To get smooth finish furniture the wood needs to be flat as well. You cannot burnish wood with an uneven surface. So, make a rough plane into a smooth surface you need a planer.But it is quite impossible to pick a good one from the market’s whole bunch of cheap-quality planers.

Easy man. I have already made that part easy for you. I have years of experience to work with wood. And over the course of my woodworking carrier, I have played with a whole lot of planers.

By using the experience, I have hand picked 5 best electric hand planers. I have tested them to give you reliable reviews on them. I am sure these reviews will make your picking easy. I have also attached a buying guide to make your purchasing money worthy.

Just stay with me till the end, I promise this 10-minute won’t be gone in the garbage.

Sit tightly; I am about to start the best electric hand planer reviews. 

Quick Summary: Best Rated Electric Hand Planers

ImageProduct Name AmperagePlanning DepthCheck Amazon
WEN 65306-amp1/16-inch 1.5-mm
Bosch PL2632K6.5-amp3/32-inch 2.4-mm
DEWALT DW680K7-amp3/32-inch 2.4-mm
Makita KP08107.5-amp5/32-inch 3.96-mm
PORTER-CABLE PC60THP6-amp5/64-inch 1.9-mm

5 Best Electric Hand Planer Reviews

Sometimes it is enough to have just a sturdy tool to achieve your goal which doesn’t have a high price range. You don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on that type of device also. Generally, this type of budget tool features a decent number of characteristics which is more than enough to do fulfill various types of home base work. Our first electric hand planer is that type of tool also.

Best Feature:

The most amazing fact of the WEN 6530 is its price. It comes with a slim price and easily reachable for most of the man out there.  One of the most important features of the planer is its depth adjusting,and this unique shaver has 16 variable depth adjusting stops.

With those stops, you can shave the workpiece up to 0 to 1/8 inches. For the adjustment of the cutting height, just turn around the knob,and you are ready to get your wood slab how you want to.

The 6-amp powerful motor is able to deliver 34,000 cuts per minute. That means you will be able to reshape your slab by wasting no time.

6530 hand planer has a sharp blade with multiple knives that can rotate up to 17,000-rpm of speed. And it can shave the workpiece as deep as 1/16-inch or 1.5-mm with just a swing. So, you can easily trim your wood to make it even for making furniture.

Then, if you are a DIYer and want to craft some simple furniture for your home, you can just have WEN 6530 planer without spending so much on it.

What We Like

  1. Can deliver 34,000 cuts per minute which helps to reduce the project accomplish time.
  2. The electric hand planer comes with dust bag, a parallel fence bracket, and kickstand.
  3. This lightweight tool is easy to work with for hours long.

What We Dislike

  1. Not so good for the heavy

During the finding of best electric hand planers, I have come close to the Bosch PL2632K, and I think it is worthy to have a look on. Let’s check out this beast.

Best Feature:

First things first. One of the fascinating facts of this electric planer is its unique button. It is the first ever planer to have an ambidextrous lock-off switch. By pushing on this button, you can easily prevent accidental starts. And as a bonus, it has a lock on button too.

If you have a massive task and you don’t want to shut down the tool, you can keep this raging by pressing the lock-on button. It will give you uninterrupted juice for shaving the wood evenly.

Bosch PL2632K 3 ¼ – inch planer has an aggressive 6.5-amp motor to produce 16,500-rpm. With this enormous power, it can chisel up to 3/32-inch or 2.4-mm deep on the hard and soft wood. So, you can easily take care of most of the wood chisel work easily.

The producers of the Bosch didn’t just think about its power; they kept in mind some other essential features also like protection, accuracy, and versatility.

To protect the inner blade and resting spot it has a spring-loaded stand. Aluminum shoe on the front and rear help to get precise cutting operation.

Then, what else do you need to pick this bad boy for your project? I think this mid-range hand planer can be your go-to buddy.

What We Like

  1. Bosch PL2632K allows you to change its blade with high-speed steel blade for multiplying its working ability.
  2. Features a lock-on and lock-off button for providing extra safety.
  3. Ergonomic design helps to handle it easily.

What We Dislike

  1. You have to detach the guide to keep the planer into its given box. Sometimes this detaching process can be annoying.

I think the DEWALT DW680K is the overall best hand planer which runs on the electricity. No other companies will serve you this type of planer in this price range. And, in my opinion, it is the best for tackling most DIY and professional projects.

Best Feature:

The best feature of the DEWALT DW680K is its power along with price range. It is offering a beast 7-amp motor which provides the 15,000-rpm. That enormous power is enough to chisel wood up to 3/32-inch or 2.4-mm deep. I got just another one product that can deliver this type of cut, and that comes with a higher price.

This heavy-duty electric hand planer is sturdy enough to take care of most of the chiseling tasks. And after using it for years, you won’t find remarkable changes in it. I think it is one of the most durable planers you can find in the market.

The shaver features a high-speed steel made blade for the framing and edge straightening. The blade allows re-sharpening it. So, with just one blade you will be able to shave piles of wood. And it will do it smoothly even on the hardwood also.

Like most of the planers available on the market, it allows you to adjust the depth of shaving. So, it is easy to shape various wood in different thickness.

Though the pre-attached HSS blade of theDW680K does a decent job, the planer also allows to change it. You can replace the blade with an even better one to get more elegant, smooth cut.

As DEWALT made model DW680K 3 ¼ -inch electric planer is easy to use, it can go with the DIY project as well as the big project.

What We Like

  1. The hand planer is ultra durable.
  2. It features a hulk like a powerful
  3. It is so much lightweight.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t come with a dust bag, so you have to spenda couple of bucks to purchase that separately. However, the dust bag won’t cost so much.

Sometimes money isn’ta fact to get a high-quality tool. The feature is more important than the money. So, I have found out a high-quality electric hand planer for them who are ready to spend a ton to get that.

Yes. Makita is offering the carpenters KP0810 which packed with some astonishing features and will cost them above 350$.

Best Feature:

With the huge amount of money, Makita doesn’t behave like a miser. It throws some of the best features in it. The planer features a mighty 7.5-amp motor which can produce 16,000-rpm. And to claim the most durable hand planer, it is packed in a die-cast aluminum body and comes with all ball bearing.

With the enormous power, the hand planer is able to shave maximum 5/32-inch or 3.96-mm cutting depth in a single pass. So, it can take care of the thickness of softwood and hardwood with a matter of time.

However, I don’t recommend you to go with full power because this raging planer can damage your wood with its maximum potential. Just easily adjust the force with knob and go gently to get a smooth cut.

Unlike other, it has a groove option to make a groove on the wood. And it allows you to make 1.4-mm, 3-mm,and 4-mm slot.

To make it easy to use, engineers attached the lock-on/off button at a conventional position so that the users can use it from both sides of the planer. 

Moreover, you don’t have to be worried about the dust anymore, if you have this in your garage. The two-sided dust blower will collect all debris to keep your garage surface clear.

What We Like

  1. Comes with a 7.5-amp powerful motor.
  2. It can cut up to 3.96-mm deep in just a swing.
  3. The aluminum case makes it durable.

What We Dislike

  1. Enormous power can damage the softwood.

We are almost at the bottom of our review section before we hop on to the electric hand planer buying guide. At last, I have selected the PORTER-CABLE made model PC60THP planer. It is another budget-friendly planer you can get after WEN 6530.

Best Feature:

Sometimes you need to make a rabbet to get specific design. And this budget-friendly hand planer is the boss to make that rabbet. The rabbet making feature is the most highlighted of this woodworking tool. The planer has a 47-inch maximum depth which is very useful to createa rabbet on the frame or other furniture.

Like the high-end planer, it also features 3 chamfering grooves. With the help of these, you can get a variety of cut to make a unique edge of the furniture.

Let’s see its main feature which makes it an electric planer. PORTER-CABLE PC60THP has a 6-amp best motor which is capable of producing 16,500-rpm. With this enormous power, it can cut deep up to 5/64-inch or 1.9-mm in just a single pass.

Though it can make a deep cut; it is not so convenient for use in the professional project. However, it can be very handy to accomplish most of the home-based DIY project.

Another, fantastic feature of this particular PC60THP electric hand planer is its dust port. Like the high-quality planer, it features a two-sided dust port which is conventional for collecting more dust than the ordinary one.

What We Like

  1. Dual-side dust port is conventional to collect more dust.
  2. It is easy to control its cutting depth by using depth knob.
  3. Features a powerful motor for tackling the hard

What We Dislike

  1. It can be rough for some softwoods so try to use it carefully. Otherwise, it can damage your wood slab.

Electric Hand Planer Buying Guide

Before you step on the market for purchasing a planer for your woodworking, you have to consider some core features of it. Without paying attention to those features, you may end buying a product which is not compatible with your work. I have listed down some features to look at.

Type of Planer

You can find so many different types of hand planner on the market.But in this article, I am talking about the electric hand planner. There are two kinds of electric hand planners in the market, one is corded electric,and another is battery powered. You can take a battery powered wood planer, if you want to work on a remote site where corded electricity ain’t an option. However, remember one thing, battery-powered planers are weaker than the corded-electric.

Power of The Motor

The motor is the main organ of an electric hand planer. It serves the power to the blade to rotate and to slash the wood. If the motor cannot provide enough rotating speed to the blade, it won’t be able to deliver you the desired thickness. Again, the aggressive power of the motor can make an impact on the wood. An overpowered motor can chip out your workpiece and can make a rough surface on the wooden slab. Try to pick up the electric hand planers which have a decent motor power from 5-amp to 8-amp and can deliver 14,000-rpm to 18,000-rpm.

Dust Management

Without wearing a safety glass, it can be dangerous to work with a power planer. With the help of a powerful motor, it chips down the wood and throws debris. This dust can easily make a run on to your eyes,and a mighty blow of it is able to make you blind. However, in the modern time, you can find some of the futuristic planers which have an inbuilt hose for managing that debris. I am recommending you to pick those modern hand planers for woodworking.

Cutting Depth

Cutting depth is the essential feature of a planner. Various planers from different companies offer a different depth of chipping. If you have a planer which has a low cutting depth, it will kill your more time to get your desired thickness of the wood. So, try to pick up the planer which is able to make a deep slash easily. In my opinion, try to stay between planers able to make 1.5-mm to 4-mm deep chipping.

Ease of Use

For the DIYer, it is tough to use an upgraded tool. On the other hand, professionals want tolls which have some advanced technology. They have experience of years and want those futuristic tools so that those tools can make their work easy. So, consider your position. If you are a DIYer, try to pick up the planer which is easy to use and doesn’t have critical features.


Q: Who makes the best wood planer?

A: There is the list of some best planers for woodworking right below

  • WEN 6530
  • Bosch PL2632K
  • Makita KP0810

Please visit Review Infinite to find other tool reviews.

Q: Can planer blade be sharpened?

A: With the right sharpener it is easy to sharpen a blade of the planer.

Q: What is a planer thicknesser?

A: A planer thicknesser and planer both are the same tool.

Q: What are planer blades made from?

A: The key ingredient of a planer blade is tungsten,but there you can find some T1-High Speed Steel, sub-grade M2-HSS or D2 high carbon steel made knives on the different wood planer.

Q: Can a planer be used as a jointer

A: You can feed wood to the jointer by its width to make it parallel to another edge. However, a planer doesn’t support that. So, you don’t use a planer instead of the jointer.

Closing Word

Form the ocean full of fake tools, to find an original is quite tricky. But you can be assured that the electric hand planers on the list are authentic,and they are the best of the best. Without thinking much, you can easily select any of them for buying. Just don’t forget to follow the buying guide for making your purchase most money worthy.

Comment down below, if you got something in mind. You can also let me know which product you want in the future. I will try to make a review on that too.

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