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10 Best Deck Paint Remover | Our Honest Reviews

Cleaning the wood deck seems hard. But with the best deck paint remover, it will be a breeze to do so. 

It’s been a long year since you painted your deck, now it’s dull and moldy. What you should do is make it new with remover and stain them again.

It’s easy and fast to remove the existing coating with those packs. With a less time-consuming process, you can get the clean wood deck in up to 40 minutes.

Even if you have mold on your wood deck, those cleaners can wash them off quickly.

However, there are different types of packs available for you to choose. That’s why here I am presenting you top 10 picks of the current paint removing kits.

The 10 Best Deck Paint Remover

Here in the article, we have reviewed several of the best deck paint remover according to our research. Hopefully, you find the article helpful.

01. EAB Tool Exchange Flooring Cutter Review

Product Features:

  • Biodegradable formula
  • Safe for user
  • Substrate
  • Odor free 
  • Water-based

Here is the Dumond Chemicals, 027691033322 Inc. 3332 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover. It is one of the advanced paint removers for deck paint that is also safe to use. The features of this paint remover are perfect for deck paint removal. You can easily remove your paint without even giving any toxic hassle. It will provide you with a faster and cleaner color removing process that you might not imagine.

The remover is entirely environment-friendly. It means it will not hamper the environment, and the solution is reducing high pH. It is not acidic or occidental. The solution is pure and based on the water. Due to neutral pH, it’s easy to use for anyone. And it works excellent even with a low pH level. That’s a great thing for you if you are a DIY enthusiastic person. So, check this out now.


  • Very safer
  • Water-based
  • Low pH level
  • Fast working
  • Easy usage


  • Won’t work on MDF surface

02. MantisTol 8 .5 (218mm)cutter Review

Product Features:

  • Safer paint
  • Varnish remover
  • No methylene chloride
  • No NMP
  • Removes paints

The Sunnyside 658G1A Ready-Strip ADVANCED Paint & Varnish Remover is a great paint remover that will provide you with faster paint removal. It has a safe pint formula. The paint will provide you with a safe process to clean out your deck painting. That’s why I will call it out the best deck paint remover. It’s easy to work with and gives you a lot of flexibility when working on the paint removal task.

The color change technology will help you to complete the process easily. It doesn’t matter whether you are professional or not; the color change will be easy to detect. First, you have to apply the painting solution on the old deck paint. After that, just wait for a bit to let the solution get into the wood and start removing the paint. Then start removing the paint, and it will be much more smooth for you.


  • Easy sausages
  • 60-minute working period
  • Removes 7 layers of paint
  • Fast process
  • Safe to use


  • Bad odor

03. SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw Review

Product Features:

  • New formula
  • Safer formulation
  • Methylene chloride free
  • Vertical surface usages 
  • Horizontal surfaces usages

This paint removing is one of the most effective kits you can get in the current market. It’s the Sunnyside 63432 2-Minute Remover Advanced Paint & Varnish Remover Gel. Here you will get the removing solution a handy and portable can. However, the remover works great with their new formula. It’s much safer than other ordinary paint removers. And it also works great on old and new wood, metal and other surfaces.

The solution is safe to use and reacts much faster than others. Usually, you will have to wait for around 10 to 12 minutes after you apply the solution to the deck. Your deck will soak up the paint cleaner and start removing the paint coating by itself. Therefore you have to rub and sand the surface for further improvement. Removing deck paint with a sander is not a good option; you must use a paint remover solution. So, once you do this, your deck will be perfect for the next level of renovation.


  • Safe usage
  • Reacts fast
  • New mechanics
  • Handy can
  • Efficient


  • Has quality checking issues

04. Bullet Tools Flooring Cutter Review

Product Features:

  • Removes tough coating
  • Laundry stain remover
  • Biodegradable 
  • Detergents
  • Water-based

If you are looking to remove the stain more delicately, try out this stain remover. This is the Krud Kutter KR01 Clear Tough Task Remover with No Odor. It’s an odor-free stain remover that will easily work on your deck paint. However, the product is also perfect for removing stains of all types, including the fabric stains.

Therefore, you can use this on your deck and remove paint without any hassle. It’s not toxic, nor occidental. So, it will be a breeze to use it on your deck paint. It will easily remove the old coating your deck has. Firstly, you must apply the paint remover perfectly. It’s biodegradable and does not harm the environment at all. So, you can use this paint without worrying about your garden or vegetable. The can of this product is handy and provides a great solution for storage. Overall, it’s a great deck paint remover that is easy to use also.


  • Detergent solution
  • Easy process
  • Handy can
  • Better storage
  • Fast process


  • Not for bigger projects

05. MantisTol Pro Flooring Cutter Review

Product Features:

  • Easily Clean Up
  • Paint Spills
  • No Paint Thinners 
  • Paint Remains Intact
  • Enviro Science Formula

The Motsenbocker’s 413-01 Lift Off 413-01 Latex Based Paint Remover provides you easy clean up after you just apply it to your deck paint. The formula just breaks the joint between the pint and the wood surface. Thus it will be much easier for you to get the point out of the deck. It’s fast and works great for anyone who is just getting started with stain removal.

You can also clean the deck and make it like before.

You will also get more usage with this paint remover. As the best deck paint remover, it provides you with more coverage with a little solution. You just have to play the brush and rebut it a few times. And the solution will spread throughout the surface, giving you more coverage. That’s why you will get much longer usage with this paint remover. However, it’s an excellent remover that removes deck paint with ease.


  • Environment friendly
  • Scientifically proven
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fast process
  • Safe to use


  • Need power weather for rinsing

06. Norske Tools Flooring Cutter Review

Product Features:

  • Trusted #1 Brand
  • Removing Gooey Messes 
  • Doesn’t harm the surface
  • Drip-free
  • Citrus 

The Goo Gone 2107 Adhesive Remover Spray Gel is a great deck stain cleaner. If you have any stain to remove from your deck, you can easily choose this kit. It is perfect for any home-usage. However, it is also an industrial-grade, and you can use it for industrial processes also. But it might cost you a little bit more. The stain remover is very efficient and works great on all types of deck.

The spray feature of the kit provides you with targeted spraying. You can easily cover any area of your wood deck, spray it all, and start removing the paint. The kit is perfect for smaller projects as you can easily target any area and work specifically on it. So, if you are looking for a handy sprayer, then you can easily choose this one.


  • Sprayer
  • Citrus scent
  • Home usage
  • Perfect for DIY’ers
  • Easy usage


  • Does not work for concrete surface

07. ROBERTS 10-35 Laminate Cutter Review

Product Features:

  • Stain Remover
  • Grease Remover
  • Tree Sap Remover
  • Works On
  • Safe For Use On 

Here is another handy stain remover from Goo Gone. The product is Goo Gone Patio Furniture Cleaner. It is a great portable stain remover kit that comes with a handy bottle. At the top of the bottle, you will get the option of spraying the stain remover solution. There is a trigger option that lets you spray the solution. It’s easy to use, that’s what makes it perfect for all kinds of users.

It’s also a multi-purpose stain remover. That means you can use it on wood decks, plastic, metal, or other surfaces. It will remove the stain whatever the surface type makes it perfect for every type of project. The solution is not acidic and provides a natural scent with it. As it is odor-free, you can use it in your home without any issue.


  • Odor-free
  • Easy to use
  • Spray the solution
  • Easy trigger
  • Fast removing


  • Does Not work perfectly on tree saps

08. EAB Tool 2100017 Floor Cutter Review

Product Features:

  • Adds a great value
  • Safe for user
  • Substrate and environment
  • Removes multiple layers
  • Outstanding for removing marine paints

This is another smart stain remover. It’s the Dumond Chemicals, 3301 Inc. 3301 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover. It comes with a handy container that provides you with a great option for storage. You won’t have to struggle to store the stain remover solution. However, the process of this paint remover is easy and fast. It doesn’t’ cost you a lot of time to remove the stain from your deck.

The stain remover works great with a low pH level. Thus it is not harmful to the environment as it is based on water. You can easily use it on your deck to remove the paint without any toxic chemicals. However, it provides you with a more powerful stain removing process with multiple coating removing. So, try out this stain remover as it comes from one of the best stain remover manufacturers.


  • Water-based
  • Chemical-free
  • Low pH level
  • Easy process
  • Convenient storage


  • Has a little bit of smell

09. Goplus Laminate Flooring Cutter Review

Product Features:

  • Removing stubborn mold
  • Faster process
  • Powerful bleach-based formula
  • Almost twice as strong
  • Just spray feature

Here is the Home Armor; Mold Armor Instant Mold & Mildew Stain Remover. It’s a great handy stain remover that works on multiple surfaces. And it provides you with a faster closing on your deck stain. The stain remover works great on it’s own. The process of this stain remover is simple and provides you with a fast process.

However, the stain remover has the feature to eliminate mold and other weather-related effects on wood. That will be beneficial if you have a wooden deck. If you have a stain on it, the stain remover will work on the surface and remove the bond between the stain and the wood. You can easily clean the wood surface and make your deck clean like before.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Fast process
  • Safe to use
  • DIY perfect
  • Two stain remover pack


  • Has some sorts of smell

10. Laminate ET-210 Floor Cutter Review

Product Features:

  • Stain remover
  • Easy to use
  • Restore natural wood beauty
  • Ready to use
  • Fast process

Here is the DEFY Exterior Wood Stain Stripper with a reasonable price and powerful function. This product will provide you with a full frustration-free work process. It can easily clean up the exterior wood deck. It ditches the weathered wood deck and other stains also. It is a multifunctional stain remover that works great with many variations of the wood surface.

So, it will be best for your wood deck stain. The usage is easy, and the solution is also safe to use. You won’t have to use other things as this stain remover will remove the stain easily. You just have to apply the solution perfectly on the wood surface and leave it for a while. That you can just start peeling off the existing coating of the wood deck. It’s easy and safe for DIY usages. So, check it out now.


  • Reasonable price
  • Fast process
  • Safe for DIY projects
  • Handy container
  • Multi-surface stain remover


  • Needs power washer

Buying Guide

The buying part is very crucial because getting the right stain remover for your deck is important. Choosing the best deck paint remover for you will provide an easy paint removing process. Whatever your deck’s condition, if you can choose the right option for you, it will be a win-win situation. So, you should care about those important topics to get the best match for your deck painting removing task.


The first thing is the quantity of the paint remover you are looking for. If you are working for a professional project with a bigger deck, you should go for a paint remover, which has a higher quantity in itself. On the other side, if you are working on your personal DIY projects, then you can choose any small pack of paint remover. 

The quality makes a difference when you are going to work with a bigger area of the deck. It will provide you with less hassle as you don’t have to bear the extra cost for the larger decks. Estimating the amount of paint remover you will need is a smart thing to do. Be sure to check out the best option for you according to the deck size you are working on or how many decks you have to work on. It will make your task a lot easier than ever.


The coverage of the deck paint remover is essential. If you choose a deck paint remover with poor coverage, you have to buy a more paint-removing solution eventually. In the end, you have to bear the cost, and it is awful if you are a professional. The price will also affect even if you are working on personal and small DIY projects.

So, before getting a deck paint remover, check out the coverage it gives. You can easily determine it with the review and the usage of it. However, when you are buying it online, it’s not possible to check, but being aware of this fact will let you choose the perfect package that will suit your project the best. 


The smell of the paint removing solution is also an issue. As it requires some sort of chemical reaction to split off the upper coating of the deck and the deck surface itself, it may contain some sorts of smell. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the smell as most of the best shock pain removal does not contain any type of odor. Instead, they will provide you with lemon or orange fragrance that is totally ok or pleasing in some situations. However, if you are saying totally no to any smell or odor, there are also completely odor-free solutions. Just get them and start working on your projects.

Environmental friendly

The last but important thing that you should notice is how environment friendly it is. Suppose you have to use it on your deck, which is near to your vegetation area. If you are using a deck paint remover which has a higher amount of pH level than it might damage your vegetarian, plant, and the environment as well.

So, if you are planning to use the deck paint remover in a place, you are doing vegetable or have plants around; make sure you are getting a pure and environment-friendly water-based cleaning solution. If you can’t do so, at least cover your vegetation area and the plants to protect them from the cleansing solution.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

01. How should I use a deck paint remover?

Answer: At first, spread them evenly on the wood deck surface and then clean it off after some time. 

02. Should I need a powerful cleaner to clean my deck paint?

Answer: Yes, in some products, you have to use a powerful cleaner to clean the reaming of the coating.

03. How long should I have to wait after applying the solution?

Answer: It depends on the product. Most of the time, you have to wait 10 minutes to 40 minutes.

04. Should I have to cover my vegetation area?

Answer: You should. Even if you are using an environment-friendly cleaning solution, you must do it.

05. Is it appropriate to the sand wood deck after cleaning the old coating?

Answer: Yes, you have to sand the remaining coating of the wood deck to clean it off.


With the best deck paint remover, you will get all the essential features. It will be much faster than any traditional deck paint remover. With an easy and chemical-free process, it will be easier for you to use it even if you are a DIY enthusiast. The safe process will also help you to avoid any harmful chemicals and odor as well. With easy cleaning, you will get a pure wood deck base to work on. The coating will be gone, and it will be ready for the next improvements.

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