Best Folding Saw For Backpacking

Best Folding Saw For Backpacking | Top 10 Reviews For You

Backpacking is one of those popular activities while going out for the campaign. But you may never know what you will come up with on your tour. 

You might encounter a need for a folding hand saw to cut some limbs or branches while you are going to set up a camp or a campfire. So it’s better to make the wise decision to carry a saw for getting your job done.

There are many alternatives to backpacking saws geared for the backpackers. And the saws usually come in a compact size, and sharp enough to tear down easily. So, it’s tough to make the right choice among various choices.

Here in this article, we have reviewed a few of the best folding saw for backpacking to help you with the right information. And these saws are also considered portable hand saws so that you can carry them easily.

The 10 Best Folding Saw For Backpacking Reviewed

Here we included the top 10 backpacking folding saws to measure you with the full view of the product. Let’s gear up.

01. Bacho 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw Review

Product Features:

If you are concerned with rust that may ruin your backpacking saw, then the Bacho 396-LAP Laplander Fold Saw can be able to reduce your worries. Its blade is specially coated for rust protection.

Moreover, this coating of the blade allows the blade with lower friction that makes the blade best at doing smaller jobs, like it is fast at cutting green and dry wood, plastic and bone, etc.

The folding hand saw is specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, campers, and backpackers. Well, if you are one of them, you have the right choice before you.

This saw is the best backpacking folding saw to come with no fabric, two-component plastic-coated handle for the best grip while tearing down the limbs or branches with leather strap on the body.

This folding pruning saw has been made with XT Toothing, 7 TPI for cutting both green and dry wood, plastic, and many more materials easily.

However, as it is a folding saw, you don’t have to worry about slipping it out from your hand. It has a safety lock feature both lock-in and lock-out while it is in use or not.



02. REXBETI Folding Saw Long 11-Inch Blade Review

Product Features:

The REXEBETI Folding Saw is a durable folding hand saw, made with SK-5 Steel blade for efficient cutting while camping or hiking or even in some general household work.

The best backpacking folding saw comes with a heavy-duty rugged blade of long 11-inch size, which allows you to tear through thick branches faster. This blade is ideal for cutting 6 to 7 inches diameter branches.

This folding hand saw extends in a 22-inch size when it is unfolded. This large size lets you power through wood, bone, and plastic with perfect ease.

This REXBETI Folding saw features 7 TPI design of aggressive sharp teeth that helps you to get ultra-smooth and sharp cutting performance. And the blade can cut in both directions of pulling and pushing with this design.

The backpacking saw hails with triple cut teeth design on the blade that works smoothly while sawing. The teeth have also been hardened for extended durability.

This large folding saw comes in rubber-coated polymer handles for a comfortable and longer grip without sweating and ensures to perform in all-weather conditions.

This saw can also be used as a folding pruning saw because it goes rough on the branches and limbs easily. You can use it with both of your hands.



03. EverSaw Folding Hand Saw 8-Inch Review

Product Features:

If you are on a backpacking mission, looking for the best folding saw for backpacking, portable, premium design, then EverSaw Folding Hand Saw is waiting for your investment.

We usually hear the news of many hand saws that are bending easily and even broken sometimes. You won’t find an issue with this EverSaw. This folding hand saw comes in 8-inch long with SK5 CARBON STEEL BLADE. It offers rugged and heavy-duty performance.

You can go for both hand uses, and it can be easily used with both directions of push and pull. It can cut wood, bone, and plastic easily up to 4 inches in diameter without struggling a bit.

Unlike other folding saws, it has a safety lock mechanism rather than a flimsy and broken one. This saw is designed with a dependable gear lock to secure open and closed systems. No teeth are seen while it is closed, so it is safe to carry.

This EverSaw Folding Hand Saw features super-sharp triple cut razor teeth that are made for Japanese-style pull cutting. These teeth are hardened for longevity, to stay sharp and reduce friction, so that it can cut smoothly.

The non-slip handle is ergonomically designed with a ribbed rubber handle that ensures to keep in hand while sawing. Besides, it offers a comfortable and smooth grip.

This folding hand saw provides a wide range of uses ranging from backpacking folding saw, the folding camp saw, and portable folding saw to a branch cutter, tree saw, limb saw, snow saw, pocket saw, folding pruning saw for tree trimming.

This saw comes in a compact size and weight so that it can be carried easily while traveling to the job site or camping.

The company claims it offers a lifetime warranty as it has long term durability.



04. Felco Folding Saw F600 Review

Product Features:

The Felco 600 is made with high-quality steel to have a long durability, and blades are chromed with rust-resistant, which delivers clean and precise cuts perfectly.

The blade’s teeth of this saw are impulse heated to resist corrosion for no maintenance and long term service with proficiency.

This saw features the best backpacking folding saw to light in red color with a 6-inch blade, and it extends 14 inches long when not folded, and weighs around 5.5 ounces. So this is compact and convenient to carry.

This folding pruning saw can trim trees with pull-stroke action, and the extraordinarily designed teeth eliminate clogging a sap build-up for long time performance of cutting large diameters.

 Unmatched performance is referred by this folding saw for a wide range of usages like arboriculture, landscaping, and horticultural tasks. It can cut branches up to 4 inches in diameter. 

This pruning saw provides an ergonomic non-slip handle for improved comfort and grip while sawing or trimming trees. It can be carried if you don’t use it.



05. Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw Review

Product Features:

The Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw is engineered with high-quality SK5 carbon steel for a longer cutting life and stability.

This folding saw has impulse-hardened 4-edge teeth that allow you to cut smoothly in high efficiency rather than any other saws.

On the design section, it features MegaBite XP design that grants unmatched cutting skill to power through any wood.

The saw is always ready to be sawed by I-beam aluminum construction and lock back blade. Besides, it features a hand-powered pole to trim those branches that are out of reach.

This folding hand saw features a positive locking extension system, which is coupled with the pole for ease of use while trimming or sawing or even carrying in a bag pack.

An in-line design of this saw helps the folding mechanism to slide and lock, and you can detach it when you want to use it as a handsaw, and the versatility of this saw makes it the best folding saw for backpacking.



06. Coher Folding Hand Saw Review

Product Features:

The Coher Folding Hand Saw features a rugged 6.7 inches blade with triple cut razor teeth, which is impulse hardened to stay sharp for long time sawing or trimming and to save your time effortlessly.

The pull and push stroke makes your work easier to tear down the woods smoothly. It can power through multiple purposes, like woodworking or campfire, gardening, camping, landscaping, hunting, tree trimming, clearing trails, and many more. This saw can support you as an emergency tool.

The blade can cut wood, bone, and plastic easily, as well as multitasking. Moreover, the saw is easy to carry.

This folding hand saw is made very cautiously to prevent any kind of injury and is protective of rust-resistant. It comes with a portable plastic carrying case that is perfect for carrying or storage.

The handle is ergonomically designed in two colors, ANTI-SKID, to provide amazing grip and comfort while sawing.



07. Swede Folding Hand Saw Review

Product Features:

The Friendly Swede Folding Hand Saw features a long saw of 17 inches, while the blade comes in 8-inch in size. When the saw is folded, it becomes 9 inches in measurement.

This saw is the best folding saw for backpacking as it is the perfect tool for every outdoor camper. This saw can power through both green and dry wood as well as plastic and bone.

The Swede Folding Hand Saw has two pieces of 550 Paracord. This feature helps in all outdoor situations and fasten your working. Besides, this can be used as a carrying suit for your saw.

Thanks to the safety lock mechanism, it keeps the blade locked and opened while you want it. It keeps the teeth unseen when folded.



08. Corona RS 7041 Razor Tooth Folding Saw Review

Product Features:

The curved folding saw is here with the curved design of a 7-inch blade that is able to cut down up to 3-inch diameter branches.

The Corona Razor Folding Saw is constructed with an ergonomically designed co-molded handle that covers the blade when it is folded. This handle is built in a pistol grip style to remove the hand slippage from the handle.

This folding hand saw features high carbon Japanese SK5 steel that harnesses the saw’s ability to top of the line and makes it durable for a long period.

For instance, triple ground impulse hardened teeth are designed on the blades plate with six teeth per inch for cutting wood limbs, branches 3x faster than any other saw with ease.



09. Gerber Freescape Camp Saw Review

Product Features:

The Gerber Freescape Camp Saw is another tool for folding hand saw to gear up on backpacking. It can be folded down flat without removing any parts of it and remaining fully assembled.

When the camp saw is folded, it has no issue of losing its quality and no risk of harming. So, you can be hassle-free.

This folding camp saw accepts a standard 12 inches saw blade to cut all kinds of woodblocks, logs, branches, or even limbs or shrubs. Yet it is so comfortable that you can use it for too long.

The Gerber Freescape Camp Saw is designed with rubber overmold grip, which gives you the utmost comfort of gripping the saw even if you are in the rain or sweating drastically. You can work on your small-medium sized logs as you will get to use the whole blade of the saw.

The blade that is featured on the saw, it may become dull very quickly. Be sure to replace it as soon as possible.



10. Ultra Accel 240m Curve Folding Saw Review

Product Features:

The Ultra Accel 240m is one of the finest works from Silky. Silky has been producing hand tools for ages. The Silky Ultra Accel Folding saw comes within a 9.5-inch blade length to cut through any thicker wood. 

The Silky saw features an easy-grip rubberized handle that gives you a comfortable grip and perfect balance. You can hold on cutting as long as you want.

The Silky folding saw can give you the best performance than any other saws, including all legendary cutting ability of Silky. The smoothness and sharpness, you will find it all with the saw.

The Silky Ultra Accel Saw features a curved blade body build with a strong and lightweight material of aluminum chassis. Besides, it holds up large teeth of 6.4 teeth per inch to tear up any wood that comes forward.

The curved saw is easily noticeable with its red and black handle accent from far away.

For instance, the teeth are impulse hardened and heated instantly by using a unique high-frequency heating technique. The hardened teeth cut through with maximum efficiency.

Moreover, the hardened teeth of this folding hand saw work three times faster and longer than non-hardened teeth and any ordinary saw. Extended durability also planted on the saw.



Buying Guide

Now that there are many alternatives to backpacking saws, you can explore some important key specs to look for the best folding saw for backpacking. Let’s follow you beneath.

Types of backpacking saws:

You may not find just one kind of backpacking saw, there are three predominant ones, and each of one them has their quality.

Folding Saw:

Folding saws are a common saw to fulfill your multitasking purpose while backpacking or camping. Usually these saws have dual rows of teeth with push and pull strokes. Except just cutting, you can trim the branches and do other works of your needs. The folding saws are widely considered to depend on them and for their cutting skill.

Pocket Saw:

So, the pocket saws are the ones like folding saws, such as lightweight and compact in size, and famous for all kinds of sawing. They are the easiest to store and effective with their tooth patterns. It can do various jobs, but they are a bit challenging while cutting branches because of the awkward angle.

Bow Saw:

Bow saw has the namesake like this because of bow-shaped and simple looking design. Besides, they are perfect pruning and cutting all sizes of woods, offering greater strength. Though these seem the strongest and powerful, they are heavy to carry too. So, it might be a challenging one to take.

Things to look for in the saw:


A saw’s design is one of the top features to look for, and that determines how your preferences work along. And for safety, try to buy a saw with a comfortable grip to stay firmly in your hand while sawing. The design claims to keep you safe.

Blade Length

Before picking up any saw, you must take a closer look at your backpack. Check out the bag that it’ll fit or not. Then compare the space to your saw length if it is the right one.

For instance, you also have to pay attention to what you are going to use the saw for. If you are thinking of cutting large or thicker wood, a longer saw is a must if you want to do it quickly.


Unlike all other hand tools, you will also keep the saw in your bag, so weight is a fact that you should never forget. The folding saw comes in various sizes as well as a wide range of weights. For easy transportations and usage, you must think of a saw that is lightweight.

Blade Material

The major fact to consider before buying a backpacking saw is the build material. Most of the saw blades are made with steel. In addition, steel does rust, but many of them are coated with rust-resistant steel. So, it’s better to buy a saw with a high carbon steel blade for a long life and better sharpness.

Saw Maintenance

Though you own the best backpacking saw, you can’t be confirmed to maintain it with full attention. Two things are needed to support the betterment of saw- cleaning and sharpening.

If you want your blade to survive longer than your expectation, you have to take care of it properly by cleaning it regularly. Some saws are constructed with high quality materials or layers coating, which prevents the saw from rust and dirt. Do wipe the saw regularly to keep it clean and sharp, and clean the teeth clearly too.

Those who are familiar with cutting hand tools, they are familiar with sharpness. This could be beneficial for the beginners. However, cutting tools aren’t easier to sharpen, go through some stones to sharpen it, or some video guide that can show you the way.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

01. What is the best folding saw for backpacking?

Answer: The Bacho 396-LAP is our best pick, as we’ve researched several folding saws for long. You give it a check if you are interested in buying the best backpacking folding saw.

02. What does TPI stand for?

Answer: TIP usually stands for “Teeth Per Inch,” which mentions the distance and space between each tooth of the saw.

03. Which is the best handle to find on a saw?

Answer: The rubber-coated and anti-slip handles are the best to provide a safer and comfortable grip for working a long time.

04. How long should I buy a saw?

Answer: Eventually, the size matters. The length depends on the cut you want to make with your saw and how fast you want to get to the other side of the log or branch.


Finally, we have the article finished here with the best folding saw for backpacking. So, the saw depends on your needs, for what you are going to use it and power through woods. Many things aren’t possible without a saw while camping or backpacking. Remember to buy with long time durability. Happy backpacking.

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