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What are the major reasons behind using an axe? Long ago, it was an essential item, and people had to use it on a daily basis for different purposes. If you want to go camping, you might want to get an axe to split wood and make fire for cooking.

Do you want to get an axe that does safely chopping tasks, and requires less effort? You may know that a proper axe can cut half of the total work for you. An appropriate axe helps you to tear the wood very easily in no time using less muscle power.

Searching a fantastic axe is a hard job since you need to check the construction material, head size as well as the overall size of the axe. I have put the most popular models to the test so that I can recommend you the best axe. I have included my experience so that this review will help you to find out the right one that will make your chopping tasks comfortable.

Types Of Axe

These types of axe sare considered as the best axefor felling trees. You can compare this with the camp axe. The felling axe head weights about two pounds and the handle is about two feet long. Since its blade is thin and sharp, it is usually used to chop down trees and branches. It is an ideal tool for the hikers as this makes the chopping wood very easy.

Splitting Maul

It is one of the best wood splitting tools that do an excellent job for splitting firewood. The weights of these types of axes for splitting wood are around twelve pounds. Since the head of the splitting maul is thick, the weight of the axe helps to force heavily and keeps the axe away from getting stuck. This axe is a brute force tool, and its edge doesn’t need to be very sharp.

Usually, a double-bitted axe is around 17 to 36 inches long where one end is sharper than the other end. The sharperendis used for felling or cutting against the grain, where the other endis used for splitting wood like a splitting axe. The double bit felling axe is not necessarily the right tool for real works, but these are primarily used for sports like throwing towards a target.

The people of the Viking age often use the Viking axes. Typically, the sizes of the Viking Hand Axe and the Great Dane Axe are same. As a Viking fighting axe, it can wreak as much havoc as possible. The real Viking axe is good for deadly attacks. The Viking axe design is praiseworthy; they are very well-balanced, fast and lightweight. The real Viking axe’s size is enormous, and the overall length is about 52 inches. Both hands are usable, and there is no need for using a shield while swinging it around.

Tactical Axe

Tactical Axe is a multi-functional axe that includes many features to meet your demands. If you use an axe only on certain occasions and you don’t have many kinds of wood to cut down, then you might consider using a tactical axe. Don’t worry; still, you can split wood. The tactical Viking axe is not much useful like a traditional hatchet can do. The best tactical axe could be your life-saver for its multi-functional abilities.

Fiskars is one of the leading companies having a strong brand portfolio. Especially, they promote innovative and effective tools for crafting, gardening,and cooking. Fiskars axe provides sharper edges with a proprietary grinding technique that help to give a cleaner cut. The blades of these axes have low-friction coatings to keep the edge sharp for a long time. The most attractive thing about Fiskar axe is its lifetime warranty from manufacturers. If you want to know more about Fiskars, check below Fiskars axes reviews where I have discussed Fiskar axes in details. 

It is a two-face prehistoric tool that is made from flint or chert. Do you know? It is the longest-used hand tools in human history. This two-faced weapon has a rounded base with a pointed end. Not only this axe is used as a weapon, but it is also used for many different purposes. Though the hand axe has a short range, it can do reasonable damage with its moderate weight. Now, you may see many developed small hand axes that are more powerful than Viking age. 

This type of axes comes around 30-inches long and comparatively lighter than other axes. Notably, this type of axe is designed to use by one hand, where the user can use his/her another hand to hold a shield. Though it is a lightweight tool, the battle hatchet can create as much havoc as possible. So, you can refer this to a bearded axe. Its massive head edge makes it possible to create havoc.

Usually, hatchet axe is small in size. They are useful for cutting small logs or making rough cuts. Though hatchet axes are not proper for cutting large trees, especially they do a great job in cutting up branches. The axe handle is no more than one foot, and the axe heads weight is about a pound. So, you can use it instead of a machete or a big knife. If you are a camper or a hiker, but you don’t like to carry extra weight at traveling time, you may consider taking small axes hatchets in your carrying bag. Remember, these tactical hatchets are not suitable for cutting down large trees that are more than a couple of inches. In that case, you should check other types of axes.

Usually, the size of the Camp Axe is smaller than a felling axe. The camping hatchet is designed to handle smaller projects such as splitting kindling and cutting up branches. The compact size of the axe allows you to pack it easily. A good camp axe handles can be used for many projects including carving and limbing.

Splitting axe is specially designed cutting firewood. The head of the axe usually weights between 3-6 pounds. Its extra weight, as well as the bulkier poll, helps to force the spilled. The large splitting axe will do a better job; if you want to split some woods that are straighter with fewer knots. Nowadays, the small splitting axeis considered as a mandatory tool for the occasional wood-burners to the modern homesteader.

When the discussion is about standard axes, there is nothing exotic or obscure about Estwing Sportsman Axe. This solidly built axe is cheap enough that everyone can afford it easily. The traditional axes have wooden-handle which can dry out over time and create possible risks of shrink or loosen the handle. If you hit it inappropriately, the wooden handle may break. The Estwing axe steel made handle makes it unbreakable. Also, it can absorb shock for its stacked leather washers.

If you want to hew logs into beams adequately, you should consider using a broad axe. The axe has a wide blade that sizes about 13 inches or so. Though the hewing broad axe is not suitable for regular wood-work, you can use the broad axe as an excellent learning tool.

Gerber Axe

Fiskar introduces us to Gerber Axe which is cheaper than any other traditional axes. Fiskars Gerber axe offers five models of Gerber Axes. The blade shape of the Gerber tactical hatchet makes it possible to cut any wood deeply. It is a lightweight tool that requires less energy than a more massive axe. Among the Gerber Axes, the Sports Gerber Axe and the Camp Gerber Axe are most popular. The Sports Gerber Axe is similar to a hatchet that is pretty good to chop small trees, splitting, limbing and camp chores.

Do you know the purpose of tomahawk axe design? Especially, they are used for fun or tactical purposes. The best tomahawk axe head is lightweight that can chop down wood very easily. This compact tool is an ideal selection for general camp use, or for combat.

You can refer the Hudson Bay Axe to a ¾ axe that you can keep in your collection. The axe is named by the traders “Hudson Bay” who like to manufacture smaller size of axes. The Native Americans are fond of this axe. The Hudson Bay Axe headis made of iron. Nowadays, manufacturers also use steel for axe head. The Hudson Bay Axe is famous for its versatility as well as effectiveness. The head is about 2 pounds,and the Hudson Bay Axe handle is about 22 to 28 inches long. Fortunately, they are available for reasonable budgets.

Carpenter's Axe

These types of axes are very similar to hatchet-sized axes that are mainly used for traditional woodwork. Approximately, the carpenter’s axe is about 19 inches long, so it cannot chop down the giant redwoods. Longbeardis placed, to control the blade accurately. Moreover, these carpenter axes use a reasonably sharp edge that enables you to make precision cuts. Carpenters will love this for its sharp edge.

Fireman Axe

These types of axes are called firefighting axes that can tackle any emergency situations. The length of a typical fireman axe is between 23 to 28 inches. This fireman’s axe is also known as the pick head axe that has a pick-shaped pointed poll. Most of the fireman axes are designed in vivid colors which makes them visible in an emergency situation. Generally, the fireman uses it to break doors and windows.

What Are Axe Used For?

  1. An axe can chop down trees and small branches. It helps to process kindling.
  2. It helps to split wood.
  3. It helps to do rough woodworking.
  4. It is an essential tool for campers.
  5. It can be used in combat.
  6. Firefighters use it in an emergency
  7. Carpenters use it for various things like boats, wood cabins, skis, and many more.
  8. It is used in sports like throwing to the target.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Axes

ImageProduct Name WeightDimensionCheck Price
GransforsBruks forest axe2.2-poundsN/A
Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Axe2.1-pounds25.6x7.2x1.6-inches
Estwing Sportsman's Axe14.9-ounces13x7x2-inches
Husqvarna Splitting Axe7.2-pounds28.5x8.9x1.6-inches
Fiskars Super Splitting Axe8-pounds1 x 1 x 1 Inches

Top 5 Axe Reviews: According to Types

Here, you can read 5 best axe reviews. We have selected these axes to let you know which type of axe you will need. We had listed-up all of my favorite axes and categorized them based on budget, product quality, experts’ opinion, users’ reviews, sellers ranking, and other facts. By reading these reviews, you can pick up the best axe that can give you the best chopping experience.  Let’s check the list and buy the best axe for you.

It is impossible to pick a single one as the best. Different persons use an axe for various reasons, so the choice differs from person to person. We have listed all of the best axes based on their designs, material quality, and purposes. Each tool has been examined thoroughly. Intense research work has done. Then, we had rated each item based on our real-life experiences when we had used them. Below, you will find detailed information about those axes along with everything that we like or dislike.

Usually, people easily believe in the companies who are in the business for many years. Just like the others trusted company of the market the Gransfors Bruks has been leading the business for hundred years.

The professional blacksmiths forge every axe using their outstanding professional skills.  So you can get a premium axe by sitting in your house.

The fun fact about the forest axe made by Gransfors Bruks is; it is quite the same as the Hunter axe. The size is not so long than a Hunter axe, but the forest axe has more traditional looking. The handle is more than enough to chop down some branches for your fireplace, but you have to remember that the handle isn’t so long.

Now, come to the blade. If you look closely to the blade, you can easily see that the blade has a thin sharp edge which can easily take care of your simple cutting job on the campsite.

The Gransfors Bruks offers a 3.5-inch head and the 19-inch handle made from hickory. The 1.5-pounds weighing head of this particular forest axe comes wrapped in a leather sheath.


  1. The blade of theGransforsBruksaxeis made fromcarbonsteel, which makes it sturdy.
  2. GransforsBruks holds a hickory handle with it.
  3. The sheath of the axeis made from leather browned by vegetable.
  4. Designers of the GransforsBruks made this axe for easily cutting thin sticks.
  5. It can produce enough power to tear down the limb wood also.


  1. Brand: Gransfors Bruks
  2. Weight: 2.2-pounds
  3. Model: 420

What We Like

  1. The blade of the axeis made from high-quality Swedish steel.
  2. You will get a hickory handle with the axe.
  3. It’s a very sturdy axe.

What We Dislike

  1. The Granfors Bruks has more weight than the others have.

Sweden made another axe has made its position to our review article. Sweden is one of the best for manufacturing some of the fascinating axes. For this segment of our best axe reviews, we have selected the Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Axe.  This axe has made its position with its characteristics, price, and the working ability.

The Husqvarna multi-purpose axe has a 26-inch large handle attached with a 3-pounds weighing head. To attach the head to the handle, the blacksmiths of the Husqvarna used both wood and the metal wedge. That wedge secures the axe so that you can easily use this for chopping, splitting and simple limbing easily without losing the head.

If you compare the both Sweden made axeon our article; you can notice that the Husqvarna made multi-purpose axe has a thicker head than the Gransfors Bruks axe. However, the engineers have managed to curve a thin head on the Husqvarna axe.

This traditional axe can do your light cutting and chopping work, and it can do it without losing its shape of the edge. To adding the more protection to the blade, the company provides a leather sheath. You can make a massive blow to the wood using the long handle of this multi-tasking axe. So, you can definitely purchase this axe to make your cutting job easier than previous.


  1. The Husqvarna 26-inch axe has a single edge for cutting the woods.
  2. Hickory handle of the axe provides enormous much power for chopping.
  3. The handle is attached with the blade using metal and wooden wedge to secure the fitting.
  4. You will get the enormous cutting power from the long handle.
  5. For defending the rusting, the axe comes with a sheath made of leather.


  1. Brand: Husqvarna
  2. Weight: 2.1-pounds
  3. Model: 576926201
  4. Dimension: 25.6×7.2×1.6-inches

What We Like

  1. The ax comes with a sheath.
  2. Long handle helps to get more power for swinging.
  3. To make the Husqvarna axe the engineers use Swedish steel.

What We Dislike

  1. The wood handle is less sturdy than it.

When you want to go camping, you need a short size handy axe. Well, are you already tired of looking for the best camping axe? Chill don’t go further, because we have already done the job for you. We have searched and came here with the best camping axe for you.

For our review, we have found the Estwing Sportsman’s Axe is the best match. The blacksmiths of the Estwing has managed to forge the axe with a one piece of metal. The USA based company uses USA steel to make this sturdy axe to prevent the rust and to make it durable.

Solid American Steel made axe has a leather made a grip on its handle to provide maximum comfort during the cutting. The axe has a 3.25-inch head with the 13.5-inch handle. This adoptable tiny size of the axe helps the users to get a massive Blow.

Though this particular axe can not be compared with the others axe in this article, it’s unique inits place. This axe is the champion for the camping. So, take this bad boy on your backpack, if you are going on the wilderness.


  1. To prevent the falling of the blade, the blacksmiths make this axe as a single piece.
  2. The tiny size of the axe is handy to use at camping.
  3. You can easily chop woods, cut logs with this steel made a little axe.
  4. For providing comfort and durability, they have attached a genuine leather grip on the Estwing Sportsman’s
  5. The ballistic nylon sheath of the axe protects the edge from rusting.


  1. Brand: Estwing
  2. Weight: 14.9-ounces
  3. Model: E24A
  4. Package Dimension: 13x7x2-inches

What We Like

  1. Theaxe made from the rustproof
  2. The sharp edge can hold its sharpness for a long time.
  3. One-piece constructed axe guarantees the sturdiness.

What We Dislike

  1. The axe is not suitable for the heavy work like falling the trees.

Everybody has a soft corner for those companies who launch the best product on the market. It is no wonder that if you search the market, you will find most of the best axe comes from either Sweden or the USA. So in our article, this two country made axes are dominating like they are in the market place.

Well, many of you already have the regular axe for cutting and chopping, and now you want a splitting axe. For those people, we have found an axe. This axe is also made in Sweden and comes from the Husqvarna company.

During our research, we didn’t find any other splitting axe like Husqvarna S2800. This axe is different from the camping axe or the hunting axe. It is larger than the others and more robust from the traditional axes.

This axe has a unique side cut out head with a unique coating which can be easily helped you to compare from the other types of the axe. The Husqvarna 27-inch splitting axe has a large handle also for producing dynamic power with every swing. The producer of the axe has attached a rubber made a grip on the handle for absorbing the vibration. Most amazing fact of the saw is its splitting wedge.

So, if you want splitting task so easy with some power like Hulk this axe is definitely for you.


  1. The specially coated head of the axe helps to enter the wood easily with less effort.
  2. For splitting the wedge, the axe has a wide milled.
  3. The large axe with the sturdy handle is good enough for cutting down the trees.
  4. The grip of the handle can absorb the shocking and gives a comfortable striking.
  5. The different grip also helps to prevent slipping the axe from the hand.


  1. Brand: Husqvarna
  2. Weight: 7.2-pounds
  3. Model: S2800
  4. Dimension: 28.5×8.9×1.6-inches

What We Like

  1. The comes with a coated steel made a distinctive cutting edge.
  2. You can make your splitting task easy with the Husqvarna Composite Splitting Axe.
  3. The axe has an exceptional

What We Dislike

  1. The axe is not good for chopping.

For wrapping up our product list for the best axes, we have selected Fiskars Super Splitting Axe.  The axe not only got the name super, but the axe is also really super on its features and working.

We have selected this splitting axe for the tall man like you. Fiskars Super Splitting Axe is taller than the Husqvarna splitting axe. This particular axe has a noticeable length of 36-inch. We all know that a taller axe is capable of making the more swing power than the shorter one.

Like Husqvarna, this axe doesn’t come from Sweden,and another axe manufacturing giant Finland makes it. The edge of the Fiskars axe is made from forged high-quality steel, which can efficiently prevent rust. The blade is also robust and doesn’t get dull under the heavy working pressure.

The mind-boggling thing of the axe is its long handle. The handle is made from fibercomp and stronger than the steel. So, you can be tension free during the splitting, because the handle won’t break under pressure, and your splitting work will be smooth.

You will get another thing from this particular saw, and the thing is a hammer head end. However, this feature is also highlighted in the Husqvarna. Moreover, like Husqvarna, the Fiskars has also a splitting wedge.

So, if you are satisfied with the budget and the length of this axe you can try this axe for your splitting task.


  1. The 36-inch size of the axe makes it perfect for the tall man.
  2. The designers of the Fiskars made the axe with the perfect balance of power and weight for getting the high efficiency of the swing power.
  3. The uniquebevel of the cutting head makes it easy to remove from the wood.
  4. With the precise design of the axe, you don’t need more than one swing to split the log.
  5.  Attached rubber grip of the handle makes the strike almost vibrationless.


  1. Brand: Fiskars
  2. Weight: 8-pounds
  3. Model: 378841-1002

What We Like

  1. The axe has a heavy-duty metal made the cutting
  2. You will get maximum comfort during splitting, thanks to its grip.
  3. The axe could be the best choice for the tall man.

What We Dislike

  1. The axe is designed especially only for the splitting.

Buying Guide: How to Choose an Axe

What are you thinking? Are you ready to go for buying an axe after looking at some of the best axes from our list? Some of you might have a positive answer, but you have to look before some extra things before buying an axe. Here are the kickers which you have to look for while purchasing an axe.

Purpose of An Axe

If you are a carpenter or a lumberjack you might know the various types of axes and their varied uses. However, many of you don’t have the clear idea of different axes. There are many axes you can choose from. And each of the axes is unique from their place. All of them can’t do the same thing as you cannot cut and fell down a tree with a splitting axe, and same you can’t spill with the cutting axe. So, make sure about your purpose of using the tree then pick that one according to your job nature.


The bit is an important thing to choose an axe. There you can find two kinds of axes in the market according to their bits. The single bit axe is the most popular,and you also find a double bit axe. Single bit axe has a single blade which you can use for cutting down the tree. On the other side, a double bit axe has two blades. One blade of the double bit axe is sharp,and another one is quite dull. Generally, this axe can be seen on the hand of a professional lumberjack.


An axe has two main parts, in general, the blade and the handle. An excellent grip can provide you with the comfortable cutting experience, and it holds the blade. There you can find many kinds of handles according to their material like steel made handle, wooden handle, and the composite material made a handle is the most popular. You have to remember one thing that a wooden handle is a traditional handle, and it is light weighted. On the other hand, the steel handle is more substantial than the others. Choose what you like most. However, when you set your mind on the wooden handle, try to choose the hickory made a handle. Hickory handle is most popular and best among there in the market.

Handle Length

Handle length is another thing that can be focused. Using a full-length regular axe on the camping is hard. You cannot use the hunting axe to cut down a whole tree because it has a small handle. A short handle is unable to kick the colossal power. So, make sure to choose the handle according to your height because a long-tailed axe can produce a massive blow for the cutting job.


Wedge is used for holding tight the head with the handle. If you choose an under-rated wedge on your axe, it has a chance to keep losing the control to hold the blade with the axe handle. There you can find two types of popular axe wedge in the market one is wooden and another is a material made. We prefer both of them.


Q: What is the best axe for splitting the wood?

A: Usually, the axe with a tapped head weighing about four to six pounds is best for splitting the woods.

Q: What is Hudson Bay axe used for?

A: Hudson Bay axe a versatile use like splitting the logs, cutting the timber, as a weapon, and you can use this on a ceremonial purpose.

Q: What is hewing wood?

A: Hewing is the process where a log is cut to make a timber with the axe.

Q: What is a felling axe?

A: If you look closely to our article you would find some kinds of the axe, every axe is not the same, and you can differ their working also. A felling axe is one of the sharpest axes, and you can knock down a tree with the felling axe.

 Q: What is the best axe?

A: There you can find many kinds of axes and each type has their best axes. So, it isn’t possible to find just one axe as the best axe. To find some of the best axes,please go to our articles.

Closing Word

Some people think that an axe is a simple and easy to buy, but this little general tool has some the main features to look before purchasing. We believe our article will help you to buy an axe which is compatible with you.

You can rely on our expert’s review to buy an axe. If you have another choice for buying the axe, go and make it. However, don’t forget to notice the features are essential of the axe.

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