5 Best Jigsaw Reviews In 2019

If you want to work with the wood what is the first tool you need most? In my opinion, it is the saw. A saw is a multitasking tool which is vastly used by the carpenter. You can also use this power-tool for your everyday woodwork in the house. To the server, your purpose you can interact with the many kinds of the wood cutting saw.

However, today we will talk about specifically some of the best Jigsaws. Someone who wants to start the woodworking he doesn’t want to buy the jigsaw in a first place. However, this handy wood cutting tool can be used for circle cut, make a circle, bevel cutting, scribing boards and so on.

To present you the some of the best jigsaws on the market our experts spent their valuable time without hesitation. After gone through most of the market they have come with just five best jigsaws on the market.

For categorizing the jigsaws as the best on the market, our team has considered their various features, design, work efficiency, and price. So, depending on their research let’s start the five best jigsaw reviews in the present market.      

Quick Summary: Top Rated Jigsaws

ImageProduct Name Orbital SettingVoltageCheck Amazon
Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jig SawFour-Position120-volt
DEWALT DCS331M1 Four-Position20-volt
Bosch JS470EFour-Position120-volt
PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Four-Position120-volt
Makita 4329k Three-Position120-volt

5 Best Jigsaw Reviews

For our best budget segment we have selected the Black and Decker made BDEJS600C model jigsaw. We are assuring you that you won’t get any jigsaw within this price range. Moreover, you can see that the Black+Decker doesn’t compromise their features and building quality.

If you look closely to the pricing of the Black and Decker, you will look that you can buy a couple of them with the same price of just a one Bosch or PORTER-CABLE. 

However, remember one thing that you won’t get the same quality as them. Otherwise, you can easily pick this jigsaw tool for your regular housework.

The Black and Decker BDEJS600C features 5 Amp motor, and this jigsaw can make bevel 45 degrees. It’s impressive that you can use both T & U type blade with this jigsaw. So if you want to start a new task on your home, we will recommend you to buy the Black and Decker BDEJS600C.


  1. The Black and Decker made BDEJS600C supports both U and T shank blades.
  2. You can easily control the orbit of the saw with the help of the unique Curve control technology.
  3. This unique jigsaw has an onboard dust blower to remove the wooden dust.
  4. The versatile shoe of the jigsaw can make a forty-five degrees bevel cut.
  5. The jigsaw has a 5-Amp motor capable of producing 3,000 SPM of power, which can generate enormous cutting power


  1. Brand: Black+Decker
  2. Weight: 5.2-pounds
  3. Model: BDEJS600C
  4. Color: Black
  5. Dimension: 11.8×4.4×9.2-inches
  6. Power Source: Corded-Electric
  7. Volt: 120-volts
  8. Amperage capacity: 5 Amp

What We Like

  1. You can get a curve control technology with the BDEJS600C
  2. The saw comes with a comfortable D-shape handle.
  3. You will get so many features with a tiny fraction of money.

What We Dislike

  1. With the time the saw cutting square loose its capability to hold the blade.

Over the time DEWALT has taken their name to the top o the tool market business. We have seen many amazing tools released by them. The DEWALT DCS331M1 jigsaw is one of their futuristic jigsaws.

This jigsaw is powered by one twenty-volt lithium-ion battery. The battery gives the power of the motor which can generate 3,000 SPM to cut the wood and metal for a professional job. You will get an additional air blower to blow out the dust particle from the cutting line to get a clean cut.

As it is cordless and powered by the battery, you won’t need a further power source to use this jigsaw even where you won’t find any electricity. You can ask me why this product cost this much amount of money? The simple answer is the tool comes with the battery; the producer added the battery price with the tool. And with this of a price, you will get the brand satisfaction with the high-end product. 


  1. DEWALT included a max 20-volt lithium-ion battery with their DCS331M1 jigsaw for a long-run time.
  2. The jigsaw has a tunable dust blower to blow the wooden-dust to make an excellent straight cut.
  3. The variable speed of the jigsaw helps to cut various types of metal and wood with ease.
  4. The cordless tool allows you to cut the wood without any electricity.
  5. You can change the blade of the jigsaw without any further tools.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Weight: 6-pounds
  3. Model: DCS331M1
  4. Color: Yellow
  5. Dimension: 16x 14.2x 5.2-inches
  6. Power Source: Lithium-Ion Battery (Included)
  7. Volt: 20-volts

What We Like

  1. The DEWALT made DCS331M1 jigsaw features all metal lever activity.
  2. D-shape handle of the DEWALT jigsaw provides a firm grip.
  3. The jigsaw supports the professional T-shape blade.

What We Dislike

  1. Because of its battery power, the DEWALT struggle to cut the thick wood.

If you ask us the name of the overall best jigsaw on the market, we will tell you the name Bosch JS470E without any doubt. This mighty saw has a 7Amp electric powered motor, to secure this place of our choice. The motor can produce 3,100 SPM which is more than enough to cut up to 8-inch thick wood.

This beast jigsaw can make bevel up to 45 degrees and can make a curve to any woods.

You will get some additional features with the Bosch JS470E like it has a dust blower, you can change its blade without the help of any others tool, and the manufacturer doesn’t compromise any of its working ability.

Though there have some negative reviews on the market, you can buy this product. You can look those negative reviews and can find most of them are not that much big of an issue. So if you trust our review and have faith in our experts, you can pick the Bosch JS470E without thinking twice.


  1. The Bosch JS470E has a 7 Amp motor which can cut through softwood up to 8-inches thick.
  2. You can manipulate the speed of the motor rotation from 500 to 3100 SPM.
  3. Changing the blade of the jigsaw without any tool is easy.
  4. You can lock the trigger of the jigsaw for constant cutting action.
  5. The jigsaw has a dust blower to clean the dust of the cutting path.


  1. Brand: Bosch
  2. Weight: 10.1-pounds
  3. Model: JS470E
  4. Color: Blue
  5. Dimension: 15.8×14.4×4.6-inches
  6. Power Source: Corded-Electric
  7. Volt:120-volts
  8. Amperage capacity: 7 Amp

What We Like

  1. You will get the smooth cutting operation with low vibration.
  2. The jigsaw supports only the T-shape blade.
  3. You can swiftly change the blade.

What We Dislike

  1. The underrated blower can not blow much dust.

One of the best reliable names on the market is Porter-Cable. They are making various tools for our everyday work. The Porter-Cable PCE345 is one of the best you can find on the market. There has no other jigsaw on the market which can meet the capability of this saw with this price range.

The Porter-Cable PCE 345 has a six-Amp electric powered motor which can produce 3,200 SPM of cutting speed. This amount of cutting speed is enough to cut the wood ease. Additionally, you can control the power of the cutting speed.

The jigsaw can make a curve up to 45-degrees, and you can use both T and U type blade with this jigsaw. So if you are not compiled with the product of the above, you can take this jigsaw for your professional and homework.


  1. The Porter-cable made PCE345 comes with a rubber D-shape handle to reduce vibration.
  2. You can easily adjust the speed dial into seven-position.
  3. The jigsaw supports the tool-less blade change.
  4. You will get the 3200 SPM motor power into the Porter-Cable jigsaw that can easily cut the soft wood.
  5. The saw allows four orbital-action changes.


  1. Brand: PORTER-CABLE
  2. Weight: 6-pounds
  3. Model: PCE345
  4. Color: Grey
  5. Dimension: 9.5×3.2×8.5-inches
  6. Power Source: corded-electric
  7. Amperage capacity: 6 Amp

What We Like

  1. You can lock the trigger for a steady cutting operation.
  2. The saw comes with a 3200 SPM motor.
  3. The jigsaw supports both T and U shape blade.

What We Dislike

  1. The speed lock button and the trigger is so firmly installed to mess up.

Makita is another recognized brand over the market for making such great tools. Makita offers 432k jigsaw to their customer with some futuristic features and in a short range of price. To offer the minimalist price, they didn’t compromise the quality of their jigsaw.

With the short range of price, they are providing an electric powered 3.9 Amp motor which can make the cutting speed up to 3,100 SPM. You can use this massive amount of power to cut the wood slab and can create a bevel on them.

Additionally, you can adjust the range of the cutting power with the dial. For smooth cutting action, Makita has added the counterweight system to their jigsaw which can reduce vibration. To make the bevel, it also has a high-class aluminum made plate on the bottom side. We are sure that these features are enough for you to choose the Makita for a fair amount of money.


  1. Makita used a counterweight system to reduce the vibration of their jigsaw.
  2. Makita made 4329K jigsaw has a 3.9 Amp motor for cutting various types of metal.
  3. The D-shape grip of the cutting machine provides comfort and more control on the cutting action.
  4. For cutting the different materials, Makita added a speed control dial to regulate the speed.
  5. For smooth cutting operation there you will find a sizable trigger.


  1. Brand: Makita
  2. Weight: 4.19-pounds
  3. Model: 4329K
  4. Color: Teal
  5. Dimension: 8.5x3x7.8-inches
  6. Power Source: Corded- Electric
  7. Volt: 120-volts
  8. Watt: 450-watts

What We Like

  1. The saw comes with a carrying case.
  2. For extended operation, Makita offers the lock-on button to their jigsaw.
  3. You can make a nice bevel cut with this unique jigsaw.

What We Dislike

  1. The jigsaw only uses T-shank blades.

Jigsaw Buying Guide

We know some you are rushing to the store to grab the jigsaw now, but wait a minute. We are not done yet. Before buying the jigsaw you have to be clear on some things more about the jigsaw. A jigsaw is a sophisticated tool which has many features to look before picking one. Below, we will share some of the prime things to consider before purchasing the jigsaw, which our experts have countered during their research.

Power Option

There you will find two types of the jigsaw on the market depending on the power option. One of them is battery powered, and one of them is powered by electricity.

Before buying one thing that the battery powered jigsaw is weaker than the electrically powered jigsaw. Moreover, you will struggle with the battery-powered saw to cut the hardwood. On the other hand, the electric saw can cut through the rough wood with ease.

Don’t worry; you can easily use the battery powered saw for your regular job in the house. So make your move with the rational thinking, what you need and what you don’t. We will refer you to buy an electric jigsaw machine to do all levels of the tedious and straightforward task. 

Grip Type

You can find two types of grip on the modern jigsaw. D-shape handles, and the barrel grip can be referred to as them. From our research, we have come to know that all the contemporary hold of the jigsaws are futuristic D-shape style and most of the companies are avoiding to share the barrel type grip to their jigsaw as they are less comfortable than the D-shape. So we will tell you to buy the D-type grip.

Dust Blower

You can find two types of grip on the modern jigsaw. D-shape handles, and the barrel grip can be referred to as them. From our research, we have come to know that all the contemporary hold of the jigsaws are futuristic D-shape style and most of the companies are avoiding to share the barrel type grip to their jigsaw as they are less comfortable than the D-shape. So we will tell you to buy the D-type grip.

Blade Type

From our research, we have come to know that, there have two kinds of the blade can be used on the jigsaw, and they are T-type and U-type. Most of the modern jigsaw offers the T-type edge, and it is easy to change the T-type blade. So we are recommending you to grab the T-type blade used a jigsaw, which will reduce your time of changing the module. 


 The bevel is the most important part to see on a jigsaw. When you need to make a curve cut on any surface, you might need the slope to make a smooth cut on edge. So look for the bevel angle of the jigsaw. A full aspect of the jigsaw bevel will allow you a cut the rim with ease.


Q: What materials can a jigsaw cut?

A: It depends on the blade. A hard and sharp edge of the jigsaw can cut anything you want, but the primary purpose of the jigsaw is to cut wood, melamine, board, and others medium hard metal.

Q: How thick can a jigsaw cut?

A: Generally, a jigsaw can cut up to the eight-inch thick hardwood.

 Q: How often you need to change the blade?

A: Generally, the blades of the jigsaw are made from heavy-duty metal, and they can cut through the wood with the ease. Whenever, it seems that your work is pulling back because of the flatten blade, make an immediate move to change the edge.

Q: What kinds of blade do you need for your jigsaw?

A: Every jigsaw on the market doesn’t support the same kinds of the blade to use the blade which is compatible with your jigsaw.

Q: What is the best jigsaw?

A: To know some of the best jigsaws on the market, please go through our article.

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