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“Hammer Drill” what are you visualizing after reading this word? Always, when I used to see them on my father’s hand, it looked like the water gun to me. My father was a tool enthusiast, so he used to Operate many tools. One day he returned home with a hammer drill. However, after the first use, it was broken. The machine didn’t come with a warranty. So, the tool came into my hand as my toy gun.

Even, now a day you can end up buying junk. Before purchasing these types of machinery, you need a complete guide. Moreover, you need to research and sometimes your research is not enough to buy the perfect power tool. However, it is effortless when you find someone sharing you their true experience about the product.

So, you are lucky because you have our team of tool expert. As always, our team have done their research and picked some of best cordless hammer drills available on the market . We used those drills and now here with the review.

We know you are eagerly waiting for the research result. After, you read that you will rush to the store to take the idle one for you. Even we don’t want to keep you waiting. So, without being late let’s start.

Quick Summary: Best Rated Cordless Hammer Drills

ImageProduct Name DimensionWeightCheck Price
DEWALT DC725K-216 x 7.6 x 10.3 inches10 pounds
Makita PH04R17.8 x 12 x 14.5 inches6.6 pounds
DEWALT DCD985B10.2 x 2.9 x 10.2 inches4.35 pounds
Dewalt DCD785B7.8 x 12 x 14.5 inches3.1 pounds
Dewalt DCD771C213.9 x 9.9 x 4.2-inch3.64 pounds

Our Best Cordless Hammer Drill Video Review

5 Best Cordless Hammer Drill Reviews

Sometimes it’s not enough to have an electric hammer drill. You can face many situations where you may have the powerful heavy machinery for drilling, but you may not have the electricity. However, DEWALT knows our problems, and they made various types of compact yet sturdy power tools. At first, we want to tell you about the overall best from our list.

DEWALT DC725K-2 is the overall best hammer drill you can get on the market.  DEWALT provides all the accessories you need to operate the drill. You will get a great bag with it and all its accessories. This modern gadget comes with two 18-volt lithium ion batteries and a charger also. You can charge up them, and you will always be ready to bang some drilling work.


  1. Dewalt made 18-volt hammer drill comes with a rubber plastic combination of an outer jacket; this outer layer saves the internal equipment.
  2. However, this compact hammer drill has the all metal equipment inside of it for staying with time.
  3. To work on the various project the hammer drill has an adjustable speed range (2-speed).
  4. With the two batteries of the DEWALT DC725K-2 can work for hours.
  5. For working on the low light, the hammer drill has a LED flashlight.
  6. The hammer and its accessories can be kept into a bag provided free with each DEWALT hammer drill.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Model: DC725K2
  3. Weight: 10 pounds
  4. Color: Yellow+Black
  5. Dimension: 16 x 7.6 x 10.3 inches
  6. Power: Battery (Nonstandard)
  7. No of Batteries: 2
  8. Voltage: 18 volts

What We Like

  1. You can efficiently work in the dark situation because the DEWALT DC725K-2 has a bright LED light.
  2. The hammer drill is easy to control because of its thin lightweight design.
  3. It is easy to keep all the accessories all together in the bag given by this drilling machine.

What We Dislike

  1. This particular 18-volt drilling hammer has no side handle.

We know you DIYer are waiting for your serial. We know the pain of waiting. Here we will talk about the best hammer drill for DIYers. You can choose any particular drill from the market, but you guys have faith in us. Therefore we have found the perfect tool. And for a DIY it is Makita PH04R1.

This entry level hammer drill features two Li-ion batteries of 12-volt. And it allows you to do any light household work with its 250-in.lbs torque producing motor. The Makita hammer drill model PH04R1 has the unique feature of variable speed (2-speed) and a flashlight which is the key factor to pick this.


  1. Unique charge level indication helps the users to track the charge remaining.
  2. The glide 12-volt battery can work for hours without additional charge.
  3. A particular motor attached with Makita drill can produce the massive power of 250 in.lbs of top torque, which is enough for drilling concrete blocks within a moment.
  4. You can go through any masonry material with the Makita drill’s alternative speed.
  5. They put the rubber smooth rubber grip on the handle to prevent slipping and provides comfort.
  6. Easy plastic trigger switch can easily control the working speed.


  1. Brand: Makita
  2. Model: PH04R1
  3. Weight: 6.6 pounds
  4. Color: Black+Blue
  5. Dimension: 7.8 x 12 x 14.5 inches
  6. Power: Battery (Lithium-ion)
  7. No of Batteries: 2
  8. Voltage: 12 volts

What We Like

  1. The slick 7-7/8”-inch long design makes the Makita drill easy to control.
  2. To reduce the fatigue during over usages, Makita engineer made the model- PH04R1 hammer drill light, just 2.5 pounds.
  3. You can efficiently work in darkness for its built-in bright LED.
  4. Briefcase looking a plastic box of the Makita drill set is most amazing of all features.

What We Dislike

  1. The drill is not compatible with hard construction work.

Yes, it is again DEWALT. DEWALT doesn’t compromise with their product quality. The USA based tool company produced various types of the hammer drill, and they all are the optimum from their perspective. From our research, we found that the DEWALT DCD985B stands above from all. And it holds the best seller title on the market.

Maximum reviewers reviewed them as a right handy tool. We have also done our homework with this particular battery powered drill, and we agree with them. The drill driver has a 450-watt motor for providing 2000-rpm torque. Using a single 20-volt Li-ion battery, you can make a hole on any construction surface.

However, you should remember one thing. This cordless hammer drill does not come with any extra accessories. Even, particularly for this model, Dewalt doesn’t provide a single battery.


  1. Huh, the name America makes anyone ensure quality thus the DEWALT make DCD985B in the USA. They made it keep its life as long as possible.
  2. Transformers looking beast hammer drill has a thin handle to grasp it comfortably.
  3. You can be assured of its performance because the hammer drill has a chuck made from 1/2-inch metal.
  4. There is no doubt about its performance in any construction project. The hammer drill can pass any task for having three versatile speed options.
  5. Like the other model of the DEWALT, this particular DCD985B has a flash fight for working on the low light.
  6. Dewalt DCD985B can produce 2000rpm from the attached 450-watt motor using the only a single 20-volt Li-ion battery.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Model: DCD985B
  3. Weight: 4.35 pounds
  4. Color: Black+Yellow
  5. Dimension: 10.2 x 2.9 x 10.2 inches
  6. Power: Battery (Lithium-ion)
  7. No of Batteries: Required 1
  8. Voltage: 20 volts

What We Like

  1. It is possible to turn off the banging option, and it can be used as a regular drill.
  2. The users are free to use any chuck under 1/2 –inch
  3. The DEWALT DCD985B can use 220-volt to charge its battery.

What We Dislike

  1. For keeping the hammer drilling machine DEWALT doesn’t provide any bag and they don’t give away the batteries as well.

Do you want to work for a long time? We know you want that and you want that without having any stress.  It is not only you, actually everybody wants to work long and comfortably. So, with the fact keeping in the mind DEWALT designed the DCD785. The compact hammer drill has a lightweight for extended working time. For this slick design, you won’t feel much weight. And it allows you to perform task for a long time. The speed controlling feature makes the drill so practical and durable. It can produce the enormous power just with its 20-volt battery.


  1. The slim design of the drill helps the users to hold that for a long time. Thus they can work comfortably with no fatigue.
  2. Weighing 3.1-pound the DCD785B is mainly made for narrow places.
  3. Dewalt releases this product as a bare tool. The DCD785 does not have the charger, bag or even any battery.
  4. The unique small design was evolved for working in a narrow space.
  5. When it gets to work, it doesn’t slip off its chuck because the designers attached 1/2-inch chuck and the chuck is ratcheting.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Model: DCD785_BARE
  3. Weight: 3.1 pounds
  4. Color: Black+Blue
  5. Dimension: 7.8 x 12 x 14.5 inches
  6. Power: Battery (Lithium-ion)
  7. No of Batteries: 1
  8. Voltage: 20 volts

What We Like

  1. The DEWALT DCD785 uses the regular 20-volt battery. Moreover, the battery is easy to find on the market.
  2. DCD785 is easy to use in a narrow area.
  3. Anyone can work a long time with the DCD785 model of the DEWALT hammer drill without fatigue.

What We Dislike

  1. Particular DEWALT DCD785 comes on the market as a bare tool thus you need to buy all the accessories on your own.

Many of you don’t want to buy a tool which comes with a high range of price. You want the perfect one which matches your budget. So, we have gone deep  to search that particular type for you. DEWALT has launched their DCD771C2 model, particularly for budgeted people.

With a minimal price tag DEWALT is offering a futuristic drill. The drilling machine features 1/2-inch chuck and has variable speed options. The 20-volt battery can charge up the 300-watt motor without any problem. And, the motor can produce enough torque for working. It can produce enough power to claim the title of the best cordless hammer drill for masonry also. 


  1. The DEWALT model DCD771C2 can be used as the screwdriver. You have just to set its speed to do that.
  2. The comfortable rubber wrapping on the handle serves the grip purpose, and this specially designed grip provides soft, comfortable holding.
  3. Users can use this particular model in a narrow place as the drill machine has a slim design.
  4. Special chuck sized 1/2-inch of the compact drill doesn’t come off and can go through any construction material.
  5. This particular hammer drill set comes with batteries, chargers and a soft bag for carrying.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Model: BRUSHED
  3. Weight: 3.64 pounds
  4. Color: Black+Yellow
  5. Dimension: 13.9 x 9.9 x 4.2-inch
  6. Power: Battery (Lithium-ion)
  7. No of Batteries: 1
  8. Voltage: 20 volts

What We Like

  1. The slick design of the drill machine helps to work consistently.
  2. The drill can be used as a screwdriver.
  3. It is not only the bare tool; it is the hammer drill set. So you can get everything to drive this drilling machine.

What We Dislike

  1. Sometimes the batteries may spoil during shipping.

Closing Word

So, much DEWALT in the list? Don’t worry it is not a paid review. Actually they really are the master to make cordless power tools. And that’s why we have a couple of them in our cordless hammer drill reviews.

Just have faith in us and you won’t be disappointed.    

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