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You’re going on a vacation and planning to drive to Chicago from NY? What will happen if you have a flat tire situation all on a sudden?

In my case, that won’t be a problem at all! In such a situation, I’m not going to look like a chic shouting and walking for help just like those in movies do! Do you know how? Let me tell you then! I take my air compressor tool whenever I’m on driving. The pump stays in my car and helps my road trip be a smooth and enjoyable one.
Not only for car using, a best air compressor can be your true friend for many purposes you know. 

So, if you are looking for air compressor reviews so that you can justify the compressors to buy best one, then you’re in the right place. I’ve had enormous experience using them since a long ago. I’ll walk you through the process of getting the best air compressors all by yourself. So, let’s get our backs on finding out the best compressors.

Types Of Air Compressor

These compressors function with the help of electrical power. They are generally lightweight and create less noise. Most of the electric air compressors have options for operating at low and high speeds.

They feature different types of sockets and adapters to inflate a wide range of things rather than just tires.

The portable air compressors are quite popular with people. They are lightweight and efficient. They run faster than other compressors. In the past, almost all the compressors used to have tanks. Nowadays, the compressors without tanks have taken into the portable positions. These portable compressors are light and inexpensive. They rarely feature the multi-use function.

This compressor types generally come in big sizes. They can generate more pressure and do the jobs in less time than the others. Due to their size and weight, stationary air compressors don’t feature the option for mobility. They are ideal for any home or workspace based big projects. These are the best industrial air compressors.

The car air compressors are the fastest working ones. While you are on the road driving your car, if the tires need inflating, you cannot wait for a lifetime there. You have to inflate it quickly and set the journey off again. The car compressors are more powerful and less time requiring. They are lightweight, and most of them have adapters for recharging via car’s cigarette lighter too. 

What Are Air Compressors Used For?

  1. An air compressor can inflate any central pneumatic You can inflate balloons, kayaks, and other inflatable devices with it.
  2. It pumps up car and bike tires.
  3. It can power up small appliances like a nail gun, spray gun, etc.
  4. It powers up air tools in the automotive repair workshops.
  5. An air compressor, connecting with an air blowgun can be used for cleaning pieces of machinery.
  6. It can paint small and big parts with spray guns.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Air Compressors

ImageProduct Name Maximum Pressure CFM at 90 PSICheck Price
Rolair JC10 Plus115-psi2.35-SCFM
Makita MAC700130-psi3.3-SCFM
Senco PC1010125-psiN/A
Makita MAC2400130-psi4.2-SCFM
PORTER-CABLE C2002 367150-psi2.6-SCFM

Best Air Compressor Reviews

Stand above from the others some equipment comes to the market with some unique features. The thing makes us choose the Rolair JC10 in our list is its performance and one of the unique features. Before coming to its special feature let’s talk about some general characteristics.

The compressor has a roll cage to support all of its internal equipment. The designers designed it too minimalistic so that you can easily carry this. The medium heavy air compressor has a tank made from aluminum, 1-HP motor to serve the power to compress the air. Moreover, the producers didn’t forget about the durability; they have attached sturdy ball-bearing with the JC10 plus.

With all the high-class equipment it can fulfill your midrange purpose, but don’t compare its ability to the Makita. You cannot get another intermediate level air compressor with this money.

The reason you should bye this air compressor is the noise reduction power of it. The producer has kept an eye on your health, and they know the noise is harmful to the ears and annoying too. So they specially designed the Rolair to produce normal sound during it is on the action.


  1. Engineered of the Rolair attached industrial grade ball-bearing with this compressor to make it durable.
  2. The Rolair air compressor comes in a roll cage to protect the internal components of the compressor.
  3. The Rolair produces only 60 DB of sound when it’s on the action.
  4. The air compressor features an oil-less compressor which can produce 2.35cfm at 90psi.
  5. 1-HP motor serves enough power for all types of trimming.


  1. Brand: Rolair
  2. Model: JC10
  3. Weight: 42.9-pounds
  4. Color: Glossy Green
  5. Dimension: 17x16x15-inches
  6. Material: Metal
  7. Style: Stationary
  8. Voltage: 120-volts
  9. Horse Power: 1-HP
  10. Power Source: electric-powered

What We Like

  1. The Rolair doesn’t sound much.
  2. The air compressor is excellent to use in-house.
  3. You can easily transport this compressor.

What We Dislike

  1. The producer should attach its gauge as upside down.

Who doesn’t know the Makita? They are one of the renowned companies who is dominating the tool business for years. They have designed some of the advanced machines to make the workshop work easy.

Newbies won’t be the same for a long time. After sometimes they will be the professionals, and then they need some advanced tool to do their work. Thus, our experts have searched some advanced tools for the beginners. After examining the whole market, they have selected the Makita MAC 700 air compressor for the beginners.

The particular air compressor got a pump made with cast iron which has large bore cylinder with pistons. These combination controls the motion of the air compressor and gives you the ultimate performance.

Though the manual says this machine isn’t the best choice for the beginners, we are recommending it to them. They have prohibited this air compressor to the beginners because of the difficulties of the setting this thing up. However, with the manual and some tutorial, it won’t be so difficult to set this up, and our team of experts has proved this.

So, with the 2.6-gallon tank capable of holding 130-psi could be an excellent choice for you. Once you buy this beast you should be tension free for a long time, and you don’t have to change this for a while, even you get the title of a professional.


  1. To get high performance, the engineers of the Makita put a unique pump and piston.
  2. For powering up the compressor, the Makita has a 2-HP motor.
  3. The cylinder made from cast iron raises the compression.
  4. You will get enhanced air intake because the compressor has a unique pump lubricated by oil.
  5. The 2.6-gallon tank of the Makita can hold the massive pressure of 130-psi, 40-psi, and 90-psi.


  1. Brand: Makita
  2. Model: MAC700
  3. Weight: 59.6-pounds
  4. Color: Multi
  5. Dimension: 18x22x10-inches
  6. Material: Metal
  7. Style: Stationary
  8. Voltage: 120-volts
  9. Horse Power: 2-HP
  10. Power Source: electric-powered

What We Like

  1. You will get high output and less noise from the Makita MAC700.
  2. The compressor is made from high-class iron.
  3. It is possible to get industrial grade power from the Makita made particular MAC 700 air compressor.

What We Dislike

  1. They should use wheels under the frame for easy transportation.

Some of you depend on the reviews of the people. You select those who have the bestselling title. For you people, we have found the best-selling air compressor on the market. From our research, we have encountered the Senco PC 1010 as the bestselling air compressor of the market.

The air compressor is so small and easy to fun with some of the futuristic features. The compressor has an aluminum tank which is capable of taking 125-PSI of maximum pressure.

The machine comes with a one-HP motor which can provide you the 1-HP while it is on the peak hour and it will offer you the .5 -HP at the off-peak hour.

If you hate the annoying sound made by the air compressor you can also take this because this air compressor creates not more than 73-DB of sound. Though it’s not quittered than the Rolair JC10, it is better than the Makita.

 What you should else need to pick up an air compressor to pump up your tire of the car. This machine already has a sturdily constructed body with technologically advanced features. So, if you are a DIYer or you need an air compressor often you may buy this.


  1. The oil-less motor of the Senco PC1010 has a 1-hp motor to do the job.
  2. The tank of the air compressor can hold up 1-gallon of the gas.
  3. You will get maximum 120 Psi from the machine to do your work.
  4. To make the particular compressor durable. The engineers of the Senco uses the sturdy material.
  5. The machine is durable as it made from the cast iron.  


  1. Brand: Senco
  2. Model: PC1010
  3. Weight: 20-pounds
  4. Color: Gray/Red
  5. Dimension: 14x13x10-inches
  6. Material: Metal
  7. Style: Portable
  8. Voltage: 115-volts
  9. Horsepower: 1-HP
  10. Power Source: electric-powered

What We Like

  1. To make it light weighted, they have aluminum instead of iron.
  2. The compressor is super portable.
  3. You can follow there have individual gauges for controlling inside and outside pressure.

What We Dislike

  1. The Senco may burn its motor on the 60Hz.

It’s no wonder that we have found another air compressor made by Makita. Makita has forced us to select their product twice with their outstanding performance and the built quality.  Gain we have chosen Makita made another air compressor model MAC2400.

Like the Makita MAC700, this air compressor also has a bore pump; this pump serves the same purpose. The key feature of the Makita MAC2400 which has forced us to select this air compressor is not silly.

The machine has a two identical cylinder to store more air. When others air compressor shows only one barrel on their frame, there Makita MAC2400 has two. These two compartments can hold 4.2 gallons of air. Moreover, this machine is capable of taking 130-PSI pressure with producing 4.2 CFM at the 90-psi air pressure.

 So, whom you need the same futuristic air compressor like Makita MAC700 with more space for holding more air they can pick this. However, it would help if you remembered one thing. This particular model of the air compressor has a construction difference, and thus it will cost you more than any other products on our list.


  1. Makita MAC2400 has twin tank capacity of 4,2-gallon for extra support.
  2. The compressor can handle up to 130-psi.
  3. You can get 4.2-CMF at the air pressure of 90-psi
  4. This particular air compressor can handle two equipment at a time.
  5. The motor of this air compressor run slowly so that the machine can reduce the noise.


  1. Brand: Makita
  2. Model: MAC2400
  3. Weight: 81-pounds
  4. Color: Teal
  5. Dimension: 20x18x18.5-pounds
  6. Material: Metal
  7. Style: Stationary
  8. Voltage: 120
  9. Horse Power: 2.5-HP

What We Like

  1. You can get a high-performing air- compressor.
  2. You will get a smooth experience of running the stapler, nailers and other tools.
  3. The Makita MAC2400 is sturdy and handy.

What We Dislike

  1. The weight of the MAC 2400 compressor is enormous.

Do you want to get a cheap air compressor with some excellent features? Stop looking, because here we have done the job for you. To get the best budget compressor for you, our experts have spent hours, and finally, they are here with the Porter-Cable C2002 WK air compressor. 

The pancake style air compressors are made small for operating inside the house. People over the course have started to love them for their portability and usability. This cheap air compressor is enough for taking care of your any pumping job. You can pump your bike’s or car’s tire, and you can use it to drive a nail on the wall as well.

The Porter-Cable has an oval shape tank which can hold up to 150-psi of pressure. However, when you talk about the motor, it won’t be a match with the anyone from the list. The motor has a plastic shell, and it’s not as strong as the motor as the Makita or the others in our catalog. However, the C2002’s motor is capable of delivering 0.8-HP which can easily handle your home-based small task.

If you are amateur and want to do some work on your own with the air compressor, you don’t need to spend much money on a professional air compressor. We will be recommending you for taking care of such jobs the Porte-Cable C2002.


  1. The Porter-cable runs with a low amperage motor that can run at a cold temperature.
  2. The air compressor can hold up to 150-psi pressure to carry more air.
  3. To make the air compressor stable, the designers make it like a pancake.
  4. The compressor has 2.6 SCFM on the pressure of 90-psi that reduces the recovery time.
  5. You can easily carry the 30-pound weighted Porter-Cable air compressor.


  1. Brand: Porter-Cable
  2. Model: C2002-Wk
  3. Weight: 34-pounds
  4. Color: Red and Black
  5. Dimension: 18.3x18x19-inches
  6. Material: Metal
  7. Style: Portable
  8. Voltage: 120-volts
  9. Horse Power: 0.8 HP
  10. Power Source: electric-powered

What We Like

  1. The compressor is light weighted.
  2. It is easy to carry.
  3. The pump is oil-free.

What We Dislike

  1. It has a plastic covered motor.

Air Compressor Buying Guide: What to Consider

You have to know and check out specific characteristics to get the best compressors out of hundreds or thousands. There are several facts such as PSI, dBA (noise measurement), tank size, overall size and weight, design, etc. that have impact on the whole device.


The size of the tank has direct effects on the PSI measurement of an air compressor. The bigger the tank, the higher PSI it would possess. The project you’re working on depends on the size of the tank too. If you’re working on a big project, you’ll need a big size air compressor. The big compressors often have more than one outlet so that user can multi-use it at the same time. They require less recharging than the others.

If you opt for a small compressor, you should know that they require recharging frequently. Mostly they are single-use compressors.


The size, type, and characteristics influence the cost of the compressor. If you are off to shop air compressors, you must decide a budget first. Electric and car air compressors are inexpensive comparing to portable and stationary ones. If you’re looking for cheap air compressors which can inflate both tires and other things, you should consider buying electric compressors. Though the prices do not differ on high ranges, the compressors with big tanks cost relatively higher. 


The design of the compressor matters. It depends on what purpose you’re using the compressor for. There is a wide range of chores that an air compressor can help to do. So, at first, think about the purpose and then opt for a suitable design. There are home depot air compressors that are designed to work in both home and workplace environments.

Some compressors have multiple outlets for multi-purpose usage. Some have small tires underneath so that you can effortlessly shift them from one place to another.


Anything we buy, we always look for the durability of it. The longevity depends on the material of the item. The stationary compressors are mostly made of aluminum. The portable ones have plastic parts. Whatever the material might be, you have to take care of the items. Proper maintenance can increase the lifetime of any device.

Useful Air Compressor Tips And Tricks

  1. You have to keep the parts of the compressors clean.
  2. While using an electric compressor, you have to be careful as it works with direct power supplies.
  3. Be careful while connecting the adapters, wires, and hoses so that you don’t lose any air pressure.


Q: How many CMF do I need to run a tool?

A: For using the single tool you need an air compressor capable of delivering 6-7 CMF at 90-psi. On the other hand, if you want to drive two or more machines at a time, you need more CMF according to your job.

Q: How much HP do you need to run an air compressor?

A: Basically, you need at least a 0.5 HP motor to run a simple air compressor to fill up your tire, but you can use an air compressor with high HP to do heavy work.

Q: What are the different types of air compressor?

A: IF you look on the market, you will find these types of a basic air compressor such as positive displacement, ionic liquid piston compressor, rotary screw, reciprocating, rotary vane, rolling piston, scroll compressor, diaphragm compressor, and some others.

Q: How many CMF is equal to 1 HP?

A: One Horse Power is equal to 15.38 atm which is referred to atmosphere cubic feet per minute.

Q: Which is the best air compressor in the market?

A: To know about some of the best air compressors on the market, please go through our articles.

Final Words

You’ve reached the end of the content, and I’m sure now you know in and out of an air compressor. Here I tried to include the best air compressors you’d have ever come across, and I firmly believe that I’ve been successful in it. Upon reading the whole article, you’ll be able to find the best budget air compressor for your needs. Make your automotive and DIY and many more projects easy with one handy air compressor!

Though this buying guide was a long one, it contains everything you need. If you follow our advice, you won’t need to look for another product other than the ones we included here. We’ve tried to make it the easiest for you. It’s you who needs the air compressor, and we tried our best to walk you to one. So, keep doing your big and small projects with the help of an air compressor and thank us later!

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