Best Concrete Drill Bits

10 Best Concrete Drill Bits | Reviews And Buying Guide

Whether you need to drill through masonry, brick, natural stone, or extremely hard reinforced concrete, you need to have the best concrete drill bits.

With their help, you will get faster and easier drilling than ever. Not to mention, your productivity will improve big time.

But where to look for them? Don’t worry!

Like always, I’ve come to your rescue with the best masonry drill bits list. Here you will get the 10-best option from the market.

And to make your decisions much easier, there is also a buying guide to help you through the purchase.

So, if you’re ready, let get this started.

10 Best Concrete Drill Bit Reviews

Aren’t you feeling mysterious to know about the best concrete drill bits? Sure, you are. Let’s check out the article.

01. COMOWARE Rotary Hammer Drill Bits Set Review

Product Features:

  • Set includes: drill bits, bull point, flat chisel, gouge chisel, SDS plus shank and a wide flat chisel 
  • Perfect to use with electric hamer drill
  • Made from durable high quality carbide steel
  • Works on concrete, brick and wall
  • Comes with a plastic case

It is the COMOWARE Rotary Hammer Drill Bits Set & Chisels that will provide you different options as a bit set. 

In this set, you will get around 17 pieces of drilling bits. Those bits come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, from small concrete drill bits to long concrete drill bits, all your needs will be met by this one kit.

What you get here are bits that get made from carbide steel. And at the head of it, you will find a harder YG8 Carbide tip. So, making holes through concrete, brick, and wall won’t be a challenge anymore. 

The bits are great for longer use as the flute design of them reduces stress when you drill using them. And it won’t build any heat while providing you with clear, precise holes.

Besides the regular drill bit, you get a bull point, a flat chisel, one gouge chisel, and a wide flat chisel in the set. Now, you can demolish heavy-duty concrete slabs, remove the chips from the edges, creat grove and get a large scale wide hole using this one kit—no need to look for other options. 


  • Works on concrete easily
  • Precision drilling
  • Easy control
  • Handy storage cage
  • High-quality carbide material
  • Different bit versions


  • Does Not work on regular size anchor

02. Lifetime Warranty Masonry Drill Bits Set Review

Product Features:

  • 10 pieces set
  • Multipurpose drill bit works on concrete, artificial stone and other surfaces
  • Chrome Plated drill bits with carbide tip
  • Comes with a storage box
  • Lifetime warranty on them.

With an easy to use process, you can surely go for this 10 Piece Masonry Drill Bits Set from Owl Tools. These are multi-material drill bits. You get a chrome-plated bit with a carbide tip.

For your information, this drilling bit set is multipurpose. You can use them for construction or other related services that require drilling. They will quickly work on concretes to provide you friction drilling.

The storage case might be small, but it is enough to keep all your concrete drill bits set organized. With a variety of sizes available, you can do a variety of work using the bits.

Those drilling bits will work great on concrete, artificial stone, brick, and other similar surfaces. The best part of this bit set is they will maintain their sharpness for a longer time than usual.


  • Enough variations
  • Easy to use
  • Works on concrete
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Quality checked


  • Won’t’ work on stainless steel

03. DEWALT DW5207 Masonry Drill Bit Set Review

Product Features:

  • 7PC MAS Drill Bit Set
  • Easy to use
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Rock carbide tip maximizes surface contact
  • Four flute design clean debris out while drilling

Here is the DEWALT DW5207 Masonry Drill Bit Set. DEWALT is famous for its durable tools. It’s no exception, and you will get proper long time service from this drilling bit too. 

This bit set is perfect to work on concrete, and it will provide you clean and effortless drilling. The four-flute structure makes sure the debris gets out of the way so that you can do the digging fast.

The usage of this bit set is easy. It will sit perfectly on the chuck of the drilling machine. The three flats on the shank reduce the chance of slipping the bit from the chuck. However, in this bit set, you will get enough variations that will provide you the different sizes of holes. It will help you to get the accurate drilling you want. 

With all the reliability of DEWALT, you can easily choose this bit set for your projects. Whether you are professional or not, you will love to use this bit set.


  • Reliable
  • Long usage
  • Cach chuck easily
  • Four-flute design
  • Easy to use process


  • Less variety 

04. Bosch HCST006 6 Piece SDS-plus Bit Set Review

Product Features:

  • Optimized flute design for reduced bit stress
  • Features a harder diamond ground carbide tip
  • Centric tip for rounder holes
  • Set includes 6 bit. 
  • Portable Bosch Brute tough storage case. 

For the best concrete drill bits, you can look in the Bosch. What makes it better than most of the other drill bits of such kind is the optimized flute design of its. The innovative Bosch design ensures drilling with reduced bit stress. No more heating issues on the bits.

Other than drilling fast, it also makes the work much cleaner. It removes the dust to provide fast drilling. With a harder diamond ground carbide tip, it offers superior resistance than most. It can take on heavy loads. And for precision work, the tip provides a no-walk, centric drill tip. The holes you will get will be rounder.

With an optimized braze and specialized hardening process, you will get a longer life on it. And to keep it safe, you will get a brute tough storage case.


  • Rounder drilling
  • Precision
  • Storage case
  • Industrial grade
  • Long usage


  • Not suitable for hard concrete

05. COMOWARE Masonry Drill Bit Set Review

Product Features:

  • Durable Industrial grade heat-treated carbon steel
  • Two Flute design remove drilling dust and debri
  • Masonry Drill fits most electric or cordless hammer
  • High-quality carbon steel has enhanced rust protection
  • spiral shank increase cutting speed and prevents slipping.

This is the best multipurpose drilling bit set that comes with convenient packaging. It is the COMOWARE Masonry Drill Bit Set. The bit set is perfect for any kind of concrete. 

You can easily get rounded drilling on concrete using those bits. The rock carbide tip sits on the center and doesn’t slip. So, you get cleaner and more precise holes. The spiral shank also plays a huge role in that. It speeds up the drilling process while preventing any slipping. Meanwhile, the two flute design clears out the debris while you drill using the best masonry drill bits.

And not just masonry, those bits are best for working on surfaces like brick, concrete, and even rock. But you must be precise and careful when you are working on harder materials. But don’t worry, the bits won’t break easily. They get made from heat-treated carbon steel. So, they can take on the tough surfaces with ease. 

Other than that, you can quickly get drilling projects done with this drilling bit set. And if that’s what you want, then go for it.


  • Carbon coated
  • Multiple sizes
  • Reduce heat buildup
  • Fast drilling
  • Picture perfect


  • Only for hammer drill

06. DEWALT DW5470 SDS Plus Bits Set Review

Product Features:

  • 5-Piece set
  • Set includes: 3/16-x-6-1/2-, 1/4-x-4-, 1/4-x-6-, 3/8-x-6-, and 1/2-x-6-inch bits
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Four flute design cleans debris out for fas
  • Rock carbide tip offers precision drilling 

Here is the DEWALT DW5470 SDS Plus Bits Set. This bit set is the best bit set for concrete usages. You can simply take them out and start drilling with any drilling machine you’ve got.

Here the kit features five separate drilling bits that come in various shapes and structures. You can get more versatility with this unit than others. 

And when it comes to quality, it doesn’t lack any. The manufacture of this drilling bit is USA based. That already gives you more trust on the drill bits. The rock carbide tip maximizes surface contact. At the same time, it ensures a longer bit life.

That’s why this kit also makes to be the perfect choice to work on concrete, stone, brick, and other similar surfaces of such. Get high precision and durability at the same time with the Dewalt.


  • Durable
  • Made in the USA
  • High-quality material
  • Carbide tipping
  • Multipurpose


  • Bits don’t offer rust protection

07. WORKPRO 8-Piece SDS-plus Drill Bit Set Review

Product Features:

  • Carbide Tip
  • 8 piece SDS-PLUS drill bits
  • Wider and deeper U-shaped flute design
  • Shank has two types of grooves
  • Carbide tipping for faster and reliable drilling

The WORKPRO 8-Piece SDS-plus Drill Bit Set is making a higher impression with its unique features and quality. 

Firstly, the bit set provides you 8-different types of drilling bits. All of them get the gold carbide-tipped crown bit, which makes them more stable, harder. It increases the tool life drastically. With the SDS PLUS drill bit, you can now get through the concrete faster and more easily.

The drill bits unique wider, and deeper U-shaped flute design makes drilling faster. It cleans out the dust and debris to give you clean holes.

Not to forget about the shank, you get two varieties. With the small concrete drill bits, you will have smaller grooves that make the bits sit tight in the chuck. Meanwhile, the long concrete drill bits have larger grooves that increase the drilling torque and hammering energy. 

And all those parts, you can store in a  handy storage container. The box has slots that are easy to place and pull out. 


  • Handy container
  • High durability
  • Unique features
  • Easy usage
  • Different drilling with each piece


  • Not suitable for harder surfaces

08. Bosch Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit Review

Product Features:

  • Works on multiple surfaces like concrete, brick, stone and plastic
  • Set includes 5 drill bits
  • Hex shanks offers use with both hammer drills and drivers
  • Robust high-quality carbide tip for faster drilling
  • Steep flutes clear debris fast

This is a multi-function drilling bit that has various use. It’s the Bosch IMC500 5-Piece Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit Set. 

In this bit set, you will get five different concrete drill bits. They all share the same quality and durability that will provide you with higher producibility. 

What makes it stand out is the versatility. You can use the drill bits on various surfaces. From the masonry surface to brick, stone, plastic, and others, all can be drilled through using them. 

The drilling bits feature Hex shanks that make them work on hammer drills or drivers alike. With the aid of the carbide head, you can get holes faster on the surfaces. Meanwhile, the unique steep flutes of the bits eliminate the dirt. 

Overall, it’s the best drill bit for brick and concrete. You must check it out.


  • Multi Usage
  • Proper versatility
  • Clean drilling
  • Wipeout dirt
  • Long-lasting
  • Carbide tipping


  • No container

09. Makita D-07973 5 Piece - SDS-Plus Drill Bit Review

Product Features:

  • Made from tungsten carbide.
  • Carbide-Tipped Bits
  • Convenient case
  • Works on  Concrete, Brick and Masonry
  • Heavy-Duty drill bits last 3x-4x better than regular bits

Here is the bit set that will provide you aggressive drilling that is smooth and fast. It is the Makita D-07973 5 Piece – SDS-Plus Drill Bit Set For SDS+ Rotary Hammers pack. 

What you will get is five different bits set that come in a plastic box. Those bit sets will help you to get the perfect drilling on concrete.

However, the material of those bits is excellent for concrete drilling. That’s because it uses a tungsten carbide combo. Not only is it far better when it comes to durability, but it is also more precise. There is almost no-walk, as the carbon tip reduces the slipping when it comes in contact with the surface. Now, you can easily get your drilling project done with this bit set. 

For maximum reliability and precise drilling on concrete, look no further than the Makita. 


  • Multiverse
  • Durable tipping
  • Easy usage
  • Dust removing mechanism
  • Long-lasting


  • Has heating issue.

10. SNUG SNG532 Fasteners Five Masonry Drill Bit Review

Product Features:

  • Carbide Tip construction for better durability
  • Fast cutting with standard drill
  • Works on brick, concrete and block
  • Flat shank prevents bit slippage

When it comes to the best concrete drill bits, here is the most reasonable option for you. Here is the SNUG SNG532 Fasteners Five-bit set that has carbide tipping. 

Using the masonry drilling bits you can easily get holes on concrete. You can also try them out on brick, stone, artificial stone, and others as well. If you are a DIY’er, you won’t regret getting this drilling bit set for future use.

The bit sets are industrial grade as it uses a carbide tip. Now, drilling will be much more hustle free as those bits will easily attach to drilling machine chuck.

It will prevent slipping the bit and other potential accidents and fatigue as well. The carbide tipping offers reliable durability that will provide you more extended usage. 


  • Easy usage
  • Durable tipping
  • Prevent slipping
  • Accurate drilling
  • Longer usage


  • Not suitable for harder concrete

Buying Guide

The buying guide will help you to get the best concrete drill bits for your drilling projects. Those drilling bits come with various specifications and features.

It sometimes becomes confusing to find the right tool when you want the perfect match for your project. 

That’s why I will break down each point of the drilling bit that would help you find the right tool.

The drilling Project

Firstly, you must consider your drilling project. Whether it is for your professional use or home use? Depending on your needs, you should get the drilling bits.

If you are working on much harder surfaces, you should look out for a much more durable drilling bit that can create holes on your hard surfaces. 

However, most of the surfaces will be easy to drill with a concrete drilling bit. But, materials like carbide, tungsten will offer you the rigidity you need to dig through the surfaces without any problem. 

Ordinary concrete drilling bits might break when they try to drill through hard concrete. Those won’t.


The coating plays an important role when it comes to concrete drilling. The concrete and other similar objects are robust and tough to drill. That’s why the layer of the drilling bit matters.

Most of the time, you will get a coating with carbide tipping, which is suitable for those types of jobs.

If you’re working on a much firmer surface, then you can consider yourself a tungsten carbide tipped bit. The coating makes a difference in the usage of the bit. 

With robust and high-quality carbide tipping, you will be able to reduce heat on the bits while fast pacing your work to get smoother holes. So, you must make sure that you are checking out the drill coating before you jump into any drilling bit set.


Although at first glance, price does not seem that important, in reality, it is.

Most of the time, you will get better features with drilling bits that have higher prices. But that doesn’t mean you should go only for them.

You can find the best deal if you look for it. But don’t just go cheap. Go through your needs properly and choose a drill bit that might suit your budget. 

If it fits the budget, then great. But if you need to spend a bit, you can think about it too. Just don’t overspend unnecessarily.


The variations of the bits in the bitset are vital. More variety means more versatility in your projects.

Now, in most drill bit sets, you will get multiple bits with different diameters, structure, and length. If we fast consider the width, most of the drilling bit has the size from 3 millimeters to half inches size. 

On the other side, if you need a length variation, they also provide you various bit sets with different lengths.

The diameter of the drilling bit determines what will be the drilling hole’s size. While the length will ensure how deep the holes need to be. 


The typical masonry drills are perfect for drilling concrete and other similar surfaces. When I mention other surfaces, they can be plastic, masonry, stone, and artificial stone. 

If you want a drilling bit that can work on different surfaces, then you should look for a durable drilling bit. Those bits will work on other surfaces efficiently. 

With such a drill bit, you can save money, as you don’t need to buy separate bits for your work. Whether you’re a DIY’er or a professional, that is always good to have. That’s because it will increase your productivity as you don’t need to change between bits to work on the surfaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can I use the drill bit for concrete walls?

Answer: Yes, you can use those bits for concrete walls, and other surfaces.

02. Will concrete drill bit eliminate dirt?

Answer: It depends upon the drilling bit you are using. Most of the drilling bit features dust, removing flute design.

03. Can I use concrete drill bits on other surfaces?

Answer: Yes, you can use them on plastic, stone, artificial stone, masonry, and others.

04. Will I get a container with my drill bit set?

Answer: Not all drill bit sets come with containers. Make sure you check it before buying it.

05. Will my concrete drill bits slip from chuck?

Answer: No, concrete drill bits have perfect shanks that will not slip from the chuck easily.


No need to look into the market for the best concrete drill bits as I’ve got the best ones for you right here.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or professional; all the sets are easy to use. You will get much faster drilling while getting more precise and smooth holes.

So, check the bits out and get the perfect one with the help of our comprehensive buying guide. Once you get the right one, your drilling game will improve big time. 

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