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If you want to take your woodworking job seriously and want to take it further, obviously you need a jointer. A jointer is the power tool essential for smoothing edge of a wood hunk, and we all know how important it is for joining two workpieces together. But all the jointer on the market is not the same to do the job perfectly.

If you are looking for a high quality jointer, stay with us. Here, I have listed some woodworking  jointers available on the market after intense research. I have tried to go through all the jointers possible and considered some of the real customer reviews to come with a neutral review in front you.

Without a shadow of doubt, I am saying that you will be able to pick your desired tools after going with me till the end. Here, I have also included an exclusive buying guide on it to make your purchase more easier.
So, without delay, let’s go around to the 5 best jointer reviews in 2020.

Quick Summary: Best Woodworking Jointers

ImageProduct Name Max Cut Width Cutter Head Speed Check Price
Delta 37-0716-inch10,000-rpm
Grizzly G07256-inch10,000-rpm
Cutech 40160H-CT6-inch11,000-rpm
Powermatic 1791317K6-inch6,000-rpm
JET JJP-1212-inch5500-rpm

5 Best Woodworking Jointer Reviews

Delta is one of the best among toolmaking companies. And 37-071 is one of the best jointers introduced by them to us. It is a high-quality 6-inch jointer and features some of the astonishing features.
Let’s take a look at it.

Best Feature:

If you are looking for a jointer featuring variable speed, Delta 37-071 can be your right choice. At around 350$ it is offering a futuristic motor which is able to deliver variable speed. By using the 110-volt, 12-amp motor of the model 37-071 jointer can possess 10000-rpm of speed. And it also lets you control this power. So, with the Delta 6-inch jointer now you can adjust your motor speed according to your wood type.

It features a 6-inch aluminum cutterhead with 2 steel knives. No problem, if you got a thick piece of wood because with these sharp blades the jointer can make a 1/8-inch deep cut.
For handling the large wood piece, producers attached a 6 ¼-inch X 28 ½-inch table to it. Though the size of the table is not large like others in our list, it is conventional to handling most of the wood you need to make home furniture.

However, I have seen that by attaching an aftermarket extension this table can be great to handle extra large working piece.
Like other jointers in the market, it also has a fence which can be tilted. The heavy-duty cast iron made fence is enough to make up to 90-degree bevel cut on the wood slice. And it also features common miter stop at 90-degree and 45-degree. With the help of these positive stops, users can make repeated cuts very fast.

Dust management? Well! The Delta 37-071 benchtop jointer also has a dust collecting port which can kick out the debris and helps to keep the garage clean for making a comfortable working environment.

What We Like

  1. It comes with a great price.
  2. Cast iron construction keeps the rust away from the machine and makes it durable.
  3. It is a well-balanced jointer for using in home or small woodworking shop.

What We Dislike

  1. Producers must have to improve the packaging of delta made model 37-071 6-inch jointer.

Like Delta 37-071 there I have found another jointer named Grizzly G0725 which is offering almost same kinds of features at the nearly same price range. I said almost that means there have still some features that can make you to buy G0725 over the 37-071 jointer.

Best Feature:

Most fascinating feature of the Grizzly G0725 is its knife. Unlike other budget-friendly jointers on the market, it doesn’t feature an ordinary cheap knife. Instead, it is using a Jack screw HSS knife for delivering more elegant, smoothly finished cuts on the wood.

To trim down the wood and make bevel, it gets 10000-rpm of speed to its blade from the onboard 12-amp powerful motor. And this enormous raging power is more than enough for tackling various woodworking project.
Like previously mentioned Delta 37-071, it has a table featuring 6 ¼-inch X 28 ½-inch. And it is also conventional for handling medium-large size woods which are preferable for making traditional furniture.

Well! Get an aftermarket extension for handling extra-large wood piece for this jointer also.
The Grizzly G0725 has a heavy-duty metal made rust-proof fence measuring 4 5/16-inch X 22 7/8-inch. With the tilting feature, it can be moved to the inward and outward. And the jointer also allows miter stops at 45-degree and 90-degree. So if you need a continuous miter cut, this will help you to finish that quickly by providing you repeated cuts.
For managing the debris made by wood, it has a convenient dust collecting port. With the help of this port, you can easily manage the dust created by jointer.

What We Like

  1. Comes with chute and bag for managing dust.
  2. Featuring conventional motor.
  3. The Grizzly G0725 is sturdy.

What We Dislike

  1. Personally, I didn’t find any flaw to this G0725 6-inch jointer, but some reviewers from the online claimed that they have received a damaged one by the shipping. So, carefully order it from the online, try to order from a reliable source.

If you are looking for the best budget-friendly jointer, you can have a look at the Cutech 40160H-CT. It is one of the low-price jointers on the market I have found. And I think no other jointers you can find which features these much characteristics.

Best Feature:

Key picking up point for the Cutech 40160H-CT is its weight. Just weighing 40-pounds, it is one of the best portable jointers in the market now a day. If you look closely to the market, you will find all the jointer featuring extensive weight. So, this lightweight beast can be your go-to jointer for various task.

To handle various tasks smoothly, it needs power and to provide uninterrupted power It is equipped with 10-amp beast which can split at 11,000-rpm. And this enormous power is enough to tackle hardwood like teak oak, pine, juniper and can chisel softwood like butter.

To handle the large wood, it has a conventional 30-inch X 6 3/16-inch table. I think the length of this table is pretty much enough for treating wood piece used in a site.

Another, amazing fact which helps this jointer to make this list id its cutterhead. With a tiny amount of money, the jointer is featuring a spiral cutterhead. This cutterhead can trim the wood without chipping. So, you can get almost sanding finishing with this particular 6-inch bench top jointer.

This lightweight jointer has a 4 ¼-inch X 19 ¾-inch fence for supporting the wood. And you can also get help from it during making grooves on the wood.

Like other conventional jointers available, it also features 2 1/2 -inch dust port for managing the dust.
So, if you are looking for a jointer to use in site to site, you can check the Cutech make model 40160H-CT jointer. It will definitely save you a ton by offering you so much.

What We Like

  1. The bed of the jointer can be adjusted to the desired level.
  2. Spiral cutterhead provides a smooth finish.
  3. It is a portable jointer.

What We Dislike

  1. In my opinion, they should use iron or steel to make the table instead of aluminum because aluminum is clumsy and can be damaged by rough uses. However, it would make it heavier than now.

Powermatic is one of those companies who is continuously dominating the tool making business for years. And they are not far behind to make such astonishing jointers. I have selected Powermatic 1791317K to rise in front of you as an overall best jointer.

Best Feature:

According to my way of thinking, the best feature of this jointer is its table. And not only the table, but other advanced features of this futuristic jointer is also equally fascinating and useful to handle any jointing and trimming tasks. Surprisingly, the particular benchtop jointer holds a 66-inch x 7 ½-inch table on top of it. You will find no other jointer in the market which features a large table like this. So, you can handle any kind of sizeable wooden chunk on it without an aftermarket extension.

The Powermatic made model 1791317K is a 6-inch jointer which is equipped with a 13-amp powerful motor capable of delivering 6000-rpm. Users can easily use this enormous power for handling hardwood and softwood.
You can find various jointers on the market which are claiming to have a Helical cutterhead, but they don’t genuinely feature that specific type of cutterhead. However, the 1791317K comes with a true Helical cutterhead with four knives.

This amazing cutterhead leaves a smooth finish on the wood, and it is easy to change. So, if you are looking to make your finished product more elegant, this jointer will be the best for you.
For making a groove, it has a 38-inch x 4-inch tilting fence. Not only that, the fence can tilt on both inward and outward side also at 45-degrees. You can also use it to get repeated cut quickly by the help of its 45-degree and 90-degree positive stops.
To manage the dust, it also has a conventional dust port.
So, what else do you need? Just hop on to the market and pick this bad boy for making your work easier.

What We Like

  1. For handling a large piece of wood, it has a large table.
  2. Features a helical cutterhead for smooth finishing.
  3. The belt system of this jointer helps to generate the power efficiently to the blade.

What We Dislike

  1. It is a bit pricier than the others, but it worth the money.

Here I am with the last jointer. To wrap up today’s review, I have selected JET JJP-12 jointer planer. If you are eager to spend a whole lot of money to get an industrial grade jointer you can take a look at this beast.
Let’s take a short tour of the features of this jointer to get a better view of it.

Best Feature:

With the handsome amount of money, JET is offering a packet full of features. All of the features are same fascinating, but the fact I personally love is its design. Jet has selected Parallelogram design for its JJP-12 jointers which brings the table close to its cutterhead. That means you will get a great finish every time. The design also helps to control the cutting depth.

To power up this monster like jointer they have used a 3-hp powerful motor capable of delivering 5500-rpm of cutting speed. This speed is precise for cutting hard and softwood. However, you can ask me how this is enough over the 10000-rpm speed? Sometimes, the overpowered machines are not good enough to handle the material because they can tear down the workpiece. So, engineers have found out that the 5500-rpm is great for tackling all kinds of wood.

To handle the large workpiece, it features a 55-inch X 12-inch table which makes the feeding easy for the carpenters.
To make grooves and cut for joining the workpiece it also features an extruded aluminum made smooth-faced 43-inch X 6-inch fence. With the help of this fence now it is easy to get a smooth, precise cut.
Unlike other jointers on this list, it does feature a quick changeover between planning and jointing mode. So, it makes the work easy even for the beginners.

What We Like

  1. Features an aluminum-made a smooth fence.
  2. Powerful 3-hp motor to handle the sturdy task on the industry.
  3. 3-HSS cutter delivers rapid and smooth cutting operation.

What We Dislike

  1. It is the priciest jointer in the entire list.

Jointer Buying Guide

Though you have the result of my intense research on the jointer and have a list of finest jointers, still you have to consider some of the key facts before buying a jointer. Without consideration of those facts, you may end up buying a tool which is worthless to your task. So, before slapping the market for a quality jointer let’s take a look at some facts right below.

Size of The Jointer

Before selecting a jointer to buy, first of all, think about the average size of your workpiece. This will help you to determine jointer size you need. Generally, a jointer size depends on the size of its blade. Actually, it is the length of the jointer blade. There you can find various sizes jointer on the market like 6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch, and 16-inch. A 6-inch jointer is the starting for jointer size, and it is good for tackling various home-based DIY projects. But sometimes it can be pretty handy for the contractor also. Jointer with 6-inch blade comes in a low-price range than the other. However, the 12-inch and 16-inch jointer come with a high price range and suitable for professionals.

Cutting Depth

Cutting depth is another important thing to consider before picking up a jointer. In general, it selects the number of passes you need to tear down a wood piece entirely. I think ½-inch or ¾-inch depth is more than enough to handle any kind of woodworking task, at least for the bench top jointer.

Power of The Motor

Usually, you can find jointers featuring single or double phase motor with 1-hp and 2-hp. 1-hp is the considerable power for a jointer and comes with a reasonable price range. However, if you need an overpowered motor for your enormous task look for the 2-hp motor. In this case remember, those gigantic jointers don’t come cheap. 
Don’t forget to check out the voltage needed to operate the jointer. Most of the jointer takes just 110-volts or 220-volts to run. But you can also find some of them using 440-volts, and they are used as an industrial grade jointer.

Jointer Bed

Purchase the jointer according to the space you have in your garage. An oversized jointer may cause trouble in your work. For the general-purpose use, carpenters pick jointer with 6-inch to 8-inch bed. As the jointer can handle workpiece almost double the length of its bed so don’t forget to determine this fact also because the bed size of the jointer can increase or decrease its price. You can also have after aftermarket extension table for jointer to handle lengthier piece occasionally.

Jointer Table

A jointer table is a flat space where you rest your timber to cut flat. As you want to flatten your wood, you need a table which is truly flat and parallel to knives. Generally, you will get straighter jointer with a long table. However, if you are working with a tiny piece of wood, it will be silly to have a long table jointer as it will increase your initial costing.


A stiff fence is the most important features need to have in a jointer. Generally, the flat fence with a little bit of curve makes the miter cut needed on a workpiece. You can find jointers can be angled from 45-degree to 90-degrees with positive stops at 45-degree and 90-degree. Try to pick up the jointer which covers those features. Otherwise, a poorly constructed clumsy fence will pull down your work to nothing.

Cutting Head

The cutting head is another crucial part of the jointer to make a count because it is the part which shaves the wood and makes flat to your desired size. You can find various type of blade on the jointer. Some of them feature flat head, some of them can be found with the spiral shape. Edges of those cutting heads are also different. Some features only a single edge and some of them have double edge. The cutter head may also vary with its knife count. There you can find jointer cutter head with one, two, three or more knives.

Dust Management

Sometimes a woodworking garage can be messy with dust, if your tools don’t feature a dust management system. The debris of the log is also harmful to the lung and can asthma-like dangerous disease. To prevent those hazardous diseases engineers have started to throw advanced dust management system to their tools. You can also find some of the best jointers featuring dust port. Those ports are promoting 2-inch to 5-inch diameter.


Q: Who makes the best jointer?

A: We are listing down 5 tool making companies who are offering some best jointers right now.

  1. Delta
  2. Grizzly 
  3. Cutech 
  4. Powermatic 
  5. JET 

Q: What is the difference between a thicknesser and a jointer?

A: A thicknesser is a machine used to smoothen wood surface, and the jointer is the tool which is used for smoothening the wooden slab’s edge.

Q: Is this essential to have a jointer in my workshop?

A: In my opinion, you should have a jointer for your workshop, if you are a woodworker.

Q: What determines the size of a jointer?

A: From the length of the jointer blade, you can have the size of it.

Q: Why is a longer table preferable?

A: As long as your jointer have a more extended table, it will easy for you to handle the workpiece. And finally, your cutting result will be outstanding.

Closing Word

Eventually, we have reached the last, and I hope you have already selected your desired jointer for woodworking. If you are still dizzy to choose the jointer of your garage, feel free to contact me through the comment section. You can tell me your personal choice for the best jointer.
Thank you for being with Review Infinite.
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