Best 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blades

15 Best 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blades 2020: Review And Buying Guide

Do you want a guide to buying the best 7 1/4 circular saw blades? If yes, then you are on the right page.

The best choice of a circular saw blade will save both your time and money. It is wise to invest once and take a long-term durable service.

That’s why we have made a super list for you. Here you will find the top 10 best products with detailed features and a buying guide. You can get every necessary information to buy this product

The 15 Best 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blades: Top Picks And Reviews

Here in the article, we have reviewed several of the best 7 1/4 circular saw blades according to our research. Hopefully, you find the article helpful.

01. Freud D0760X Diablo Finish Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

Freud D0760X has fantastic features to impress the buyers. This product provides smooth cuts. You can use the materials faster than an average circular saw blades

Also, the reduced noise feature gets appreciated big time. Meantime, Freud technology offers extended cutting life. With the help of the lasers, you can cut steel bodies with its blade. No risk of it breaking.

Also, the cuts are flat and smooth. Thanks to the Perma-Shield technology, it has reduced friction that helps you to get a more seamless finish. Reduced friction also leads to a better shelf-life of the machine.

Generally, saw bladed overheat over the time of use. This one, however, reduces the heat to keep the integrity of the blades. Hi-Density Carbide has featured crosscutting applications. Thus, this product is one of the best circular blades. 

Not only this. The product has a non-stick coating with a 5/8 inches standard arbor.



02. DEWALT 7-1/4 Circular Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

DEWALT 7-1/4 inch circular saw blades can cut smoothly. It has tungsten carbide material. Thus, the product can run for a long time.

On the tool, you have sharp teeth with anti-stick coating. These features help to minimize the friction and boosts the smooth cutting.

And as there is less friction, the blades produce less heat. On top of that, it has unique heat vents to cool the edges down. 

Blinding and flexing are other features of it that attract buyers. The arbor is standard. It has a 5/8 inch arbor and diamond knock-out. So, all in all, it’s a good deal.



03. Freud 7-1/4 x 60T Thin Kerf Melamine Blade Review

Product Features:

Freud 7-1/4 inch can cut plywood and melamine. Not a metal cutting circular saw, let’s get that straight right away. 

You have here a 60 teeth blade. The number of teeth is a matter of concern while buying the circular saw. Yet, it is one of the best circular saw blade for plywood.

With the 5/8 inch standard arbor and 0.079 inches of Kerf, the Freud has the standard dimension and design like most of the others in the list. The hook angle is 2 degrees.

Splinter-free cuts get provided by HiATAB(High Alternate Top Bevel). This feature is not available in every circular saw blade.

Then there are the laser-cut slots which reduce the vibration. Thus, the blade can provide service for a long time. Plus, the blades have extended shelf-life. Are you searching for a flawless finish? Admittedly, yes. Then, this product would be the right choice for you.

As Perma-Shield provides less chance of blade drag, you have a smoother finish. Also, it protects blades from damage by corrosion.



04. DEWALT DWA171460 7-1/4-Inch Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

DEWALT DWA171460 is one of the best products from DEWALT. It is a sturdy blade and has wear-resistance. 

What Dewalt promise here is durability. With that, it also promotes smooth cuts as it reduces friction between the blades. That’s the best kind of deal you can get from Forrest saw blades.

Impact resistance is another character of this product. You can get it by dint of reinforced shoulder. 

Use these circular saw blades in both corded and cordless saws, that’s another virtue of it. And that also saves you money as you don’t need to buy a different saw for the two.



05. Freud D0704DH 7-1/4 Saw Blade Diablo Review

Product Features:

Freud D0904DH is an excellent product to buy for the circular saw. It is an imported product. Thus, the high-quality get maintained by the brand.

It is easy to use. How? You do not have to wash and clean the floor after every cut. Thanks to the unique design of the blades, it produces less waste.

At the same time, polycrystalline diamond design of it extends the durability. Carbide blades do not last for a long time. Freud blades are better than carbide table saw blades.

This product has a James Hardie PCD. It is approved fibre cement, and the blade gets made out of it. Freud is a time saver tool. You can cut faster with this blade in comparison to others. And there is no-kickback while working with it.

Like the other ones, the Perma-Shield has a non-stick coating. Thus, no extra heat production causes damage to the blades or irritation for the users.



06. Freud D0724X 7-1/4 Tooth Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

Freud D0724X has diablo blades. With 24 teeth, the module stands around 7-1/4 inch.

This product is easy to use and contains sharp teeth to cut the objects. It has a durable micro-grain with titanium carbide. Thus, the user can get razor-sharp cuts without compromising the durability of the blade.

Also, the Perma-Shield has provided a non-stick coating. No oil or grease can disrupt the work. Manufactured in Italy, the circular saw blades can provide laser cut. So, you get precise cuts.

And how can we forget about the Thin Kerf? It has added value to the cutting as it provides faster and cleaner cuts.

So, if you are looking for a product to get a clean cut with reduced vibration? Here you go. Freud has stabilized blades that lets you use it with full control.



07. Makita 7-1/4 24T Circular Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

What makes the Makita D-45989 the best 7 1/4 circular saw blades? 

It has many fantastic features. Most noteworthy being its build quality. That’s one of the reasons you will see why it gets used in many of the industries.

ATAF teeth get recognized for precision cuts. This product has Alternate Top and Alternate Face feature that helps the users to get precision.

Try to get the product if you are searching for a circular saw blade at a reasonable price. It has lesser cut features. This saw can prevent increased heat production.

Noise can irritate users. Makita solves the issue with large slots that expand. Also, it has plates with hand-tension that provide accurate cuts.



08. Freud D0760X Ultra Finish Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

Freud D0760X is a thin kerf saw blade. For better cuts, it is quite a crucial feature. When you get an ultra-thin kerf, you can guess the result.

The measurement of this blade is fantastic to use. It has 60 ATB teeth, 10 degrees angle along with 5/8 inches standard arbor.

You can get the natural cut using the blades.

Freud circular 7-1/4  blades have anti-vibration. It means there is less chance of accidents and damage to the machine. For me, this circular blade is one of the best 7-1/4 circular saw blades. 

From its hi-density carbide that makes the blade more reliable and durable at the same time. To its, Perma-Shield with a non-stick coating that doesn’t let the edge get weaker. Everything works in tandem to make it the saw blade to have

Last but not least. Freud produces less waste while cutting objects.



09. Irwin 25130 Classic Series Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

Irwin 25130 has a set of 10 pieces. It can help to get the best result. Do you want a set of wood cutting blades? Irwin circular blade is here to help you.

The blades have exceptional arbor with 5/8 inches. It is a universal size for the arbor. Hence, you can get the best cut.

Woodcutting is speedy and excellent. The finishing is smooth. Since the blades retain sharpness over a long period, you can expect to get smooth cuts every time.

This set of blades can go for a long time. Thus, you can save money. Invest for once and get the best service.



10. Makita 94530 Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

Makita A-94530 has 7-1/4 inches carbide tip. On the blades, it gets an ultra coat. That protects the edge from damage.

The blades have 24 teeth which are sharp and provide smooth cuts. The exclusive tooth gives a faster cut. 

Also, the cuts are cleaner than other blades. It is one of the best 7 1/4 circular saw blades. The material is tungsten carbide. Thus, it is more reliable and durable. 

The blades have Grade C-3 High standards. The cuts are aggressive yet flawless. The finish of the teeth is 48. 

They can go 2X longer than average blades. The wear area is fantastic. Meanwhile, the dual-beveled face of the tooth has a 10-degree angle.



11. Diablo D0724A Diablo Circular Framing Blade Review

Product Features:

Diablo D0724A is a saw framing blade that has impressed all the buyers. They have a bundle of circular saw blades. 

You can see how perfect the blade is to use with the dimension of 10 x Diablo 6-1/2″ x 24-Tooth and 5/8 inches arbor. 

The development of tracking points is fantastic. It gives straight cuts. The user does not have to worry about distorted cutting.

Then, this blade has 5x shelf-life and 2x durability than traditional blades. When you buy the bundle, you can assure yourself about the quality and long-term service.

Also, the anti-vibration feature of it makes it even better. Anti-vibration has a significant effect on blade service. It saves the blades from damaging and saves them money.

These blades have vents to trap vibration and noise. For that, you will like it more. Not to forget, the Perma-Shield of the coating can reduce corrosion, rusting and gumming, making it the whole deal.



12. TWIN-TOWN 7-1/4-Inch Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

TWIN-TOWN circular saw blades are one of the best 7 1/4 circular saw blades. They have industry quality. It means they have heavy-duty features.

Now, the product has a simple yet elegant design. The teeth are tungsten carbide. Hence, you can get the best result. 

Perfect for cutting plywood, chipboard, hardwood, softwood as they provide fine finishing.

Versatility is another key aspect of it as you can use it in different types of saws. Doesn’t matter you have a circular saw, miter saws or a table saw, it fits them all. With 8300 RPM, you can use them with any of the saw to get the best result from the job.

Also, the kerf is thin to provide smooth cuts. It has a 1.8mm thickness which saves the user from extra work. And we love the fact, it doesn’t make a lot of mess.



13. Luckyway 7-1/4 Diamond Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

Luckyway has 1pc 7-1/4*5/8*60T TCT and 7-1/4*5/8*24T. The product has less splinter. 

The blades have a wide range of applications. Use them on hardwood, plywood, softwood, chipboard, panels, MDF, Bi-laminate plastic, FRP, etc. these circular saw blades will provide top-end finishing on them all.

Made from steel to give it a healthy and robust built. Also, the accuracy of the cuts is beyond praise. 

It can resist the bending. So, fewer chances of accidents and blade damage. It has an ATB tooth design. 

The angle provides advanced cutting. These wood fibres do not remain after cutting. Thus, no chance of getting a splinter.

Tungsten carbide has provided with heat and wear resistance. The positive angle of the blade has added efficiency in removing the swarf and chips.



14. .Freud D0760A 7-1/4 Circular Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

Freud D0760a has provided a different type of features. It has a 0.059-inch diamond knockout.

Great for fantastic finishing. The blade is 7 1/4 inches in diameter. The arbor has universal standards.

You can get smooth cuts from it as it offers Diablo finishing. Love the fact, even for such quality saw blade; it is quite affordable.

Also, you can use it on two types of saws: table and miter. The durable blade fits them both. 

Big props to Freud for making them heat and impact resistant. Thus, the less chance of blade damage. This product has 2, 5 and 10 packs. You can choose according to your need.



15. DEWALT 7-1/4 24 Tooth Circular Saw Blade Review

Product Features:

DEWALT DWA1714243 has tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide makes the blades more durable and more reliable.

The toughness of the blades is fantastic. They do not fall off easily. When you buy the edge, you do not have to make a short tour every month.

They are resistant to wear, and it is another feature to extend their life. The thing kerf provides smooth cuts. 

The reinforcement shoulder is present in the DEWALT blades. Thus, they provide impact resistance. 

While cutting the woods, the blades provide sharp edge features. Smooth and flat finishing has increased the efficiency of the module.



Buying Guide

A buying guide is a blessing for the novice. To buy the best 7 1/4 circular saw blades, you need to know the critical factors. 

Read the buying guide to know about them. And try to check them before buying so the money will not get wasted.

So, let us tell you the factors without any delay.


The size of the circular saw matters the most. Large blades will work well for heavy-duty projects. The smaller blades are efficient for compact saws.

You can find different sizes of diameters. One is 8 inches, and the other is 12 inches. Think about the project before buying the blades.

Number Of Teeth

Teeth number expresses how efficient the blades are going to be. The more number of teeth, the better the cuts are.

With smaller teeth, you can get better results. If the teeth are more significant, the less number of teeth will be in the blades. Thus, the cuts will not be as smooth as the smaller teeth.


The arbor size is a matter of concern while buying the circular saw blades. It has to get fixed with the saw. 

The standard arbor size is 5/8 inches. You can find 7/8 inches, as well. All comes down to your need.


The saw blades have to be long-lasting. You cannot buy something that does not give you long-term support.

Check the factors we have mentioned above to get the best result. You can look for suitable materials and a warranty. 

Expect at least one year of warranty from a product. Otherwise, the money can go in vain.


The circular saw blades are the parts of daily life. It is a useful tool for home and industrial projects.

Try to get the best 7-1/4 circular saw blades. We have added all the details of the products with a useful buying guide.

Do not skip any part because every product is different from each other. You may miss important information when you jump.

Last but not least, you can buy any product from here. All of the products on the list have durability and provide smooth cut features that you want from the tool.

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