various machines sizes.   
  • Comes with 4 casters and wheels.
  • Made from robust material.
  • The lever locks can be controlled by legs.

Next on our best mobile base for table saw and bandsaw is HTC3000 universal mobile base. It is one of the top class bases you can find on the market today for carrying out your heavy machines.

Just about 19.2 -pounds weighing this floating wizard can easily carry up to 700-pounds. No matter what you want to pull on its back it will slide that machine if that weigh in its range. Whether it can be a table saw or bandsaw or even other woodworking machines.

HTC3000 universal mobile base comes with pre-drilled holes. And by using these it will allow you to adjust the measurement. That’s why it got its name as the adjustable mobile base. You can adjust this to carry any rectangular shape machine which has an area from 14×14-inches to 36×36-inches. And that’s not it. It can carry any machine which has a rectangular area up to 22×54-inches.

This specific heavy-duty HTC table saw mobile base is made of cast iron. And has four 3-inch diameter wheels. These wheels are super strong to carry most of the weight and are able to slide without any issues.

HTC3000 adjustable mobile base has four individual lever lock system which can be operated by using barefoot. These locks help the mobile base to sit one place tightly.

What We Like

  1. Has an individual lock on each of the wheels.
  2. It is a universal mobile base.
  3. Foot-controlled lever lock system.

What We Dislike

  1. Compared to its features, it should carry more weight.

Key Features:

  • Can rise up to 600-pound weight.
  • Weighing just 21.4-pounds.
  • Featuring slick design.
  • Constructed for performing as an industrial-grade mobile base.
  • This base is adjustable and can fit with various square size machines.
  • Compared to others it is lightweight.
  •  Comes with a spring -pin snap adjustment which requires no tool.

At no 6 in our best mobile base for table saw and bandsaw is Jet – JMB-Umb 708118. The most amazing fact of the et 708118 mobile base is its low profile. Somehow it has managed to cut down its weight and the final weight of this universal mobile base is 21.4-pounds.

But don’t go on its profile. Despite being lightweight and slick, it can carry up to 600-pounds huge weight. It is no matter what you are putting on this it will carry that easily. You can carry table saw, bandsaw, planer and more by using this Jet universal mobile base.

Most of the best mobile bases come with a pre-drilled sidebar. And when you need to adjust the area of that base you need to adjust the bolt through them. But in the case of Jet heavy duty mobile base, you don’t have to adjust that. Because Jet Jet 708118 mobile base doesn’t come with any bolt adjustment. Rather it has a spring system to increase or decrease the carrying area.  

This Jet universal mobile base is expandable from 18×18-inch to 24×24-inch which is pretty much enough to fit with various Powermatic and Jet machines.   

For carrying the massive weight this jet bandsaw mobile base has two fixed and 2 caster wheels. To make this more stable the producers don’t put massive height on the wheels. And it will uprise your machine just ½-inch above from the ground.

What We Like

  1. Lightweight slick design.
  2. Featuring tool-free adjustment. 
  3. Can lift most of the machines tagged by Jet and Powermatic.

What We Dislike

  1. Mad specifically for Jet and Powermatic machines.

Key Features:

  • Weighing 59-pounds.
  • Can carry up to 220-pounds.
  • Durable to carry the heavy load.
  • Stay stable under heavy load.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Can be used as planer storage and stand.
  • Fiberboard top can easily accommodate any Dewalt planer.
  • The wheels are easy to engage and disengage using foot pedal.

No 7 on our list is the most unique. DEWALT DW7350 is not just a mobile base for a planer, it also works as a stand for it. People who are thinking to roll a table saw or bandsaw on it, you are thinking wrong. This particular DEWALT DW7350 mobile stand works as a planer stand as well as a carrier for it.

DEWALT DW7350 mobile thickness planer stand is totally made from premium grade material. And that makes it sturdy enough to carry the heavy planer easily.

DEWALT is offering a pre-installed fireboard with their DW7350 mobile stand to carry most of the DEWALT planer easily. And to do so it comes with pre-drilled holes. But if you got a planer from other brands there is no problem it can accommodate that also. All you have to just make some drilling and you are good to go.

Like other mobile bases in this list, Dewalt DW7350 planer stand with the integrated mobile base also has wheels. But where you will find four wheels on them it has only three. And it is able to do the same job with only those. Two of the wheels are fixed and one is free to lead the way. That freewheel of Dewalt mobile base features a lever lock on top of it. You can easily control that by using your foot.

What We Like

  1. Compatible with most of the.  
  2. Easy to control wheels. 
  3. Wheels can be controlled through feet.

What We Dislike

  1. Comes with only three wheels.

Key Features:

  • 700-pounds weighing capacity.
  • It can be turned down as minimum as 19×20.5-inches
  • And you can extend it up to 29.5×29.5-inches to accommodate large machines.
  • Made from rectangular welded steel tube.
  • Each of the adjusting points is adjusted using two bolt to provide maximum security.
  • Has two heavy-duty caster wheels.
  • Reattachable footpads.

Shop Fox D2057A is another adjustable mobile base which makes into this list. It made its path with its outstanding features. If you are looking for a  heavy-duty one you should check it.

The heavy-duty adjustable mobile base for heavy machines is constructed from rigid steel. And it allows up to 700-pound weight for carrying.     

Shop Fox mobile base D2057A comes with an adjustable feature. So, it is easy to make the carrying area as minimum as 19×20.5-inches and it can be increased up to 29.5×29.5-inches. 

As the frame of the Shop Fox heavy duty mini mobile base is made from thick welded steel tube, it can carry heavy load as long as the dimension is perfect. The carrying area can be adjusted by using two bolts of each attachment point of the corner.

For transporting the massive 700-pounds massive weight Shop Fox D2057A has four casters wheel. Two of them are fixed and two of them are swivel. 

For providing stability it also features two independent footpads. These retractable foot pads help it to level the machines. The base also allows the user to use various shop fox mobile base parts to increase its capacity.

What We Like

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Sturdy construction. 
  3. Low profile.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t have lever locks.

Key Features:

  • Able to hold up to 300-pounds.
  • The lever can be controlled by foot.
  • Made of durable ultra steel.
  • Can carry most of the bases.
  • For ensuring even contact with the ground, it has adjustable footpad.
  • Comes with 3 heavy-duty wheels to carry the weight easily.

Moving to the next in this list, I have DELTA 50-345 mobile base. People who are looking for a universal base that is quite big enough to accommodate large machines can take a look at the DELTA 50-345.

Delta 50-345 universal mobile base can accommodate most of the machines out there. To do so it comes with a slick design. The design is included four corners and a level lock featuring a wheel.

Two corners have two individual wheels attached out of the four corners. And these are not attached with any casters so you can not move them. Then what is the procedure to guide the base.

Don’t worry, the lever lock which has a wheel will guide the base to any direction. And the lever lock is adjustable by legs. So, if you want to keeps the Delta table saw mobile base in a place, just push the lever lock. And for moving, release it from locking position. 

Delta 50-345 doesn’t come with any kind of side rail support. So, you can use wood or steel made angle to make this. And this free feature makes it one of the most versatile mobile bases in the market right now.

What We Like

  1. Versatile mobile base for carrying the massive load.
  2. Sturdy construction.
  3. Can accommodate any kind of machines.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t come with any side rail.

Key Features:

  • Can lift up to 1000-pounds.
  • Non-marring wheels which are made of polyurethane.  
  • Don’t have any flimsy wheel breaks.
  • Made from sturdy materials. 
  • High performing casters have full ball bearing.   
  • Comes with four casters which are able to move any direction between 360-degree.
  • To raise the weight it has three quick pumps which are controlled by foot.

Till now I have mentioned the mobile bases which have one or two casters. Actually, the caster is one hell of an important part of the mobile base. By using it you can control your base direction. 

People who are looking for a versatile mobile base with four independent casters, they can look at the SawStop MB-PCS-IND industrial saw mobile base. Each of the caster wheels of the Sawstop PCS mobile base has the ability to go independently at ay direction between 360-degree.

This individual Sawstop PCS mobile base has four casters made of the full ball bearing. These can provide high performance. As the casters are able to move freely, you can guide your machines in any direction you want to.      

The SawStop industrial mobile base is able to carry a versatile line of machines. Thus it has the power of lifting 1000-pounds of weight easily.

To hold up this enormous weight it comes with hydraulic piston which assists the lifting. And that’s not all, to make the carrying and moving task more fluent it features 3 quick pumps on its foot pedal.

What We Like

  1. 3 quick pumps for uprising the weight.
  2. Extraordinary casters. 
  3. Easy to control.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t support 52-inch wing version.

Mobile Base for Table Saw & Band Saw Buying Guide

Though a mobile base looks very simple, you need to follow a buying guide to get the best one from the market. Just not the price, you also need to consider its various factors before you take one.

So what should you need to look before taking one of the best table saw or band saw mobile base? Let’s find those below.


Capacity is the main concern when you are picking up a table saw or bandsaw mobile base. All the mobile bases out there don’t come with the same range of capacity. 

The capacity can vary from 300-1500pounds. Generally, most of the machines’ weight doesn’t cross the barrier of 1500-pounds. So you don’t need any bulky mobile base which can carry weight more then 1500-pounds. When you are picking up a mobile base for table saw or bulky band saw or for any kinds of machines remember one thing that the price increases with the capacity. 

So, buy a base which can carry your machines comfortably. And don’t overspend on it.

Construction Material

The material of the mobile base needs to be robust because carrying bulky machines is the first most job for it. It needs to carry up to 1500-pounds sometimes. So, cheaply constructed bases need to be curved.

Generally, iron and Ispat are two strong materials suitable for making various tough tools. Aluminum is another metal which can scratch on your mind also. But in this case, aluminum should be kept aside also. Because aluminum is not as robust as Ispat to carry massive weight.


For transporting the weight easily, every mobile base has some wheels. Basically, when it is carrying the machines on it, the weight puts pressure on the wheels. So, the wheels need to be strong enough to cope up with that massive weight. 

You can find various materials made wheels for the table saw mobile base or bandsaw mobile base. But wheels made of hard plastic are most common and desirable. Most of the time best mobile base for table saw and band saw comes with the futuristic wheels that feature non-marring ball bearing system. And it helps them to slide on the floor easily.

Lock System

The mobile base has two different roles, no 1: it carries the weight and no 2: it provides support. So, when you are not using it for carrying, you are using it for providing support to your machines on the ground.

If there is no lock system on the wheels, you will be passing very hard time to keep the machine steady on the mobile base. So, the lock is one of the most common features you need to have on your mobile base.

Companies want most revenue by investing low. So, sometimes they use cheap quality materials or parts on their tools. And cheap quality bases use low-quality locks on their bases.


When you hit on the market for such a great mobile base, you will encounter so many of them. All of them don’t have the same capacity. Therefore they cannot carry all kinds of machines. Some of them are best mobile bases for table saw and some of them are best mobile bases for bandsaw. 

Suppose, you have picked one. But what you will do when you will have another bulky machine? Will you buy another mobile machine? Rather you should buy a universal mobile base which is able to carry most of the heavy machines out there.


Though price comes first, we are adding it to the last. Because when you are up to a machine, your main concern is quality. As the quality meets up your demand, the price is not a big fact. 

But before selecting the base, you need to keep one thing on your mind. And that is; the price rises when the capacity of the mobile base raises itself.

Closing Word

This is it for today. Though it was a bit longer reviews than others on our website, you have enjoyed it. Compared to the competitive market full of best table saw base or bandsaw base, it is not that much longer.

Hope we have helped you find the right one for carrying your bulky machines. If you are still confused, just check out the compatibility of each base and find the area of your machine. Think this will show you a way to choose the right base for

10 Best Mobile Base for Table Saw and Band Saw 2020 (Buyer’s Guide)
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