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It is so much confusing to select a blade for the circular saw as the market has so many of them. It is almost impossible for us to pick up the exact blade according to our need. Sometimes, we ended up buying the worst product after seeing chic reviews. Actually, they are paid most of the time.

Well! It is a common scenario.

Just relax and sit back tightly. Today, I am here with picked five best circular saw blades. I have selected those after using it personally or depending on my buddies’ reviews who have years of experience of using these. Just go along with me till the end, and you will apparently find the saw blade you need.

To help you more with your blade picking I have also attached a buyer’s guide. I am sure after you go along with this neutral review your hesitation of picking the blade will be clear.

So, make a pause into this intro to start the core theme. Let’s begin 5 best circular saw blade review in 2020.     

Quick Summary: Best Rated Circular Saw Blades

ImageProduct Name Max RPMTeeth Count Check Amazon
Irwin 49355604,00068
Freud D1090X7,00090
DEWALT DWAFV37607,00060
Concord Blade ACB1000T100HP5,350100
Rockwell RW928210,00060

5 Best Circular Saw Blade Reviews

To start the review at first, I have Irwin made model 4935560 blade. I think it is the best overall circular blade on the market right now. I am saying this because I couldn’t find another saw blade in this price range which had these many outstanding features.

Best Feature:

Most fascinating features which make me select this saw blade is its construction quality. It is a laser cut blade. So, it is one of the accurate in the whole marketplace. Designers put an anti-vibration vent on the blade so that it can reduce vibration and can provide true straight, smooth cut.

This 7 ¼-inch circular saw blade can take up to 4,000-rpm. That means it won’t collapse in front of your raging saw.

Its 68 multi-cutting grade carbide blade teeth are able to cut down various metals easily. So, you can take care of the wood, plywood, tile and hard metal like steel, and still, it will do that without losing any teeth or bending.

 Actually, they have claimed, it is ideal for cutting steel sheet, and I agree with them. Buddies of mine have also tested this and said the same. They hadn’t face any problem to cut steel sheet. So, this is the best circular saw blade for steel.

Engineers designed this blade unique so that it can prevent kickback. So, if you want to reduce fatigue during cutting, you can go for this unique circular saw blade also.

What We Like

  1. Anti-kickback design reduces fatigue.
  2. Can cut thin steel.
  3. Carbide teeth are strong enough to stay sharp for a long time.

What We Dislike

  1. After cutting several batches of metal, it can lose its teeth, but it is normal for its price.

If you are looking for a blade by forgetting about money, then Freud D1090X can be the best choice for you. The blade is offering everything you want to see in a modern-day saw blade.

Best Feature:

This universal saw blade is compatible with both miter saw, and table saw. Designers of the Freud put shear-face grind design to the blade so that it can cut the workpiece without spending so much power. These unique features help it to score on this list.

If you have a saw with a low amp, you can easily use this on to that. The blade will still perform first class and will hold its shape perfectly. This can be your got to blade for versatile saws for reducing the amount of waste material.

It has an ultra-thin kerf for the smooth cutting operation. So, you will always get butter like cutting surface on the workpiece.

This durable circular saw blade is made from carbide which ensures its long life. So, if you are a professional carpenter or a handyman, you should try this special universal saw blade for making your project easy and efficient. 

What We Like

  1. Carbide made saw blade is durable.
  2. Wastes a little material.
  3. Can be used for cutting versatile materials.

What We Dislike

  1. Go slow with your expensive plywood because it can leave burn marks on it.

DEWALT is a renowned company who has introduced us with some of the top tools on the market. And they are not so behind to make some of the best circular saw blades. In this review, I have selected DEWALT DWAFV3760 blade for you.

Best Feature:

If your saw blade is unconventional and loses its teeth after several swings then you need a sturdy one. DEWALT made their saw blade by keeping that in mind. To give you a sturdy saw blade they have designed its teeth with submicron grade carbide.  This unique feature compels me to list this blade in conversation.

Thin kerf of the blade helps to get a narrow cut line like a hair. That means you will always get the cut without wasting materials. It also provides after cutting smooth surface.

There you can find a patented body slot unique design that also helps to get a smooth cutting operation. I have also seen that the blade reduces chipping with its sharp 60 teeth. The 7 ¼-inch blade is engineered to take as much as 7,000rpm of speed without breaking down.

Most of the blades on the market cannot absorb the vibration made from the saw, but the story of the DEWALT is different from them. For its unique design, it can reduce vibration during operation and stays steady. So, you don’t have to put more pressure on the saw to keep it straight.

In my opinion, this mid-range budget saw blade can be your go-to buddy for general purpose.

What We Like

  1. Equipped with hard submicron grade carbide teeth which ensure its longevity.
  2. DEWALT DWAFV3760 can provide thin, smooth cut.
  3. It is one of the best saw blades for using in general purpose.

What We Dislike

  1. It can not take too much load, so it is not for them who has a mass operation in the site.

The next blade in my list is the Concord Blades ACB1000T100HP. If you are looking for a circular saw blade to cut various non-ferrous metal, you should check out this bad boy. This hard titanium carbide blade is always ready to take care of the different metal easily.

Best Feature:

The fascinating thing about this blade is; it is made of hard titanium carbide, and it is ultra-sharp. So, it is no matter for this blade to cut various non-ferrous metal like aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, plastic, PVC, acrylic and so on.

Well! With the ACB1000T100HP on saw, you will be able to take care of your most of the cutting task. But I don’t recommend you to use it for cutting HSS or iron because this ferrous type metal can damage its teeth.

10-inch diameter with 100 teeth count helps the blade to achieve maximum depth of cut easily. And to do so, it is able to take up to 5350-rpm of rotating speed.

The Concord blade also has a really thin kerf of 3.2mm, 5-degree hook, and unique TCG grid. With the combination of all of them, it is easy for it to achieve a thin, smooth, industrial grade cutting. 

And not only that, the particular circular saw blade is able to tackle thin material like aluminum. So, if you are looking for the best circular saw blade for cutting aluminum along with various types of wood, go for it.

Form the experiment I have seen that this beast can be pretty useful for cutting aluminum bar or pipe. And it can do it without damaging itself.

So, if you have a lot of aluminum to cut, you can take a look on this Concord Blades ACB1000T100HP circular saw blade. The blade will allow you to use it in the miter saw, table saw, hand saw and many more saws.

What We Like

  1. Titanium carbide teeth can take care of most of the non-ferrous metal easily.
  2. With its distinctive design, it can deliver a superior cut.
  3. It is a beast to cut aluminum like butter.

What We Dislike

  1. Not recommended for cutting hard materials.

Sometimes you find a low-price saw blades to use it in your DIY project.  After searching for a while, I have encountered with the Rockwell RW9282. And I think, it is one of the best you can get around 15$ price range.

Best Feature:

With this tiny amount of money, Rockwell is offering some of the astonishing features. It allows users to cut wood, plastic, drywall and various metal. No other circular saw you can find in this price range which can cut this variety of materials.

This Rockwell 4 ½-inch circular saw blade can rotate up to 10,000-rpm. The raging rotating speed along with its 60 sharp teeth, it takes no time to cut workpiece.

High-Speed Steel (HSS) is one of the sturdy materials in the universe. And surprisingly the Rockwell circular saw blade is made from it. To keep down the price low, they have made this saw blade with HSS instead of using carbide or tungsten.

However, keep one thing in mind. Though HSS is sturdy enough for cutting so many materials, it attracts the rust. So, keep the blade clean after using otherwise it will get rust over time and will lose its sharpness.

As it is made from HSS, it offers a thin kerf which helps to get a smooth cutting line. Well! as it is the best budget circular saw blade, you cannot use it with so many different saws on the market. The blade features a small diameter of the arbor, and it is compatible with RK3441K Rockwell Compact Circular Saw and other saws which feature same size arbor.

What We Like

  1. Made from sturdy HSS which helps to cut various type of workpieces.
  2. Features a thin kerf.
  3. The blade is small for fit in the various hand saw machines.

What We Dislike

  1. The Rockwell RW9282 can get rust easily, so be careful. I will recommend you to keep clean the circular saw blade after using it.

Circular Saw Blade Buying Guide

Circular saw is one of the most common power tools you can see in the hand of carpenters. But this simple looking tool is tricky to pick up. Before purchasing the saw you should consider some important facts. Here the facts right below:


All the saws haven’t the same size. According to their working purpose usually, they feature different sizes. You can find circular saws which are made to use in just one hand. These saws are as small that they have just 3-inch to 4.5-inch blade. On the other side, you can find some of the big saws which are used at various sites. And most of the time, they feature 7-inch to 12-inch saw blades. So, before buying the blade for your saw make sure about its blade size.


Well! To cut the different type of metal, you can find different materials made blade on the market. To cut versatile hard metal, diamond tip blades are the most useful. If you want to cut ferrous or non-ferrous materials, a carbide tipped tungsten blade will be the best choice. And an HSS (High Speed Steel) blade is more suitable for the DIY project. So, if you are a professional, don’t go for the HSS made circular saw blade. On the other side, it is idiocy to pick up the pricy diamond tipped blade, if you don’t have the hard material to cut. So, make your purchase according to your cutting need.

Blade Type

Over the years, engineers have designed so many different types of blades. But there you can find three major categories. And according to their rim style, they are continuous rim, segmented rim, and turbo rim. Each type of blade is specialized for cutting different materials and able to provide different cutting style.


A kerf is a thin cutting line appears on the workpiece after sawing a workpiece. Generally, it depends on the blade thickness. A thick blade has a wide kerf, and it wastes more materials than a blade with a thin kerf. Try to pick up the blade which has the thinnest kerf. This blade will provide you the most elegant smooth cut. 


Generally, the center hole of the circular saw blade is known as the arbor hole. The arbor of the saw holds the blade by using this arbor whole. All the circular saws on the market are not the same, and their arbor sizes are different. So, before taking the saw blade, get a clear idea of your saw arbor size.


Q: Who makes the best circular saw blade?

A: There you can find an array of companies who make the best quality blade for circular saw and DEWALT, RockWell, concord Blades, Freud, Irwin are some of them.

Q: What kind of metals are possible to cut with a circular saw blade?

A: You can cut different type of metals with different circular saw blades like wood, aluminum, HSS, tile, masonry materials, and many more.

Q: What type of rims circular saw blades have?

A: Here you can find three type of rim, and they are

  • Continuous rim.
  • Segmented rim.
  • Turbo rim.

 Q: What are the materials circular saw blade made from?

A: You can find different type of materials made blade on the market. Steel, diamond and composite materials made blades are common.

Closing Word

Thank you for sticking with me until now. We are pretty much done for these circular saw blades. Now, you can happily go for purchasing the saw blade. If you have further query, let me know in the comment section. And for finding more tools review, please stay with our team.

We love to save your time and utilizing ours to select the best product for you. From the passion of researching everyday products, we are here to help people and making our business a top service provider. So, keep going with us and own the best according to your need. We can assure you; it will be a worth buying. They are the best of best.



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