What is a dovetail saw used for? It is the most common question arises when a woodworker is suggested one. They ask the question because they may already have various types of saws in their collections. 

When a woodworker needs make small and precise cuts on the wood he should use a dovetail saw. Dovetail saws are masters of making joint, specially dovetail joints. Two pieces of wood need to be very precise for making a dovetail joint. And to do so you need a good quality dovetail saw. But how you will determine a dovetail saw which is good? 

Don’t worry. I have spent hours after hours to find some of the best dovetail saws available on the market. In this article I have listed them with their features to help you understand their value. And have also added a buying guide which will tell you what you should look into a dovetail saw for picking up the best.

At A Glance: Best Dovetail Saws

ImageSawsWeightBlade LengthCheck Price
Ryoba 24365157.8 ounces9.4-inch
Gyokucho 3720.16 ounces9.5-inch
SUIZAN 6-inch Hand Saw6.4 ounces6-inch
Dozuki Z Saw6.1 ounces9.5-inch
SUIZAN 9.5-inch Hand Saw7.2 ounces9.5-inch

Best Dovetail Saws- Reviews in 2019

Key Features:

  • The Ryoba 2436515 is made in Japan.
  • Featuring impulse hardened teeth.
  • Comes with a long 9.4-inch blade. 
  • The teeth has 1.7-mm pitch.

If you are thinking about taking a dovetail saw, you can start your journey with the Ryoba 2436515 saw. This is one hell of a sharp and sturdy saw you can find on the market right now. It is so much sharp that you can cut yourself if you don’t hanle the saw carefully.

The Gyokucho Ryoba saw model 2436515 is made from high-quality japanese steel. So, where others ordinary hand saws bend on taking hard tasks, it stands upright. Ryoba 2436515 is also rust proof. 

Ryoba Gyokucho Japanese saw features a 9.4-inch sharp long blade. Though the blade is not the longest, it is conventional enough. You can easily use it for making dovetails, joinery, and furniture. 

Teeth of this Japanese pull saw are impulse hardened. And the feature makes it hard enough to take down hardwood easily. 1.7-mm pitched teeth are easy to sharpen . So, you can easily resharpen the blade instead of changing it.

What We Like

  1. Has a large blade for tackling intense tasks.  
  2. Made from good quality material.
  3. Easy to resharpen the blade.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t come with the english instruction.

Key Features:

  • The saw is usable for making tenon, dovetail and crosscut.
  • You can use it also for making furniture.
  • Made from high quality steel.
  • Hard coated blade increases durability.  
  • Has an impulse hardened blade.

If some ounces are heavy for you to cary, you really need a lightweight saw. And I think Gyokucho 372 Razor Saw is the perfect candidate. Let’s see what the Gyokucho 372 review got for us.

Astronomically the hand saw is weighing just 0.16 ounces. And this lightweight helps the users to maneuver it easily. Don’t go on its weight because it is not an obstacle for the saw to take part5 on the tough tasks. Like other Japanese dove tail saws, it is able to make tenon, dovetail and crosscut. On top of that the 372 Razor saw also able to make furniture.

The dovetail hand saw is made from high quality steel that is rust proof and strong enough for taking intense heat. The ultra durable saw blade is hard coated. And 9.5-inch long profile balde is long enough for taking part in various cutting tasks.

So, what else do you need in a dovetail saw to add it into your tool box? I think the Gyokucho 372 Razor Saw has  every reason to get your love.

What We Like

  1. It is the lightest hand saw in the list.
  2. Easy to use. 
  3. Made from high quality material.

What We Dislike

  1. The blade is kind of flimsy.

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality Japanese steel. 
  • Featuring a 6-inch small blade.
  • Comes with a handmade round shape handle.
  • SUIZAN Dozuki  Dovetail pull saw is manufactured in Japan.

Are you looking for a japanese style pull saw which has a comparatively small blade? Then you should check out the SUIZAN 6-inch dovetail saw review.

Most fascinating thing about the saw is its blade. The saw features a 6-inch small blade. Small blades are perfect for shaping smaller joints, dovetails and furniture.

This specific Japanese hand dovetail saw blade is made from great Japanese steel which guarantees rust proof. And not only that, the SUIZAN 6-inch hand saw is strong also so that it is no matter for it to take down hard tasks.

Blde of the SUIZAN pull saw features hardened blade which are also strong and capable of delivering smooth cuts. The teeth also allow resharpen which assures you that you don’t need to change the blade anytime soon.  

The handle of the Dozuki Dovetail Pull Saw is made from wood. The round shape of it helps the users to get a comfortable holdings. And after using the saw for a long time you won’t feel uncomfortable.

What We Like

  1. All saws are hand made by Japanese craftsmen.
  2. Small and easy to use.
  3. Allows resharpen.

What We Dislike

  1. Tiny blade is not compatible for extensive tasks.

Key Features:

  • The blade of the saw is easily removable.
  • Comes with a 9.5-inch blade.
  • Featuring long bamboo wrapped handle.
  • Dozuki Z saw blade is made from high carbon steel which is tensioned.

Looking for the dovetail saw which can deliver the most elegant cuts on the wood to make perfect joinery? Then you should look at the Dozuki Z saw. It is the most precise hand saw you can find on the market for making dovetail.

Cannot believe me? Let’s take a tour of the Dozuki Z saw review. And it will help you to find out why I am saying so.  

Dozuki Japanese dovetail saw blade is made from high carbon steel. The steel is tensioned along with rust proof. So, the blade will survive years after years.

Dozuki Japanese dovetail saw blade also lets the users to resharpen it. So, you can use the same blade for ages. You just need to resharpen it. 

But nothing is permanent. So your balde might need to be changed. And in the Z-saw Dozuki 7029 Dovetail Saw you can do that by tapping behind the handle.

The teeth of the blade are also hardened. And you will find 26-TPI teeth on the blade. The higher TPI and the .012-inch thickness helps it to deliver a smooth finish.

What We Like

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Made from sturdy material
  3. Featuring smooth finished handle.

What We Dislike

  1. Making blind cuts are tough using the Dozuki Z dovetail saw.

Key Features:

  • Made with super quality Japanese steel.
  • Comes with a 9.5-inch long blade.
  • Featuring handmade wooden handle.
  • The saw is made in Japan.

At last in the list of 5 best dovetail saws, we have SUIZAN 9.5-Inch Dozuki Dovetail pull saw. The saw is made from high carbon Japanese steel which makes the saw sturdy enough to tackle hard tasks.

The material used in this specific dovetail saw helps it to produce smooth cut using its razor sharp teeth. Like the other high end hand dovetail saw it also has a higher TPI which is also remarkable for getting the smooth finish.

And on top of that, the sturdy teeth can be resharpened. All you have to do is just follow the right techniques. If the dovetail saw blade gets old, you can easily change it with a new dovetail saw replacement blade.    

When it comes to talking about the weight of a dovetail saw, you need to consider the lightweight. And this 9.5-inch  Dozuki Dovetail Pull Saw doesn’t carry so much weight. And it is very helpful for carrying the saw for a long time to tackle so many tasks.

SUIZAN 9.5-Inch hand saw has a wooden handle. The round shape of the handle helps the users to use the saw for a long time without tiring themselves. 

What We Like

  1. Japanese hand held dovetail saw.
  2. Allows resharpen the teeth.
  3. Has a conventional long blade.

What We Dislike

  1. The handle needs to be burnished.

Dovetail Saw Buying Guide

Picking up the right t5ool isn’t so easy. And just having the collection of some of the best tools in front of you won’t help you to find the right one. So you need a buying guide to pick the perfect one. This is so true for picking up the dovetail saw also though it is a simple looking tiny tool.

Below I have added some of the facts you should consider before selecting the dove tail saws.


When you are talking about a dovetail saw, you need to consider its building material first. All of the hand saws out there are made from steel. But all the steel producers use for making different saws are not the same. 

Before you select your saw for cutting dovetails, make sure that it is made of good quality steel. And the steel is rust proof.


Size is the most important fact for anything you talk about. Without the right size, a thing is unuseable. Now. you can ask me how the size is so important for a dovetail pull saw? Well, let me clear.

A dovetail saw can be measured anywhere from 6 inch to 12 inch (according to the blade size). If you have a narrow space to work with, a tiny saw will be the best choice. But if you have plenty of spaces, a large saw won’t be a problem. 

Note: Smaller saw is easy to move around.

Comfortable Holdings

If a tool doesn’t have the comfortable holdings, it will be annoying to work with it for a long time. So, it should contain an ergonomic handle. 

Though Japanese dovetail saws offer so many options on their saw handles, they are pretty much the same from outside. Most of the handles on the Japanese hand saws are made from wood. They are long and round shape, just like a rod or pipe.

So, before lock on a saw, consider its handle thickness and length. Because the comfortness depends on them.

Sometimes you may find some of the saws with a conventional handle as same you see on the traditional hand saws.


Blade is the most important part of a dovetail hand saw. A good dovetail saw blade doesn’t blunt so quickly. And it is easy to resharpen the blade in case it needs to. 

Make sure that the aftermarket saw blade is inexpensive. So that you can change it when you need to. 

Teeth are also important of the dovetail saw blade. Higher the teeth count, you will get more smooth finish cut. So, when taking a dovetail saw, you need to determine its TPI (teeth per inch). Generally, you will find 6 to 20-TPI in most of the dovetail saws.

Tenon Saw vs Dovetail Saw

The market is full of different kinds of saws and it is natural you will get confused between tenon saws and dovetail saws. So, I have made a comparison between them to make it easy or you for selecting the right one.

Saw TypeTenon SawDovetail Saw
OverviewTenon saw is specially made for making tenon joint. Usually it makes cut on the shoulder and cheeks of the tenon cut. Main purpose of a dovetail saw is to make dovetail joints
Blade Compared to the dovetail saw blade, a tenon saw blade is wider, thicker and features lower TPI.Compared to tenon saw blade, the blade of the dovetail saw has thinner and shorter profile.
TeethA tenon saw blade comes with crosscut teeth.A dovetail saw blade features rip teeth.


Q: Is it possible to sharpen the dovetail saw blade:

A: Most of the dovetail saws out there allow resharpen their dull blades.

Q: Can I change a dovetail saw blade?

A: Of course you can change the blade of your hand dovetail saw.

Q: does a japanese dovetail pull saw make only dovetail joints.

A: though the main purpose of a dovetail saw is to make dovetail joints, it can be used for other purposes also like making joinery, cabinet, furniture and so on.        

Q: Which dovetail saw to buy?

A: Follow the buying guide given below to find the right dovetail saw for your tool collection. 

Q: How to sharpen a dovetail saw?

A: Sharpening a dovetail saw is easy as sharpening the hand saw. And you can sharpen it by following the same method used in sharpening the hand saw.

Closing Word

We are at the end of the reviews of 5 best dovetail saws. Hope it was helpful for you to find the right one for your tasks. As it is just a collection of 5 Japanese dovetail hand saws, it is possible that I have missed some of that. If so, please let me know in the comment section. To know about other woodworking tool visit ReviewInfinite.  

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