Are you bumping around for searching top rated cabinet table saws? A cabinet saw is one of the complicated members of saw family, and it is natural that you will be confused to get the best value saw from the market.

However, don’t worry. Today we have adorned our review with some of the best cabinet saws available on the market. Our saw experts spent hours after hours to find you the most reliable cabinet saws.

Without being further late, let’s check the 5 best cabinet table saw reviews.

Quick Summary: Best Cabinet Table Saws

ImageProduct Name Maximum Cutting DepthMotor PowerCheck Amazon
Grizzly G06903-1/8-inch at 90-degree and 2-3/16-inch at 45-degree15-amp/3-hp
SawStop PCS1753-1/8-inch at 90-degree and 2-1/4-inch at 45-degree.14-amp/3-hp or 1.75-hp
JET 708675PK3-inch at 90-degree and 2-3/16-inch at 45-degree.14.5-amp/3-hp
Shop Fox W18193-1/8-inch at 90-degree and 2-1/4-inch at 45-degree.12.8-amp/3-hp
Powermatic PM10003-1/8-inch at 90-degree and 2-1/8-inch at 45-15-amp/1.75-hp

Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews

Grizzly is a popular bear species found in North America. The bear is incredibly strong and, sometimes it is called the strongest of all bear families. I know many of you have already know about them. However, I am telling this because the company Grizzly is also making some of the sturdy tools. Today we are here to give an overview of the Grizzly G0690 table saw.

Grizzly G0690
Best Budget

 G0690 is a robust cabinet saw made from high-quality metal, and producers of Grizzly throws a 15-amp motor 3-hp motor to power up it. By using just 220-volt, the motor can deliver 4300-rpm of arbor rotating speed. From our experience we know, the power is enough to handle enormous woodworking pursuit.

It is the best cabinet saw under 2000 featuring so many options with it. The 10-inch Grizzly has maximum 13/16-inch dado. And it is no wonder; the cabinet saw is able to make 3-1/8-inch deep cut at 90-degree and 2-3/16-inch deep at 45-degree.

Maximum rip capacity of 29-inch isn’t negligible. Additionally, the saw is 34-inch high from the ground. We think it is perfect for all workers to handle their carpentry job. 


  1. Featuring a 3-hp motor.
  2. The single-phase motor requires 220v.
  3. The arbor speed of the motor is 4300-rpm.
  4. Maximum dado 13/16-inch and rip cut capacity is 29-1/2-inches.
  5. The height of the table from the ground is 34-inch.
  6. Can cut up to 3-1/8-inch deep at 90-degree and 2-3/16-inch at 45-degree.


  1. Brand: Grizzly
  2. Weight: 530-pounds
  3. Model: G0690
  4. Color: White + Green
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. capacity: 15-amp
  7. Horsepower: 3-hp
  8. Dimension: 24x30x43-inches

What We Like

  1. Grizzly G0690 has a convenient table height.
  2. The saw is made entirely from sturdy material.
  3. One of the budget-friendly cabinet table saws you can have on the market.

What We Dislike

  1. Attached three hooks on the backs are not that much usable.
SawStop PCS175
Best High-End

SawStop is one of the newest companies you can find on the market which is dominating now a day by releasing various tools. Despite of being new, it has already introduced us some of the high-end saws. And SawStop PCS175 is one among many professional cabinet saws.

The saw features cast iron made sturdy body which is able to fight for a long time with the environment, and it proved already itself as a durable table saw. To achieve the best table saw title, PCS175 comes with a powerful 14-amp motor.

3-hp motor needs just 110-volt-120-volt for serving 3450-rpm of speed. By using this kind of enormous power, it is enough to take care of any type of woodworking task. If you think that 3-hp motor is just excess, you can take the saw featuring 1.75-hp.

13/16-inch dado capacity is convenient like other saws you can get on the market. But 20-inch x 27-inch cast iron table and up to 52-inch rip capacity made it unparallel.

By using the SawStop, you can easily make 3-1/8-inch at 90-degree and 2-1/4-inch at 45-degree cut. For providing you the best saw machine SawStop didn’t compromise any of the features which are essential for a quality cabinet saw, and it has a 4-inch dust management port also.

So, what else you need to make the SawStop PCS175 cabinet table saw is the king of your job site? If you have the money to afford it, you should take this saw without thinking much.


  1. Features an option to choose 1.75-hp or 3-hp motor.
  2. It has a standard rip capacity up to 52-inch.
  3. Offers a maximum 13/16-inch dado capacity.
  4. 20-inch x 27-inch cast iron table.
  5. By using 110v-120v this powerful 14-amp motor delivers 3450-rpm


  1. Brand: SawStop
  2. Weight: 477-pounds
  3. Model: PCS175TGP236
  4. Color: Black
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. capacity: 14-amp
  7. Horsepower: 1.75-hp/3-hp
  8. Dimension: 39.1x33x34-inches

What We Like

  1. Comes with a flesh detecting safety feature,
  2. 4-inch wide dust collection port.
  3. It has professional grade T-glide fence.

What We Dislike

  1. Not much to tell negative about the saw.

We have selected JET 708675PK cabinet table saw as our “Editors Pick.” We have found no other saws in the market at that price range offering these much features.

The Jet made model 708675PK saw comes with a 15-amp 3-hp powerful motor. With using just 230-volts the motor is able to kick at 4300-rpm of speed. You can get the job done easily by using that raging power. 

Editor’s Choice

For handling tough task on job site, it has armor like body made of cast iron. And Jet didn’t stop there to satisfy you. To provide you with the most fantastic woodworking experience, the708675PK saw features a cast iron made shiny table measuring 29-inch x 42-inch wide.

We guarantee, 50-inch rip cut capacity will leave no room for regret of your jet table saw. It is wide enough to take care of most of the lengthy workpiece.

Additionally, this best budget table saw has a maximum 13/16-inch arbor and can cut up to 3-inch at the 90-degree and 2-1/8-inch at 45-degree.


  1. By using poly v belt, Jet JTAS-1050XL-1DX operates quietly.
  2. 5-amp powerful motor delivers 4300-rpm speed with just 230-volts.
  3. For handling a big task, Jet has a conventional 29-inch x 42-inch cast iron made table.
  4. Maximum 13/16-inch dado.
  5. Can cut up to 50-inch rip.
  6. Features a 29-inch x 20-inch metallic table.
  7. Can cut up to 3-inch at the 90-degree and 2-1/8-inch at 45-degree.


  1. Brand: Jet
  2. Weight: 510-pounds
  3. Model: JTAS-1050XL-1DX
  4. Color: White
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. capacity: 14.5-amp
  7. Horsepower: 3-hp
  8. Dimension: 85x36x38-inches

What We Like

  1. Offers a magnetic on-off switch.
  2. Built in 4-inch dust management port.
  3. Has a 5-inch x 18-inch x 4-inch built-in storage.

What We Dislike

  1. Really we didn’t find any drawback of this cabinet saw.

Shop Fox is another tool making company who is new on the market. Though it is not that old, the company has contributed already some of the best saws on the market. Among the top Shop Fox saws, today our eye will be on the W1819 10-inch cabinet saw.

The Shop Fox W1819 can be your first choice for picking up a cabinet saw for your workshop. Under 2000$ you can find some few saws allowing some of the professional features.

You will get a cast iron made table saw by costing this handsome amount of money. Though we have searched a whole lot of time, we couldn’t find any convenient saw which can compete with it.

3-hp motor featuring saw need 220-volts to start up. Moreover, 12.8-amp is more than enough to get 4300-rpm for this table saw.

The shop fox doesn’t leave any scope to think it as a cheap cabinet saw. It comes with 13/16-inch dado capacity and has the rip capacity of 29.5-inch. The engineers threw 3-1/8-inches at 90-degrees and 2-3/16-inch at 45-degrees cutting capacity with it.

So if you have any problem with our first discussed three saws, you can pick this 457-pounds weighing professional grade table saw.


  1. Shop Fox W1819 made from polished cast iron.
  2. 3-hp single-phase motor demands 220-volts to run.
  3. 8-amp powerful motor delivers 4300-rpm of arbor speed.
  4. Featuring maximum dado width of 13/16-inches.
  5. Can cut 3-1/8-inches at 90-degrees and 2-3/16-inch at 45-degrees.


  1. Brand: Shop Fox
  2. Weight: 457-pounds
  3. Model: W1819
  4. Color: Black + White
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. capacity: 12.8-amp
  7. Horsepower: 3-hp
  8. Dimension: 67×46.5×30-inches

What We Like

  1. Great cabinet saw on budget.
  2. Comes with a sturdy metal body, and table.
  3. Like other professional cabinet table saw, it features 4-inch dust collecting port.

What We Dislike

  1. Attached small on-off stitch is not a big deal.

At last but not least we have Powermatic PM1000 cabinet table saw to review. The saw is one of the best value cabinet table saws on our list.

Just around 2000 price range the PM1000 is offering decent features. The saw has a powerful 15-amp 1.75-hp motor. You need just 115-volts to start up the motor to get 4200-rpm of arbor speed.

Like other best cabinet saws on our list, the PM1000 has decent working height, and it is 34-1/4-inch high. The saw has an available dado capacity of 13/16-inch.

The most astonishing thing about this cabinet saw is its rip capacity. By covering 52-inch rip, Powermatic is one of the desired saws which have the highest capacity of ripping.

When it is time to talk about cutting capacity, Powermatic can cut up to 3-1/8-inch at 90 -degrees, and 2-1/8-inch at 45-degrees.

With all this features Powermatic PM1000 saw can be the best choice for tackling your mass woodworking project. and That’s why I am calling it one of the best table saws for woodworking. 


  1. You will need 115-volts to operate the Powermatic PM1000.
  2. 15-amp powerful motor delivers 4200-rpm of arbor speed.
  3. Comes with a 34-1/4-inch high table.
  4. Features 13/16-inch maximum dado.
  5. It can cut up to 3-1/8-inch at 90 -degrees, and 2-1/8-inch at 45-degrees.
  6. 20×27-inches wide table is enough to take care of the wide workpiece.


  1. Brand: Powermatic
  2. Weight: 465-pounds
  3. Model: PM1000
  4. Color: Yellow
  5. Power Source: corded-electric
  6. capacity: 15-amp
  7. Horsepower: 1.75-hp
  8. Dimension: 36×27.5×63.8-inches

What We Like

  1. Producers made it as durable.
  2. Great deal for the money.
  3. Delivers an excellent cutting experience.

What We Dislike

  1. The saw is not actually bright yellow, as it was shown in the picture.

Cabinet Table Saw Buying Guide

It is tricky to pick up a cabinet table saw because you need to consider its various facts.

Sometimes it is a bit difficult to look out all the facts you need to buy the best quality table saw.

And here are our experts have come to the action again. They have found some facts which you should pay attention during purchasing the cabinet table saw available on the market. Look below to see the facts:


Unlike other table saws which are portable on the market, which are weighing little, cabinet table saw machines are more massive and designed to use in one place. 

So, the design makes the cabinet saw heavier than the other saws you can get. A cabinet saw can weigh as much as 400-pounds to 600-pounds. this weight helps it to balance its vibration. So, before purchasing the beast, make sure there has enough weight put to it for preventing wobbling and shaking.


From the definition of the motor, we know that horsepower (HP) is the measuring unit of its power. 

If you are a hobbyist or a DIYer, you don’t need the strongest motor. On the other hand, for taking care of the enormous woodworking task, it is not enough to have just a tiny motor with less horsepower. 

From our experience, we have found that a motor horsepower can vary from 0.5-hp to 5-hp for a cabinet table saw. So before hitting on the market, make sure about your working mode, and grab the suitable one. 



Generally, a cabinet table saw is made from cast iron. However, that’s not the scenario for every tool companies. Some of the tool companies use cheap material to build the saw. It helps them to cut the production cost of making the saw.

Try to avoid them. We believe that the cast iron is the most desirable material to make the best cabinet saw because only it has ability to hold massive weight of a cabinet saw.


There is no room to think that all saws come with a blade. Some manufacturers want to give you opportunities to install the various blade within a saw. 

However, most of the time saws come with a blade. Make sure the attached blade is sturdy enough to take the pressure of your woodworking job. Check out the sharp edges of  blade to cut wood comfortably. The most important thing to choose a blade is its size. Only install the blade that is required by the saw.


Fence: The fence is another most important parts to keep in mind. 

Fence of a table saw helps to get rip cut and other cuts as well. There you can find so many types of fence attached to the saws. We have found that a T-fence is most desirable and it is easy to use to get done various type of cuts.

Cutting Capacity

It is so much important to have a look at the cutting accuracy of the saw when you are looking for the best cabinet table saw. Make sure that your chosen saw is able to tackle any possible deep wood.


Like other members of the table saw family, a cabinet table is also bulky and can weigh up to hundreds of pounds. So, when you ordered it, it comes parts by parts. And it is so much complicated to move around once you set this saw up. In a word, the cabinet table saw is not a practical saw if you need to move around it frequently.

However, the weight of a cabinet table saw is one of the important things as its motor power. Engineers designed it bulky because it needs to be.

But why?

Here is the catch


A table saw produces so much vibration when it is on to action. As a result, it may not able to deliver the smooth, straight cut you want. So, to minimizes the vibration, engineers put some extra weight to it. And it is recommended to you to pick the saw as bulky as possible as it has the ability to minimize the effect and maximize the cutting accuracy.


Safety Firstis the dialogue we usually see in the first place on a job site. So, before purchasing a cabinet style table saw, you have to look for the best safety features attached to it. 

Try to check the kickback prevention. It prevents the wood kickback and keeps safe your hand from getting a fatal injury. Read our review carefully. We have listed down some of the best saws on the market with some advanced features.

Table Space

Actually, woodworkers need a table saw for tackling a large piece of wood. They do it comfortably on keeping the workpiece on the table saw table top.

So, before selecting the cabinet table saw you need to consider its table-space. Pick the saw according to your workpieces you use. Some table saw has a extension wing to tackle the extra large piece of wood. If you determine to pick that type of table saw, you don’t have to be tensed about the large piece of wood.


Then, if the budget of your cabinet saw is high, I will recommend you to pick that specific type of saw.


The main difference between the regular table saw and a cabinet table is a cabinet on the cabinet saw.

The general purposes of that cabinet are to accommodate excess tools and give a cover to its internal component.


To cut out the production cost, some greedy producers use cheap quality metal to make the cabinet. And these cabinets are not long lasting at all. Sometimes they make them so small that they can not accommodate any further tools. So, when buying a cabinet table saw, make sure the saw has a decent amount of space in its cabinet and made of sturdy metal.    

Dust Management

Dust is the silent enemy of a carpenter. Usually, woodworkers who used to work for a long time in a sawmill can face various disease. Dust can attack the lung, and you may encounter various lung disease like asthma is a common one. Some manufacturers are attaching dust collecting port which helps to keep your workspace clean and debris free.


Q: Who makes the best cabinet saw?

A: There have some companies on the market are making some of the futuristic cabinet saws. Best cabinet saws are right below in the list:

  • Grizzly G0690
  • SawStop PCS175
  • JET 708675PK
  • Shop Fox W1819
  • Powermatic PM1000

Q: Is it possible to cut metal on a cabinet table saw?

A:  With a diamond tip carbide blade it is possible to cut metal on the cabinet table saw. However, we don’t recommend you to do so. To find some of the best metal cutting saw check out the Review Infinite.

Q: Is it Enough to have just Contractor Saw in a workshop?

A: If your workshop covers a various type of tasks then a contractor saw is not enough to handle all kind of works. Try to keep different types of saw in your job site. And it is wise to keep a miter saw for getting various types of angle cut.

Q: What kind of metal is used to make the cabinet table saw blade?

A: For cutting wood there you can find carbide-tungsten blade attached to the cabinet saw.

Closing Word

In the review, we have listed down some of the budget-friendly cabinet table saws. We think those are the best of the best saws on the market you can have. The saws cover every need of a woodworker. If you need the top-quality, grab one of them without thinking much. 

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