cordless miter saw review.

If you look closely to the world, you will definitely find the slow but steady changes happening right now in the world. It seems that a revolution has broken out to change everyday products. Day by day people from different corners are wanting every thing in a compact and portable mode like a mobile phone.

The carpenters, woodworkers are not the exception to all, they are also demanding the  movable saws. So, companies like DEWALT, Makita, Milwaukee are designing some of the latest cordless saws to meet their demands. Today we are here to talk with you about 5 best cordless chop saws.

Infinite experts have spent days to pick the best innovative cordless saws, and now we are here to review them. So, sit back tightly, because now we are presenting the 5 best cordless miter saw reviews in 2020.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Cordless Miter Saws

ImageProduct Name VoltageMotor SpeedCheck Amazon
DEWALT DHS716AT2120-volts3800-rpm
Milwaukee 2734-21HDP18-volts4000-rpm
DEWALT DCS361B20-volts3750-rpm
DEWALT DCS361M120-volts3750-rpm
Makita XSL02Z36-volts5700-rpm

Top 5 Cordless Miter Saw Reviews

At first, we have DEWALT made model DHS716AT2 battery powered miter saw. This miter saw is the titan of the low-budget range titan. You won’t find any alternatives to this cordless miter saw in this price range.

Though the battery-powered miter saws are not as strong as the corded-electric miters, this DHS716AT2 has a different story.

DEWALT DHS716AT2 is one of the best saws available today on the market that can perform as the electric chop saw, to do so, it is powered by two lithium-ion battery which can give you 120-volts.

When you are stuck with a brushed motor on your miter saw, the cordless DHS716AT2 features a brushless motor capable of producing more force than the traditional one. This particular cordless miter saw has not the sliding features like DCS361B. So, the price range is lower than the DEWALT DCS361B. One thing that can have added benefit on your job is its miter itself. You can use this to both left and right to make various bevel cuts.

If you need an entry-level miter saw that could handle everyday job easy, and smoothly your choice should be the battery powered DEWALT DHS716AT2 mitre saw.


  1. The DEWALT DHS716AT2 comes with a battery which can change the voltage automatically.
  2. Brushless motor of it provides intense power to take care of the huge cutting job.
  3. The unique integrated position of the blade allows an easy and accurate cut.
  4. With the excellent visible bevel scale, it is easy to get a precise bevel during the operation.
  5. The tall fence of the DHS716AT2 can take up to 7.5-inches mold and, vertically 6-¾-inches.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Weight: 56-pounds
  3. Model: DHS716AT2
  4. Color: Yellow+Black
  5. Power Source: Battery
  6. Battery Required: Two (Lithium-Ion)
  7. Voltage: 120-volts
  8. Dimension: 22.4×19.7×27.6-inches

What We Like

  1. It is easy to attach and detach the battery.
  2. You will find two lithium-ion battery backing up in this DEWALT miter saw.
  3. You can easily run this saw without battery.

What We Dislike

  1. The battery model is just fixed so you cannot replace those by any.

If you were looking for a cordless miter saw with excellent built quality, and power, you can now stop thinking. Milwaukee has come to the market with their model 2734-21HDP cordless miter saw. This saw has some of the futuristic features that can definitely pull up your experience of using the miter saw on outer space.  

M18 fuel is packed with the enormous power to cut up to 400 timber with just one charge.

To cut the logs it has a 10-inch blade that has a rotation speed of 4,000 rpm. Most astonishing thing is the Milwaukee 2734-21HDP is as powerful as the modern corded miter saw.

Where a corded electric miter saw needs electricity to run a whole day, there you can use this beast a full day by charging it once.

For easy, and comfortable using and the Milwaukee miter saw features a convenient steel made detent. You can easily set the bevel size easily on this miter saw machine. You will be provided locks on both with the detent and chop for smooth operating. So, if you are a remodeler or a carpenter, it is specially made for you.


  1. 18-volt dedicated battery can serve enough power to the motor to produce 4,000-rpm of motor speed for easy cutting operation.
  2. Stainless-steel made miter plate has the ability to stop on the 11 traditional angels.
  3. The M18 red lithium battery can serve enough power to possess 400 cuts.
  4. Stainless steel made mechanical detent plate will render the accuracy to the cut and will provide durability to the saw.
  5. Chop and detent override lock lever on the front helps to get accurate and repetitive cut easily.


  1. Brand: Milwaukee Electric Tools
  2. Weight: 61-pounds
  3. Model: 2734-21HDP
  4. Color: Black+Red
  5. Power Source: Battery
  6. Battery Required: One (Lithium-Ion)
  7. Voltage: 18-volts
  8. Dimension: 21x19x32-inches

What We Like

  1. The Milwaukee battery-powered miter saw is easy to use.
  2. You will get an intense battery backup.
  3. M18 fuel can cut accurately.

What We Dislike

  1. The cordless mitre doesn’t come with a stand.

In the third position, we are here with “Editor’s Choice” segment of our cordless miter saw reviews. For this position, we have selected none other than DEWALT DCS361B miter saw. DCS361B is also a cordless miter saw with the sliding feature enabled.

The fascinating fact of the DSC361B is; it has a stainless-steel made detent to allow you the 11-miter position setting. So, you can easily set the miter position at some of the common angels.

The DEWALT features a motor capable of producing 3750-rpm speed. The speed is slightly less than the Milwaukee M18 miter saw, but it can handle the logs like it. As it equipped with the sliding cutting hade, this miter saw provides you the adjustment-free cut line to get the accurate cutting operation.

If you want to get more productivity with your miter saw, then be cool with the DCS361B because it can take care of the 2x materials than the regular miter saws you can get today. Additionally, the saw machine has a unique shadow using cutting positioning which helps you to get the accurate cutting positions.

It is one of the best cordless miter saws for helping to the floor working, and installation of trim.


  1. 20-volt battery power-ups the powerful motor to produce 3750-rpm of rotating speed to cut down the log.
  2. It can handle about 250 timber of the pine, oak, and other trees.
  3. 2×8 lying flat. If the material is nested against the fence the maximum height allowed is 3-5/8 inches
  4. You will be able to cut from 2×8-inch to 3-⅝-inch thick wood with this cordless saw.
  5. Eleven miter-stop position of the saw helps to set the traditional cutting angles easily.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Weight: 30-pounds
  3. Model: DCS361B
  4. Color: Yellow+Black
  5. Power Source: Battery
  6. Battery Required: One (Lithium-Ion)
  7. Voltage: 20-volts
  8. Dimension: 25.2×19.9×15.7-inches

What We Like

What We Dislike

  1. The bright white light cannot make a convenient shadow under the sunlight.

It is normal to think that DEWALT has paid us to promote their miter saws, but it is not real. We are here with an honest review of miter saws which are battery powered. During the research, our experts have found that the DEWALT is dominating the cordless miter saw market. DEWALT doesn’t compromise the features of their saws, thus making it one of the best miter saw producers in the whole market, so we were bound to select them as they are truly marvelous.

Let’s talk about the DEWALT DCS361M1 cordless miter saw.The DCS361M1 has one 20-volt lithium-ion battery which fire ups the motor to produce 3750 rpm of rotating speed. This speed is enough to take care of the hard and softwood from any tree. It is one of the lightweight miter saws today. So, you can easily carry this from one place to another.

Like others in our list, the DEWALT DCS361M1 cordless miter saw has a steel made detent which allows it to stop on ten everyday angels. This cordless miter saw can take care of the 275 baseboards with just one charging. The number of the wood board cutting is quite less than the Milwaukee 2734-21HDP, but this makes the difference of their price range.

So, if you want a handy miter saw that need not corded-electricity to run for taking care of your wood cutting task, you can go with this DEWALT DCS361M1 miter saw.


  1. The DEWALT DCS361M1 can cut from 180 to 300 pine slab up on various thickness.
  2. 31.6-pounds of the lightweight body makes it super portable.
  3. It can take charge of the 3-⅝-inch to 3-½-inch mold.
  4. 3750-rpm of rotating speed comes from the motor powering a 20-volt battery to handle the massive cutting operation.
  5. Miter handle with the cam lock provides accurate miter angles.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Weight: 36-pounds
  3. Model: DCS361M1
  4. Color: Yellow+Black
  5. Power Source: Battery
  6. Battery Required: One (Lithium-Ion)
  7. Voltage: 20-volts
  8. Dimension: 25.2×19.9×15.7-inches

What We Like

  1. The saw machine is easy to use.
  2. You can get excellent quality measuring instrument attached to it.
  3. DEWALT made their DCS361M1 cordless saw as durable.

What We Dislike

  1. Producers of the DEWALT should improve the runtime of this portable miter saw.

Thank you, guys, for sticking with us till now. It’s our honor to get you people for relying on our reviews to buy a product. Well, no further interruption. Let’s see what we have in the last position.

Our expert team has listed the Makita XSL02Z for reviewing it last. Though we are reviewing it last, it is not the less futuristic cordless miter saw in our list. It is one of the best cordless miter saws in the market with a dual slide.

The Makita features two 18-volt batteries to provide energy to the motor for keeping up the enormous 5700-rpm of blade rotating speed. This speed is enough to rotate the 7.5-inch blade to tear down the hardwood with ease. If you have gone through the whole review, it will be apparent to you that the XSL02Z has more rotating speed than the others on our list.

The Makita can slide both left and right, and it holds the superior cutting power as we have others in our list. It could be a handy cordless mitre saw to get high performance on your wood crafting job.


  1. 36-volt powered extreme BL motor can kick enough power to produce 5,700-rpm of rotating speed to cut the log.
  2. The engineers of the Makita designed the XSL02Z to just 29-pounds for easy transportation.
  3. You will get superior cutting experience because the mitre saw has a sliding system consisting of 4-steel rail.
  4. It is easy to take care of 2×12-inch lumber at 90-degrees and 2×8-inch at 45-degrees.
  5. As the artificial intelligence, this particular Makita XSL02Z slide compound saw can control the cutting speed automatically.


  1. Brand: Makita
  2. Weight: 28.8-pounds
  3. Model: XSL02Z
  4. Color: Silver+Green
  5. Power Source: Battery
  6. Battery Required: One (Lithium-Ion)
  7. Voltage: 18-volts
  8. Dimension: 25.7x17x17.5-inches

What We Like

  1. You will find an enormous cutting speed on this best cordless mitre.
  2. Two 18-volt batteries will provide enough power to work all day long.
  3. This cordless XSL02Z dual slide miter saw features a brushless motor.

What We Dislike

  1. Some of the customers have told that they have faced some of the issues to the upper slider bearing on their Makita XSL02Z reviews.

Cordless Miter Saw Buying Guide

Before you go on shopping to get the cordless miter saw for your garage. You should keep some facts remembered. Our experts have specially put this buying guide to help you people. They hope you will also find this helpful. So, let’s lay eyes on the cordless miter saw buyer’s guide.

Saw Type

Probably you already have used the miter saw, and you wanna replace it with the upgraded one as battery saw. Well, you may haven’t need to know the types of a miter saw but some of the buddies out there have a little idea of those classifications. So, you DIYer out there need to have a clear concept about various miter saws like sliding, sliding compound, single bevel, and double bevel. The price varies with their types, and each type is different from another. Every category is specially made to get a variation on the cut. So, make sure about your cutting task and choose the suitable mitre saw for woodworking of yours.


You may have the question that what should you look at the blade? However, you have to keep in mind that the saw blade is one of the most important as the entire saw to make an excellent cut on the metal. Sometimes, the power of a cordless miter saw is not limited to just the wood; often it can penetrate light metal also. However, you cannot get this feature in all of the cordless saw. You need a good quality carbide blade to cut the metal along with wood. Here, comes the most important part, so many companies out there don’t allow you to change the blade which is capable of cutting metal. So definitely, you have to look for the versatile cordless chop saw which will enable you to change the blade randomly at its size.


Motor is the heart of an automatic miter saw. The cordless miter saw works with the same principle as a corded miter saw does. The main difference is the power source. So, it is evident that the futuristic chop saw needs a motor to operate the blade for cutting. More you get the motor power; more it will be easy for you to cut the workpiece. So, while purchasing the motor don’t forget to check out the motor power. From our research, we have come to know that the Makita XSL02Z has the highest rpm among the best cordless miter saws. The mitre can throw a stunning 5,700-rpm of rotating velocity.  


 If we consider the motor as a heart of the miter saw then we can definitely consider the battery as the lung of the cordless miter saw. Actually, it does the main work from the behind. The battery miter saw gets juice from its lithium-ion battery. Sometimes, greedy companies attached a poor-quality battery to their cordless mitre, and with the course of time, the performance level of this saw goes down. It is possible that you can find your battery powered miter saw meaningless in the middle of the task. So, get your saw from a reliable, renowned company, they don’t compromise the quality of their product. Moreover, some of the best companies are offering a huge performance time, as Milwaukee miter saw. This best can cut up to 400 timber with just a single charge.


Before, you go on the market to get a cordless miter saw, you have to decide that which one is perfect for your job, and which one you want to pick up. You have to make a line on your budget first otherwise it will be so difficult for you to choose the right saw. You will find various saws on sale there, and it will be confusing to select one from the saws with the different price range. We have listed down top 5 cordless mitre saws available on the market. Before you make your move towards the market take a look of our reviews on cordless miter saws.


Q: Who makes the best cordless miter saws?

A: It’s difficult to say just one name as the best because there you can find a whole lot of companies who are releasing some of the best chop saws on the market. To see some top 5 cordless drop saws go through our entire review. However, if you need other tools to know, you can check them on our Review Infinite website.

Q: What is a cordless miter saw?

A: A cordless miter saw is a traditional miter saw which has no cord on it to get power from an electric port, and which runs by the battery.

Q: How much volt needs to run a cordless drop saw?

A: It depends on the model. Based on the model, you need from 18 to 120-volts to run a cordless chop saw. Like we mentioned Milwaukee 2734-21HDP needs 18-volts, and DEWALT DHS716AT2 uses 120-volts to run its motor.

Q: When you need a cordless mitre saw?

A: A cordless miter saw can be a convenient tool in a remote place where you are struggling to get an electric socket to run an electric miter saw.

Q: Is it possible to use a cordless miter saw by AC?

A: Sometimes the compound miter saw can use AC and DC both electricity to provide power to its motor.

Closing Word

The market is booked by the various company’s cordless miter saw. So, it is quite tricky to pick the right one for the job according to the budget. So, our expert team made this list of top 5 best cordless drop saws. They have also put down the buyer’s guide to provide the best help for purchasing the mitre saw. If you have already gone through our reviews on them, then we will tell you one thing guys “Go and get the cordless miter, and show your skill of a craftsman.”

We love to save your time and utilizing ours to select the best product for you. From the passion of researching everyday products, we are here to help people and making our business a top service provider. So, keep going with us and own the best according to your need. We can assure you; it will be a worth buying. They are the best of best.



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