5 Best Bench Grinder Reviews In 2019

Today we are here with the reviews of bench grinders available in the market. We know who has a workshop for making things need the grinder for doing such things like grinding, shaping or sharping.

Generally, a bench grinder is the tool you need most for sharping tolls edges like chisels, drill bits, gouges and others which have dull edges. You can use it for polishing things, make a rough shape into a fitted one.

Our experts have spent hours after hours to find you the best bench grinder. They have selected just five from the varieties of bench grinders. You can quickly pick one of the grinders available on the market from our reviews.

So, without further delay, let’s pick up the best scraper from our 5 best bench grinder reviews in 2020.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Bench Grinder

ImageProduct Name WeightMotor Speed(rpm)Check Amazon
WEN 42764-pounds3450-rpm
JET 577102 JBG-8A58.5-pounds3450-rpm
DEWALT DW75627.8-pounds3450-rpm
RIKON Power Tools 80-80537.1-pounds1750-rpm
SKIL 3380-018.48-pounds3450-rpm

Best Bench Grinder Reviews

Have a tight budget, and still want a bench grinder? Don’t be upset. Our team of “Review Infinite” has pulled out the best-budgeted bench grinders for you. We didn’t find another budget-friendly bench grinder available on the market. So, we end up with the WEN 4276.

The WEN is the first tiny grinder of our review. There have the another or more could be in our review. Well, we will talk about those later. For reducing the cost, the WEN didn’t compromise the quality of the grinder. This is one of the entry level-general grinders you can pick from the market.

The grinder has a sturdy body structure and has a powerful motor capable of producing 3450 rpm for shaping. You can give your rough workpiece a shiny look. The grinder can heat-up your dull tools by sharping them.

Though it is a starting budget range bench grinder, it has an awesome motor with 3450-rpm just like DEWALT, JET, and Skill.

If you are thinking of a speedy bench grinder with a low amount of money, you should definitely go with the WEN made model 4276 6-inch grinder.


  1. The Wen has two types of wheels for grinding different types of material.
  2. The 60-grit wheel is ideal for removing metal and regular grinding.
  3. With the 36-grit you can quickly remove the metal.
  4. 1 moto is specially built to reduce the sound.
  5. The wheel of the grinder is able to rotate at 3450 rpm.


  1. Brand: WEN
  2. Weight: 4-pounds
  3. Model: 4276
  4. Color: Black+Orange
  5. Amperage: 2.1-amp
  6. Dimension: 14×9.8×15-inches

What We Like

  1. It is easy to open the handguard and install the wheel.
  2. The bench grinder made by Wen is too light-weighted.
  3. For protecting the eyes, the machine has a guard.

What We Dislike

  1. Grinding a sturdy tool with it is hard.

For the second section of our review titled best “High-End” we have selected the JET 577102 JBG-8A bench grinder.

Generally, the grinder which can sit top of the bench is called the bench grinder. Actually, the bench grinders are not so much huge; sometimes they are good for carrying. However, the JET made 577102 JBG-8A is not the example of that type of bench grinders. It is pretty much big like a giant.

However, this giant can handle a tougher job than the others can on our listing. To polish the blade or the metal, the JET 577102 JBG-8A has a 1-hp powerful motor. This powerful motor can rotate the shaft into 3450-rpm.

Oh ho, the producers of the JET didn’t forget to add the shield for protecting the eye. Another greatest feature of this enormous grinding machine is, It, doesn’t make vibration. 

The key feature of the JET made model 577102 JBG-8A bench grinder is the dust vent. That means it will smooth the edge of your toll with ease and will keep your floor dust free.

The shell of the grinder made from the cast iron, so it is heavy along with sturdy and durable. So who wants industrial grade grinder he should definitely spend his money on this JET bench grinder.

However, before buying the grinder, I want to remember you one thing. This giant grinder is so expensive than the DEWALT, Rikon or SKILL.


  1. The Jet 577102 has a 1-HP motor than cut spin the wheels for getting the smooth and shiny grinding.
  2. There they are offering the eye shield with the JET 577102 bench grinder.
  3. The grinder has a single speed motor.
  4. You will get the 3450-rpm motor with the grinder for delivering the enormous power for cutting.
  5. The jet has two wheels for grinding one is 36-grit, and another one is 60-grit.


  1. Brand: Jet
  2. Weight: 58.5
  3. Model: 577102
  4. Color: Gray+Black
  5. Voltage: 115-volts
  6. Horse Power: 1 HP
  7. Dimension: 22.7×14.5×13.3-inches

What We Like

  1. The machine is sturdy.
  2. The grinder can run a whole day long.
  3. You can easily manage to control the spark of the holding metal by using the spark protector.

What We Dislike

  1. The Jet grinder is large than the others have on our list.

If you tell me that you don’t know the DEWALT, I won’t believe you. Almost all of you have heard the name, or you are already using some kinds of tools made by the DEWALT. They have the fame of making some durable tools on the planet.

Today we have chosen the DEWALT DW756 bench grinder as our pick. Our experts have gone through some tests and compared the prices of the grinders from our list and finally selected.

We have selected this because the DEWALT is offering some of the futuristic features on this price range. The DEWALT made this particular grinder has an overall body cover made of cast iron, which makes it rust free for years after years. The feature makes the DEWALT durable and reliable.

This heavy-duty bench grinder has a powerful motor of 5/8-hp which is enough to make the force to clean rust from the metal. This bench grinders can do so many things including cleaning objects, deburring, shaping the parts, sharping and many more.

Like the JET and WEN, the DEWALT also has a shield to protect the eye.  If you don’t need a giant grinder, you can take DEWALT. It won’t book out your place like the JET. Moreover, its price is lower than the JET.


  1. 5/8-hp power of the motor can grind any metal.
  2. To help the wheels for grinding the motor rotates the shaft into 3450 rpm.
  3. The base of the grinder is made of cast iron which makes the DEWALT GID-298465 durable.
  4. Users can accurately set their workpiece with the aluminum tool rest.
  5. You will get the smooth operation because of wheel guard of the DEWALT bench grinder.


  1. Brand: DEWALT
  2. Weight: 27.8-pounds
  3. Model: GID-298465
  4. Color: Yellow+Black
  5. Volts: 110-volts
  6. Power Source: electric-power
  7. Dimension: 16.8×11.4×9.4-inches

What We Like

  1. The bench grinder is sturdy.
  2. You will get a powerful motor with it.
  3. The DEWALT GID-298465 allows you to grind a large piece.

What We Dislike

  1. The instruction is provided with the bench grinder is poor.

Until now we were talking about the grinders which were special for both shaping and the sharpening. However, now we are presenting you the sharpening bench grinder.

The RIKON Power Tools 80-805 is one of the infamous bench grinders which is specially made for sharpening the tools or the knife. The RIKON made this grinder from the iron, and it has a 0.5-hp motor under the shell.

The motor of this special grinder is not as fast as the DEWALT, JET or SKIL. The motor of the RIKON can rotate the wheels at the 1750-rpm, which is ideal for sharpening the blade or your chisel.

Like another grinder on our list, you won’t be able to shape the metal with it. For a smooth, glossy sharpening, the RIKON has attached aluminum oxide white grits on it, which is entirely different from the others in our list.

So, folks, if you want to sharpen your knife go on for a RIKON 80-805 bench grinders.


  1. For antivibration, the Rikon has a cast iron made feet with rubber padding.
  2. .5-HP motor can rotate the wheel into 1750 rpm which is enough to make slim the rough tools.
  3. The Rikon 80-805 comes with two wheels made of aluminum oxide white measured 1×8-inch 60 grit and 120 grit.
  4. Safety eye shield of the grinders saves the eye form the spark.
  5. The engineers of the Rikon made it especially for sharpening operation.


  1. Brand: Rikon
  2. Weight: 37.1-pounds
  3. Model: 80-805
  4. Color: Off White+Dark Blue
  5. Dimension: 16.4×10.8×11.2-inches

What We Like

  1. The tool is ideal for sharpening.
  2. It has a diamond wheel sharpener.
  3. RIKON comes with a sturdy casing for the whole grinder.

What We Dislike

  1. The grinder doesn’t do well with the shaping.

If you are not satisfied with our first product of the list, you can try another. For you, we have selected SKIL 3380-01. We spent a whole lot of time to find this alternative.  Well, finally we have gotten that.

The SKIL made this unique bench grinder has a 2.1-amp motor which can kick 3450-rpm for grinding. This considerable amount of rotating speed is enough to sharp knives, chisels, drill bits and shaping the metals.

Like others, the 3380-01 model has two wheels, a convenient built-in LED to watch better, tool rests and shell made of iron.

The grinder has eye shields to give extra shield like the WEN and others in our listing. To reduce the vibration, it has rubber padding.

In short, the SKIL has everything you want to see in a bench grinder. So, if you are searching for a bench grinder under hundred, this might be your ultimate choice.


  1. To provide the grinding power, the grinder has a 2.1-amp motor.
  2. Each of the two wheels has tool rest for the precise grinding.
  3. For reducing vibration, the SKIL 3380-01 has a cast-iron base.
  4. Eyeshield of the grinder protects the eyes of the users.
  5. Under the feet, there has a rubber which makes the tool stable.


  1. Brand: SKIL
  2. Weight: 8.48-pounds
  3. Model: 3380-01
  4. Color: Red+Black
  5. Power Source: Electric-Corded
  6. Dimension: 15.4×10.8×8.5-inches

What We Like

  1. The wheels of the SKIL grinder rotates in 3450 rpm.
  2. To help you during the grinding there has a LED light.
  3. cSAUS has certified this bench grinder.

What We Dislike

  1. The construction is flimsy to some of the reviewers, but we didn’t think so.

Bench Grinder Buying Guide

Before you go to the store to buy a bench grinder for your workshop, you have to keep some facts in mind like features, your budget, and your need. Motor quality and so on. If you miss remembering any of the things before buying the grinders, there have a chance you would end up buying a worthless product. So before hopping into the shop let’s check our complete buying guide on the bench grinder.

Working Type

do you know each work needs the specific tool to accomplish? Yes, absolutely right. However, there is another case; you can finish the simple task with some high-end product. In this case, you are using the overpower and the overpowered machine will rise our working cost as a skyrocket.

On the other hand, a sub-rated tool may not enough for the hard task. So, make sure about your job type, then purchase the bench grinder. If you are a DIYer, then don’t spend so much money on a high-end product.

Built Quality

When you will go to the store you can see varieties of the bench grinder. Each of the grinders is unique from their stage. Almost all of them have different built quality. We judge the tool by its build quality. If anyone chose a poorly constructed grinder, it could make him a donkey. The grinding machine can fail during the working. So always make sure to pick up the sturdy one with your budget best. There you will find some cast iron made bench grinder out there. From our experience, we have come to know that the cast iron made bench grinders are the most sturdy and heavy among them all.


Motor is the heart of a grinding machine. If you look at our reviews, you can easily notice that there we have talked about the different company made various bench grinder. With the bench grinder price, there was a difference in their motor power. Some of the motors were slow, and some of them were fast. The slow motor is the best for sharpening work, and the fastest one is best for shaping and sharpening both. So, make sure about your work and then decide the motor you want in your bench vise. Otherwise, a slow motor won’t let you grind metal into shape.


Bench grinder wheels are another main feature of the grinder. Actually, you scratch the workpiece on to the wheels to make it shiny. Different kinds of wheels are suitable for polishing the different metal. So, whenever you want to grind different metal, you have to change the wheels. So, make sure to buy that bench grinder which lets you adjust the wheels easily and has some spare wheels available on the market.


Ha ha ha always the size does matter. Yep, the size does even matter for the bench grinder. If you are a DIYer and have a personal garage for doing the home-based simple work, then we will recommend you not to buy the large one. The large bench grinder will cost you a whole lot of money. Then, if you are a professional and you have massive tasks, you should go for the industrial grade bench grinders instead of the simple one.


Q: How do you use a pedestal grinder?

A: Stand beside the grinder, then slowly make the contact of your workpiece with the grinder. Now, chafe it until you are done.

Q: What are bench grinder wheels made of?

A: Generally, the wheels of the bench grinders are made of abrasive grain. Sometimes you will find different names for the different types of grain like super abrasives are made of diamond or CBN, corundum is made from aluminum oxide, and the conventional abrasives are made from ceramics. 

Q: What do use a grinder for?

A: Some primary uses of the grinder are shaping, sharpening, removing paint, polishing, sanding and so on.

Q: What is a bench grinder good for?

A: A bench grinder is suitable for shaping or sharping various tools like drill bits, knives, gouges, chisels and any more.

Q: What is the best bench grinder?

A: We have listed down some of the best bench grinders into our reviews. They are all best from their personal perspective. To see more best tools, please stick with the team “Review Infinite.”

Closing Word

When it comes to talk about buying tolls you come to us to find the best. At the bench grinder, we did the same, and now we are presenting you the some of the best bench grinders on the market. You can choose any of them. However, before purchasing one, please go through all the review, this will definitely help you to find the best grinders for your home and workplace.

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