Sometimes it isn’t enough to have just a circular saw or table saw to get smooth wood cutting to make furniture. So, professionals or the DIYers need more powerful and futuristic contractor saw. 

And today we are here to talk about some best contractor table saws you can have on the market.

Our saw experts have proven again that they are the master to pick the best tools from the market.  Again, they have spent hours to hand over those saws to you. For selecting those contractor saws, they have considered their features and the prices along with some other facts. 

Well, enough of that intro thing. Let’s hop on to the Review Infinite presenting 5 best contractor table saw reviews to check them out.

Quick Summary: Best Rated Contractor Table Saws

ImageProduct Name Rip CapacitySpeed of MotorCheck Amazon
Rockwell RK7241S30-inch4800-rpm
Powermatic 1791230K50-inch3800-rpm
SawStop CNS175-TGP3636-inch3450-rpm
Makita 270525-inch4800-rpm
Delta 36-500030-inch3450-rpm

5 Best Contractor Table Saw Reviews

To start our review, we have selected the Rockwell made model RK7241S contractor saw. It is one of the entry-level contractor table saws our experts have found during their researching.

If you are a DIYer and want to do your woodworking task by yourself, this will be the best contractor table saw under $500.

Some of you may have thought that how can is this possible to have this best low-priced table saw with some advanced features. Well, look carefully of its features, and you might think twice in the future to tell the same.

To make the Rockwell RK7241S as a beast, the engineers have put so much power on to this. This particular model comes in the market with a powerful 15-amp motor which can produce 4800-rpm to cut the hardwood, even the timber.

The laser guide is the main feature of this Rockwell contractor saw. For having a laser guide technology, the saw can cut very precisely. You can have some other features from our feature box below. If you want to buy a contractor saw in a low-price then that will definitely convince you to have this for your project.


  1. The laser of the Rockwell RK7241S helps the DIYer to make an accurate cut.
  2. The trolley of the saw has wheels to make the transportation easy.
  3. To take the enormous working load, the saw comes with a 15-amp motor which can produce 4800-rpm.
  4. 30-inch rip capacity of the saw is able to make cut one the 4×8-inches wood.
  5. The dust bag attached on the Rockwell collects the dust during the cutting task.


  1. Brand: Rockwell
  2. Weight: 88.2-pounds
  3. Model: RK7241S
  4. Color: GREY
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. Volts: 120-volts
  7. Dimension: 29x39x18-inches

What We Like

  1. The Rockwell RK7241S is portable.
  2. Controlling the laser of this saw is easy.
  3. It comes with an expandable fence.

What We Dislike

  1. You will find some plastic made parts on the Rockwell saw.

Best high end means the product with some magnificent features. It is obvious that the high-end product will cost more than the ordinary one. For our best contractor table saw reviews today, we have Powermatic 1791230K.

This particular contractor saw comes in the market with the 1.75-hp motor. Yes, as like you, this motor power has astonished me also, but don’t worry.

Powermatic made this particular contractor saw has multiple belt system so that the saw can get manage to produce enough torque for the cutting job.

The Powermatic features a comprehensive table of 50-inch ripping capacity that means it is easy to control the large chunk of the wood on this saw.

You can make a difference between the Powermatic and the other saws with the fence. Powermatic uses primitive Biesenmeyer fence because they know this fence will work best with their saw and will make a precise cut.

If you ask about this table saw safety features, it isn’t so convenient like the Sawstop, but it provides decent safety features like others.

And our experts think it’s not a severe drawback to chose the saw.

Moreover, The Powermatic contractor saw can give you  advantages in many situations. So, it is wise to take the Powermatic 1791230K saw for your professional work.


  1. 75-horsepower motor can easily manage the cutting job.
  2. 50-inches adequate rip capacity gives you an ample room to handle the large workpiece.
  3. The cast iron made a table of the saw can handle the tough woodcutting task.
  4. The dust collector of the saw can gather wood debris to keep your workplace clean.
  5. Riving knife attached to the Powermatic table saw reduces the chances of kickback.


  1. Brand: Powermatic
  2. Weight: 470-pounds
  3. Model: 1791230K
  4. Color: Steel
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. Horsepower: 1-3/4-inches
  7. Dimension: 70x32x34-inches

What We Like

  1. You can manage to cut a wide crosscut with the 64B table saw.
  2. Cast iron makes the contractor table saw sturdy.
  3. You can easily detach the riving knife and the blade guard without the help of any tools.

What We Dislike

  1. The dust collection system is inconvenient.

Whenever we select a product for our “Editor’s Choice” section, we want to choose the overall best product at a reasonable price.

However, everything doesn’t go in the same way all the time. For today’s best contractor table saw reviews we searched every corner of the market but no product could match our requirement. So, we were forced to pick another pricy saw named SawStop CNS175-TGP36 after Powermatic 1791230K.

This SawStop made model CNS175-TGP36 can easily replace the Powermatic 1791230K because these both table saws have the same type of motor to control the cutting operation. But, there have some remarkable features that also can force you to decide one saw machine over the another.

The SawStop has a table with 36-inch rip capacity where the Powermatic has 50-inch, but both contractor table saws have the same kind of building materials with handy dust disposal.

However, when it comes to the safety issue, there is no other saw in the market can defeat the SawStop CNS175tGP36 table saw.

It has an intelligent technology to save your thumb from the cutting down. During the cutting task, if your fingers get in contact with the blade, the saw machine would immediately stop its activities.

So, if you want some extra features in your contractor saw with the same price range, you can go for the SawStop CNS175tGP36 table saw. And that’s why we have tagged it as the best job site table saw.


  1. 75- hp motor can produce enough torque to handle the tough wood slab.
  2. The SawStop contractor saw has a 36-inch ripping capacity for taking care of the large piece of wood.
  3. Cast iron made table makes the saw durable.
  4. T-glide style fence of this table saw made the operation smooth.
  5. Two extra cast iron made wings of the saw make it stable and reduce the shaky movement.


  1. Brand: SawStop
  2. Weight: 341-pounds
  3. Model: CNS175tGP36
  4. Color: Black
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. Horsepower: 1.75-HP
  7. Dimension: 72×19.5×47-inches

What We Like

  1. The SawStop CNS175tGP36 saw is safe to use.
  2. The engineers make the saw sturdy.
  3. You can handle a large workpiece with the SawStop made model CNS175tGP36 table saw.

What We Dislike

  1. As it is one of the high-end saws on the market, it demands a higher price than most of the contractor saws available on the market.

Here, we have another mid-budget contractor table saw which can be used in your shop or job site.

The Makita 2705 10-inch contractor table saw is compacted with enormous power and features. This Makita table saw is one of the marvels.

The Makita 2705 has a 15-amp strong motor that can produce 4800 -rpm of blade speed. You can  compare this power with the Powermatic 1791230K, and the SawStop CNS175-TGP36 saw. And it won’t let you down.

In reality, the producers of 2705 saw put professional saw-grade power with it.

You can easily cut the 4×8-feet plywood on the table of the Makita 2705 table saw, that is quite impressive for its price.

For precise cutting action, the contractor saw has a double-sided guard. It is easy to make a cross cut on this particular saw because it comes with a sizeable T-style gauge.

Well, the Makita doesn’t compromise the security of it. And you will get the decent security with  2705 model Makita table saw.

This 10-inch contractor table saw has a clear blade guard, kickback pawls, and riving knives to provide you an exceptional cutting experience. Actually, if you have a mid-range budget, then you should buy this unique one of a kind contractor table saw.


  1. Makita 2705 has a 15.0-amp motor capable of serving the 4800 rpm for handling the wood act.
  2. You can easily set up the cutting measurement with the help of unique both side guard.
  3. The saw can rip off the 4×8-foot plywood.
  4. You don’t need any further tool to change the blade guard and the riving knife.
  5.  It has an extension table on the right to provide an excellent cutting experience.


  1. Brand: Makita
  2. Weight: 82-pounds
  3. Model:2705
  4. Color: Teal
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. Amperage: 15-amp
  7. Dimension: 32x36x15.2-inches

What We Like

  1. The Makita contractor table saw has a powerful motor.
  2. Controlling the saw is easy.
  3. You can easily separate the blade guard.

What We Dislike

  1. It doesn’t come with the stand.

To review our final contractor table saw we have Delta 36-5000. When you look for the first time at this saw, you will be forced to say the word fancy.

Actually, the designers of the saw made it so beautiful that you cannot resist yourself to say that.

The saw is made slick with a unique cage design which is made from tubular steel. The cage of the saw has wheels which makes it portable and easy to transport.

We are not just listing this because of its eye catchy design; we are here to talk about its features and performance also.

Delta 36-5000 contractor table saw has a powerful 1-hp motor which can produce enough power for taking control of the soft, and hardwood. The table of the saw has a 30-inch rip capacity to handle the large chunk of wood.

So, it can be used in a job site as a job site table saw  machine.

If you look carefully at the Delta 36-5000 table saw, you will find the stunning safety features of it.

Like other saws in our list, this particular saw has a blade guard and the riving knife, but the blade-brakes feature helps it to stand aside from the others.

So, if you are looking for the best contractor table saw under 1000, you won’t find another like this. Well, if you can afford this, just go on


  1. The tubular stand with wheels provides stability, support easy transportation.
  2. 30-inch rip capacity to the right of the blade allows handling the large workpiece.
  3. Biesemeyer style unique fence guide helps to control the workpiece easily.
  4. The Delta 36-5000 table saw has a dust port to handle the dust.
  5. You can make easily tilt cut with this contractor saw.


  1. Brand: Delta
  2. Weight: 230-pounds
  3. Model: 36-5000
  4. Color: Black + White
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. Amperage: 15-amp
  7. Horse Power: 1-HP
  8. Dimension: 40x44x24-inches

What We Like

  1. You can quickly move this saw.
  2. The saw is lightweight but sturdy enough.
  3. It can finish any kinds of home-based woodworking task.

What We Dislike

  1. Delta 36-5000 is another pricy saw in our list.

Buying Guide: Best Contractor Table Saw

Our experts have come out with some of the facts you should look before you rush to the store to buy the contractor table saw. These facts will definitely help you to find the best saw for home projects and job site.

Then, just let’s know the things you should consider before purchasing a contractor table saw.


Portability is one of the significant facts to look on during purchasing the contractor table saw.

Contractors used to maintain a changeable job site as their nature. So when they get a new contract, they run into that place to take care of their task. And often they need a handy portable tool that can be transported easily.

On the other hand, some workers maintain their job from their everyday places; they don’t change the worksite often.

So, before selecting the contractor saw machine, make sure what is the type of your job site. Consider whether is it changeable or not, then try to purchase the suitable saw.


Generally, all types of table saws are meant to be taken tough tasks and that’s why they need to be sturdy. So, producers from different companies make them with some of the sturdy materials available.

Cast iron is the most demanding among all of the materials for making bulky machines. But it also increases the weight of the machine.


So, if you are looking for a lightweight saw for the contractor you may go with the stainless steel or other stamped metal. These are lighter than the cast iron but strong as well as.

Table of the Saw

Contractor table saws are the special types of table saw. And it comes with a table just like the regular table saw. These tables are made of different types of metal.

Sometimes, you can find some futuristic tables with them which feature leg. And often they can be folded on those legs. Generally, this type of table saws have long tables and can handle long wood pieces.


On the other hand, some contractor table saw comes with a shorter sized table. And their limit is to tackle only the regular wood. And these contractor table saws are cheaper than the others which have larger tables.

Table Saw Fence

The fence is one of the most important parts of the table saw. Without fencing, you won’t be able to make a straight cut on the table saw.     


There you will find an array type of fences on the table saw. But T- fence is the latest and most accurate among them. This particular fence system has a locking system which helps it to grab the side of the table and provide the smooth straight cut easily.

Ripping Capacity

Generally, the table saw table size decides the ripping capacity of the table saw.

When you have a large slab on your hand to cut, you surely need an ample room to accommodate that piece of wood to cut.

Again, if your work is stable with the little workpiece, then it will be foolish to spend money on the saw with a large table because it will cost you more than the regular table saw.

So, choose the contractor saw by the length of its table. Usually, there you will find the contractor saw with the ripping capacity of 25 to 50-inches.


Power gets the main focus when you decide to buy a table saw.

Usually, a saw receives its power from the motor it has on board. And various companies use different types of motor with different power capacity on their individual model. 

Higher the power of the motor, more fabulous you will get the cutting experience.

It might be possible you need a small saw for your site but don’t forget to take a contractor table saw with the powerful motor, because it is the thing that will provide you the ultimate performance of the saw.


Power saws are not the only tools need To run a woodworking shop. Rather you need different types of tools. These tools can be a problem for you if you don’t have spare space to accommodate them. So, producers come with innovative ideas.


Sometimes you will find some contractor table saws with the extra hidden storage beneath the table saw blade which is helpful to store extra tools.

Vibration Protection

As the contractor table saw is a member of the power saw, it uses the motor to get its cutting power. And it is obvious, the saw will make vibration.

But the vibration is not a good alarm for a saw. It can easily ruin your smooth cut. And you can end up with a crooked cut on your workpiece.


To reduce these types of vibration, some of the table saws come with extra weight and vibration controlling technology.


During working with a saw, you have to get in contact with the sharp, sturdy blade of it. So, there is always the possibility to lose your finger.

Nowadays, companies from various corners are attaching some innovative safety features with their saws. And you will find some technologically advanced safety features on some contractor table saws like Delta 36-5000 and SawStop CNS175-TGP36.

Other companies who made into our reviews are also doing decent jobs. So, choose the saw you like most with the safety features.


We are listing the budget at last. But before you go buying you have to fix your budget. After adjusting the budget.

And after that, you should look for the saw which is best for your job.

We have found some of the best contractor table saws with a various price range, and we think this will help you to pick up the best within your budget.


Q: What is the best contractor table saw?

A: It is impossible to say just one name for the best contractor table saw, but we have selected top five contractor saws to review. You can also know some of the best tools in the market by going through our other reviews.

Q: What is the arbor?

A: The shaft which holds the blade is called the arbor.

Q:  How does saw stop mechanism work?

A: When the skin gets a touch of the blade it sends the information to the system from conductive human body, and the machine immediately stops its work.

Q:  Is it possible to use a dado on the contractor table saw?

A: It depends on the model. There you will find some of the contractor table saws which are offering the dado with their saw. We have listed that the Makita 2705 allows using the dado.

Q: How often you have to change the contractor saw blade?

A: It depends on the usages type.

Closing Word

After going through our contractor table saw review and its buying guide, it will be easy for you to curving a hard time to find the best contractor style table saw.

As always you can rely on our experts as they have showered sweat to find you the best of the best saw machine. We hope you will follow their trail and keep touch with the given buyer’s guide to fulfill your dream of having the best contractor style table saw machine.

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