5 Best Benchtop Wood Planer Reviews In 2019

Hand planers are not convenient to use in woodworking shop because they kill so much time to make the wood plane. But a benchtop wood planer can be the right choice for handling massive woodworking.
However, finding a top-quality planer is a bit hard from the crowd of so many. But the expert team of Review Infinite makes it easy. They have researched the market thoroughly and picked top five amazing benchtop planers.
Now, I am ready with my team’s research report to give you reviews on them. This review will make your purchasing easy and money worthy. To help you more I have thrown a buying guide also.
With your permission, I am starting Review Infinite presenting 5 best benchtop wood planer reviews in 2020.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Benchtop Planer

ImageProduct Name Max RPMCuts Per Minute Check Price
PORTER-CABLE PC305TP 8,000-rpm16,000
Delta 22-5559,400-rpm18,800
WEN 6550 8,500-rpm25,500
Makita 2012NB8,500-rpm17,000
DEWALT DW735X10,000-rpm30,000

Top 5 Benchtop Wood Planer Reviews

If are you a carpenter and looking for a budget-friendly benchtop planer then you can go with the PORTER-CABLE PC305TP. It is one of the best wood planers you can get with the low-price range.

Best Feature:

The key fact which influences me towards the planer is its features over against low price. Finding another planer at the same price which has so many features like PC305TP is a challenge. Most exciting feature among all these is its power supply technique. The wood shaver has a poly V belt cutting head attached with a sturdy gearbox and SPROCKET feeding roller drive which help to get maximum power transfer.

The benchtop wood planer is equipped with a powerful 15-amp motor which is able to produce 8,000-rpm of blade rotating speed. And this much power is enough to tackle all kind of need of the small woodworking shop.

PORTER-CABLE PC305TP comes with high carbon steel made two double edge knives, and it allows quick change.

With the enormous power, this blade is enough to deliver 16,000 cuts per minute. So, with this shaver, you will be able to chisel soft to medium hardwood easily.
The producers of the PORTER-CABLE used a reversible knife to this particular woodworking planer. That means the blade is usable on the two sides. If one edge gets dull, just reverse it to use the other side of it.
Like other best planer on our list, it has four columns to hold all the mass of it and wood. So, unlike other flimsy cutters, it doesn’t shake and provides a smooth, precise cutting operation.

What We Like

  1. It’s a great wood planer for its price and hard to beat.
  2. Features a poly V belt system for maximizing the power.
  3. The planer is durable.

What We Dislike

  1. Don’t feed it hardwood like oak, maple, hickory, and others which have a higher density.

If you are looking for a thicknesser for your small shop for handling regular woodworking task, you can check the Delta 22-555. In the online, it didn’t get so many positive ratings, but I think it is worthy to look at because of its unique features. I have seen that most of the negative ratings were given for its careless delivery.

Best Feature:

Two key features of this planer amaze me. One is its power, and another is blade changing system. If you look at this price, you can see that it comes with an affordable price range. And with this price, producers didn’t sacrifice its motor power. The planer has a 15-amp of motor power which can generate 9,400-rpm. And when it comes talking about the blade change, you won’t find another alternative which can compete with it. It allows us to change its blade easily without using alignment jigs.

Delta 22-555 can deliver 18,800 cut per minute with its raging power. That means you will be able to chisel down the soft to medium hardwood in your shop. To do so, it comes with dual edge design on the blade.
The planer has an adjustable feeding design on both infeed and outfeed. So, you can easily handle the long wood slab easily on this. Just grab a maximum 13-inch wide wood, it will shave it like a champ.

To deliver a smooth cut, it features four column design which prevents shaking.
This planer also helps you to keep clean your shop floor. With the dual side dust port, you can easily collect the debris.
What else you need for your small shop?

What We Like

  1. It is one of the low price planers on the market.
  2. Reversible dust port helps to collect more dust.
  3. The planer is easy to use.

What We Dislike

  1. Pre-attached blade of the Delta 22-555 benchtop wood planer gets dull quickly, so you have to change it.

If you are looking for a bench wood planer under 400$, you can take a look on the WEN made model 6550. This unique buddy is compacted with so much power and some fantastic features.
Let’s see its features and benefit.

Best Feature:

The main selling point of this planer is its dust port and smart material removal gauge. You won’t get another planer which has this type of indicator. The onboard material removal gauge always keeps informing the amount of shaving materials. So, you will always have the track of the shaving done by the tool. Another amazing feature is the dust collecting system. Unlike other, on our list, it has a fan-assisted dust port which removes more dust than the other traditional one.

This 13-inch wood planer has the mighty 15-amp motor which is able to produce 8,500-rpm of no-load speed for the blade. This enormous power is enough to chisel up the softwood to hardwood easily.
So, it is no matter if you got the Douglas fir, cedar, juniper, redwood, pine, spruce, and yew like softwood or balsa, alder, beech, mahogany, hickory, teak, maple, and walnut like hardwood, it will smoothly trim them all.

All these woods will be shaved with the help of its attached three-knife design blade.
The planer can deliver 25,500 cuts per minute. And it is able to feed itself 26 feet per minute rate. So, it will take no time to shave up to a large wooden slab.

What We Like

  1. The WEN 6550 is sturdy.
  2. Has a fan-assisted dust port for removing maximum saw debris.
  3. Three-knife design of the blade helps to get work easily.

What We Dislike

  1. Flip-down table of this planer is flimsy.

In my opinion, Makita made 2012NB is the overall best wood planer. No other planer on the market can defeat this planer for its futuristic features against its price range. It is one of the best under 1000$ planers Makita is offering.

Best Feature:

Most stunning feature of the Makita 2012NB is noise canceling system. Everybody knows that the excessive noise produced from the various tools can eventually reduce your hearing power. But model 2012NB is able to operate by generating as low as 83-db of sound. So, working for a long time with it reduces the possibility of losing hearing power.

Makita has managed to keep its weight low. So, this weight makes it possible to carry comfortably. They didn’t just keep the planer’s weight low; they also packed so many fantastic features with this congested area.
It features a 15-amp powerful motor which can produce enough power of 8,500-rpm. With this enormous power, it can shave 17,000 cut per minute. With the unique blade design, it is possible to make smooth almost all kinds of woods.

Unlike, the other it doesn’t need an extensive table to support the sizeable wooden piece. The Makita 2012NB comes in the market with the inbuilt large extension table.
Moreover, if you have different woods and you want to make all the same, you can easily make it by using depth stop technology. It will make your work faster by doing the repeated cutting operation.
This intelligent planer has an indicator to show whether it is plugged in or not.

What We Like

  1. It is possible to make repeated cut easily with this benchtop wood planer.
  2. It is so durable.
  3. Built-in LED light shows it’s on/off status.

What We Dislike

  1. It is pricier than the other planers on our list. But it is money worthy.

DEWALT has shone on the market by producing some of the astonishing tools, and now they are producing some market’s best planers. Today I have selected DEWALT DW735X for reviewing. Let’s take a look at its features.

Best Feature:

Most amazing facts of the DEWALT DW735X is its variable speed option. Its powerful 15-amp motor can efficiently deliver 20,000-rpm and deliver 10,000 rpm to the cutter head. Actually, it offers with this huge amount of money what you can imagine. With this pile of money, you will get one of the best professional benchtop planers.

DEWALT model DW735X has a 3-knife blade which is able to produce 30,000 cut per minute, and it is the highest of all planers I have seen. So, with this planer, you can shave a pile of wood with no time.
Not only that. The special blade design increases the blade life expectancy by 30%. So, you don’t have to spend extra money to buy blades often.

Two-speed gearbox of this benchtop planer lets you set the feeding speed. So, you can easily set your production rate at 96 or 179 CPI.
The planer features maximum 1/8-inch cutting depth and has a depth capacity of 6-inch with 13-inch width capacity.
Additionally, it comes to the market with tables for infeed and outfeed, and an extra set of knives.
So, what else you need to consider it as a stationary wood planer? Just grab it and do start your wood shaving work to get an excellently finished slab for making furniture.

What We Like

  1. It has a variable speed to control the working process.
  2. DW735X can cut 30000 cuts per minute.
  3. It is one of the sturdy planers you can get for the money.

What We Dislike

  1. It is the priciest of all benchtop planer in this review.

Benchtop Wood Planer Buying Guide

Benchtop wood planer has many components and features. So, we should consider them before buying one from the market. If new look closely to the benchtop planers, we will find some unnecessary features attached to them. These unnatural features can lessen its quality. So, we need a buying guide to follow to pick the best match for our work. Here I am listing some of the key facts to consider before purchasing a benchtop planer right below.


The motor is the soul of a benchtop planer because it provides the power to the cutting head. If a planer features a puny motor, it is possible you won’t get enough power to shave the wood. Again, an overpowered motor is enough to ruin the shape of your wooden slab. So, be careful when you want to pick up a planer. In my opinion, it is enough to have 7000-rpm to 12000-rpm.

Cutter Head

There you can find various types of cutting heads on the benchtop planer. Some are double-knives, and some come with three-knives. Again, some you can also find single phase and dual phase blade. Dual edge blades are capable of cutting with both sides. Try to pick up the blade according to your working need.

Feeding Table

You need a table to feed wood comfortably into the benchtop wood planer. You also need one for out feeding also. Some of the benchtop planers come without any feeding table and to get aftermarket tables for them are hard. Again, many planers feature unconventional table. You should stay away from those type of planers. Above I have listed some of the best benchtop wood planers which have conventional feeding tables.


Every planer doesn’t have the same ability. So, they are not compatible with same size wooden slab. Most of the futuristic benchtop planers are available for taking 12.5-inch to 13-inch wide slabs. If you want to work with a 13-inch wide wood, then don’t buy the 12.5-inch planer. Before, purchasing the benchtop woodworking planer, be sure about your working piece.

Dust Collection

 Dust makes you ill. And the debris from the wood can attack your lungs and eyes as well. Many carpenters used to wear masks during work. However, sometimes it is not enough to protect your important organs. To solve this type of problems engineers come with a unique design for the benchtop planers. They have put different dust collecting system to the various models. Try to pick up the planer which has better dust collecting system.

Parts Replacement

Like other tools on the market, it is made from some specific components. And we all know that all components are not sturdy and sometimes it can be collapsed. So, we need to replace them often. Before buying a benchtop planer, make sure you have selected the right one and market have available components for it to replace.


Q: Who makes the best benchtop wood planers?

A: Here are some companies who are dominating the market with their top-class wood planers:

  2. Delta 22-555
  3. WEN 6550
  4. Makita 2012NB
  5. DEWALT DW735X

Q: Is it possible to change a benchtop planer blade?

A: Most of the planer allows to change their blade.

Q: Can a benchtop wood planer make groove?

A: I didn’t find any benchtop planer which can do that.

Q: Is it possible to sharpen the blade of a planer?

A: Absolutely yes.

Closing Word

I think you have enjoyed this review and already selected a particular benchtop wood planer. Wait! Hold on a second. Before clicking on the link for buying one don’t forget to check the buying guide. If you have already read that, you are welcome.
Let us know your opinion on the comment section. Or you can request us to have another product review on different products there also.

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