Band Saw vs Table Saw: Which is Better for Woodworking

When it comes to talking about the woodworking, people often mix between skill saw and circular saw, band saw vs table saw, reciprocating saw vs scroll saw and so on.


And it is common to do that because woodworkers find so many options when they start their woodworking project for the very first time. If you are a newbie, you are in the right place.


Today I will answer some of the common questions like what is a band saw and table saw, what do they do and best for, and what is the similarities and dissimilarities between them.


I am confident that these conversations will help you to choose the right saw for your woodworking. And will also swipe away any confusion you got on the bandsaw vs table saw.


So, without further ado let’s dive into it.

What is a Bandsaw and What is Band Saw Used for

The band is a power saw which uses a long sharp blade supported by two wheels to cut workpieces.


In general, the workmen use it to tackle wood but a band saw is a beast which can take down various metal also. The band saw comes with a long continuous blade featuring evenly distributed teeth. And the teeth are very helpful to provide irregular cut (Curved cut) just like a jigsaw.


What is a Table Saw and What is Table saw Used for

The table saw is a motor-driven power saw which uses a circular saw blade to cut through material.


Like the other woodworking saws, people use a table saw to cut wood and it is good at making rip cut. But if you are having trouble cutting a piece of thin metal sheet, you can do it using the table saw. To do so you just need a metal cutting table saw blade.

Advantages of The Table saw Band Saw

All of the table saws available on the market have an arbor. And woodworkers use this motor driven arbor to push the material into the saw to get accurate straight cut.


And it is obvious when you need to cut wood in different depth. Just adjust the height of the saw blade and it will deliver you the variable cutting depth you need to cut the workpiece.


Workers use table saw who need to make various types of furniture. Because there you won’t another saw which has a big table to handle a big workpiece and can deliver a smooth straight cut.



However, some of the woodworkers prefer bandsaw over the table saw for its ability to tackle versatile material. The strong straight blade of the band saw can cut through tough material without having an issue.


And not only that, the band saw is but also good for taking down the curved edge of the workpiece.


On the other hand, if you want a quiet environment in your workplace you should go for the band saw. Because it is quieter than a table saw.


When it comes to talking about the dust management, a table saw is unable to compete the band saw. Actually, the bandsaw has a good reputation to make minimal dust. And professionals think this one feature can influence you to make a decision whether you should go for the bandsaw or table saw.


But hold on a second before buying the bandsaw yet by thinking asthma, respiratory infections, and lung cancer. A simple industrial mask can save you from all of these but you won’t get the desired cut you want from a bandsaw.

Difference Between Bandsaw and Table Saw

The first most common difference you will encounter on a bandsaw and a table saw is their using comfort. And a table saw is more dangerous to use than using a band saw.



The band saw has a long blade and it cuts earthwards by pulling the workpiece towards the table. The cutting mechanism is quite safer. Because in this case, you have minimal possibilities to experience saw kickback.


But the table saw blade has a different mechanism to cut the wood and often it can reward you with a sudden kickback.


Note: However, I am not saying that the bandsaw is totally safe to use. Rather you should follow the basic band saw safety rules to operate this safely.


Again a bandsaw is more helpful to create intricate cuts. But as the table saw has a fixed blade it cannot provide curve cuts.


However, using a table saw miter gauge you can get miter cuts also from the table saw.


Then what are the reason to buy a table saw?


Well, when you want clear smooth rip cuts on your workpiece, a table saw will be your best choice. And no other saw is unable to compete with this.


Pros and Cons

Before I wrap up the topic on bandsaw vs table saw, I want to show you a quick comparison between them by the pros and cons of them. And this will help you to understand which one is the best match for you.



Band saw

  1. Band saw comes with a narrower kerf.

  2. Can provide intricate cuts.

  3. Can be used for raw ripping.

  4. It can handle different types of material.

  5. It is safer than a table saw.


Table saw

  1. Table saw is well known for delivering smooth cuts.

  2. Can be used for smooth rip cuts.

  3. It is useful for making furniture.

  4. You can choose any of the table saws from an array of options.



Band saw

  1. Not good for smooth cutting


Table saw


  1. Cannot deliver intricate cuts.


Q: What is the throat on a band saw?

A: Generally, the distance between the body of the saw’s vertical frame and the blade is known as the throat.


Q: Will a band saw cut metal?

A: As long as you are using the best quality band saw, you will be able to cut various types of materials.


Q: Can a table saw cut metal?

A: though table saws are not designed to cut metal. You can use it to handle some thin metal sheet on it. All you need is a metal cutting circular saw blade.


Q: Can a circular saw be used as a table saw?

A: The answer is yes. You can use a circular saw as a table saw. But as the circular saw doesn’t come with a table, it is difficult to make a rip cut on it for the extra large limber.


Q: Can you use a bandsaw to cut meat?

A: Yes, you can find various types of bandsaw available in the market for cutting meat.

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