People from all around the globe are using machetes to do their daily cutting tasks. All the machetes are made for doing specific tasks. So, pick up a top-quality machete from the crowd of so many models is tricky and hard. It can make anyone dizzy to pick one for the specific job.

However, relax and sit tight. In this conversation, I have a make a list of five different types of machetes which can enlighten your machete picking. Go through all the machetes, and you will find your desired one I swear.

I have made this list doing intense research, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to find your. To make your purchasing more comfortable, I have included a machete buying guide also.

So, without futile talking let’s get started 5 best machete reviews in 2021.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Machetes

ImageProduct Name Blade LengthOverall LengthCheck Price
CRKT Halfachance14-inch18-inch
Cold Steel 97BAM18S18-inch24 ½-inch
Condor Tool & Knife CTK41014HCS_Gris14-inch19-inch
KA-BAR 2-1249-911 ½-inch17-inch
Schrade SCHKM113.3-inch19.7-inch

Top 5 Machete Reviews

If you are going camping and looking for a blade which is versatilely useful, then stop thinking and take a look at the CRKT Halfachance. This blade can be handy for your outdoor camping.

Best Feature:

The fascinating fact of this blade is its design. The CRKT Halfachance is designed by award-winning knifemaker Ken Onion of Kaneohe. The designer makes it as a parang for handling various tasks.

The overall length of this CRKT parang is 18-inch. Making a swing with the 14-inch blade is easy. So, if you want to clear the bush of the backyard of your house, you can easily do it without sweating much.

This particular blade is made from 65MN carbon steel and to secure its long-life expectancy; designer sprayed it with a black powder. By resisting the corrosion, the machete can hold its shape years after years without extensive care.

Football handle on the knife helps to hold it comfortably. Sometimes an uncomfortable handle can be slipped from the hand and cause hand fatigue. But you can easily attach a rope to the hole of the CRKT’s handle and secure your hand. 

What We Like

  1. Made from sturdy 65MN carbon steel for durability.
  2. The blade holds a sharp edge for tackling various tasks.
  3. Actually, it is a designer knife.

What We Dislike

  1. The 4-inch handle can be small and uncomfortable for the big fellas.

Are you looking for a knife which can be useful for your survival? I have already found one. The Cold Steel made model 97BAM18S machete can be advantageous to use as a survival knife.

Best Feature:

Cold Steel 97BAM18S is a Barong -style survival knife originated from Filipinos. The machete has a pointy sharp tip, and we all know that a pointy tip is the key feature of a survival knife. Because the pointy tip of it helps to skin and the entire blade is handy for chopping, curving like hard tasks.

It is one of the best budget machetes you can get on the market now at just under 30$. In my opinion, this particular knife provides you low cost with versatile usages. 

The knife has doesn’t just come at a great low price, it also features some of the futuristic characteristics which are preferable by most of the knife users.

24 1/2 -inch overall length with a 6 ½-inch handle is convenient for tackling your various outdoor cutting activities. The 18-inch blade along with a comfortable handle is enough to make a swing for chopping wood to make a shelter or trap.

The blade also comes with a Cor-Ex sheath which protects it from the environment. 

So, you can take this Barong machete as your must-want survival knife at a low price.  

Producers of the Cold Steel made 97BAM18S from 1055 Carbon Steel. And the component is hard enough to hold the tip even after a hard swing on a wood. The blade also coated with a black powder which ensures that the blade doesn’t get rust over the period. That means it is durable from all angles. 

What We Like

  1. Pointy tip of the 97BAM18S is very effective for skinning.
  2. The blade is sturdy as it is made from 1055 Carbon Steel.
  3. Engineers throw a black powder matt coating on the blade to save it from rust.

What We Dislike

  1. The blade can be long as a sword for those who have a minimum height and has almost no experience for handling a sword.

CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE can be traced back to 1787, and they are producing some of the best knives for different purposes. And to illuminate this review with a high-end knife, I have selected CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE made model CTK41014HCS_Gris machete.

Best Feature:

Most fascinating facts of this particular machete are its parang design. Parang machetes are made for doing such tasks like skinning, chopping, and whittling. And the sturdy CTK41014HCS_Gris baled is enough to handle all these tasks very easily.

At first, let’s look at the overall length of this curved blade. The machete comes on the market with a total length of 19-inch with a 14-inch blade. This length is conventional for providing an aggressive blow to the bush and wood. 

This particular Parang deigned has a unique curved tip to the top and very gentle for skinning the animal, for chopping it takes the middle part, and the bottom portion is used for whittling. What else do you need from such a knife? I think it can be the go-to machete for tackling your all kinds of cutting tasks. Experts say, it can be useful for making primitive furniture in the wild also.

For tackling these kinds of hard tasks, it is made from 1075 high carbon steel and protected from rust by a black powder epoxy finish. And for a comfortable holding, it is equipped with a walnut handle to improves its life expectancy. Moreover, you will get a genuine leather sheath to provide more protection.

What We Like

  1. To secure the handle, there has a walnut handle.
  2. The CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE machete is sturdy.
  3. It is suitable for handling most of the cutting tasks.

What We Dislike

  1. It is a bit pricier than the others on the list.

Sometimes it is difficult to cut with a large machete because the weight distribution of that tall machete is evenly distributed and cannot make a mighty blow. For those who are bored with a long tail machete, KA-BAR 2-1249-9 can be the best choice.

Best Feature:

It is a Nepali style kukri machete. Nepali people used to use the knife as their everyday go to cutting tool. This curvy knife features a unique design to do all kinds of cutting chops like chopping, cutting, whittling and more. But the beneficial use of this is for self-defense and military purpose.

The blade holds its maximum weight to its head, and this makes pretty much helpful for driving a swing effectively. So, this can be lethal for beating the heck out of an attacking animal, cutting wood, chopping brunch and many more.

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 is forged from 1085-carbon which makes it super strong and sharp. The blade also allows to re-sharpen it quickly and helps to holds its sharp edge for a long time.

Weighing about 1.3-pounds means, holdings the blade for a long time is not painful for your hand. And to provide you with more comfortable holdings, producers of this particular machete put a TPR handle.

I will tell you to buy one now to clean your backyard and chopping wood for your camping. With all the variety of uses, it is definitely worthy to hold the title of the best overall machete.

What We Like

  1. To prevent rust, it has a special coating.
  2. It features some of the fantastic characteristics at a great price.
  3. It has a perfect weight distribution.

What We Dislike

  1. The round handle can be annoying for some people, but I love to hold the round handle.

At last, I have another kukri machete to shape my list. Schrade made model SCHKM1 machete is one of the best you can get on the market which has a T grip handle.

Best Feature:

Most lovable fact of this machete is its T grip handle and blade ratio. The overall length of this machete is 19.7-inch and has a 6.4-inch long handle. I bet you will find a few knives which feature a long handle. Long handle helps to operate this with two hands.

The kukri is made of high-class stainless steel which is good to hold the shape and sharpness of the blade. And the blade is covered with reliable powder coated of 3Cr13 to prevent it from rusting. So, use the blade roughly, and it will stay as cool as new for a long time. 

As it is a kukri, it holds the maximum weight on its head. Along with the heavy weighted head and long handle, it is easy to make a deadly swing with this. So, if you want to perform the various cutting operation but don’t want to spend so much power, it will be perfect.  

Though it is an extra-long machete like a sword, it is very convenient to carry. To make carrying easy, it comes with shoulder strap leg strap belt loop and a holding pouch. So, you can take it anywhere, anytime when you want to.

Which has a sweaty hand like me, you can definitely try this machete because the design features a quillon which is very helpful to prevent slipping it from hand. So if you are looking for a kukri machete at a reasonable price which is able to take care of your any kind of chopping, whittling and cutting operation, you can take a look at this Schrade SCHKM1 machete.

What We Like

  1. Long handle provides extra comfort to handle it with two hands.
  2. To prevent rust, it has unique coating of the 3Cr13 Powder.
  3. The plastic composite made T handle is comfortable to hold.

What We Dislike

  1. It can break, if try to use it against a hard material.

Machete Buying Guide

Before step into the market for buying a machete, you have to consider some of the important aspects. Without caring those facts, probably you can end up purchasing a knife which cannot meet your demand. Below I have added some of facts you should consider.

Blade Style

There you can find various kind machetes based on their shape out there. Actually, each of them is different from each other, and the designs come from different corners of the globe. According to their blade design, some popular machetes are right below:

  • Barong
  • Bowie
  • Tapanga
  • Panga
  • Golok
  • Parang
  • Bolo
  • Kukri

Though all of them are being mostly used as a survival knife by the most armies from across the world, they also capable of doing some sort of special jobs according to their design.  Generally, machetes with a sharp tip are very useful as a survival knife. On the other hand, the blunt-tipped machetes have more weight on their tip and good for chopping.

Blade Length

Blade length is the most important thing to consider before picking up a machete. If you have a long blade, you will be able to make a swing much quicker than the machete having a shorter blade. Again, the long blade will help you to strike more further. However, if you are a middle-heightened man with a strong muscle, the average length blade will be perfect for you. And the big folks try to grab them as much as long blade possible.

Blade Composition

From an early age, blacksmiths are using iron composite material for making the machetes. Various forgers use different material composition for forging out a machete. Actually, the used materials depend on the machete type because different machetes serve different purposes. However, stainless steel, carbon steel, and the high carbon steel are the most common to make machetes.   


Tang the elongated part of the blade which extends to handle. Actually, it is the part which helps the blade to attach with handle. Before purchasing a machete, make sure that the tang goes all the way to the end of the machete handle. If you compromise this fact, possibly you will end up buying a knife which will lose its handle soon.

Handle Style & Material

In the past, Vulcans were used the same metal as the blade make handle. But, nowadays they are widely using hardwood log for making handle. But with the time they have gone through some additional changes, and nowadays they use composite material for the handle. Plastics are the most commonly used material to make handle of the machete.


Q: Who makes the best machete?

A: There are some of the best machetes right below picked by Review Infinite

To find some other tools and home appliances, please visit us

Q: Is a machete weapon?

A: Definitely, you can use a machete as a weapon and militaries from across the world use it.

Q: Which machete is the best for survival?

A: Small and easy to carry machetes are the best for survival. I think CRKT Chanceinhell is the best machete you can have as a survival weapon.

Q: Which metal is the best for making machete?

A: Blacksmiths across the world use various types of steel to make machete?

Q: Which one is the overall best machete?

A: I have selected KA-BAR 2-1249-9 as the best overall machete.

Closing Word

I hope you have enjoyed these top-class machetes and already have found out what you were looking for till now. Just have one from the list according to your work and thank me later. 

If you think I have left any of your personal choice, you can let me know in the comment section. You can also request there for new product reviews.

Thank you and stay cool till I come back with another review.

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