Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid table saw is usually the combination of the contractor table saw, and a regular table saw. For the ease of use, the engineers designed a simple looking saw that is known as the hybrid table saw. Now a day the demand of a hybrid table saw is on the skyrocketed.

You can find many of the companies are making some of the best hybrid table saws in the market. So, it could be difficult for you to choose one suitable for you, and  sometimes it could be confusing too.

But don’t worry .To take the decision quickly, we have come to help you.

Today we have brought five best hybrid table saws available on the market.

To review them our saw experts have tested them and considered their price and features.

And finally, they have their results on hands, and they have listed down the saws in three main categories.

So Let’s check what they got into the 5 best hybrid table saw reviews in this year.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Hybrid Table Saws​

ImageProduct Name Size of BladePower of the MotorCheck Amazon
RIDGID R451210-inch13-amp
Powermatic PM100010-inch1.75-HP
Grizzly G069010-inch3-HP
Shop Fox W181910-inch3-HP
LAGUNA TOOLS10-inch1.75-HP

5 Best Hybrid Table Saws-Reviews 2019

As always, we are starting our review with the best budget product of our list. For the best budget segment of our list, we have chosen RIDGID R4512.

And RIDGID made model R4512 table saw is one of the best budget hybrid table saws you can find on the market, with some advanced features.

This hybrid table saw is not as huge as the others we have on our list like Grizzly, Powermatic, and Shop Fox.

And it is normal what you are thinking about the pricing ratio with the features of it. However, you can be tension free, because we have tested them, and found that RIDGID has not compromised the features of R4512 at all.

Well, then what is the main issue to have a Nano price range for this saw?

The RIDGID offers the least amount of money for this device as it is one of the entry-level hybrid tables saw on their lineup. As an entry level saw you would get a 13-amp beast motor which can spindle your saw blade at 3450-rpm.

It is not ending here. The manufacturers of this specific saw are offering some cool safety features along with table saw rip fence, glide that is extra-large, pre-installed accessory slots and many more. These features help users to operate the hybrid saw with ease during a woodworking job.

And I think these are enough for a budget friendly hybrid table saw. 


  1. To serve the 3450-rpm cutting power, the RIDGID R4512 has a 13-amp motor.
  2. To keep down the vibration, they have attached a cast iron table.
  3. Rip fence made from the aluminum has a large glide to serve slick adjustment on the rail.
  4. For portability, the saw comes with wheels.
  5. You can use the auxiliary fence to work with the large wood.


  1. Brand: RIDGID
  2. Weight: 267-pounds
  3. Model: R4512
  4. Color: Orange
  5. Dimension: 46.3×30.6×37.2-inches
  6. Power Source: ac
  7. Amperage capacity: 13-amp

What We Like

  1. The RIDGID R4512 is portable.
  2. This particular hybrid table saw is not tricky to use.
  3. You won’t find another saw maintaining high quality in this price range.

What We Dislike

  1. The saw comes with a short cable.

The Powermatic has introduced 115-volt to their PM1000 model. As it hit the market, it becomes the most desired high-end hybrid saw on the planet. To fight with other hybrid saws on the market, this specific saw has a massive, durable body.


But the main selling point of this beast is its sturdy body structure with some futuristic features. And the sturdy structure and overweight help this beast to control the vibration. Thus it can make a hassle free smooth cut.

The Powermatic PM1000 table saw is heavy on weight, and this cabinet saw is not only heavy, but it is sturdy as well. To keep running, the saw has a powerful motor that is capable of producing 1 3/4-HP.

To secure the operation, the saw is heavily armed with a blade guard. This saw can make a bevel cut smoothly.

Powermatic table saw pm100 comes on the market with 30-inch Accu-Fence system that is able to provide ample space to tackle the large workpiece.    

In a word, this hybrid saw could be your complete insurance for the cutting job.

So, if you have enough money to spend on a high-end saw that can increase your production with some high-class finishing then go for the Powermatic PM1000 cabinet saw.


  1. 75-horsepower motor punches the colossal power to cut the workpiece.
  2. Poly V belt attached to the motor reduces the vibration impact and increase the efficiency of the motor.
  3. 30-inch Accu-fence gives the confidence of cutting accuracy.
  4. Modular blade guard of the Powermatic PM1000 is made to be sturdy and easy to use.
  5. Splitter and riving knives of the saw stay constant even when the saw is running a bevel cut.


  1. Brand: Powermatic
  2. Weight: 418-pounds
  3. Model: PM1000
  4. Color: Yellow
  5. Dimension: 36×27.5×63.8-inches
  6. Power Source: Corded-Electric
  7. Volt: 115-volts
  8. HP: 1.75-HP

What We Like

  1. The saw has a 1.75-HP motor.
  2. For safety, it has a blade guard.
  3. The saw is sturdy.

What We Dislike

  1. The saw is so heavy for its size, and it’s not portable.

We know many of you are waiting for our pick section. You have trusted us for the years and picked the one we had selected. For you people today we have chosen the Grizzly G0690 table saw. We have found that it is the best for the tiny home-based project. 

Grizzly may not have the long line up for their tools but which they are making are the best. And the G0690 model overshadows the saw line up, as it is one of the best on their lineup. For under 2000 budget, it could be the best cabinet table saw, but you may have doubted agreeing with us to say best of the best.  

However, the cost to buy this hybrid saw will not go in the sewerage because of its features and power.

The Grizzly G0690 has a powerful motor of 3-HP to produce the tremendous speed to rotate the cutting blade. So, it is no matter for this Goliath to cut down any hard or soft workpiece.

The particular table saw can make a bevel cut at both 90-degree and 45-degree. And to save your finger and hand from getting hurt by the saw blade, it comes with some innovative safety equipment.

Moreover, you will be so glad to know that, it is easy to change the blade and control entire saw machine.

For your curious mind, we are listing some of the basic features to this saw in our article. You will find them in the features section. No matters who you are, if you want to use the professional type hybrid table saw, grab the Grizzly G0690 hybrid table saw. 

Well! If you have a problem with the grizzly, you can go with the Shop Fox W1819 hybrid table saw. These two saws have the same features with the different price tags.


  1. The Grizzly G0690 has a powder coated color to prevent the rusting.
  2. The 3-HP powered Leeson motor serves the booming power to cut the wood.
  3. Grizzly saw can cut up to 3-1/8-inches deep on 90-degrees, and 2-3/16-inches at 45-
  4. The special riving knife protects the newly cut wood piece from pinching.
  5. Industrial grade vacuum cleaner collects the dust.


  1. Brand: Grizzly
  2. Weight: 530-pounds
  3. Model: G0690
  4. Color: White+Green
  5. Dimension: 24x30x43-inches
  6. Power Source: Corded-Electric
  7. HP: 3-HP

What We Like

  1. You will get a reliable and durable hybrid saw in this price range.
  2. Grizzly G0690 is CSA certified.
  3. It is easy to set up the saw and easy to take down.

What We Dislike

  1. The mobility of the saw is not convenient.

When you are researching the market, you will be confused by so many products at the same price range. It will be a bit more confusing to select one product that is suitable for you.

And we had faced the same kinds of annoying situation when we were searching for the best hybrid table saws.

Finally, we have selected the Shop fox made model W1819 along with another product. We have found that the Shop Fox W1819 is pretty similar saw like the Grizzly G0690 table saw. It seems they are the brothers have given birth from the two mothers.

The two saws are sharing the same features and the specifications with a different price tag.

You may have a question that what should you do?

We have no problem with those either hybrid saws.  You can pick any of them according to your budget and the other preferences.

Similarly, the Shop Fox has the 13-amp motor with 3-HP. Moreover, if you look at the features, you won’t find any dissimilarity also. So, pick the one you and your pocket want to wish.


  1. The Shop Fox comes with the polished wings and table made with cast iron.
  2. This saw has both dado and standard table
  3. Blade guard of this hybrid table saw is easily detachable.
  4. You will find a knurled knob for a precise fence adjustment.
  5. Four-inch wide dust port to collect the dust.


  1. Brand: Shop Fox
  2. Weight: 457-pounds
  3. Model: W1819
  4. Color: White
  5. Dimension: 67×46.5×30-inches
  6. Power Source: Corded-Electric
  7. HP: 3-HP

What We Like

  1. For durability, it comes with a powder colored body.
  2. It can cut accurately.
  3. the saw is easily portable.

What We Dislike

  1. The attached on/off switch is too small.

Wait don’t go away with just seeing the name of the last product. To wrap up the review, we have selected LAGUNA TOOLS made model MTSAW17536110 hybrid table saw.

LAGUNA is one of the mid-range priced saws in the market. The primary key selling point of the LAGUNA is their table saw safety equipment on the saw. If you are looking for the safest hybrid table saw with fantastic working capability, the LAGUNA TOOLS MTSAW17536110 saw will be the best choice.

Well, that was its core features for buying. Let’s know about its specification. This hybrid saw has a 110-volt 1 ¾-HP motor for providing the power of cutting. The motor size is the same as the Powermatic PM1000.

One of the best features of this saw is; it can cut precise like a thin hair. The saw has all the capability which a hybrid saw should cover.

The built quality is also amazing of this LAGUNA TOOLS made MTSAW17536110. Then why are you getting late? We are done now; you can go for buying this amazing hybrid table saw for your professional task. One thing last, before buying the saw, please read their features and specification on the box to get the right view of the saw.


  1. The saw can cut precisely as the thick hair.
  2. Laguna MTSAW17536110 has 1 ¾-HP motor to provide the power of cutting.
  3. It uses 10-inch blade to go through the hardwood.
  4. The Laguna MTSAW17536110 hybrid table saw can make a 45-degree bevel cut.
  5. The rip capacity of the saw is 36-inches.


  1. Brand: Laguna
  2. Model: MTSAW17536110
  3. Color: Black
  4. Power Source: Corded-Electric
  5. Volt: 110-volts
  6. HP: 1.75-HP

What We Like

  1. You can easily transport this.
  2. They have made the saw very durable.
  3. The Laguna MTSAW17536110 holds the CSA certification.

What We Dislike

  1. Before you can use this on to your work, you have to assemble it.

Buyers Guide of Hybrid Table Saw

Before you want to pull out the pile of money from your bag to buy hybrid table saw, you have to consider core some facts. These facts will help you to buy a decent hybrid table saw from the market.


As the hybrid saw costs a significant amount of money. You should strictly follow this buying guide. Otherwise, you may end up buying the worst one for your task.


Every machine loses its working power and shapes over time. And the words are so true for a hybrid table saw.

But it is true, the sturdy machine will fight longer than a cheaper quality machine. So, when you are picking up a hybrid table saw from the market, don’t forget to check out its built material.


Our expert team has found out that iron is the ideal material to build a hybrid table saw. But the cast iron is heavier than the plastic, aluminum or even from the steel. And you will have a boner to transport it on your own.

Accuracy and Cutting Smoothness

When you are spending more than K, it is obvious you want great accuracy from the machine. And to get the accurate and smooth cutting is the main goal of a hybrid table saw.


To get the smooth cut you need a sharp blade on your saw. If your saw doesn’t come with a decent quality cutting edge, change it with the new one before you go for making a cut.


In general, a hybrid table saw can perform some of the exotic cuts like rip cuts, miter cuts and cross cut with great precision. And the miter gauge and fence system help it to do the job. So, check out the accuracy of the miter gauge and fence of the table saw.


While you want to go for the shopping of a hybrid saw; you should check its various features thoroughly. Don’t miss to test the components like a fence, extension wings, grind, trunnion and what you can check. Also, don’t miss out to check the heart of the saw ‘motor’ also.


Size does matter ha ha ha. You know right?

Yes, everybody knows this, even it does matter for the tools also. When you are working with a large piece of wood, you need a large size table to hold this. Again, you don’t need a king-size saw for your general home-based work; this may cost you some extra money.


So, we will suggest you find the best size for your workstation.


Generally, regular table saws come in the market with more weight than the other saws like a circular saw, miter saw, and the reciprocating saw. And as the hybrid table saws are the next level of a table saw, it is obvious it is the heaviest.

If you are finding a hybrid saw to use in your stable workshop, you can carry any of the top-rated ones.

However, it is not wise to pick any of the bulky saw if you have to move often. In this case, look for a portable hybrid table saw. From our case study, we have found out that most of the portable hybrid table saws are weighing between 200 to 250-pounds.


Though it is not also the lightest, it is more comfortable to move from one place to another. But you want a superior one, just go for the bulky hybrid table saw. You just have to remember one thing that you will face difficulty when you need to move it. Because it is not a joke to transport a 450-pounds weighing saw.     

Motor power (Horse Power)

The motor plays the vital role of a power saw. Actually, it makes the difference between various models. Higher the horsepower of a saw motor, higher the price will be. And the motor hp marks out the capacity of a saw also.

If you have a lower hp motor on your table saw and you want to make a cut on the thick piece of wood, it is possible it won’t be able to cut it through.

On the other hand, if you have hulk like a powerful motor on the saw, it can lead you to the loss of accuracy.

Now, is the question arise. Then what is the suitable power for the hybrid table saw?

Here is the catch.

A motor which comes with almost 2-hp is able to draw up to 24 amps and required 120-volt. You can use this type of saw to cut 2-inch thick hardwood.


On the other hand, the motor which is 5-Hp required 240-250-volt for operating. And can tackle 3-inch thick chunk of wood.

Design of the Drive Belt

The table saw blade is attached to the motor with a drive belt. And the drive belt is the core which produces vibration during the operation.  

But you can stable the saw easily by using a good quality drive belt. Generally, the regular saw comes in the market with the V-belt or wedge belt.

However, a poly V-belt is more preferable over then to reduce vibration and to get accurate smooth cut. Well, you need to remember one thing that every hybrid table saw is not compatiable to receive Poly V-belt.


Besides that, if you are looking for the best of the best drive belt for your hybrid table saw, grab a serpentine drive belt. Because it can provide higher power than the rest.

Safety Riving Knife

Kick back is the most common phenomenon  you can encounter while you are working with a table saw. It can come out suddenly. But if you have a good quality riving knife on your table saw, you can prevent this from happening.

So, don’t forget to pick the saw which has this feature.

Generally, riving knife sits up on the saw blade. But it is not attached with the blade, rather you can find a certain amount of space between the riving knife and the saw blade.


The riving knife is not the must-have addition to your saw to improve the cutting accuracy. If you are confident with the kickback, you can go without it. But the riving knife is a better addition than a splitter which is much more effective to provide you necessary protection.


You can not think about a table saw without the fence system. It is the most important things to have with the saw to get accurate measurement before cutting.

You can find an array of a fence out there with different saws. However, the T-fence system is the latest and is able to provide the most accurate measurement.

T-fence allows you to lock it easily in a certain position with the help of camlock system. It helps to hold the measurement.


So, when you are choosing a hybrid table saw for home use or workshop, make sure that it has a fence with that type of locking mechanism.

Ease of Use

As a table saw comes with various features, it needs to be easy to use. If anybody struggles to use it, it can cost him more time. And who doesn’t know time means money. So what should you look for? Let’s see in the next.


  1. If it has an easy to change blade.

  2. The blade adjustment must have to be easy too.

  3. The model of the hybrid table saw needs to be so simple so that you can lubricate its various parts easily.

  4. In a word, the adjustment of the saw should be simple as a man can do that easily on his own.

Blade Tilt

All the saws are not able to tilt their blade. As a result, you can not make miter cuts on them. I know you have a answer for this solution and it is a miter saw. But after investing so much on the table saw, it is silly to have another type of saw for just having a miter cut.


But some table saw blade can be tilted as you wish.


However, there also have some limitation. Not all of the saws can be tilted both sides.


Suppose you need to make miter at the left side, and the blade can be moved only to the right side. So, you need to rotate your workpiece to get the exact miter cuts. But if you have a saw with the ability to move its blade to both side, you don’t need to move your workpiece.

Dust Management

Though most of the modern day hybrid table saw feature dust collecting bag, I am talking about it here to remind you. If you accidentally get encountered with a saw which doesn’t have any dust management system and you pick that, it won’t be good.


Because the sawdust can damage your lung and you can end up having asthma, cancer-like extreme diseases.


When you want to buy a product, at first you snick on to your pocket. Budget is the main concern while purchasing a thing. Don’t over budget for a saw; even you get a sturdy and futuristic product.  Try to cut out your budget by having a good quality product that is useful to you. If you are a newbie, don’t buy a professional hybrid table saw. This purchasing will cost you more money. Again, if you are a professional, don’t purchase the entry-level saw. Because, after sometimes you would realize you need a high-end product. That time you should change your current hybrid saw. That will also cost you some extra money. So, purchase the right saw whenever you need, this will save you a ton of money.


Q: Which company makes the best Hybrid Table Saw?

A: From their perspective, all the saws are best, it is not possible to crown just a one as the best. However, you can visit us to get some of the best table saws.

Q: What are the different types of a Table Saw?

A: There you can find many types of table saw in the market as a portable table saw, wireless table saw, electric table saw, a hybrid table saw and others.

Q: Where to buy the best quality Hybrid Table saw?

A: To purchase the best Hybrid Table saw on the market click to our put link.

Q: Can a Hybrid Table Saw cut metal?

A: Generally, Hybrid Table Saw is used to cut the wood. To cut metal use circular saw or motorized circular saw.

Q: It is enough to have just Hybrid Table Saw in my workshop to do all the wood cutting task?

A: The answer is a big No. You need some additional kinds of saw in your workshop for a flawless woodworking task.

Closing Word

Hope you have enjoyed this list of 5 best hybrid table saw reviews.

If I have left any one which may make a spot in this list, let me know in the comment section

And at last, happy sawing.

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