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10 Best Marking Gauge | Reviews And Buying Guide

Think you are crafting some woodwork or metalwork, and some cutting lines need to be marked on the edges perfectly to create new shapes. You would want the perfect scaling, wouldn’t you? So, you need to have the best marking gauge.

If you think old school, workers used a marker pen and a ruler to point outlines, and it was time-consuming. Technology has brought us many inventions, so is marking gauge.

A marking gauge lets you scribe parallel lines to the given edge or surface. This tool comes with a reading scale to measure the perfect distance. 

Besides, this tool is widely used for metalworking and woodworking. A marking gauge consists of a headstock, a beam, scribing or marking ingredients like a pen, pin, knife, or wheel.

However, there are a lot of options available for the marking gauge. Question arises which one is the best of all? In this article, we will share the top 10 marking gauge with you that is available right now in the market. Let’s start the journey.

10 Best Marking Gauge Reviews

Here in the article, we have reviewed several of the best marking gauge according to our research. Hopefully, you find the article helpful.

01. Clarke Brothers Wheel Marking Gauge Review

Product Features:

  • Marking scriber kit
  • 2 extra replacement cutters
  • 8 inch long graduated bar
  • Both imperial and metric scale sizes 6 inches
  • Corrosion-resistant 

Looking for a marking gauge that is reliable, fast, and easy to apply, saves your time? Then the Clarke Brothers Wheel Marking Gauge is waiting to provide you service.

This brass marking gauge comes with 2 extra hardened wheel cutters, which are made of steel. It allows you to cut your projects fast and easy than before.

The Clarke Brother Wheel Marking Gauge is renowned as the best wheel marking gauge as it points out accurate parallel lines to any flat or uneven surfaces with ultimate precision.

An 8-inch long bar is manufactured with steel and aluminum alloy, solid brass, and ensured corrosion resistance. This material prevents the gauge from making flimsy or uneven cuts and does heavy-duty works for a longer period.

Both imperial and metric bars are engraved with super clean graduation marks, which measures up to 6 inches in size. This clean graduation marks will help you in accurate woodcutting.

Moreover, when the marking gauge is not in use, a non-marring brass face ensures its protection. And it takes out all the fuss while woodworking. 


  • Perfectly balanced
  • Hassle-free accuracy
  • Clean graduation marks
  • Perfect for carpentry works
  • It doesn’t strain the hands


  • Darker print would be better on the scale marks

02. Taytools MGB Solid Wheel Marking Gauge Review

Product Features:

  • Micro adjusting head
  • 2 extra cutters
  • 3/8 inch round cutter
  • 7 inch by 5/16 inch steel beam
  • Built with solid brass

Accuracy is the root of all woodwork. In that case, you have to use the best marking gauge to get the right measurements of cutting wood. The Taytools MGB is the right choice to provide precise measurements.

This marking gauge offers the undeniable adjustments that will meet your needs. A micro-adjust lockable head comes in 1.625 inches, which is made of solid brass, and the brass is provided knurled adjustment with knob and tail.

The hardened round cutter measures 3/8 inch diameter, and it can easily slice any wood grain or piece. Besides, this marking gauge blade also has two adjustable cutters packed to replace if old blades are damaged.

During adjustments, you need to be safe and secure. To maintain safety, this Taytools is integrated with a hardened steel beam to prevent the head rotating, and the beam measures around 7 inches by 5/16 inches diameter.


  • Accurate measurements
  • Additional cutters
  • Ensured safety
  • Adjustable head
  • Cutter head repositions to place


  • A bit pricy

03. Malco A60 Sheet Metal Marking Gauge Review

Product Features:

  • Fast replaceable
  • Depth includes 12-1/2 inch
  • Metal scriber
  • Adjustable gauge
  • Durable structure

Looking for the best marking gauge of metal to scribe on your metal projects? The Malco A60 from the USA is a metal scriber that can put accuracy in your metal jobs.

You would want to use a compact design, and this Malco meets the choice. You can carry it within your pocket or bag or anywhere you want.

This marking gauge has an infinite depth of 12-1/2 inch on board, which can hold on to the surface with ease and provide the perfect precision metal cutting.

As it comes from the USA, you can put all your trust in the durability and the construction of the body.


  • Ultimate precision
  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect grip
  • Adjustable depth


  • Fragile plastic knob

04. Red Oak Tools Wheel Marking Gauge Review

Product Features:

  • 2 additional blades
  • 6-inch long scale
  • Remarked as depth gauge
  • Wheel retracts
  • Designed for one-handed applications

The best wood marking gauge relies on this Red Oak Tools with a 6 inch or 150mm long shaft. It occurs super clear graduation marks for accurate woodcutting, having 1/8 inch, and 1mm increments.

This Red Oak Tool Wheel Marking Gauge rules the wood industry as the best marking gauge for woodworking and best wheel marking gauge as its free-spinning wheel claims to cut wood fibers accurately.

To have the ultimate protection, the wheel of this gauge repositions into its face and provides easygoing vertical storage.

This marking gauge cutter comes with two additional blades, and most importantly, you can use this gauge one-handed for various projects.

For sure, you would want the gauge to stay steady and balance while working, and this gauge will give you the ultimate balanced feel.

Woodworking is a piece of cake for this gauge because it provides the exact measurements to the edges.


  • Comfortable design
  • Quick measurements
  • Applicable for various wood jobs
  • Doesn’t wear out easily
  • Clean and sharp steel body


  • The wheel could be slight sharper

05. EnPoint Ebony Mortise Square Marking Gauge Review

Product Features:

  • Premium build quality
  • 6 inch long
  • Marking nail and fixation screw
  • Double nails
  • Adjusting range from 6mm to 100mm

How about a lightweight and portable wood marking gauge? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, sure it would. The EnPoint is here to help you.

If you are a DIY worker or professional, the EnPoint will suit you in both categories with its materials. This kit is made of extra solid refined brass and premium ebony color.

This ergonomic design makes a comfortable grip and rust-resistant materials create a better life span and durability.

EnPoint Ebony Woodworking Gauge comes with a tremendous polished body and smoother surface. That’s why it can’t operate any injuries while working, and that’s why it is remarked as the best mortise marking gauge.

To ensure high precision, it features sharp marking nail and smart screws assigned on the body to provide the ultimate precision. The nails have accessible double nail modes.

You can easily adjust the marking gauge within reach of 6mm to 100 mm. And you can easily keep the gauge in your toolbox as it requires little space.


  • Fit for DIY jobs
  • Provided satisfaction
  • Sharp nails
  • Easily adjustable
  • Perfect marking skills


  • You may feel the pins need to be a slight sharper

06. Clarke Brothers Wheel Marking Gauge Kit Review

Product Features:

  • Made of solid brass
  • Hardened steel blade
  • Micro-adjustable fence
  • Anti-roll design
  • V-shaped slot

Here is our second favorite from the same marking gauge brand, Clarke Brothers. It is another amazing woodworking marking gauge with solid brass built material.

To have precise markings, this wheel marking gauge comes with engraved clean graduation ruler that pops both imperial and metric measurement marks.

Unlike the other wear out gauges, this marking gauge is made to last longer, and it is possible because of hardened steel blade and solid brass body.

This gauge is knotted with a micro-adjustable fence, It added two thumbscrews, and this marking gauge can make your work easier to take perfect measurements and accuracy.

The 7-inch brass marker holds up anti-roll design. This design maintains the wheel marking gauge to roll off from the workbench. An anti-brass fence has two flat spots that keep this maintenance.

To ensure easy adjustments, it is knotted with sturdy knobs, and the rod comes in a V-shaped slot, which occurs to prevent the tail and fence from wobbling and wiggling while working.


  • Hassle-free usage
  • No wobbling or wiggling issue
  • Micro adjuster
  • Additional cutters
  • Comfortable grip


  • Not much of an instruction sheet available

07. Newkiton Wheel Marking Gauge Review

Product Features:

  • Four types of markers
  • Micro adjustments
  • 8-inch steel rod
  • Solid brass face
  • Aluminum build materials

Wheel making gauge works far better than any other marking gauge, and Newkiton wheel marking gauge is one of them and it is also known as a depth gauge.

This marking gauge is known as the best marking gauge and because of its working capability, and four types of marker, starting from 10 pieces of marking pencils, 1 locked up cutter for hardwood, 1 bearing cutter for softwood, 1 latest metal marking pen. 

All of these materials allow you to make clear layouts and lines and go through wood bars smoothly and make the best marking gauge for dovetails.

It features two-dimensional adjustments body, coarse adjustments alongside micro-adjustments. These adjustments create more accurate details and precision cuts.

To make easier and faster adjustments, it lures a quick knurled adjustments tail and knob.

The 8-inch long rod is made of steel and graduated with 1/25 inch or 1 mm increments for clear views and accuracy.

The marking gauge holds a 2.28 inches solid brass face which can slide against the edges for soothing marking. For protections, the wheel cutter repositions in the gauge face when it is not active.


  • Versatile functionality
  • Longer rod for handful grip
  • Faster adjustments
  • Multiple markers
  • Clear views of graduation marks


  • The knife end may wobble a bit

08. EnPoint Ebony Mortise Square Gauge Review

Product Features:

  • Measuring size 165 x 65 x 57 mm
  • Adjustable range starts from 6 mm to 100 mm
  • Made of refined brass and premium ebony hardwood
  • Fixation screws
  • Ergonomically designed body

Here is another product coming from the same brand, EnPoint Ebony Mortise Square Gauge. It holds up a measuring size of 165 x 65 x 57 mm on the surface.

In case of adjustment issues on the surface, you get a chance of adjustment range starting from 6 mm to 100 mm. So that you don’t face any issues while working.

This marking gauge is ergonomically designed with premium ebony hardwood and especially refined brass. These materials allow the gauge to live longer and have the ultimate durability.

For stability, it comes with fixation screws that lock the gauge firmly in place and provide ultra-stability and sturdy focus.


  • Multiple usages
  • Micro adjustments available
  • Keeps locked in place
  • Prolonged durability
  • Stable enough


  • May not feel sturdy

09. iGagging Digital Wheel Marking Gauge Review

Product Features:

  • knowns as depth gauge
  • 3 in 1 combo
  • 6 to 7.9 inches long
  • IP54 certified
  • Super-high precision hardened alloy material

This iGaging marking gauge is a digital type of wood marking gauge with three in one combo on our list. It counts measuring range of 0.6 inches, accuracy in 0.001 inches, and repeatability 0.0005 inches. 

This product hails the digital reading system that helps many workers who have an issue with calculating measures. Are you one of them to have issues with calculating? Well, then check it out.

It shows quick reading and perfect calculation, which is highly important for maintaining accuracy. So, there will be no issue as we all trust digital devices and technologies.

However, this marking gauge is made with super high precision hardened alloy to stand against all-natural damages. Also, it carries IP54 certification for dust and humidity resistance.

Additionally, as a digital tech, it does with perfect accuracy of 1/1000th of measuring an inch. Besides, it will be focusing on marking the height and depth reading with this digital reading function.

The reading part shows a few types of measurements like inch/metric/fractional, so you can choose which you want to count. And if the battery is dead anytime, you get a spare battery in the package.


  • Digital technology
  • Quick reading function
  • Clean accuracy
  • Prevents user’s mistake
  • Easy to read


  • You may feel tightening screw is a bit short

10. KKmoon Wheel Marking Gauge Review

Product Features:

  • Built with aluminum alloy
  • Tungsten steel blades
  • Stainless steel roller
  • Large diameter pen
  • Clear visualization of scale

The KKmoon Wheel Marking Gauge is manufactured with the flexible and heat resistant aluminum material. It features an aluminum alloy body to resist water and scratch and a fantastic grip.

This marking gauge blade features new tungsten steel blades that provide excellent neat, and clean cuts.

The scribe has a new stainless steel roller that does proper circular jobs like acrylic, iron and ceramic, and many more.

The scale of marking gauge shows real visualization of measurements, which helps in perfect measures.

It has the capacity of holding various pencils its large-diameter like clip pen, pencil, needle, refill, etc.


  • Versatile pen holder
  • Accurate measurements
  • Steady and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Water and scratch-resistant


  • A bit pricey for few consumers

Buying Guide

We’ve come a long way in this article, hopefully you earned enough knowledge about the best marking gauge. But there are few more inspections to do about marking gauge, which will help you in the store. Let’s drag you down.

Marking Gauge Variations

You get to see four kinds of marking gauge available in the market. Let’s know about them.

  • Wheel Gauge: This type of gauge is great for wood. The spur on this holds a circular shaped blade.
  • Mortise Gauge: two types of spurs are here in this section, one is stationary, and another is a moveable spur. You can set a distance according to your choice between these spurs.
  • Wheel mortise gauge: The combination of wheel and mortise gauge creates this type of gauge. If you say in one word, it is the best combination marking gauge. Here you get two circular-shaped blades. 
  • Digital marking gauge: This one is similar to depth gauge and specialized with digital reading. It has a pin considering the spur.

Inch Or cm

If you are a citizen of the USA, then you might be quite familiar with the inch reading. In that case, if you are buying a marking gauge, look for an inch or cm graduation marks that help in fast reading. You’d better look at this type of marking gauges.


This point is the importance of all the points of the buying guide. Various materials are used for making marking gauge, and the best marking gauge stands by its materials. Wood and metal are famous kinds of materials. Solid brass is a famous one and lightweight to build, followed by hardwood and rosewood, also to build marking gauges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the specialty of a marking gauge?

Answer: A marking gauge is widely used for making accurate parallel lines and cuts in woodwork or metalwork. And that’s the specialty of it.

How many parts are in a marking gauge?

Answer: Usually, there are four parts in a marking gauge- a long beam of 8 to 12 inches, a marking pin, a locking screw or device, a fence.

Is there any difference between marking gauge and mortise gauge?

Answer: Yes, there is a slight difference to call. A marking gauge has a single pin to scribe, and mortise gauge has two pins to scribe simultaneously.

What is a marking gauge made of?

Answer: A marking gauge especially made of hardened steel base or solid brass, to provide longer life in the working sector.


We hope that we have landed you the knowledge worthy of conquering the best marking gauge. Our researchers and most buyers mention the stuff we mentioned and listed above. If you ask our best choice, we will highly recommend the Clarke Brothers. Go check it out. Long story short, look out for the preferences that you need for woodwork or metalwork. Then you will know what to do. Thank you for passing by.

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