best air reciprocating saw reviews

Without researching the market, it is pretty much impossible to buy the top quality tool. And it is true for all of the tools you can imagine. Sometimes it is harder to manage time to research for some of you guys.

For them, often I bring out some tool reviews to help them out. And today, I am doing it again. Today I am here with 5 best air reciprocating saw reviews to help you find the right one. These all are well researched and hand-picked after testing their abilities, considering their prices and comparing their features. 

So, you don’t have to be tensed about their quality. Just come along with me till the end. And after reading the buying guide, guarantee you will able to select the right one from this list.

So, without further ado let’s explore the best air reciprocating saws of 2020.

Quick Summary: Best Air Reciprocating Saws

ImageProduct Name BrandStrokes Per MinuteCheck Price
Ingersoll Rand 429Ingersoll Rand10,000-strokes
Astro Pneumatic Tool 930Astro Pneumatic Tool9000-strokes
Neiko RIDGE30065ANeiko10,000-strokes
Chicago Pneumatic CP7900Chicago Pneumatic9000-strokes
OEMTOOLS 24409OEMTOOLS9000-strokes
Central Pneumatic 91753Central Pneumatic 9000-strokes

Best Air Reciprocating Saws of 2019- Our reviews

Key Features:

  • Is able to cut the curve and flat surface.
  • Ingersoll Rand 429 heavy duty air reciprocating saw can make 10000-strokes in just a minute.
  • It allows users to adjust the blade guide.
  • Featuring vibration reduction.

Ingersoll Rand 429 is one of the best heavy-duty air reciprocating saw you can get on the market right now. As it is one of the top classes, I have chosen it as the top pick. This robust reciprocating saw is able to handle tough tasks. 

Well, if you have no problem of spending significant amounts of money on a reciprocating saw, you can make a purchase. Actually, Ingersoll Rand 429 reciprocating saw is the second most costly saw I have on this list after Chicago Pneumatic CP7900. Though the price is higher, the saw won’t let you down. 

Ingersoll Rand 429 reciprocating saw is packed with intense power so that it is no matter for it to deliver 10000-strokes per minute. That means it is able to deliver a smooth cut in any surface made of any metal like fiberglass, aluminum, plastic and type of various composite materials.

This Ingersoll Rand air reciprocating saw comes with an onboard vibration controlling feature. And it makes the saw more comfortable to use without feeling jerking so much.

What We Like

  1. Able to reduce vibration.
  2. Versatile as they have said.
  3. Can make strokes quickly.

What We Dislike

  1. Bit of pricier than others in the list.

Key Features:

  • Can make cuts both on flat and curved surface.
  • Astro 930 Mini Air Saw can make 9000-strokes in just a minute.
  • Features adjustable blade guide.
  • Just weighing .8-pounds.

Next saw in the list is Astro 930. The first thing that can amaze you about this saw is its size. It is one of the best compact reciprocating saws you can have today. But I didn’t include this for just its weight, there you can find more about its futuristic features. 

As it is lightweight and versatile it can be easily used in shaping the car body. The Astro 930 mini air saw is not so far behind the other top class saws. Like them, it comes with high-speed stroke making. And it is able to make 9000-strokes per minute.

In my opinion, it is kind of the same as the Ingersoll Rand 429. Just it is a bit slower. But guarantee, you won’t find it with your bare eyes. So, who likes the performance of the Ingersoll Rand 429 air reciprocating saw but ignoring it for its price, you can have the Astro 930.

The thing you must consider before you take Astro Pneumatic 930 over the Ingersoll Rand 429 reciprocating saw is vibration reduction feature. Like Ingersoll Rand, it has nothing to reduce vibration. so it can be annoying to use this for a long time. 

Other than that, if you can consider this one fact, Astro 930 mini reciprocating air saw is a great deal for its price.

What We Like

  1. Comes with a compact design.
  2. Versatile.
  3. Able to deliver 9000-strokes per minute.

What We Dislike

  1. Doesn’t have any vibration reduction features.

Key Features:

  • Can be used in the high-speed metal cutting operation.
  • This 1/4″ in reciprocating saw is able to make cuts on both flat and curved surface.
  • Is able to deliver 10000-strokes per minute.
  • Comes with 90-psi, 6-CFM, ¼ NPT socket inlet.

People who are looking for a budget reciprocating saw can take a glance of the Neiko RIDGE30065A. It is one of the best air saw for the money you can get on the market. Actually, it is perfect for the budget along with its futuristic features.

The Neiko RIDGE30065A 1/4″ in reciprocating saw doesn’t just have a minimal price range, it is packed with power also. Like the high-quality Ingersoll Rand 429, it can deliver 10000-strokes per minutes. And thus makes it one of the best air saw for bodywork. This particular high-speed metal air saw is versatile and that’s for it can make cuts on both flat and curved surface.


Though there have nothing to say about the power of this Neiko 1/4″ in reciprocating saw, it has a flaw which can annoy you sometimes. Breaking the air reciprocating saw is a common thing. And most of the air saw companies makes the blade changing easy. So that the users can change it hassle-free. But when it comes to talking about the Neiko RIDGE30065A reciprocating saw, it is complicated to change the blade.

What We Like

  1. One of the best air saws for the money.
  2. Versatile.
  3. Able to deliver 10,000-strokes per minute.

What We Dislike

  1. Difficult to change the blade.

Key Features:

  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • Can be used in regular cutting.
  • Featuring ergonomic design along with a robust handle.
  • Comes with an adjustable guard guide.

People who are looking for a professional reciprocating saw, they can take a look at this Chicago pneumatic made reciprocating saw model CP7900. The saw is the top on this list according to the price range, and it is worth it.

From my researching, I could not find any air reciprocating saw which can deliver more than 10000-strokes per minute. And it seems it is the limit for any reciprocating air saw. And the Chicago pneumatic cp7900 heavy duty reciprocating air saw is able to deliver 10000-stroke per minute also. The speed is not only the fact which helps it to make its place on this list, the saw also has many more to offer.   

This Chicago Pneumatic reciprocating saw comes with an ergonomic design along with a robust handle. So, it won’t be painful to use the saw hours after hours. The producer also put an adjustable guard guide which is very helpful for making different types of cuts.

The CP7900 reciprocating saw features a lock off throttle. It helps the saw to prevent accidental startup.

What We Like

  1. One of the best professional air saws.
  2. Can deliver 10,000-strokes per minute.
  3. Comes with an adjustable guide.

What We Dislike

  1. Price is the highest of all saws in this list.

Key Features:

  • It is a lightweight reciprocating saw.
  • Comes with a blade guard.
  • Able to produce 9,000-strokes per minute.
  • You will find a safety lock for the trigger.

If you are DIYer and looking for a decent reciprocating saw to handle your light DIY work, the OEMTOOLS 24409 air saw can be your best choice. It is one of the best DIY reciprocating saws you can find in the market right now. 

The lightweight saw charges as much as low price that you can easily call it the best affordable reciprocating saw also. But I don’t include this on the list for just its price. The reciprocating saw is not only budget-friendly, it also can tackle various DIY tasks.

This air powered reciprocating saw from OEMTOOLS is able to deliver 9,000-strokes per minute. And this is enough to cut down array types of metal like plastic, aluminum, fiberglass and so on. It is a good quality saw for trimming and shaping as well. Thus the heavy duty reciprocating saw is perfect for exhaust, muffler, and body panel work.

Though this air body saw is quite decent for its price, it has some flaws. The most concerning thing from all is vibration control. The saw comes in the market without any features which can control the vibration. As a result, the OEMTOOLS 24409 heavy duty reciprocating air saw is difficult to use for a long time. 

However, as the DIYer doesn’t perform such a complicated task, they don’t have to use this for a long time. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you can pick the  OEMTOOLS made model 24409 air reciprocating saw.

What We Like

  1. It is a lightweight air-powered reciprocating saw.
  2. Works fast.
  3. One of the best DIY air reciprocating saw.

What We Dislike

  1. Complicated blade changing system.

Key Features:

  • It is a lightweight reciprocating saw.
  • Made from cast aluminum body.
  • Able to produce 9,000-strokes per minute.
  • You will get 5   which have 24 teeth per inch and another five with 32 teeth per inch.

At the last position of the reviews of 5 best air reciprocating saw, I have selected Central Pneumatic 91753. This saw is also one of the budget-friendly reciprocating saws which have some interesting features to get a position in this list.

The most fascinating fact of this Central Pneumatic air saw is its construction material. The Central Pneumatic 91753 saw is made from pure cast aluminum alloy which makes it strong robust. And this sturdy Pneumatic body saw is able to take care of various tasks without hurting itself. So, it will provide service to you for a long time without any issues. 

Central Pneumatic reciprocating saw model 91753 is also high speed reciprocating saw like the others on this list. And it can deliver up to 900o-strokes per minute. This amount of power is more than enough to cut bars, pipes, and rods efficiently and quickly.

Though the air saw comes with a low price range, it comes with 10 extra blades. 5 of the blades have 24 teeth per inch and another 5 have 32  teeth per inch. However, the blades are not too good to take care of hard tasks, so you should get some of the best reciprocating saw blades.

Don’t worry. You can just follow us to find some.

And from my point of view, these features are quite enough to consider Central Pneumatic 91753 as the best air saw for the money also besides  Neiko RIDGE30065A.

What We Like

  1. The lowest budget saw on the list.
  2. Has a high speed.

What We Dislike

  1. Blades are fragile.

Air Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide

Though budget plays the key role to select a tool, it is not the most important factors to consider. You need to look at various types of features of a tool when you want to buy it. 

Now, the question arises that what should you look at when you are buying an air reciprocating saw?

Below I have listed down some of the important features which you should consider.

Power of The Saw

Power of a saw is the most important factors because it helps us to determine how the saw is. Generally, the amount of energy it delivers determines its power. 

Most of the corded reciprocating saw can deliver 5-15-amp as output. More the power a saw can deliver, more you can expect from it. More powerful saws are able to do intense tasks like construction work or demolition. 

The saw comes with smaller amperage (5-6amp) is able to do medium range works. That means you need more powerful saw than a hand saw. 

If you are looking for a multipurpose air reciprocating saw which can be used for small to a big project need to be able to deliver at least 10-amp.

Ergonomic Handle

Cheaper tools are made from cheap quality materials and that’s why they are uncomfortable to handle. Handle is one of the most important features you should consider when you are picking up an air reciprocating saw.

Remember, the best reciprocating saws don’t come with an uncomfortable plastic made handle. Rather they feature foam, rubber, or other soft material which are able to absorb the shock quite easily.

It is annoying to work with a saw which can not minimize the vibration. So, you should take a look at it.

Variable Speed

Just like putting the gear up or down in the car for controlling the speed, some air reciprocating saw also has variable speed. This particular feature lets a user control the blade sawing speed for different materials.

And it is easy to get the job done perfectly with these types of saw as they allow you to control the speed for different materials. For example, you need more speed to cut concrete than cutting a pipe.


Heavier saws are very useful to use in massive tasks because they have the ability to minimize the vibration. The most beneficial thing of using the reciprocating saw is its mobility. It is lighter than most of the traditional power saws you can get out there like miter, circular or table saw. 

On the contrary, if you have lots of work to do that need a significant amount of time, you should go with a lightweight reciprocating saw. Because it is a stressful job to handle the massive saw on your hand for hours after hours.


You can compare the saw blade with any vital organ of the human body. Without the organ a body cannot work and just like that a saw without a blade is useless. So, before buying an air reciprocating saw, you need to confirm that if it has a blade on it. 

And if you found out that it doesn’t offer a blade, you have to find some from the market according to your work type. 

Sometimes the saws have a pre-attached blade. But that blade might not take care of your every task. So, it is wise to buy different types of reciprocating saw blades along with the saw.

Blade Changing

The blade of the reciprocating saw is more fragile if you compare them with the other power saw blade. So, it is common often you will end up with the broken reciprocating saw blade. 

To run your project you need to change the blade immediately. Making the changing of the blade as fast as possible, companies are adding futuristic features to their saw. But not all of them are doing the same. Still, you can find saws which have a complicated process of changing the blade. If you are serious about your work as a professional, you should avoid those types of saws. And I think as the DIYers do their work with no time limit. It is no matter whether their air reciprocating saws require less or more time to change their blades.


Q: What is the purpose of a reciprocating saw?

A: The reciprocating saw can cut everything steel to stone and wood to plywood. It is the perfect power tool for demolition and remodeling.

Q: Can you use an air reciprocating saw to cut tree limbs?

A: As the reciprocating saw is one of the most versatile tools, it can cut woods. But you won’t get perfection if you use it to cut tree limbs.

Closing Word

Now, I have to go for today, as we are at the end of the 5 best air reciprocating saw reviews. But before leaving you alone I have some suggestions for you which will help you to select the right one from this list.

If you are a professional, you should go for the Ingersoll Rand 429 or Chicago Pneumatic CP7900. People who are looking for a budget friendly air reciprocating saw, they should go with the Astro 930 Mini Air Saw or with the Central Pneumatic 91753 Saw.

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