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Are you still using a hammer for your various pressing tasks? Well! If the answer is yes, then it is high time to change your working process. Because the hammer is not meant to do that and it cannot do it properly.

I have learned this in a hard way by hurting myself. I have blown my hand while performing a pressing task. And now I know, performing various operation you need a specific tool and to do any pressing you need an arbor press to do it safely.    

I know many of you don’t have any time to research on the market for picking the best quality arbor press, so I have done that for you. And I am assuring you that you won’t need another arbor press review to find a suitable one, if you come with me till the end. I have spent a whole lot of time to find these top-quality presses.

Let’s look at the 5 best arbor press in 2020 and its buying guide to find the best one for your project.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Arbor Press

ImageProduct Name CapacityMaximum Working Height Check Price
Palmgren Arbor press, 1 tons1-ton6 1/8-inch
HHIP 8600-01311-ton14-inches
Palmgren Arbor Press AP05 0.5-ton4 5/8-inch
Central Machinery Arbor Press1-ton5 1/2-inch
HHIP 8600-00310.5-ton7 3/4-inches

5 Best Arbor Press Reviews

To start our review at first, I have selected Palmgren made Arbor Press model AP10. And it is one of the best from their lineup. In my list, this arbor press has a high price tag, and it doesn’t just have the upper price range, it also features some futuristic characteristics also.  

Best Feature:

The engineers of the Palmgren wanted to present a sturdy arbor press to their customer. So they use solid iron to make this with a stress relief design. And we all know that stress relieved ferrous material is able to prevent stress corrosion cracking. And this unique metal of their choice uprises the costing of the Ap10.

Palmgren AP10 arbor press doesn’t just feature a sturdy body; it does come on the market with some decent features.

With this beast, you can easily generate 1-ton of pressure to tackle your various kinds of installing, riveting, staking and many more. The circular handle on it allows users to use it comfortably. And you can get enormous power easily by using this handle.

It features a strong ram capable of performing such many pressing works at a maximum 6 1/8-inch. The ram also allows various fittings to its end for performing multiple tasks with a magnetic system, so you don’t need any further threading to the accessories to use them with the ram.

Like best presses from the market, it features a detachable anvil on it. The anvil has 4-slots to perform different tasks.

What We Like

  1. It is made of one of the sturdy material.
  2. Featuring a convenient working height.
  3. The arbor press is durable and hard enough to tackle various challenging tasks.

What We Dislike

  1. Palmgren Arbor Press AP10 is a bit more pricier than others in our list.

HHIP is one of the best tool making companies who are dominating the market with their best line up of the arbor presses. If you have plenty of money to spend on an arbor press, you should look at the HHIP made model 8600-0131 press.

Best Feature:

Sometimes the offering height of a press isn’t  sufficient enough to take care of the fat working piece. Assume, if you need to put a mark on your crafting that is so fat, then what should you do? You are helpless, and you need an independent arbor press which features more than a convenient height capacity. And the HHIP 8600-0131 is featuring astonishing 14-inch maximum height capacity.  

To take care of your most of the hard task, it has a cast iron made grained body. The body also features a special coating which helps it to fight against the rust.

The HHIP 8600-0131 arbor comes on the market with a removable anvil which sits at the bottom of the arbor and able to take 1-ton of pressure. This unique anvil has four slot positions to help with getting accurate and smooth operation.

Steel ram attached to the anvil also is rugged as its body, and it can take down punching, squeezing, bending, riveting as well as other pressing operations. Then what you need else to run a workshop? I think this will be the best choice for your workstation.

What We Like

  1. The base of the HHIP 8600-0131 comes pre-drilled for mounting on the pedestal to reduce vibration.
  2. You can get enough power to handle your various tough task by putting a low pressure on the handle and attached rounded handle of the arbor press. And you will find a few which have the extra circular handle like this.
  3. A machined pinion guides pithy steel ram of 8600-0131.

What We Dislike

  1. Though it does various amazing tasks, you can find some people are blaming it for many reasons in the online. But the number of them are so low, and I think they don’t know how to use an arbor press. However, some are claiming that they have found missing parts. To prevent this type of unusual events, I will suggest you to order it from a reliable source.

If you are looking for a punching machine for your shop or in-house use, you can check on the Palmgren Arbor Press AP05. This is one of the best you can find on the market at this price range with some fantastic features.    

Best Feature:

Most astonishing fact of this arbor press is its weight. Just weighing 19-pounds makes it one of the best portable arbor press in the entire market. And it allows you to carry it anywhere effortlessly.

The AP05 ain’t just lightweight that can bias you to chose it for your tasks, it also features all other characteristics which are equally admirable. This portable arbor press is able to produce 0.5-ton pressure. Though it is not much as its predecessor AP10, it is decent to handle some light tasks like riveting, punching and staking.

To do such jobs, it has a sturdy bar made from steel. You can easily install your punches tool (carrying your company name) under the ram. And drive the sturdy handle to put pressure on the workpiece.

You can also easily do bending tasks using the removal (four-slot) anvil of it. Just adjust the slot according to your need.

The arbor press comes with 9-inch x 5-inch x 9-inch dimension, and that makes it one hell of a tiny beast for your DIY project.

So, what else do you need? If you are looking for a lightweight press capable of doing varied tasks, you should try this.

What We Like

  1. AP05 o.5-ton arbor press is easy to carry and store in a place.
  2. It is made with sturdy FC25 cast iron having fine grains.
  3. It is one of the best press to use in home project.

What We Dislike

  1. Unable to take care of hard tasks.

In my opinion, the overall best arbor press title goes to Central Machinery made Arbor Press. The machine offers a great deal against its price range. Just around 70$ it is offering some of the stupefying characteristics which may be loved by all.

Best Feature:

This unique arbor press is entirely made of high-rated cast iron. Though this metal makes it quiet heavier (34.6-pounds) than others on this list, it is one of the sturdy arbores you can find on the market on this price range. The press also features a unique coating on its body to prevent rust. So, it is one of the durable also.

The capacity of the Central Machinery press is 1-ton. That means it can produce 2000-pounds of pressure in an 8-inch square place at once. With this amount of pressure, it is easy to do such job like riveting, removing or installing bearing and other press fit tasks.

Like the Palmgren Arbor press, it doesn’t feature a circle handle for extra comfort. I have tested this particular one, and it doesn’t need that spare handle because the onboard handle along with its mechanical system is enough for providing such comfort and firm grip.

For a quick set up, it has pre-drilled mounting holes on its base. By using these holes, you can easily mount it on the table top quickly and can start your pressing.

From the features, we can say that it has all which we have needed for using it as an arbor for home and in the shop.

What We Like

  1. It offers a great deal with a decent price and features.
  2. The Central Machinery Arbor Press is easy to install.
  3. Made of sturdy material.

What We Dislike

  1. The transporting cost of this steel press can be unbearable because of its 34-pounds weight, so try to order from a reliable source which offers a decent range for the shipping cost.  

If you are a DIYer and looking for a budget-friendly press for handling your various types of pressing job, you can go with the HHIP made model 8600-0031 arbor press. This decent press comes at a fair price range of around 50$ and featuring some of the fascinating features.     

Best Feature:

From all of its features, I love its weight and its working height. Just weighing 20-pounds makes it one of the lightweight press in our list after Palmgren Arbor Press AP05. Therefore it is also easy to carry, and you can consider it as another best portable press. However, when it comes on talking about height capacity, the HHIP 8600-0031 can race neck to neck against pricier arbor presses. With 7 3/4-inches of working height, it stays above most of the presses in this list accept HHIP 8600-0131. With this working height, you will be able to do various tasks easily.

The press can possess 0.5-ton of pressure, and the power is enough to tackle a whole lot of DIY and small business tasks like riveting, staking and other simple pressing tasks.

To secure its durability, it comes with a cast iron made body sprayed with a special coating which helps it from getting rust.

Like other press in this list, it has a 4-port anvil. And the anvil helps the users to get various tasks easily.

According to my way of thinking, you won’t get another press like this. So, before selecting another budget-friendly arbor, take a look at this arbor press.

What We Like

  1. Comes with a great price range.
  2. Featuring a decent level working height.
  3. It is sturdy.

What We Dislike

  1. Unable to perform hard tasks.

Arbor Press Buying Guide

Before driving towards the market for an arbor press, you have to consider some important facts about the arbor press. Otherwise, your purchase may not be money worthy. The points which you should consider right below.


If you are a professional handyman, you probably know there have several kinds of arbor presses in the market. According to their working principle, they are manual press, hydraulic press, mechanical press, and pneumatic press. In this conversation, I have just brought up top manual arbor presses as they are widely used in maximum workshops. You can easily pick any of the arbor presses given above. However, you may need a different type of press to accomplish your task easily.


The capacity of the arbor press is vital and the capacity of the arbor press means how much pressure does a press can release. During my searching, I have found variety arbor presses having different capacity from 0.5-ton to 5-ton. For the DIY use, it is enough to have just 0.5-ton. However, to use in a workshop, contractor need an arbor press capable of generating 1-ton to 5-ton of pressure.

Maximum Working Heigh

In an arbor press, the user places a workpiece on its anvil and put pressure with the ram. Ram has a capacity to go above at a maximum height and can put pressure on the workpiece. At a certain height, it loses its power to drive pressure on the workpiece. So, you have to determine the height capacity of an arbor to do certain tasks. In this article, you can find arbor featuring maximum height of 4.5-inches to 14-inches.


For performing various press fit tasks along with removing bearing, installing, riveting and staking, we place the workpiece on the anvil and put pressure with the ram. So, for performing such jobs, it is essential to have an anvil on the arbor press. If we look closely to the arbor press, we will find different types of anvil. Some anvil features four slots and some features three or less, and we can find some of them with no grooves. There we can see anvil which can be removed and some others cannot be.

Construction Quality

Before picking up any tool, we should check its build quality. Without checking its build quality, it is true much possible to have a low-quality tool. Actually, it is universal rule for picking up tools, and it is also same for the arbor press. Before sticking on a press for purchasing, don’t forget to check its component. And you should definitely check its building material also. Generally, these machines are made from cast iron, but some crooked businessmen are making them with low-quality material. So, picking up an arbor press can be tricky, and I will recommend you to adhere with a reliable company who has a fame of making top quality arbor press over the years. In the review section, I have added some of the reliable presses which are dominating the market. You can easily pick any of them according to your requirement.


Q: Who makes the best arbor press?

A: There I have made a list of five top class arbor press of the market right below:

  • Palmgren Arbor Press AP10
  • HHIP 8600-0131
  • Palmgren Arbor Press AP05
  • Central Machinery Arbor Press
  • HHIP 8600-0031

You can also find some other best tools on the Review Infinite. Please visit there to check them.  


Q: How much force an arbor press can deliver?

A: You can find arbor press delivering force from 0.5-ton to 5-ton.

Q: What can an arbor press be used for?

A: Generally, people from all around the world use arbor press to perform riveting, installing, staking and removing bearing along with some small tasks.  

Q: Is it possible to detach an anvil from the arbor press?

A: Most of the arbor press features detachable anvil on their body.

Q: Can I use an arbor press to shape jewelry?

A: Definitely you can, and jeweler from all across the globe are using them quite comfortably.

Final Word

Well! It is finished. I think you have enjoyed this conversation and have already found your desired one. If you have gone through the buying guide, then you are ready to go for picking one true arbor press from our list.

I may leave any of your favorite press on my list, if I did, please let me know in the comment section. And you can also make a request for future product there.   

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