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Seriously a bandsaw need a fence? The answer is yes and no both. If you do only the curved cut on your bandsaw, you will never need a bandsaw fence. But the bandsaw resaw fence is essential for making straight or resaw fence. So, as no one use the band saw for only making the curve cuts, they definitely need a fence.

Most of the time high-quality bandsaws don’t come with the fence. Though some companies are offering one pre-attached fence with their saw, they are not good at all. So, it is an obvious choice that you need to get an aftermarket bandsaw fence for resawing or ripping.

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The article features 5 of the best aftermarket band saw fences. These are well researched, hand picked, and tested before putting on to the list. So, you don’t have to be worried about their features and abilities.

Just, hop on to the best aftermarket bandsaw fence reviews to see what are they offering. And check out the buying guide to pick the right one.

Quick Summary: Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fences

ImageProduct Name BrandCompatibility Check Price
Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw FenceKregFits most of the 14-inch band saws
Woodhaven 7280Woodhaven14-inch Ridgid, Jet, Porter cable and Powermatic
RIKON 13-900 RIKON Power ToolsRIKON 10-320 Bandsaw

Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence 2019- Reviews

Key Features:

  • Kreg KMS7200 fits on most of the 14-inch band saw. But you need to modify it for attaching with some of the saws.
  • It can cope up with blade tilt.
  • KMS7200 bandsaw fence is able to take resaw guides. 
  • Comes with a top class lens cursor to show exact measurements.
  • To provide comfortable viewing, it features magnified readings.

It is no matter whether your saw blade is perpendicular to the saw table or not. The KMS7200 bandsaw fence will easily adjust your blade drift. And that’s how you will get the ultimate precision.

If you are looking for a versatile aftermarket bandsaw fence that can be attached to most of the 14-inch band saws, KMS7200 can be your right choice. It is so much organized that you can throw it directly to the work right out of the packet.

A simple bandsaw doesn’t allow a user to perform various types of cuts easily. And traditional bandsaw fences are unable to help them to get those varieties of cuts. But the Kreg fence is promised to help them to do so. And the fence doesn’t stop here, it can also engage with resaw guides.      

Carrying and handling the Kreg KMS7200 bandsaw fence is not so tough.  It is made of high-quality aluminum and that’s why it is so light to carry and handle along with it is sturdy. You can put on and off the fence pretty much quickly without using any further tool.

What We Like

  1. Made from high-quality material.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Provides professional grade precision.

What We Dislike

  1. To attach the bandsaw fence with some specific saw models you need to modify it.

Key Features:

  • CARTER MAGFENCE II is compatible with most of the bandsaws which have a table made with ferrous metal.
  • Features two super-powerful magnets.  
  • The bandsaw fence allows the users to switch the magnet for easy and most accurate adjustment.
  • Fits with all of the MAGFENCE II accessories.

CARTER MAGFENCE II is one of the best after bandsaw fences. It is famous for its compatibility. This specific universal bandsaw fence uses two high-quality magnets to sit tightly on the ferrous metal made table top.

So, before buying a CARTER MAGFENCE II magnetic bandsaw fence you need to make sure that your saw got a ferrous metal made table. If you are confused about ferrous and non-ferrous metal, check out the asm-recycling. And their article on ferrous and non-ferrous metal will help you to find what’s the material of your saw table?         

Most of the bandsaw tables are made from cast iron, steel or aluminum sheet. The cast iron and steel are the most common ferrous metal and the aluminum is the opposite. So, if you are using an aluminum table you can skip this CARTER MAGFENCE II to the others.

Two powerful magnets attached to the Carter bandsaw fence is switchable. And you can get them any where you want on the table. And it will provide you the precise measurement which will help you to accomplish the cutting.

What We Like

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Compatible with all bandsaw tables which are made of ferrous metal.
  3. Carter Magnetic fence comes with a multiple T-slots.

What We Dislike

  1. Not good to hug an aluminum table.

Key Features:

  • Featuring angle bracket design which completed with blade lead. 
  • You can directly put this on to the 14-inch Ridgid, Jet, Porter cable and Powermatic.
  • Have two different fence lock positions.

If you got a 14-inch bandsaw from any of these popular companies such as Ridgid, Jet, Porter cable and Powermatic, the Woodhaven 7280 bandSaw fence will be the perfect choice for it. Whether you get a 14-inch bandsaw or 16-inch bandsaw table, it will fit all of them without any modification.

Woodheaven bandsaw fence is a great deal to have beacuse of its array of futuristic features. The saw fence is made from high quality metal. This metal makes it sturdy enough to gain a longer life time. And these are the facts which makes it one of the best band saw fencs avaliable on the market.

Attaching the Woodhaven 7280 is not difficult. If you get a bandsaw from any of the companies mentioned before, you will just have to put the fence right through the slots. It will perfectly match to the screw hole. 

However,  if you don’t have 14-inch saw from those specific companies, don’t feel like helpless. You can still attach the 7280 bandsaw fence after some modefication. And the modification is not so hard to get. 

To provide you the most accurate measurement the bandsaw fence comes with two lock systems. These are attached at the two ends of it. And not only that. It also will cover up your back with two balde lead locks.

What We Like

  1. Sturdy construction.
  2. Easy to use. 
  3. Compatible with most of the common companies’ 14-inch band saw.

What We Dislike

  1. Need adjustment for using it in different bandsaw models.

Key Features:

  • Fits perfectly with the RIKON 10-320 Bandsaw.  
  • Featuring magnified cursor along with clear easy to scale.
  • Comes with a cam lock lever.
  • Has a rear glide rail.
  • Also, has a rip saw bar.

RIKON 10-320 is one of the renowned bandsaws out there. And often people find the right saw fence for it. And today’s bandsaw fence review we have listed this specific fence only for them.

The RIKON 13-900 is not just a fence for the bandsaw, it also has a resaw bar to help you people with resawing. 14-inch bandsaw also features a rear glide rail and cam-lock lever. And these two help the user to get the most elegant cuts. It is not getting pause here.  It also offers several other adjustments to provide squiring and drifting the band saw blade. 

This 14-inch band saw fence by Rikon has easy to read scale which is backed up with a magnified cursor. That means you will get the perfect measurements all the time without hassle.

What We Like

  1. RIKON 13-900 is perfect for RIKON 10-320 14-inch band saw.  
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Can be used for multiple tasks.

What We Dislike

  1. Not compatible with other band saw models.

Key Features:

  • Made from sturdy aluminum.
  • Features a handy adjustable cam.
  • Comes assembled.

At last on your best aftermarket bandsaw reviews, we have Powertec BS900RF. It is not a universal bandsaw fence which can be used on various models. Rather it is perfect for use with POWERTEC B900RF Woodworking Band Saw. 

The fence is made from an aluminum alloy which makes it ultra durable. Actually, it is pretty much badass to provide you straight parallel cuts every time.

However, though the manufacturer has ensured that it is made to perfectly match with POWERTEC B900, the words are not exactly true. It is not only perfect for use with this specific saw model. You can also use it any of the bandsaws which got 11-3/4 table. Actually, the fence can be adjusted to any 9-inch bandsaw 

Handy cam lever of the Powertec bandsaw fence model B900RF helps the user to get ultimate cutting experience with a hair like precision. The B900RF comes pre-assembled. So, you don’t need to assemble it before put it on to the work. And it is easy to handle and store because of its 13.4-ounces lightweight.

What We Like

  1. Easy to use 
  2. Sturdy yet lightweight.
  3. Can deliver perfect rip cut.

What We Dislike

  1. Not compatible for 14-inch band saw.

Best Bandsaw Fence Buying Guide

Power saw fence is important equipment because it helps users to get a straight cut. If you don’t have one of the best bandsaw fences you will end up ruining the workpiece. So, it is important to have an idea of what you need to consider when purchasing one aftermarket bandsaw fence.

And below I will talk about this. So. let’s come along.

Building Material

At first, the facts you should take your eyes on is the building material of your desired bandsaw fence. Like the fence for table saw, a bandsaw fence can be made using different materials. The aluminum, plastic, and steel are some common to do that job.          

But my personal opinion is about the building material of a bandsaw fence is aluminum alloy. It is one of the robust metal you can get on the fence. 

Steel also is a strong material. But we should avoid buying them because they will catch rust soon. And it is not easy to handle the fence made of steel, as it is so heavy.

What about plastic? The answer is, it is one of the materials you should neglect when the matter is a fence.

Lock System

If you want to get the precise straight cut on your bandsaw, you have to lock it down after placing it on the right place. Different companies use their own special lock system. Magnetic lock and cam lock lever system are the most popular among them. 

The magnetic lock system is quite simple and easy to handle. On the other hand, the cam lock lever is a bit more complicated. So, most of the people choose magnetic bandsaw fence over a cam lock system. 

However, before you also rush to the store to order one, you need to remember one thing. A magnetic fence is just compatible with those saws which have a table made of ferrous metal.


As the saw models vary from one another, the accessories do the same. You cannot use the same extension on the different saws because of their different dimensions and designs. 

Most of the bandsaw fences are made for the specific model. And they don’t fit on other band saw tables. So, before purchasing the aftermarket bandsaw fence, you need to find out your saw model and need to be sure that the fence is compatible with it.

However there you will find some super quality universal bandsaw fences. These fences are able to hug all kinds of band saws.


Just like the saw itself, all the fences are different from each other. As they are meant to use in specific saws, each of them is unique and already set for a specific saw. 

So, even if you dislike the design of the fence, you have nothing to do. Because probably you won’t find another one to replace it. If you got a bit of luck, a universal saw fence can help you.


Q: Is it essential to have a fence on the bandsaw?

A: The fence helps the woodworker to make straight cut easily and smoothly. And without a fence, it is near impossible to get that.

Q: What are the bandsaw fences made of? 

A: Generally, most of the best bandsaw fences are made of cast aluminum alloy.

Q: What is a rip fence?  

A: The fence which helps to get rip cut is known as a rip fence.

Q: Is it possible to use a table saw fence on the bandsaw? 

A: Each saw needs the specific fence to hug it properly. And as the band saw and the table saw are different from each other, there is no way you can use a table saw rip fence on the bandsaw or vice versa.

Closing Word

That’s it for today. Now, it is time to wrap up the best aftermarket bandsaw reviews. If you have already read the buying guide, you don’t need anything else to find the right one. So, people who have skipped that part, please read that. 

If you are thinking of a bandsaw fence which is good enough to get a position in the list but I didn’t put it. Let me know in the comment section.

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