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Standing at the age of power tool, it is quite hard to find a primitive hand planer.However, some of the companies are still making them to meet the requirements of carpenters.

Things to consider that, all of the hand planers are not well enough to handle particular woodworking task. So, today I have arranged this review to light on some of the best planers available.

I have chosen these tools after a sweat making research with of the help of some woodworking professionals. And, I think this conversation will definitely help you to select your dream hand planer and will also answer all of the questions you have in your mind till now. To make it more helpful, you will find the hand planer buyer’s guide too.

Then without delay, let’s begin the 5 best hand planers review in 2019

Quick Summary: Best Rated Hand Planers

ImageProduct Name Blade SizeDimensionCheck Price
Grizzly H75662-inch 6.1 x 14.6 x 2.9 inches
Woodstock D38311-3/8-Inch 7 x 2.4 x 2.3 inches
WoodRiver #52-inch 14.4 x 6.1 x 3.1 inches
Cowryman Router Plane0.31-inch 4.7 x 4.3 x 3.5 inches
Stanley 12-1392-1/8-inch9 x 3.5 x 3.2 inches

Top 5 Hand Planer Reviews

If you are looking for a hand planer to put a final touch of your workpiece, you can go with the Grizzly H7566. This is one of the best hand planers which you can get at a low-price range.

Best Feature:

Most fascinating facts of the Grizzly H7566 14-inch smoothing plane is its price over against its offering features. With a reasonable price, Grizzly is offering some of the futuristic features on their model H7566 hand planer. The planer comes on the market with knobs and rosewood handles, base made of cast iron, iron adjustments, lever caps and frog, chip breakers and adjusting nuts made form brass.

Grizzly hand planer model H7566 is very handy for final finishing task. The perfectly flat surface of it can smooth any wood surface.

To give it a traditional look, producers put a rosewood handle on it. Special Rosewood handle ensures comfort and makes sure that it can fight back with the time to achieve a long-life expectancy. The particular handle provides an elegant look on the hand planer also.

Cast iron make base of the H7566 makes it 5.5-pounds, and the weight is just perfect for driving the tool easily. With the 2-inch blade of it, you will be able to hurl down the thickness of your wood in no times.

What We Like

  1. Cast iron made body makes it durable.
  2. Iron blade of the grizzly hand planer is easy to sharpen.
  3. Engineers made it excellently with obviousness finish and fit.

What We Dislike

  1. Some reviewers say that shave breakerneeds to improve. However, in my case, Grizzly H7566 was working great.

In the second position of the list, I put Woodstock D3831. It is one of the best block planes on the market you can find at this price range. Let’s see how it can be the best choice for your woodworking shop.

Best Feature:

Iron is the ferrous material which gets rust over the time and loses its compelling power. But unlike other hand planers on our list, Woodstock D3831 is offering bronze, and cast iron made body. The combination of these metal saves D3831 from getting rust. That means you will be the owner of a sturdy planer if you buy this.

Typically, a block plane is a tiny hand plane used for woodworking. And like others on the market, this particular woodworking plane also has a low angle blade design. With this low angle blade, it is able to smoothen the grain.

This 6-inch fully adjustable planer is so much lightweight with just 1.85-pounds. So, you won’t be got tired by using it for a whole day long, and you are allowed to do that comfortably with only a hand.

Sometimes the pre-set hand planer comes from the market is not good enough to handle the various type of woods. However, with the D3831 in your hand, you can tackle different woods by adjusting its throat opening.

Low 12-1/2-degree 1-3/8-inch wide blade can trim out even hardwood easily. And if it isn’t enough for you, you can easily adjust the edge by using bronze lever cap and unique mechanism.

So, if you are seeking a tiny shaver to trim your wooden workpiece, you can get a look at the Woodstock D3831 adjustable block plane.

What We Like

  1. Its bronze and iron made body makes it durable.
  2. This particular block plan is totally
  3. High carbon steel blade of theD3831 is easy to sharpen.

What We Dislike

  1. Attached blade of the planer is not too wide as the other conventional planers. However, in my opinion, it is good enough to handle your various tasks easily.

I am sure many of you folks are professional on woodworking and want to replace your plane with the older version of your plane. Many of you also are using already the reliable Bedrock designed planer and know about it. And the WoodRiver improved version 3 is made based on that particular design.

Best Feature:

The best feature of the WoodRiver hand planer version 3 is its frog. The extended frog prolongs through a larger slot in the sole and delivers the support to the blade to its cutting line. This combination of the frog and blade delivers more rock-solid bedding to the body of plane. They have implemented this unique design to their hand plane to provide an excellent cutting experience by getting a smooth plane.

WoodRiver #5 features high carbon steel made 2-inch blade,and there has a traditional style bearing to control the blade. So, you can easily control the blade into any position to get the desired finish on the wood.

To make it durable and money-worthy, producers have made it from heavy-duty, stress-relieved ductile iron. And for handling this planer, there has a Bubinga handle on it.  So, the material used it in this particular hand planer is not cheap quality.

The overall weight of the WoodRiver planer is 5-pounds,and it is conventional for handling efficiently.

With the 2-inch wide blade, it is able to perform on any type of finish woodworking task. So, if you are looking for a high-end hand planer, forget about the costing and pick up the WoodRiver #5 version 3 hand planer.

What We Like

  1. Comes with a Bubinga handle to provide firm grip and control over the hand plane.
  2. Soles and sides are made precisely to provide smooth cutting operation.
  3. Made base on the convenient Bedrocks, Stanley Tool’s design.

What We Dislike

  1. It is pricier than all other planers on this list.

If you are looking for a plane to make a sunken section on your wood, you definitely need a router plane to do that. There you may want to do so and need this specific plane.During my research, I have come close to the Cowryman router plane. I thought it to put it on my list to help you and I did so.

Best Feature:

Most favorite part of this plane is its different usability. Unlike other planers on this review, carpenters don’t use it for smoothing the wood surface. Instead, they use it to make a submerged part on the wooden plane. Alternatively, to smoothen the sunken plane.

The entire planer is made of sturdy steel and wood. The steel is rust proof. All metal construction of this particular router plane makes it durable.

There you will find a 0.31-inch wide iron. This narrow iron helps to make a precise groove on the wooden slab. Or if you have a pre-madeslot and you want to increase its size, this HSS blade will do that for you.

To synchronize your blade with the groove depth, the planer blade comes with a screw on it.

For providing users with a comfortable grip and holdings, the hand planer features two wooden handles. Two handles make the holdings easier and more comfortable.

What We Like

  1. It is made specially to make grooves on the log.
  2. The Cowryman router plane is sturdy.
  3. Features a convenient blade.

What We Dislike

  1. In my opinion, the designer may design it more futuristic.

Whom you need a multipurpose angle block plane for woodworking, you may take a look at the Stanley planer model 12-139. It is one of the best hand planes for smoothing the grain of the wood.

Let’s see its feature.

Best Feature:

This uniquely designed hand planer is made for use with one hand. The design is so much convenient for tackling the edge grain of the wood because the grain has so much congested space to support two hands.

The entire tool is made from the A2 steel. This steel provides the toughness to the plane for fighting against the time to gain a longer life expectancy. This unique metal also added some extra weight to the planer which makes it more comfortable to handle.

With the attached brass knob, you can easily control the blade of it. So, it allows you to select the depth of the blade according to your wood type.

So, if you need to work with edge grain of the wood often, take Stanley made model 12-139 planer. Undoubtedly it will enlighten your woodworking.

What We Like

  1. It is so much lightweight to handle in single hand.
  2. A2 steel makes it durable.
  3. Best for tackling edge grain.

What We Dislike

  1. Sometimes you may receive micro lump on the sole, but don’t worry, after spending ten or a few more several minutes, you will be able to work with it.

Hand Planer Buying Guide

Though hand planer is a simple woodworking tool, before purchasing it you should consider some basic facts. Well! I have pitched a buying guide in the right below with those considerable facts.

Type of Planer

There you can find different type of planers outside. According to their working need, they are made differently and work differently also. And planers use electricity, Jointer planer, bench planer, rabbet planer,and two-handed knife are some common to find. Jointer planer can make a cut for joining and is able to chisel the wood surface. On the other hand, rabbet planer is used to create a rabbet on the wood surface. So, be sure about your work to pick the right planer.


Early, the hand planer used to make by wood and a simple iron made blade for chiseling. But over the time it also got wind of change. Now the planers are more advanced and aggressive to get the job done. Hand planers also got a new look. Now a day engineers are making hand planers from all metal or composite metal. However, the wooden planers have not loosened their ground, even they have presented with a new look. But remember, all the companies out there are not reliable because to cut the production cost they usually make it from the cheaper material. So, stay sharp to pick up the right material made hand planer for your workshop.


Carpenters use a rectangular steel thick sheet as the blade for hand planers. But all the steel made knives are not sturdy equally. Steel is made from iron and carbon.  The toughness of the steel depends on the proportion of these two materials. So, you can find some of the blades are sturdy,and some are clumsy. So before purchasing a hand planer try to select a good quality blade which holds the well balance of iron and carbon.


Though a hand planer is simple, sometimes it is also futuristic in some way. If you look closely to the list, you will find some of them. Planers are on the list are made from different materials. They are different from the outside and have different nature to handle the workpiece even they also have particular blade system. So, look for a futuristic planer which suits better for you and your working habit.


At last, let’s talk about the budget. To buy a product, it is the first fact to consider. Without selecting the budget range, you will be lost in the crowd of so many budget rage products on the market. Generally, the price range of the hand planer starts from the around 35$ and stops at 500$. So, before purchasing a woodworking planer don’t forget to select the budget.


Q: Who makes the best hand planer?

A: There are some of the best hand planers on the market right below:

  • Grizzly H7566
  • Woodstock D3831
  • WoodRiver #5
  • Cowryman Router Plane
  • Stanley 12-139

If you to know some about some other best tools available on the market,please visit Review Infinite.

Q: Can you use a hand planer as a jointer?

A: Usually they are made to do some different things. In general, a hand planer is made to make the surface of a wood plane, on the other hand, a jointer makes the edge plane. So, it is difficult to make a plane straight with a planer, to do so you must need a jointer.

Q: Is this possible to sharpen a hand planer blade?

A: Almost all companies allow to make sharp their hand planer blade.

Q: Where to buy hand planer?

A: You can purchase a hand planer from a tool store,or you can order it from a reliable online store also.

Q: How to set up a hand planer?

A:  At first, attach a cap iron to the blade. Now carefully place the cap iron and the blade top of the plane until it goes over the lever. Then center the regulator, drop the lever cap in place and lock the lever. Finally, adjust the blade by tightening the screw. That’s it. You are now ready to shave your wood for the desired furniture.

Closing Word

Well! This is it.  I am at the end. If you have gone through the entire discussion, you are free to go for purchasing the hand planer. But if you have missed any portion, I will request you to take a glance at that before you leave this conversation.

Please contact us in the comment section. You can advise us anything there; you can also request there to get a new product name for reviewing.

Thank you for being with Review Infinite team.

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