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An engineer’s hammer is an indispensable tool for heavy hammering works. This tool is also known as a baby sledgehammer or drilling hammer. Usually, these types of hammers’ weight are limited between one to five pounds. The handles are made of wood, steel, or fiberglass. And they all feature much shorter handles than the other traditional sledgehammers but bigger than a claw hammer or drywall hammer.  

The heaviness of these hammers is tough enough for driving heavy wedges or spikes. A lightweight carpenter’s hammer cannot offer the same purpose. On the other hand, the short handles of them provide greater control in a congested space. Moreover, these hammers don’t require large space for storage.

As there are lots of engineer’s hammer available in the market, finding out the best hammer is a tough matter. Here we have listed top 5 Engineer’s Hammers based on their quality, features, and prices. We compare the price with the quality, so our listed products could save a handsome amount of your wallet.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Engineer’s Hammer

ImageProduct Name DimensionWeightCheck Price
Estwing Lineman's3.8 x 1.8 x 13.8 inches2.34 pounds
Estwing BIG BLUE16 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches3 pounds
Jackson Hammer15 x 5 x 1.8 inches4.25-pounds
Stanley 56-20414 x 4.8 x 1.9 inches4 pounds
Truper 3092714.8 x 5.2 x 1.8 inches4.52 pounds

Our Best Engineer’s Hammer Video Review

Top 5 Engineer’s Hammer Of 2020 - Our Reviews

The Estwing Lineman’s Hammer is the longest lasting and durable hammer. The hammer is designed for professional uses. Professionals like electricians, lineman, tradesman, contractors, serious DIYers, and utility workers are welcome to use this hammer for different purposes.

The Estwing Lineman’s Hammer is made in the USA. It is made from the finest American steel. The hammer has a shock reduction grip that offers both comfort and durability. The grip can reduce impact vibration significantly. It helps to reduce about 70% of vibration.

Moreover, you will find a good balance between the weight and force. It feels good while in the motions of striking. Though it is lighter than a sledgehammer, its weight and shape are appropriate for commercial uses.


  1. It is made from one piece of forged metals to make it longest lasting and durable.
  2. Perfectly well-balanced and tempered for durability.
  3. Built for professionals like contractors, electricians, utility workers, linemen, and serious DIYers.
  4. The handle is made from the most durable and finest American steel.
  5. The Shock Reduction Grip on handle offers comfort and reduce extra vibration.


  1. Brand: Estwing
  2. Weight: 2.34 pounds
  3. Model: E3-40LM
  4. Color: Blue
  5. Dimension: 3.8 x 1.8 x 13.8 inches

What We Like

  1. The hammer is lighter than a sledgehammer, so commercial wireman like to carry it anywhere.
  2. The shock reduction grip can reduce about 70% of impact vibration.
  3. It is made in one piece which increases its durability.

What We Dislike

  1. As it is made in one piece, you can not change its handle, if it is damaged.

Estwing BIG BLUE is one of the best engineer’s hammer appreciated by contractors, prospectors and rock hounds. It is one of their most favorite tools because it can take care of the stone and masonry materials easily.

This particular hammer is made of all steel and forged in one piece. This one-piece construction makes it durable and sturdy enough for tackling tough jobs. It is weighing just around 3-pounds and made from the finest American steel. Actually, the hammer features inimitable balance and temper.

Like other engineers’ hammer of their line up, BIG BLUE E6-48E also comes in the market with a rubberized grip. And the grip can absorb most of the impact vibration. So, it feels great in the hand while striking.        


  1. It is made from one piece of forged steel to make it durable and longest lasting.
  2. Preferred worldwide by geologists, prospectors, hounds, and contractors.
  3. The handle has a shock reduction grip that can reduce about 70% vibration impact.
  4. The patented nylon end cap can handle bricks and more.
  5. Using the finest American steel, the hammer is made in the USA which ensures its strength and durability.


  1. Brand: Estwing
  2. Weight: 3 pounds
  3. Model: E6-48E
  4. Dimension: 16 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches
  5. Color: Blue
  6. Made in: USA

What We Like

  1. The hammer can split rocks with less force.
  2. Longer head with smaller face helps to reach you into places where a drilling hammer or hand sledge couldn’t.
  3. Rubberized grip on the hammer helps to reduce vibrations.

What We Dislike

  1. Though it is a great hammer to work with, its handle can be short for you, if you have a long hand and you are comfortable with an extra long handle hammer.

If you are looking for a heavy hammer for demolition purpose, you can take a look at the Jackson 4-pound engineers’ hammer. The heavy head makes it really helpful for extermination, driving wedges and spikes.

 The AMES Companies 4-pound model 1197000 hammer features a double-sided plane head made of sturdy steel. And the strong construction material makes it durable.

Nowadays, fiberglass is replacing wooden and steel handle of various tools. And some of the renowned companies on the market are using it. Jackson 4-Pound has also thrown a fiberglass handle on it. This robust handle is strong enough for tackling various kinds of heavy tasks. To make the handle ultra-durable, they have also attached a polypropylene cover on it.


  1. Its 4-pound head is good enough for the heaviest
  2. Double face hammer head covers more jobs.
  3. Ideal for heavy or large construction jobs or demolition work.
  4. 16-inch long FiberPro handle has a fiberglass cover for power and durability.
  5. The hammer makes driving wedges easier.


  1. Brand: The AMES Companies, Inc
  2. Weight: 4.25-pounds
  3. Model: 1197000
  4. Color: Blue
  5. Dimension: 15 x 5 x 1.8 inches

What We Like

  1. Jackson 4-pound hammer come3s with a sturdy fiberglass handle.
  2. The heavy head is good for driving wedges and spikes.
  3. Fiberglass made handle of the hammer can tackle most of the hard task.

What We Dislike

  1. The hammer is not so great for gnashing.

Sometimes, users of the engineers’ hammer accuse with uneven faces. Occasionally, their objections are so true because they find randomly grounded both faces of their hammer. However, the story is different for the Stanley made model 56-204 hammer. This is one of the best hammers which features a machined finished hammerhead with no dents.

Before, completing the 56-204 engineers’ hammer, it is important to make the hammerhead. And the engineers of the Stanley make it from the sturdy steel. Before releasing on the market for selling they tempered and hardened this beast. They repeat the process for their every hammer on the lineup, and this process offers the hammer a long-life expectancy.

So, this pithy engineers’ hammer is always ready to go with you for any kind of demolition task. And it is able to stay intact after a massive blow. The handle is also sturdy as the head of this particular Stanley hammer. Producers use the jacketed fiberglass as material of the handle. And this handle delivers a firm grip for handling various tough jobs.


  1. Machine finished hammerhead gives a polished and attractive look.
  2. Built from forged steel that is hardened and tempered to provide extra power and strength.
  3. The fiberglass handle ensures durability.
  4. Rugged and well-balanced hammer is designed for extra strength and durability.


  1. Brand: Stanley
  2. Weight: 4 pounds
  3. Model: 56-204
  4. Color: Yellow
  5. Dimension: 14 x 4.8 x 1.9 inches
  6. Head Material: Forged Steel.

What We Like

  1. 4-pound weighing forged steel made head is strong enough for smashing tough material.
  2. To find it easily in a messy working area, it offers a highly-visible yellow handle.
  3. Fiberglass made handle can withstand in a tough situation.

What We Dislike

  1. Though it has an eye-catchy color and muscular body, the handle is quite smaller than the others on this list.

Truper is a renowned Mexican company which has been being involved with the tool making business for over 50-years. They are known in the market for their futuristic tools, mainly hammers. And if you are looking for a baby sledgehammer under 30$ for your various residential and commercial usages, you can look on their model 30927 engineers’ hammer.

It is one of the stout 4-pound hammers you can have at a decent price range, and I think you won’t find another hammer at a low price which offers an excellent quality like this.

For carrying heavy loads, this unique hammer has a 16-inch long fiberglass handle. And it is covered with a jagged rubber grip for providing a firm grip. To deliver more comfort, it also comes with a “poly guard” which is effective for reducing striking shock.

That’s not it for this budget-friendly engineers’ hammer. To tackle wood, stone, and metal, it has sturdy steel made head tightly attached with the unique rubberized fiberglass handle.


  1. This is a pro-grade hammer used for general or commercial industrial sledging
  2. Ideal for metal, stone, concrete, and wood.
  3. 15-inch fiberglass handle includes a rubber grip and a shock absorbent poly guard for improved control and overstrike protection.
  4. General uses are striking spikes, hardened nails, star drills, cold chisels, and drifting timbers.


  1. Brand: The AMES Companies, Inc
  2. Weight: 4.52 pounds
  3. Model: 1107200
  4. Color: Black & Yellow
  5. Dimension: 14.8 x 5.2 x 1.8 inches

What We Like

  1. Truper 30927 is a professional-grade hammer which comes at a hairbreadth like
  2. It is durable and tough enough for operating in both industrial and home-based
  3. The handle is tightly fitted to the head, and it won’t come off during heavy using.

What We Dislike

  1. Really, I have nothing to say bad about this baby sledgehammer.

Closing Word

Hope you have already set up your mind on an engineer’s hammer from these 5. if you so, congratulations. if you have anything to say to us, feel free to leave a comment down below.

And stay connected with us to know about other tools.    

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