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Crosscut saws are one of the oldest members of the saw family. Till now crosscut saws have the same importance to the woodworkers as it was earlier. They are a vastly used tool in woodworking because they are slim, easy to use and reliable for making the cross cuts. And that’s not the ending of its story. A large crosscut saw can be used for felling down the entire tree.

However, all the saws out there are not able to do the same tasks fluently. It is very hard to find the perfect crosscut saw from the crowd full of fake saws. But it is not totally impossible. 

I have spent the last week by researching the various crosscut saw. And handpicked some of the best crosscut saws available. Then I have tested them before throwing on this list. I have prepared a buying guide also so that you can easily choose one from the list.

At A Glance: Best Crosscut Saws

ImageProduct Name TypeWeightCheck Price
WilFiks ProSmall Crosscut Saw13.6 ounces
Gyokucho Dotsuki TakebikiJapanese Crosscut Saw0.16 ounces
GreatNeck N2610Small Crosscut Saw1.65 pounds
Suizan RyobaJapanese Crosscut Saw13.6 ounces
Lynx 4'Two Man Crosscut Saw5.5 pounds

Best Crosscut Saw Reviews

Key Features:

  • Can make various cuts including miter, dovetails, and tenons.
  • The blade comes with induction-hardened.
  • Ergonomic design helps to get a smooth cut.
  • Featuring anti-slip rubber made handle.
  • WilFiks 16 pro crosscut saw blade has 9TPI.

Whether you are a DIYer or professional if you need a top-class single man crosscut saw, you should take a look at the WilFiks hand saw. The one man crosscut saw will definitely change your cross cut saw using experience.

The saw is equally effective in both Jobsite and garden. By using the WilFiks 16 pro you will be able to cut tree branches as well as plywood, wallboard, drywall, flywoods, pipes, and other material easily and effortlessly.

For tackling varieties of cutting tasks, it comes with a 16-inch sharp blade. And the blade has angeled 9-TPI teeth. Those blade teeth help the users to get a smooth finish on their workpiece. 

It is very annoying to resharpen the blade very often. But it is not the case for this WilFiks handheld crosscut saw. The teeth are induction-hardened. So, it is 5 times stiffer than the others.          

Professional workers need to hold their tools for hours after hours. So, comfort is the main priority. To be comfortable, a saw needs to be lightweight and it needs to be equipped with a comfortable grip. Thinking these, the engineers of the WilFiks has put a rubberized super comfortable grip on their 16-inch crosscut saw. The grip on the crosscut saw handle is not only comfortable, but it also provides a firm grip.

What We Like

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Sturdy construction.
  3. Ergonomic design.

What We Dislike

  1. It always cuts smooth. So when you need a rough cut, forget this saw.

Key Features:

  • Featuring an extra-long handle.
  • The hard-coated ultra-thin blade has a narrow kerf.
  • Has impulse hardened teeth.
  • The blade has 20-TPI.
  • Featuring rattan covered handle.

For the fan of Japanese hand saw, I have selected Gyokucho 372 Razor Saw. The Gyokucho Japanese hand saw has some astonishing features that you won’t be able to find in a western saw with this minimal price tag. And I have seen that you need to spend almost double to get a saw like this specific one.

The main feature of the saw is its capability of making the finest dovetail cut. And it is the master to make also tenon, miter, and crosscut also. But how it does those? Let’s take a look this Gyokucho compact Japanese saw features to find out.

Gyokucho 372 has a high-quality metal made 9.5-inch blade. Unlike others available on the market, this Japanese crosscut saw blade has a thin kerf. And has 20-TPI count. So, always it guarantees a buttery smooth finish on the workpiece.

To hold the blade of this primitive Japanese hand saw has a handle. And to provide a firm grip, it is covered with rattan. 

So, what else do you need to complete your professional dovetail, furniture or cabinet making? It is a complete package which will make your those kinds of woodworking tasks easy.

What We Like

  1. Perfect for making smooth crosscut, miter cuts, tenon, and dovetail.
  2. Long yet lightweight saw.
  3. Deliver glass-like smooth finish.

What We Dislike

  1. The handle is quite big for use in a narrow space.

Key Features:

  • The saw is 26-inch long.
  • GreatNeck N2610 crosscut saw blade has 10-TPI 
  • Great for cutting timber.
  • Made from high-quality carbon steel.
  • The handle is made from hardwood.

People who are looking for a bit more long crosscut saw for their woodworking tasks they should check out the GreatNeck N2610 26-inch hand saw. If you compared the saw according to its length and capability, it will surely win the title of the best crosscut saw.

Most of the one man crosscut timber saws are not that much big as the N2610. Where others’ lengths are limited into 16 to 18-inch, there this particular saw has astonishing 26-inch long. This long profile helps the saw to cut timber easily.   

The blade of this large crosscut saw is made from high-quality carbon steel. And this sturdy blade has a line of sharp teeth. The teeth per inch are 10-TPI that makes it perfect for the rough cut.    

To deliver a traditional look to the GreatNeck saw model N2610 producers have put a wooden handle on it. The handle is made from hardwood which is weather-resistant. So, as long as you will take care of this saw it will serve you.

However, if you ask me about the cons of this particular saw, I will say it is its handle. Because the wooden handle is not comfortable for using a long time.

What We Like

  1. A large profile saw.
  2. Great for rough cutting. 
  3. The handle is weather resistant.

What We Dislike

  1. The saw is a bit heavier.

Key Features:

  • The saw cuts by the pulling action. 
  • Made from Japanese steel.  
  • The saw is foldable.
  • SUIZAN Ryoba folding saw handle is covered with rubber.
  • Both of the edges got teeth for cutting action.

Folding pruning saw common. But thinking about a folding crosscut saw was quite unnatural till now. Now, you can also get a unique foldable crosscut hand saw from SUIZAN. Actually, it is a Japanese style hand saw which has an unusual blade with teeth on both sides and foldable yet.

SUIZAN pull saw is astronomically lightweight. And it seems to you that it is unable to take the heat of tough tasks. But it isn’t the case. All of the SUIZAN Ryoba saws are made from high-quality Japanese steel.

The strong material is not the only thing which works as a support for this small crosscut saw to tackle the robust job. Rather it is the design of the blade which helps it to cut various materials easily. 

Like the western crosscut hand saws, SUIZAN 9.5-inch double-edge hand saw doesn’t follow the push method to cut material. Actually, it cuts by pulling action. And it is one of the most effective ways to cut wood easily and effortlessly.

SUIZAN  crosscut saw handle parts are also made from high-quality material. To provide comfort and firm grip they have made it from metal just like the blade. And you will find a rubberized grip on them. The handle also allows the users to change the blade.

What We Like

  1. It is a lightweight saw.
  2. Can deliver smooth cuts.
  3. Has a narrow kerf.

What We Dislike

  1. The double edge saws are more dangerous than a single edge crosscut saw.

Key Features:

  • Lynx 4 is made from British CS80 steel.
  • Comes with two beech handles.  
  • Featuring 1-TPI
  • The teeth allow resharpening.
  • Each tooth is set by hand.

Until now I have just introduced you with one man crosscut timber saw. These all are able to cut down small branches, wood, plastic and so other. In a word, they are perfect for handling small projects. 

But what you will use when you want to cut the entire tree and you don’t have felling axe or chainsaw? Well, you can use a two man tree saw to do that easily. Now the question arises what is best crosscut saw for cutting down trees?

I have searched the entire market and finally, I am satisfied with the Lynx 4. This two-man rip saw has all the ability to fell down a tree. 

Lynx 4 crosscut saw is made from high-quality British CS80 Steel. The blade is 1.5-mm thick which is perfect for cutting a big tree. To deliver a smooth cut on the trunk this crosscut saw blade has 1-TPI teeth count.

Each of the tooth on the blade is attached by hand with care. So, you don’t have to be worried about losing some during the task. The teeth also allow resharpening. You need a triangle file and techniques to do that properly.   

To make the holdings easy and comfortable Lynx 4′ two man crosscut saw comes with two large beech handles.

What We Like

  1. Good for cutting entire trees.
  2. Build with high-quality metal.
  3. Handles are pretty much good for holding comfortably.

What We Dislike

  1. The saw is costly.

Crosscut Saw Buying Guide

When you buy a cross-cut saw for your project, you need to consider some features and facts of it. Because though it is simple looking, you cannot buy the right one without checking those.

Find those facts what you should consider right below.


Saws are made for tackling tough cutting tasks. So, they need to be robust. Steel and iron are two commonly used metal for making various types of tools. 

But steel is stronger compared to iron. And high-quality steels are rust-resistant also.

Just examining the material of the blade of crosscut saw won’t help you to find the right one. You need to consider the handle material also.


Different crosscut saws have different handles. And all of them are not made from the same material. Some of are made from wood, some are made from plastics and some are made from specialized rubber. 

Wooden handles are old fashioned and nowadays it is hard to find on the tools. But somehow if you can find one, don’t go with it. Because a wooden handle is weaker compared to the plastic and rubber. Actually, rubber is the most reliable material for making handles because of its comfort.

Blade Size

Blade size is always important whether you are talking about the power saw or a hand saw. Without the right blade size, you won’t be able to cut down the desired workpiece.

If you got a small blade it won’t help you to cut a thick piece of wood. So, you should be careful about the crosscut saw blade also.

Blade Style

There you can find two types of blades on the crosscut saws. One of them is straight aw blade and another one is curved. Woodworkers choose saw blade according to their preferences. 

Crosscut Saw Blade Teeth

When you are inspecting the saw blade teeth at first look at the TPI (Tooth Per Inch). More your saw blade got teeth in one inch, it will deliver the more satisfaction cut.

As you are satisfied with the crosscut saw blade TPI next you should consider the teeth angle. Tooth angle of the blade is the angle between blade age and the tooth itself. And it can be 90-degrees to any small angle around it according to working purposes.


Size is the important factor whether you are talking about the axe or a saw. According to the size cross cut saw is two types. 

  1. One man crosscut saw.
  2. Two man crosscut saw     

One man crosscut saws are small. You can use it just using one hand. It is very much usable for cutting crosscut, or limbing tree branches. 

And on the other side, two-man crosscut saws are too big that it is impossible for a man to control it. Always you need two persons to handle this large crosscut saw. For cutting a whole tree from its trunk bottom, you can use this saw. And that’s how it got its name “two-man tree saw”.


Q: What is a crosscut saw used for?

A: As the name suggests, woodworkers use a crosscut saw for making crosscut on the wood. That’s mean, they use the saw to cut wood against the grain.


Q: What type of tooth pattern should a crosscut saw have?

A: In general, saws are used for various woodworking application. And they come with two types of teeth. One of them is rip teeth and another one is crosscut teeth. Crosscut saw generally comes with crosscut teeth and they are set to an angle with the saw blade.    


Q: Is it possible to cut metal with the crosscut saw?

A: Crosscut saw blades are not that much strong that it will cut the metal. So, if you were thinking to do so, your plan is a flop now.


Q: Can I resharpen the crosscut saw blade?   

A: Top quality cross cut saws are made of heavy-duty steel. So it allows resharpening. Just use a crosscut saw sharpening kit to do that yourself. Confused how to do that? Learn form here.  


Q: Is it possible to get a power crosscut saw? 

A: Nowadays some companies are making power crosscut saw. And I have mentioned that type of saws in my previous article. If you have missed it, check that out.

Closing Word

It is time to take a wrap on the best crosscut saw reviews. But for your easy digestion, I am going to brief them for one last time.

If you are looking for the traditional crosscut saw, chose one from WilFiks Pro or GreatNeck N2610. For a Japanese style crosscut rip saw you can take a look at the  Gyokucho Dotsuki Takebiki or Suizan Ryoba.

But if you need a two-man crosscut saw, you have to look at the Lynx 4′.

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